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tragic deaths of people in Denmark. Join others in paying their respects to the dead.

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July 1602

Globe Theatre 21 New Globe Walk, London SE1 9DT, UK

Volume 15 Edition 4

Tragedy strikes at King’s Court

Possible reasons for death of royal family and new king, resembling tragic play

# Satoshi Osato , Globe Staff

Many say that by looking at the scene, one could see that both Laertes and Hamlet were stabbed or scratched by a sword. Because of the fight being in the King’s Court, some concluded that they were both fencing, and they accidentally stabbed each other for real. However, most have discredited this theory because although both Laertes and Hamlet have scratches on their bodies, this would not be enough to kill someone (a person should be able to survive a scratch), and it does not explain how all the other deaths occurred. Another theory as to how the deaths occurred was that the King’s Court was killed during the invasion of King Fortinbras and his army. Tragic massacre at King’s Court Many express their feelings in different ways. Many consider this theory to be After witnessing the tragic death of the royal family, King Fortinbras ordered plausible, as Fortinbras would an artist to paint a picture recalling what happened there that day. have had to kill the King and his royal family in order to take over the kingdom. Fortinbras Tragedies happen almost every day. However, and his army could have come in, killed everyone in the many say none is greater than what just recently court (including the King), and taken over the kingdom. happened here yesterday. Yesterday afternoon, everyone However, many still discredit this theory for three main in the royal family was killed. This includes people reasons. First, just like the previous theory, both Laertes such as Laertes, Prince Hamlet, Queen Gertrude, and, and Hamlet would have survived a couple of scratches perhaps the most tragic death, King Claudius. Denmark from a sword. Second, if King Fortinbras really did is now under the rule of King Fortinbras, who has already kill all those people, he probably would not have given ordered a military funeral for Prince Hamlet. Prince Hamlet a military funeral. If Prince Hamlet was Although many deaths occurred yesterday, the enemy he had killed, then (most likely) Fortinbras many say no one quite knows the reason as to why these would not have given Hamlet a funeral of any kind. people were all killed. However, some people have come Third, Queen Gertrude did not have any scratch marks of up with multiple theories from the causes of death. One any kind. Her body was found completely unscathed. It is theory suggests that the deaths were due to foul play.

possible that she could have died from medical reasons, but many say this is unlikely since she did not have any previous critical medical problems. The third theory as to how all the people died was that it was a premeditated murder that went both right and wrong. Many say this theory would explain how Prince Hamlet, Laertes, and Queen Gertrude died with little to no flesh wounds. As most already know, King Claudius exiled Prince Hamlet to England after the showing of the play “The Mousetrap”. Although most do not know why he did this, many believe Claudius may have done this out of anger or fear (for what reason is still unknown). So, when Hamlet came back from exile, Claudius could have acted out of fear that Hamlet would embarrass him, and decided to try and poison him by poisoning both the wine and a sword. One plausible scenario is that Queen Gertrude could have drunk the wine and accidentally killed herself, Laertes could have hit Hamlet with the poisoned sword, Hamlet could have taken the sword and killed Laertes with it, Hamlet could have realized both the sword and the wine was poisoned, and then killed King Claudius out of spite before Hamlet’s own inevitable demise. Another possible scenario is that King Fortinbras could have sent in some of his men to secretly poison the wine and the sword in order to kill the King and his royal family. This could explain how Queen Gertrude and King Claudius died from the poison, and how both Hamlet and Laertes died from a few scratches of the sword. One thing that makes this theory plausible is that detectives have confirmed that the sword and the wine were laced with poison. People may try to explain the tragic death of the royal family, but, as for now, nothing can be confirmed. No matter how many explanations people try to come up with, the reason for the deaths remains a mystery. Many say the only thing people can be sure about is that King Claudius, Queen Gertrude, Prince Hamlet, and many others are dead, and we are now under the rule of King Fortinbras.

The bell tolls in King’s Court Many mourn for those who were killed in the King’s Court

massacre. Some documented the event and showed them to the public so they can get a full description of what happened that day.


July 1602

Weird Events & Obituaries

Sanity of former Prince Hamlet in question after supernatural event Prince Hamlet and his friends claim to see ghost of dead King Hamlet # by Spencer Osato, Globe Staff The mind works in mysterious ways. One day someone could be the nicest person in the world, then kill everyone the next day. The reasons for this kind of behavior is relatively unknown, but one plausible explanation is that the person has been struck with great grief. Many people in the King’s court believe that this is what happened to Prince Hamlet. Many people, including King Claudius and Queen Gertrude, say that Hamlet has been acting distant and erratic ever since the death of his father. Some are even saying that he claims to see the ghost of his dead father. Many believe that this is all in his mind, as he wishes for his father to be still alive. Although many discredit Hamlet’s claim of seeing the ghost of his father to simply grief or some other emotional problem, the prince says that there are others who saw the same ghost. According to Hamlet’s friend Horatio, “I think I saw him yesternight...the King [Hamlet].” However, many find the claims of Hamlet and his friends hard to believe. This is because Hamlet is known to be emotional and on the edge, so he and his friends could have made up the story to get attention. In other words, many people say that this kind of event only happens in fairy tales, which are not true. They say that the king has been laid to rest, and so has his spirit. However, there are many who believe Hamlet’s

