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Thirteen reasons to buy an electric bike What is an electric bike? An electric bike works almost exactly like a conventional bicycle with the addition of an electric motor to give you extra power when you pedal. Electric bikes often come with different levels of assistance so you can choose how hard you want the bike to work. They ride just as well without the power if you’re feeling like more of a challenge. Who uses electric bikes? Electric bikes really are for everyone. Whether you want a sweat-free commute, some extra power over longer distances and up hills or just want to get back into the saddle and enjoy the benefits of cycling, an electric bike is for you. Why buy an electric bike? We can think of lots of reasons, and just to be different, here are our top thirteen: 1. Tackling hills and headwinds If you live in a hilly area or encounter them on your usual commute you probably either relish them as a great challenge, or they’ll put you off cycling altogether. If you fall into the latter camp then an electric bike could be the solution you’re looking for. Ride without any assist for the flatter parts of your journey and enjoy the all the fitness benefits of regular cycling but then switch on the power to get you over a tricky hill. 2. Further, faster Not only will traffic jams will no longer be a bother when you’re whizzing through on your two wheels, you’ll also be able maintain a higher constant speed with the electric assist - meaning you’ll complete your journey even quicker. Since you can eliminate the sweat-fest with an electric bike, you won’t need to change or take a shower once you arrive at work, saving you even more time. Ten miles on an electric bike can seem as easy as three on a regular bicycle, which means that you’ll be more likely to use your bike for longer journeys. 3. Get out on two wheels more often A study by TNO, the Dutch trade association, showed that people use their electric bikes far more often than a conventional bike, and will continue cycling to a much older age. So your electric bike probably won’t be left gathering dust in the back of your garage like some other things you’ve bought. 4. Safety There are lots of different situations where an electric bike can be safer than a standard bike. Pulling off at junctions and roundabouts with an extra bit of assistance means you can concentrate more on the road and what’s going on around you. The ability to climb steep hills with ease also means you won’t start leaning from left to right as you struggle to tackle the incline. Most electric bikes also have dynamo-powered lights which means you can keep your lights on during the day and night, increasing your visibility. 5. Enjoy more of the scenery Take your electric bike out on a long scenic route and enjoy the fact that with the effort taken out, you can spend more time taking in the views, rather than burying your face in the ground when the terrain gets more challenging. 6. Running costs Just like a conventional bicycle, you will be saving on your monthly travel fare, rising petrol costs, MOT, car insurance, and tax. All you pay for is the power to charge the battery, which can be as little as 5p per full charge. 7. Government incentives Owning an electric bike becomes even easier if your government runs programs to subsidise payment of the bike. For example in the UK, the Cycle to Work scheme allows people to save up to 50% on the bike by purchasing it tax free. The Government has calculated that they will save £3 in terms of health care costs for every £1 they spend to implement this. Similar incentives were also being run in Paris and Italy. Check to see if this applies to you.

8. Personal fitness and rehabilitation Electric bikes make it considerably easier for people to build up their fitness levels. The ability to select the level of electric-assist when the pedaling starts to get difficult opens up cycling to those who aren’t at their peak fitness. 9. Clean, Green Sustainable Transport Since electric bikes use so little electricity and yet are so versatile, they really are a great alternative to cars and public transport. Some even argue it’s more sustainable than using a conventional bicycle since the electricity required to power the electric bike is more efficient than the energy supplied by the rider in pedaling. 10. Motorised, but without the bureaucracy Even though you are benefitting from the use of such a versatile vehicle, you still treat it as a standard bicycle and therefore don’t require a drivers license, tax disc, vehicle registration, insurance (recommended) or helmet (but still recommended), unlike riding a moped or car. 11. High resale value You should be comfortable knowing that once your warranty runs out, typically after 2 years, you will be able to sell the bike on for a reasonably high price. This could then contribute towards the cost of your next electric bicycle. 12. Increased mobility for older riders and people with health problems The joys of cycling are no longer limited to the fit. People with limited health can enjoy the freedom and delights of cycling too with an electric bike - leading to a longer, happier lifestyle. 13. Why not a buy a scooter or moped instead? There are several reasons. Just like a car, you will still have the noise, smell, pollution, running costs, and start-up problems. All this trouble, and you still don’t get the health benefits. We will run out of oil one day so the sooner we can reduce our reliability on it the better, and the longer it will last for future generations. Testimonials from electric cyclists “I’ve been riding Ivy for a month now and it has changed my life. Never have I spent so much time on a bike. I am discovering new parts of London every day even though I’ve lived here 10 years!” Amanda Astill, North London “The Spencer Ivy electric bicycle is just the thing for the hills of North London. I live in a Low Carbon Zone and am working daily to get residents and businesses out of the 4-wheel habit. The Spencer Ivy electric bicycle provides a wonderful opportunity for making the change and improving the local environment. It is particularly attractive to senior citizens who appreciate a boost up the steeper inclines!” Peter Thompson, Project Management, Muswell Hill Low Carbon Emission Zone. “When asked to test drive an electric bicycle for Spencer Ivy, I was initially a little skeptical wondering what sort of high tech gadgets an electric bicycle would consist of. However I needn’t have been too alarmed, as an electric bicycle is in fact pretty much just like an ordinary bike, except that it has a motor attached to it. … Once I had tentatively mounted the bike, I soon clocked on to the ingeniousness of the design…. This is especially fun/useful when going up hills, as your fellow road users will be flummoxed at how effortlessly you are climbing while they huff and puff and sweat.” Angie Yussuf, Hello Eco Living magazine Contact us For more information, you can contact the Spencer Ivy team by emailing or calling 020 3021 3388 Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm. There is also a list of FAQs on

Thirteen Reasons To Buy An Electric Bike  

Electric bikes really are for everyone. Whether you want a sweat-free commute, some extra power over longer distances and up hills or just w...