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Professional Web Video Production – The Creativo Media Way Video offers an engaging way to tell a story and grab people’s attention. With the growth of the mobile phone and tablet markets, video platforms have become more accessible. Today, anyone can shoot videos using their iPhone and upload it to YouTube. Not everyone, however, can produce high quality web videos. This is where Creativo Media excels.

Videos that entertain and inform Delivering a message to online audiences is more effective if the content does not sell directly. Nothing turns off viewers faster than hard selling. This is why Creativo Media makes videos that deliver its clients’ message in a way that is both entertaining and informative.

Videos that are shareable Social media platforms have made it possible for interesting videos to reach viral status. Creativo Media doesn’t just produce videos that are engaging; the company also makes sure that they are shareable. By understanding the social motivations of online users, Creativo Media can tap into the widest audience possible for any campaign.

Videos that address the client’s needs Creative Media works with its clients in every stage of the production process to ensure that their video requirements are met.

 Pre-production This stage involves consultation and planning regarding the type of video to be used and the script’s treatment and tone. Behind the scenes activities such as storyboarding, scriptwriting, budgeting, timeline setting, and talent and location scouting are also done during this stage.

 Production This is where everything is put together. Everyone – from actors, directors, and cameramen to makeup artists, costume designers, and writers – collaborates to deliver excellent results.

 Post-production The work isn’t done after the footage is filmed. The video has to undergo editing, sound mixing, and color corrections for polishing. If necessary, texts, animations, and other graphics are added. The final cut of the video is then given to the client, ready for release.

With the barrage of uninspired and amateurish videos on the Web, Creativo Media helps corporate videos stand out from the rest. Clients may call Creativo Media to learn more about the benefits of professional video production. Resource:

Professional web video production – the creativo media way  

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