story is true. No one knows exactly how the king died, so those who believe in the supernatural may believe he still roams the earth (if he died an unnatural death). Many have tried to come up with explanations for this event, but most have been discredited (mostly because more than one person saw the supposed ghost). Some say the ghost was only their mind playing tricks on them in the night (like when someone thinks he or she saw a person out of the corner of his or her eye, but nothing is there). However, this is most likely false because more than one person saw the apparition in multiple instances. Some say See a ghost Many artists have jumped on the idea of former Prince Hamlet seeing a ghost. Here is one representation of what one artist thinks happened. the story could be made up, but the only happened that night. Many question Prince Hamlet’s thing is that each person has the same story sanity, while others side with him and believe his story. about what happened that night. For many, this only Currently, most think that all people can do is question leaves two possible explanations: either the ghost is real what really happened that night to Hamlet and his or they have all gone crazy. Because of Hamlet’s radical behavior after his father’s death, it is not hard to tell why friends. It is just as Norman Bates from Psycho put it, people think he went crazy after claiming to see the ghost “We all go a little mad sometimes.” People either believe Hamlet’s story about his ghost father, or believe Hamlet of his dead father. However, it is highly unlikely that so has gone completely mental. many people went crazy and saw the same thing at the same time. For now, most only have theories as to what






King Claudius, 58, loving husband and a great king, passed away in July 1602 in the King’s Court in Denmark. He took over the kingdom of Denmark when his brother, King Hamlet, died and kept the former King’s widow, Queen Gertrude, happy until the day they died. He had one stepchild, Prince Hamlet, who he always tried to make feel like his own. King Claudius will be missed. Funeral services and location unknown, but condolences are accepted to the King’s Court.

Queen Gertrude, 56, died in July 1602 along with her husband, King Claudius, and son, Prince Hamlet in the King’s Court in Denmark. She was widow of former King Hamlet, and re-married to his brother, King Claudius, only a month later. She was a loving wife and mother, and always tried to do what was best for the kingdom of Denmark. Her and her family’s legacy will live on forever in the memories of the people. She will be missed. Funeral arrangements have not been set up, but condolences and donations are accepted through the King’s Court.

Prince Hamlet, 30, died in July 1602 along with his stepfather, King Claudius, and mother, Queen Gertrude, in the King’s Court in Denmark. Although many thought he was emotional, Prince Hamlet was a man who loved his friends and was loyal to anyone who crossed his path. He was slow to act, but quick to listen. If someone angered him, he would almost always turn the other cheek. He will be dearly missed. Military funeral will be held at the King’s Court as ordered by King Fortinbras. All are welcome to give condolences and donations to the King’s Court.

Former King Hamlet, 60, died in his sleep in June 1602 in Denmark. He was a beloved king, and has been dearly missed by many. He was compassionate, smart, and loyal to all whom he came across. In his personal life, he was a loving father to Prince Hamlet and a loyal husband to Queen Gertrude. Although a funeral has already been held, donations and condolences are still being accepted through the King’s Court by order of King Fortinbras.

Polonius, 62, died in the King’s Court in Denmark in July 1602. He was always loyal to the royal family through the tough and good times. Polonius would always do what he thought was best for Denmark, and would investigate any problems he deemed too complicated for the King and Queen. Even though he was passionate about his job, he always found time to be a loving father to his son, Laertes, and daughter, Ophelia. Funeral arrangements are unknown for the time being, but condolences are accepted through the King’s Court.


Ophelia, 21, drowned in a brook in Denmark in July 1602. She was a proper noblewoman, and was a kind person to anyone who knew her. She was a compassionate lover to Prince Hamlet, and would do almost anything to be with him.

She was an obedient daughter to Polonius, and loving sister to Laertes. Although a funeral has already been held, condolences and donations are still being accepted by the King’s Court.

Laertes, 37, died in the King’s Court in Denmark in July 1602 along with the entire royal family. Laertes was a kind man who loved his family and would do anything in order to please them. He always knew what

to do in times of crisis. He, along with his sister Ophelia and father Polonius, will be dearly missed. Although funeral arrangements have not been set up yet, donations and condolences are accepted through the King’s Court by order of King Fortinbras.

Remember the deceased

To mourn those who died, many give donations to the family. If you want to donate or try to get donations to a funeral, visit your local cemetary or church and donate.

