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salt lake community college


cycle logan


taggart student center


loft six four

contents <03>

spencer john burt

< education > utah state university //

< skills > design process


bachelor of landscape architecture minor in entrepreneurship

< professional experience > loft six four // landscape architecture intern being a small firm, interns at loft six four are able to participate in a myriad of different assignments, including; planting plans, irrigation plans, 3d modeling, construction document sheet production, and design input in the schematic, design development, and construction document phases

utah state university // teaching assistant

sketching and loose graphics communication

teaching assistants provide office hours to provide critiques, and instruction for other students. other responsibilities include grading and feedback for submitted work

badger screen printing //

graphic artist


artists at badger work one on one with customers to create original, vector artwork to be printed on anything from bags and shirts to blankets, pens and pop up tents


< awards > utah state dean’s prize // 2nd place a group project involving a potential new student center at utah state university. my roles included core design, schematic plan production, as well as perspective view rendering, and competition board layout

utah urban design awards // an award received at loft six four for the “hub of opportunity” project in south salt lake. my role mainly involved awards submission slide layout and presentation

lester park design //

honorable mention

a loft six four honor for a park design competition in ogden, utah. my role included concept and schematic design influence, 3d modeling, and perspective view rendering

an ever adapting tool in the arsenal of any designer, capturing the energy of a place quickly is a passion of mine. I look forward to a lifetime of improving and perfecting that skill both on and off the clock. face to face, over the phone, and email encounters all feel comfortable and natural to me, I am able to feel at home even presenting in front of large groups or crowds. working with teams and having the ability to step outside of my own vision to accepts the perspective of others for a more complete whole is something I continually strive for during two years as a religious volunteer in northeast england, I studied the mandarin chinese language, and have continued to study ever since. I am proficient in the spoken, and still learning the written language

< software > cad // adobe //

1st place

eager to continue learning and improving my design skills, I am confident and willing to put my ideas out on paper in any situation, and subsequently receive and apply any critiques and feedback as part of the design process

3d // mapping // basic //

autoCAD, landFX illustrator, photoshop, indesign sketchup, lumion, visualizer, photoshop arcGIS microsoft word, excel, powerpoint prezzi presentation google drive, docs evernote mac and windows operating systems

resume <05>

salt lake community college // South City campus of Salt Lake Community College sits on State Street just North of South Salt Lake City. Working with South Salt Lake City planners, I along with a team of other students re-envisioned this campus not only as a gateway and anchor for South Salt Lake, but also as a nucleus of community life. Design was collaborative, all images presented are my own work.

salt lake community college <07>

on-site sketches

early design exploration and graphic analysis salt lake community college <09>

community and school to create vibrancy, by bringing the the “big idea” connect community onto campus, and the students into the community.

lack of student life


1300 SOUTH



The South City campus is well equipped to handle student’s educational needs, but there is nothing keeping students in the community to “bring it in.”




need: enticing amenities too keep students around

1300 SOUTH


community disconnect





1700 SOUTH

West of State Street, the People’s Freeway community is separated from campus by state street, and missing key community elements. There is also a lack of diversity in businesses.






1700 SOUTH

separation from the college



need: public space within the college campus to help connect the two NITY AN C MU


2100 SOUTH

need: bridging State Street to access the life of the college campus

With a strong community council, and active residents, the Liberty Wells neighborhood surrounding the South City campus for the most part thriving. A connection between Liberty Wells and the college would benefit both parties.





gateway to south salt lake

2100 SOUTH

Few people know where the border between Salt Lake City and South Salt Lake lies. This site is positioned perfectly to provide a visual cue for south bound travelers that you are entering a new city and district. need: visual gateway to South Salt Lake

community park space

salt lake community college <11>

farmers market on campus

public events in the community park

linear park and retail hub

salt lake community college <13>

current cycling network

cycle logan // The small city of Logan, Utah has the scale and potential to be an easily bike-able community. Experience cycling Loganâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s streets has told me that it still has a long ways to go. This analysis explores the barriers to safe and comfortable cycling, and what impact different solutions will have on the problem. All analysis, mapping and renderings are my own work.

5min 10 15

create a network using Loganâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s roads

determine barriers traffic, speed, slope, etc.

run analysis

results in minutes from amenity

GOAL: increase the number of residents within a short ride to amenities

residential parcel commercial parcel


grocery store

cycle logan <15>

AREAS OF INTERVENTION slope large hills and high amounts of slope discourage cyclists. Amenities need to be placed closer to residents on the benches, or housing centers relocated.

traffic High vehicular traffic leaves cyclists feeling vulnerable and easily persuades beginning or potential cyclists to leave the bike in the garage. Bike lanes, and rerouting help with this problem.

speed Vehicles passing a pedal bike at high speed are enough to get even more experienced cyclists heart beating a little faster. Even if traffic is light, the speed alone will discourage cyclists. Protected bike lanes help all users stay safe.

postintervention network cycle logan <17>

taggart student center // As a part of the Deanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Prize competition, a new student center at Utah State University was designed and analyzed. The final design aimed to â&#x20AC;&#x153;encircle student lifeâ&#x20AC;? on campus, enable free movement to and from the student center, and provide spaces and elements that will help students relax and de-stress. Design and all renderings shown are my own personal work.

taggart student center <19>

interactive water feature and plaza


student center



un y


er iv n


taggart student center <21>

encircling student life

night at the campus plaza

taggert student center <23>

loft six four internship // Ever Evolving. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the motto of loft six four. I was fortunate to be able to spend a summer working with a team that is always pushing the limits of design. Somewhere between the planting and irrigation plans, sketchup model studies, sheet set deadline nights, golden design epiphanies, and lunchtime sketch sessions the pieces all started to fall into place. I started to get really get excited for the design career ahead of me. All projects with the exception of the monument signage were designed by Brandon Reed of Loft Six Four, all images are my own work.

utah valley university fine arts plaza

loft six four <25>

loft six four <27>

Spencer Burt Landscape Architecture Portfolio  

A design portfolio highlighting work in Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Geodesign, and Graphic Design

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