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People have a generally negative view of boxed wine and its inexpensive price tag. When people think of the type who stereotypically drink boxed wine, this image comes to mind:

We want to show America that it is okay to drink boxed wine. Who better than “America’s Best Selling Wine” to be the poster child for the demolition and the subsequent reconstruction of the American perception of boxed wine?

Ever get that feeling where you get fed up with all the daily drama and just want to let loose?

We call that “Feelin’ Franzi.” We want to show people that no matter who you are, you have the freedom to drink Franzia when you’re “feelin’ Franzi,” no matter who you are or what your “type” stereotypically drinks.

We also want to show people that, because of its portability, they can bring Franzia pretty much anywhere where alcohol such as beer is typically consumed.

who feel Franzi?

How do we show people that no matter it’s okay to

you are,

The Tabloid Cover Tactic Through the use of a strategically-placed advertisement over the cover of a popular tabloid magazine, celebrities will be seen with Franzia boxes, showing that even the rich and famous can feel Franzi.

The Billboard Tactic

Even if you’re a cowboy who stereotypically drinks bourbon, or a punk rock chick who stereotypically drinks beer, or a bodybuilder who stereotypically drinks protein shakes, it’s okay to drink Franzia when you’re feelin’ Franzi.

where feel Franzi?

How do we show people that no matter it’s okay to

you are,

The Franzia for 2 box enables anyone to take Franzia with them wherever they go that allows alcohol consumption. It includes 2 glasses, 2 sets of silverware and a wine tasting guide in addition to their box of Franzia.

It’s okay to bring the Franzia for 2 box anywhere where you would normally bring alcohol.

What’s out of place in this picture?


To a cookout.


What’s out of place in this picture?


To a tailgate.


What’s out of place in this picture?

Nothing. #feelinFRANZI

Or even to a picnic.

Proof it works: FACT: As we were creating this campaign, simply through the overhearing of us using the phrase “feeling Franzi,� our classmates began picking up the meme and using it in their vernacular. In real life. True story.

How else can we get people to start using this

catchy meme?

Promoted tweets put Franzia at the top of a select demographic’s timeline, regardless if they follow Franzia or not.

#feelinFRANZI I think it’s time for a girl’s night...I’m feelin’ a little FRANZI!!

PLEASE for the love of god STOP saying you’re feelin’ Franzi.

“Feelin’ Franzi?” What in the world?? Feelin’ Franzi with the roomie tonight! Who’s coming over??

GAHHH why is everyone saying “feelin’ Franzi??” It’s driving me CRAZY!

Hey, you feelin’ Franzi tonight? Let’s grab one of those Franzia for 2 boxes and chill on my porch.

HAHA! “feelin Franzi” sounds SO FUNNY!!

Hell NO I’m not feelin’ Franzi. Maybe tomorrow when my PMS isn’t as bad.

I LOVE IT!! I think I’m feelin Franzi RIGHT NOW!

Quit being such a party pooper. Want me to come over with a box of Franzia to get you feelin’ Franzi?


Working as a three person team my group and I decided to rebrand Franzia from its current image in the eye of the consumer to something that...