Play Review

The Globe


Tragic play at King’s Court soon to spread worldwide Prince Hamlet puts on play that entertains people and King’s Court # by John Cena, Globe Staff Almost everyone loves hearing a great story. From the common folk to the King’s Court, many cannot resist listening or watching a story play out. Recently, Prince Hamlet decided he wanted to see a play called “The Mousetrap”, and hired some actors to play it out. People from all over the land came to see the new play, and most enjoyed themselves. I had the opportunity to see the play, so I decided to write a review about it in case any of you who may want to see it wonder if it is any good in the first place. Before I get into my review, here is a brief rundown of the plot of the play. According to Prince Hamlet, the play is an image of a murder that happened in Vienna (but, knowing the amount of stories that are “based on true events”, this could be just a way to get people to see the play). Supposedly, a duke named Gonzago was killed by his nephew, Lucianus, by having poison poured into his ear. Lucianus does this because he wants both Gonzago’s position and his wife Baptista, and will do whatever he can to get it. The play is described as a tragedy, so saying that everyone dies at the end is not a big surprise. In the end, the play was very sad. I found myself crying by the end, and I do not cry often. Almost everyone had the same reaction as I did. Even King Claudius and his court left during the poisoning scene

(which was added in at the end). No one exactly knows the reason, but my guess is that he did not want everyone to see him get emotional from the play. I think he wanted to keep his image of being a tough person, and did not want to let the waterworks come while everyone was watching. The king probably went to his room and had a good cry. Also, as most know, Hamlet was sent by the King to go to England. I think the reason for this was because King Claudius thought Play at King’s Court “The Mousetrap” was seen and enjoyed by many people at the the play was so good that he wanted Hamlet to show it to the rest King’s Court. One photographer at the play captured everyone’s reaction perfectly. emotional rollercoaster that I will not soon forget. While of the world, starting with England. But, again, no one is quite sure why the King sent Hamlet there are many flaws (a ton of them, in my opinion), I had a great time with this play, even though an extra scene to England. Other rumors say that he was afraid Hamlet was added. Even though some may consider it to be a would tell everyone that the King broke down and cried, “guilty pleasure” play, I think it expressed the art of plays that King Claudius simply does not trust or like Hamlet, exceptionally well. I suggest to anyone who has not seen or that King Claudius was mad that Hamlet added the this play to go see it right now. Stop reading this article, extra scene of the poisoning. and find the nearest place the play is being performed! Go Aside from the drama in the King’s Court, “The now! I will give “The Mousetrap” 3.5 out of 5 stars. Mousetrap” was certainly a great experience. It was an

Letter to the Editor- Letter and Editor Response

Globe Newspaper complaints and responses

# by Editor, Globe Staff William Shakespeare Henley St, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 6QW, UK Phone: +44 1789 204016 Email: 6 June 1602 The Editor The Globe London, UK lief Editor, I has’t a few choice words for thee all! thee wilt like some of those folk, but loathe some as well. I feeleth like thee runneth fake stories and telleth alternative facts like CNN or Buzzfeed. t fills the minds of the reader with lies, lies, and more lies. For example, how could thee sayeth that Juliet wast dead ere Romeo? I hath heard about the letter that wast writ for that gent, and t hath seemed quaint authentic (not like what thee all said). Doth not beest bias, and behold into all the facts ere thee wend out and publish fake news and more lies.

believeth anything thee putteth out! However, I doth has’t to sayeth that the lies art interesting. I am a playwright, and I has’t hath taken some inspiration from thy imagination. Some has’t been rather hilarious, but others has’t been very tragic and depressing. However, thee all better not runneth a fake story about Prince Hamlet! I am already working on a playeth for that event, and I plan on sticking to the facts! Lastly, since thee art fake news, the only thing I can very much rely on for truth art the playeth reviews. telleth whoever writeth those that that gent should beest working for a newspaper company that is actually noteworthy. Sincerely, William Shakespeare

Dear Mr. Shakespeare, I am sorry to hear that you believe our news is fake. Of course, we are not for everyone. So, if you think we are fake news, why are you reading us? Also, why are you speaking in Old English? Get with the modern times! Also, we are happy to hear that you at least appreciate our entertainment reviews! We here at the Globe Newspaper wish you luck as a playwright, and we hope to review one of your plays and give it a positive review soon! -Editor

Since thee all publish fake news, I findeth t hard to

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Witness the greatest family betrayal! Come experience the incredible suspense thriller, “The Mousetrap”! It will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish! Who is the killer? What is the mousetrap? Come find out Friday night at the Globe Theatre!

KING’S COMEDIAN AUDITION Want to work for the king? Do you have a sense of humor? Come down to the King’s Court and sign up for tryouts to be the King’s new comedian! If you can make the judges laugh, you may work for the king! Job includes meals and housing benefits. Please note: We are not responsible for any jobrelated injuries and/or death.

GRAVEDIGGER WANTED Needs to dig one 6 foot grave to fit one person. Will be payed in food. See management at the Globe Theatre.

The Globe Newspaper- Osato  

My Hamlet Newspaper project for Mr. Masters (English IV, B4).

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