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Web Redesigning: Making Websites More Senior Friendly

According to the Administration on Aging (AoA), more than half a billion people were 60 years or older in 2000. By 2050, AoA expects this number to be close to 2 billion.

When put into business perspective, businesses would be remiss to allow this considerable market to pass them by. Seniors are devoted users. Apart from sending and receiving email, they search the web for health, financial, and religious information. They also use the Internet to shop, play games, and book travel. For this reason, businesses should redesign their websites to be more senior-friendly.

Designing Senior Friendly Websites With the considerable business web-savvy seniors provide, companies should redesign their websites to encourage more, older adults to visit. Redesigning a website for a new market can be challenging, however. With that said, businesses should consider these guidelines:

Make Web Info Easier to Find Computer conventions, such as scrolling, clicking buttons and links, and using menus may be unfamiliar to seniors. Their advanced age may also bring changes to their memories, hindering their ability to recall the location of items in a given space, and find them. As such, companies should make web information easier to find for seniors, through consistent and predictable navigation elements.

Prioritize Key Info Seniors possess a range of physical and cognitive abilities. Motor skills and coordination may degrade earlier for older adults with arthritis or other age -related issues, however. As such, scrolling or controlling the mouse in a combination of movements may become difficult or confusing for them. To make their websites more seniorfriendly, businesses should put the essential information in areas that older adults can find it more easily. They should also limit the length of the web pages to minimize or eliminate scrolling.

Keep Content Short As seniors continue to age, their hearing may worsen, and their short term memory may become less reliable. For this reason, businesses should create paragraphs that express one main idea, and sentences that are simple and straightforward.

Other strategies are available for designing more senior friendly websites. Businesses interested in these strategies should contact professional web designers and other similar specialists. Sources:

Web redesigning making websites more senior friendly