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Spencer Taran Singh Sabo 203-815-2660 Experience Infinite Studios 2016 Singapore – Worked alongside editors to evaluate and move footage between studios. Through The Lens Entertainment 2016 New York City - Script coverage and developing new projects. Skills Fluent in Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Avid, After Effects, Photoshop, Logic Pro. Intermediate in Blender, Davinci Resolve. Experienced with shooting on film, DSLR. Experienced with lighting, pre-production. Education Emerson College 120 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02116

2013 – 2016

Temple University 1801 North Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19122

2016-2017 (Graduated)

Work Lap Dog – Producer, Editor 2015 Produced with a $1500 budget (crowd-funded). Edited in Avid. When It Happens – Producer, Editor 2015 Wrote, directed, and edited music video for Mind The Journey. Shot with DSLR and VHS Camera. Worked with a $200 budget. Screened at New Filmmakers of New York Series. Ikea Promotional Video – Cinematographer, editor


Video Pop 2007-Present A freelance company I created, producing videos for corporate, and non-profit organizations. Film Club - Founder 2009-2013 Created and established film club in 2009 to encourage and support filmmakers in my high school. Music Mind The Journey Alternative rock solo project. Featured on Huffington Post, Et Musique Pourtous, Allston Pudding, Sound of the 60’s, Indie CT. Extracurricular Activities WECB Radio 2014-2016 Radio host for psychedelic late night show Dazed and Amused. Created radio sweepers and promos WERS Writing Staff 2014-2016 Wrote articles and reviews about bands in Boston area and national touring acts. Emerson Men’s Tennis


Hand Print Newspaper – Editorial Editor 2008-2013 Wrote articles on staff from grades 7-10, Editorial Editor of articles grade 11.

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