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Amazing Apps And Games To Emphasize Your Smart Phone

Today just making and recieving calls is not the purpose of a smart phone, it is much more than that. Nowadays there are numerous mobile apps to intentsify your phone in all segments like games, business, entertainment, multimedia, Social networking and so on. Due to the increasing no. Of smart phones the need of smart apps is on a boom and likewise the mobile applications development. Mobile phone is now not just a calling device but it's a hi-tech device having some compelling features. Below are listed some of the best apps to glorify your smart phone.

1. VLC Media Player : VLC media player is one of the best media player if you want to play videos or music in any formats. It has more than 500 downloads and it is completely free. It allows you an easy access as it is light weight. comparatively faster and plays almost everything.

2. Pocketdivxencoder : This app is one of best apps as it allows you to convert all your movie files so that you can enjoy them on your smart phone. You don't need to install it as it has no installer and it is quite easy to use with all controls. If you are looking for a compression tool then nothing is better than Pocketdivxencoder. This app is very impressive and totally free of cost. 3. Opera Browser For Mobile : It is a refined browser which renders speed and efficiency on any devices. The display of web pages in opera is clean and elegant and also supports all the latest technologies. The

navigation through opera is quite fast on both touchscreen and keypad devices. With the latest versions of opera browser you can experience some boost in speed and strength.

4. Tango : Tango is an application which is meant for voice and video chat via other mobile phones. Tango is mainly used on desktop to connect with iPhone or Android smart phones. Tango is very easy to use, just add your friends number to whom you want to call and start chatting. 5. Mint : Mint is a very useful app if you want to track down all your expenses. It will allow you to set your budget, provides tips to reach your financial goals. It also allows you an access of your bank account, investments and alerts you in case you have exceeded you budget.

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Amazing Apps And Games To Emphasize Your Smart Phone