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the first thing we do is wake up

In the morning, I run myself a bath.

I get in,

wash my hair first and my body, then I get dry and get changed.

I make myself a cup of tea and

then make my breakfast.

When I get dressed I

am thinking about going into the kitchen to get breakfast.

I eat my breakfast in the dining room

and drink my tea after.

I have cornflakes.

I sit with other people to eat my breakfast

then I come to the laundry room and get a towel and a flannel out of the cupboard, then have a wash – After tea I put the washing back in the laundry room.

I go in my room, get changed and watch tele.

It takes me a long time to pick things out of my wardrobe and choose what to wear. got favourite trousers, t-shirt and top.


In here, I’ve got pants, socks and some pyjamas.

I keep everything organised and tidy. I don’t like it when it is a mess!! (laughs)

Next, I like playing my Gameboy my favourite game is Pokemon.

Later, I get my book and take it downstairs to college.

My timetable is on it and my photograph.

Today is Thursday. Leisure room.

I go to the

We are going to Space

to do the illustrated book project.

In the afternoons I do Leisure like filming, poems, illustration.

I like Leisure

We make all sorts of things in Leisure. My favorite colour is red.

We do lots of things at college. I do writing and stuff. We use computers and I like letter writing. I write to my mum because she likes getting them. I also wrote a poem about the sun and the moon.

Hello Reception

Sometimes I work on reception (on reception using the lap-top) Writing (using speaking programme) My name is Liam Farnsworth, I am nineteen years old. (He answers the phone) Hello, reception.

I also like eating. I like pasta and I like cooking pasta with tomato sauce I cook a lot at Loppington in Life Skills. I also wash-up and dry up and make sure everything is clean.

but I don’t like salad

After college, I go to my room and listen to my music. Sometimes I can hear Lisa’s music next door - it’s loud. I go to her room and ask her to turn her music down. I do like music - I’ve got these. (cds) I listen to Abba and I read books sometimes like this one (“The Twits” – Roald Dahl)

I read some books and I do some writing and they normally call me when it’s tea time. After tea I like to watch tele. The programmes I like are Eastenders, Emmerdale and Big Brother.

After tea, we can do computer clubs, letter writing and aerobics (Liam touches toes and arms up and out)

And there’s Science and Nature on a Thursday night– natural disasters its like volcanoes and earthquakes, big waves, flooding

I have my supper, then have a wash and say goodnight to everyone. I put my pyjamas on and listen to music before I go to sleep .

I’m not scared of the dark, I like it dark

then I get out of bed and switch my light off.

At the weekend, I usually listen to music in my room Sometimes I have a lie-in. I like to go shopping on a Saturday. I buy chocolate and that’s because I like chocolate. Usually I go to Asda. It is a big shop but I know my way around and I like it when it’s busy. I just go with my mum in Tamworth.

I like spending time with other people at college. I didn’t have friends at my last school but I like Loppington. Because I’ve got friends, I’m happy

Let’s have a look at your room this is a cool room Is this one your bed? Ryan - Yes Who sleeps in this one? Ryan - Stuart Is he your friend? Ryan – yes, Ryan’s bed

Is this your television? Ryan - Yes What do you watch? Ryan - Blind Date Who does Blind Date Ryan - Cilla Black What do you do to watch tele? Ryan - get in bed Can I have a look at your book? Ryan - Macdonalds That’s where you work isn’t it?

This is a great room – you’ve got a sofa and everything. Do you like this bedroom? Amy - Yes, this is my TV Who keeps this room tidy? Amy – me – spotless

like hell?

What do you do to keep it tidy? Amy - Polish, change my duvet

What’s on your board? Amy - My cat calendar What month are we in? Amy – January – Do you want me to show you how I get up in the morning? Then I get my breakfast and go downstairs. Do you enjoy spending time in your room Amy? Amy – Yes

Kathy’s room What number is it Kathy – number three Look how nice and bright it is. It’s got a desk – Do you sit at the desk? What do you look at? Kathy - Out of the window

Do you like it in here? Do you like that view? Can we see your photos? Who are these? Are these all your boyfriends? (McFly calendar) Who is on this one? Kathy - Mummy and Daddy from London Could you show Spencer the trophy that you won? Kathy - Loppington House Student of the Year (she laughs) Do you look in the mirror before you leave to do your hair? Kathy - Yes – very nice



Kathy ... So Kathy, when you are at Loppington College you do some……

Who helps you?

