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8 rue Jules Vallès 75011 Paris France Phone: +33 1 40 09 18 58 Email: Skype: speos-admissions01 or speos-admissions02 Web: You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Spéos The International Photography School

Photo credits: Cover: Pierre Pherivong & Roshini Lalwani / p1: Cerise Doucède / p2: Valeria Castillo & Brianna Hughes; Spéos / p3: Spéos; Roshni Lalwani & Tal Schiffman / p4: Valeria Castillo; Michael Sawyer Graphic Design:

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S u p é r i e u r

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The International Photography School

25th anniversary

A modern & dynamic school • 1 year program to become fullyfledged photography professionals • Teaching in English & French • Photojournalism, Fashion & Studio Photography, Visual Identity, PostProduction... • European Master of Professional Photography • A team of highly qualified working professionals • Numerous guest lecturers to complement the permanent staff • Excellent teacher-student ratio • High-standard facilities & top-notch equipment • Nicéphore Niépce House, the birthplace of Photography: a national heritage site preserved by Spéos

Spéos Alumni Network & Gallery • 4000 alumni from 60 nationalities... or more! • A Gallery reserved to its former students, past to present • Where are they now: • Alumni News:

Speos The International Photography School