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Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon for Your Laser Liposuction Surgery Smartlipo Laser liposuction is safe and minimally invasive and gives patients superior outcomes. Make sure you choose the right plastic surgeon for laser liposuction. Choosing



plastic surgeon for your


liposuction surgery is essential if you want good outcomes from the



Smartlipo technique is FDA approved and very popular. It is an advanced and area-specific technique performed






manufactured by Cynosure. It has been proven to deliver superior results in a safe manner. It is suitable for the elimination of stubborn fat from the face, chin, neck, upper arms, love handles,

Ph- 2122652724

Ph- 2122652724

buttocks, hips, mons pubis, male breasts, bra strap, back, abdomen, and thighs. Smartlipo Triplex Liposuction Surgery – Many Benefits The use of the Smartlipo Triplex™ system provides for several patient benefits. These benefits are precise body contouring, high-definition sculpting, controlled laser treatment and prevention of overheating, minimal surgical trauma, effective skin tightening through the process of tissue coagulation, greater efficiency and minimal downtime. Once fat has been removed from a particular area using the Smartlipo technique, fat will not accumulate again in the same region. Rather, it would get redistributed in other areas of the body. All these benefits are achieved through the ideal combination of three powerful laser wavelengths - 1064nm, 1320nm and 1440nm and three smart delivery systems – ThermaGuide™, ThermaView™, and SmartSense™. Smartlipo can create natural looking contours and can be performed on patients of different body types and age groups. It is an outpatient procedure. The Right Laser Liposuction Plastic Surgeon – Factors to Consider

Ph- 2122652724

Ph- 2122652724

Here are some points to consider when selecting the right professional to do a Smartlipo for you: • Search online using your location as search criteria. The nearer the plastic surgery center to where you live, the better. • Give preference to a doctor who works at an accredited center. •

Initial consultations with different plastic surgeons that you have short-listed will assist in making an intelligent choice. Some observations you should make at this consultation are: whether or not the doctor has evaluated you to know if you are a suitable candidate, whether you feel comfortable discussing your concerns with him, whether he has outlined the procedure to you and the risks that it may involve.

Go through before and after photos available with the surgeon.

Check out testimonials and reviews of the various surgeons you are considering. Find out if there is any way you can directly contact patients who have undergone laser liposuction treatment under these surgeons.

Ph- 2122652724 •

Ph- 2122652724

Compare the prices for the procedure specified by the different practitioners. Remember that quality and your safety should not be compromised for affordability.

Once you’ve passed through the important step of choosing the right plastic surgeon for your laser liposuction surgery, you needn’t have any worries about attaining your realistic cosmetic goals. Laser liposuction enhances body contour and makes you standout wherever you go. There are many liposuction centers in New York City where one can undergo this safe and quick procedure.

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Ph- 2122652724

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon for Your Laser Liposuction Surgery