Kathy – cooking

Kathy - Kelly helps

What do you cook? What do you do at Loppington in the morning? Do you like college?

So Kathy, when you get up in the morning what do you do first?

Kathy - Yes What’s your favourite thing? – Do you like Life Skills, Leisure or Working? Kathy - Life Skills What do you do? Kathy - Cooking, clean my bedroom Do you change your bed? Kathy - Yes Hoover? Kathy - Yes

Kathy - Wash, I get dressed, have a cup of tea, toast, marmite What do you do after you have had your breakfast? Kathy - Brush my teeth Where do we go downstairs to? Kathy - College Do you like going to work? Kathy - Yes Where do you go to work? Kathy - I work on projects and reception

What else do you do?

What do you do on reception?

Kathy - Dining Room

Kathy - I say hello Kelly, Bye Kelly

Do you polish?

What else do you do on reception?

Kathy - Yes

Kathy /Bex - Photocopy, help with the sign in and out, say hello to people

Let’s talk about your next question

What does Kathy like to eat?

Kathy - Horseriding

Kathy - Shepherds Pie, please, fish and chips

Do you like it?

Does Kathy ever leave one chip?

Kathy - Yes

Kathy – Noooo (she laughs)

What colour is your horse?

What do you have to drink in the pub?

Kathy - Pink – (she laughs)

Kathy - Coke

What do you have to take with you to go horse-riding?

Do you like going out with Pam to the pub?

Kathy - Hat and boots

Kathy - Yes

What do you like to do in your bedroom, Kathy?

Do you have friends at Loppington?

Kathy - Sing

Kathy - Gail

What music do you like?

What about students?

Kathy - Sunshine, Cheeky Girls – (she sings) Kathy gets on the karaoke and does a bit of Cheeky Girls singing Do you like dancing, Kathy? – Do you like going to discos? Kathy - Yes dancing with other people So you like dancing, singing and discos. What else do you like to do – Do you watch tele? Kathy - Yes

Kathy - Darryl Where’s Darryl now? Kathy - He’s left Do you miss him? Kathy - Yes- he’s visiting

Who else is your friend?

Would you like a cat?

Kathy - Stuart and Liam

Kathy - Yes

Yes he comes and chats to you when you are on your own. Do you like being on your own, Kathy

Have we finished?

Kathy - Yes I did Yes Do you like college? Kathy - Yes Is there anything in college that you don’t like? Kathy - It’s good, It’s good, Finish!!! Are you happy then, Kathy? Kathy - Yes When you finish college where would you like to go? Kathy - Back home, back home, Would you like to work Kathy? Kathy - With animals What’s your favourite animal? Kathy - Cats

Thank you Kathy (round of applause)

Ryan ...

What do you eat when you are there?

Can you tell me a little bit about this picture you have chosen?

Ryan - A big mac

Ryan – Tesco’s

Do you work with other people?

Do you like going to Tesco’s?

Ryan – Paul

Ryan - Tescos

Do you enjoy going to work?

What sort of things do you buy when you go there?

Ryan - I like it.

Ryan - Shopping

What do you like doing at Loppington?

What do you put in the basket? Or in the trolley?

Ryan - Going to the shop, shopping at Tesco, we’re going to Asda.com on the internet.

Ryan - Bread, milk What about this picture? Ryan - Macdonalds Why did you choose the one with Macdonalds on? Ryan - I like it Where do you work? Ryan - Macdonalds What do you do there? Ryan - Stack shelves, do the burgers

When you’ve done your stopping what do you do? Ryan - Bought stuff, pay for it at Sainsburys Then, where do you go when you’ve paid for it? Ryan - Life Skills Do you like Life Skills or Leisure? Ryan - Leisure What do you choose to do in Leisure? Ryan - Writing What about? Ryan - Abbey National

What else do you do in Leisure? Ryan - TV, Blind Date, funny, Simpsons Who do you like in the Simpsons? Ryan - Bart What does Bart say? Ryan - Eat my shorts What’s Ryan got? Ryan - A wicked sense of humour (he laughs and round of applause)

In The Pub

Amy – Do you like the pub Lisa? Lisa – Yes Amy – What’s your name? Lisa – Lisa Amy – What drink do you want? Lisa – Beer

Amy at bar . . . Amy – Can I have a glass of lemonade please Bar-man - £1.10 Cheers, my love. Would you like a vodka in that. (Amy laughs)


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