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pent Brass Collection was established in 2008 by Designer Lital Simel. Inspired by the continuous violence in the world, she created the "Don't Make War, Wear It!"™ jewelry collection. Using unique materials such as brass bullet casings, and pendants that are made out of melted brass bullet casings, Lital was able to recycle items that would normally be used during war, into fashionable accessories. With the main goal being promoting peace through art and fashion, proceeds from all sales are donated to different non-profit orginizations supporting world peace. Spent Brass’s hand crafted pieces are notably edgy and uniquely designed, targeting the bold and daring. Wearing Spent Brass’s trademarked style, you can rest assure that you will be dressed to kill...



NECKLACE: SB720  -­  Tooth  N  Nail

EARRINGS: SB306 -­  Long  Shots

NECKLACE: SB705  -­  Heading  Somewhere?

EARRINGS: SB305  -­  Ring  Around  The  Bullets

NECKLACE: SB704  -­  Fully  Loaded   SB702  -­  Bite  The  Bullet EARRINGS:   SB304  -­  Partners  In  Crime

BRACELET: SB504  -­  Is  That  A  Gun  In  Your  Pocket? SPECIALTY:   SB902  -­  So  Many  A$$H@!#$,   So  Few  Bullets!

NECKLACE: SB721  -­  Nina     SB722  -­  Foxy  Brown SB723  -­  Bullets  Are  Forever    

SPECIALTY: SB901  -­  Bullets  Over  Broadway

NECKLACE: SB719  -­  Fully  Loaded EARRINGS:   SB301  -­  Bonnie  &  Clyde  

BRACELET: SB519  -­  Is  That  A  Gun  In  Your  Pocket?

NECKLACE: SB714  -­  Bite  The  Bullet     SB713  -­  Beauty  &  The  Bullet

BRACELET: SB514  -­  Is  That  A  Gun  In  Your  Pocket?

NECKLACE: SB709  -­  Barbarreta

BRACELET: SB509  -­  Barbarreta

NECKLACE: SB718  -­  Heads  Up  

EARRINGS: SB306  -­  Long  Shots  

NECKLACE: SB717  -­  Head  Strong  

EARRINGS: SB306  -­  Long  Shots  

NECKLACE: SB733  -­  Napalm

NECKLACE: SB715  -­  Fully  Loaded   SB701  -­  Band  of  Bullets   BRACELET:   SB515  -­  Is  That  A  Gun  In  Your  Pocket?

EARRINGS: SB304  -­  Partners  In  Crime

NECKLACE: SB725  -­  Cherokee

NECKLACE: SB710  -­  Who  Shot  The  Sheriff?

EARRINGS: SB304  -­  Partners  In  Crime  

CLUTCH: SB101  -­  Beretta

NECKLACE: SB715  -­  Fully  Loaded

NECKLACE: SB721  -­  Nina   SB726  -­  Envy  

BRACELET: SB526  -­  Envious

NECKLACE: SB706  -­  Off  With  Your  Heads  (Vintage  Rose)   SB707  -­  Off  With  Your  Heads  (Blue  Opal)   SB708  -­  Off  With  Your  Heads  (Caribbean  Blue)

NECKLACE: SB724  -­  Foxy  Cleopatra

NECKLACE: SB711  -­  Fully  Loaded

BRACELET: SB511  -­  Is  That  A  Gun  In  Your  Pocket?

NECKLACE: SB708  -­  Off  With  Your  Heads  (Caribbean  Blue) SB712  -­  Mini-­Me EARRINGS:   SB300  -­  Bonnie  &  Clyde

SPECIALTY: SB902  -­  So  Many   A$$H@!#$,  So  Few  Bullets

BRACELET: SB520  -­  Arm  Candy     SB526  -­  Envious

NECKLACE: SB727  -­  Embrass  Me

BRACELET: SB520  -­  Arm  Candy

NECKLACE: SB728  -­  Off  With  Your  Heads  (Ruby)   Bodysuit  collection   SB729  -­  Off  With  Your  Heads  (Purple  Agate)     available  Spring/Summer  2013 SB730  -­  Off  With  Your  Heads  (Blue  Agate)     SB731  -­  BeHead SB732  -­  Mini-­Me  Too

Bodysuit collection  available  Spring/Summer  2013

Bodysuit collection  available  Spring/Summer  2013

Bodysuit collection  available  Spring/Summer  2013

Bodysuit collection  available  Spring/Summer  2013

DOG COLLAR:   SB1102  -­  Sir

DOG COLLAR:   SB1101  -­  Lady 600 South  Spring  Street  Suite  1406  |  Los  Angeles,  CA  90014  |  310.591.9166  

Spent Brass Collection 2012 Collection  
Spent Brass Collection 2012 Collection  

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