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Change is always inevitable and w h a t w e c o n s i d e r e d ‘n o r m a l ’ before the coronavirus outbreak is n o l o n g e r t h e s a m e . B e i n g unable to hug a loved one or v is i t t h e h a i r s a l o n b e c a u s e of s o c i a l d i s t a n c i n g m e a s u r e s h a s b e e n c h a l l e n gi n g. B u t , a s a n a t io n , w e r e m a i n r e s il ie n t .

T h e d e d i c a t io n f r o m f r o n t l i n e ke y w o r ke r s h a s b e e n i n s p i r i n g (a n d w e s a y a B I G t h a n k y o u), proving that if we all pull t o g e t h e r t o m a ke s m a l l c h a n g e s t o o u r d a il y l i v e s , i t c a n h a v e a positive impact.

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Breaking beauty news and hair happenings

16 Celebrities with natural hair brands

F o r t h is r e a s o n , w e’v e t e m p o r a r il y r e-b r a n d e d S p e l l t o S p e l l@ h o m e d igi t a l m a g a z i n e . Av a il a b l e o n y o u r d e s k t o p a n d m o b il e , y o u c a n n o w r e a d u s f r o m t h e c o m f o r t of y o u r o w n h o m e . E n jo y a n d # S t a y S a f e



All you need to know about the latest trending tresses


Move over warm tones: make-up has taken on a new guise


Clever foundations for long-term skin conditions


Vitiligo advocate Rochelle gives us some #skinspiration


The page for product junkies



That’s right, they’re the new icons making a big difference to how black women care for their hair


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The new swim cap brand Soul Cap does some myth-busting


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Female bosses share lessons learned and plans for a new future

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P O O C S us h e in d t l l a h i n w it B u l le t

"We can choo se th e communit ies and brands w e support "




How dogged determination & support equals success


Sum up Odyssey Box? Luxurious, identifiable and powerful. We love the astronomical design on the box. What's the idea behind this? My inspiration was based on journeying and adventure. I wanted it to tie back to the idea of a natural hair journey as well as travelling forward, which is relevant to so many of us. My grandparents came to the UK from St. Lucia and Jamaica by boat, so their journeys were a part of my vision too.

s spe ll m ee t

CHLOÉ ELLIOTT How the founder of Odyssey Box, a growing bi-monthly subscription service tailored to naturalistas, juggled her uni workload while building a brand...

Odyssey Box from £45

Read the full interview at spellmagazine.com




How has the natural hair movement changed the hair game? We’re in a time now where we have far more choice than people did in previous generations. There are more and more small businesses now

addressing the need for safe and clean quality haircare by creating truly natural and effective products. Today we can choose the communities and brands we support thanks to this movement; I would like to see more people backing our growing community of blackowned businesses. How did you manage your workload as a university student and business owner? Discipline. You won’t always be motivated, so when your motivation fails discipline takes its place. I studied French and German alongside managing the demands of my social media platform CurlyGalChlo. I would stay and work on campus for up to 10 hours a day. I had to be ruthless with my time.






Specialising in the Ancient Egyptian art of sugaring, this London sweet spot is bringing the natural hair removal method back. Sugaring London’s approach is kinder to the skin compared to lasering and waxing. Plus, depending on your pain threshold, it hurts a lot less. Its adorable flamingo pink interior also makes the experience less clinical and more ‘OMG this place is so cute!’

When Primark reopens its doors, you’ll be glad to hear it’s entered the hair game by teaming up with super stylist Andrew Fitzsimons. He's the man behind the cult coifs of the Kardashians and supermodel Joan Smalls (and the most in-demand celebrity hairdresser on the planet). The collaborative range includes a biotin-rich shampoo, texture spray and a portable 12 quid hairdryer.

S P E LL S AYS Show independent salons the love they deserve when they reopen


Sa ve VS Splurge

Empowering campaigns get our vote, which is why we’re championing the launch of Skin Proud. Its fresh ethos celebrates skin imperfections while offering solutions for our complexion woes.


SCENTS OF NOSTALGIA Beauty trends are in a constant state of ebb and flow. To think it was over a decade ago when celebrities began bombarding us with heady fragrances. Now no longer the de rigueur, here are some of our favourite bottles that will soon assume iconic status. How time flies!

SHEA MOISTURE African Black Soap Soothing Body Wash, £5.99

R&R Luxury Liquid Black Soap, £12 SPELL



Heat by Beyoncé (2010)

Glow by JLO (2002)

Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna (2011)

It’s the protective style that's got everyone talking. Read on to learn about the smouldering hot styling trend that's set to dominate this summer

o t e d i u g s ’ A beginner

s t s i T w Pa ssion URBAN TWIST - PASSION

Model is wearing length 18 inches, colour T1B/27. Head over to spellbeauty.com to shop the look SPELL




One of the hottest protective styles to emerge recently is passion twists. Although double stranded twists have been around for many years, passion twists offer a slightly different slant on the style. The twists are less defined, and have more of a relaxed spiral pattern, creating gorgeous curls. To get the look, here are five things you need to know about passion twists. Who, what, where? The look instantly took off when Miami-based hairstylist Kailyn, AKA Boho Babe, debuted passion twists on her Instagram feed @xolovekailyn. Kailyn says she created the style for those who desired goddess locs but also wanted their hair to have a bohemian feel. Like many protective styles, synthetic hair extensions are used to create passion twists. And like braids, you can opt to wear the hair in any length, style or colour. As it currently stands, it’s one of the most sought-after protective styles online with an excess of 284,000 hashtags (and counting) created on Instagram including the words #passiontwists. You will need to buy specific extensions Passion twists tend to have a high sheen to them and a wavy, fluffy texture, so you'll need to purchase a specific type of extension to achieve the look. Water Wave extensions are a popular choice, or you can opt for pre-twisted packs of hair that can be crocheted on. We suggest purchasing at least six to seven packs for a full head. The extensions are quite light and bouncy and can be washed. Installing is pretty straightforward The application process for passion twists is much the same as traditional double stranded twists. Working with freshly washed hair, start by taking

a small section and then apply your passion twist extensions, intertwining the two. Twist in a clockwise motion (both the hair and your extensions) until you get to the bottom and then leave the twist in its natural state – it will unravel slightly but will be secure. Repeat the process through the entire head. As mentioned above, pre-formed passion twists can also be installed using the crochet method. Daily maintenance is a must Keep your passion twists looking neat and full of lustre by implementing a simple routine. Apply a mousse to your hair to minimise any frizz that may occur from humidity and the wear and tear of everyday living. It’s also crucial that you don't neglect your scalp while wearing any type of protective style. Tolu Agoro, brand ambassador for Cantu Beauty, offers this advice: “Less is more when it comes to keeping your scalp clean and healthy while wearing twists,” she says. “To ensure that your scalp remains in optimum condition when you wear your passion twists, use a product to soothe and nourish your scalp such as Cantu's Refresh Root Rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil. It is ideal for synthetic extensions, as it soothes itchiness, refreshes the scalp and moisturises hair without the need for water.” They can last all summer long With maintenance, your passion twists will last for the duration of your summer holiday and beyond. Braid specialist Gillian Nsianguana explains: "With good care and professional application, passion twists can last anywhere from four to six weeks. And with a touch-up, they will last a further two weeks before a take out is advised,” Visit her Instagram page @ braidedbygilly for glorious examples of how to style your passion twists.

t s o m e th f o e n " It 's o cti ve e t o r p r e t f a sought ss e c x e n a ith w styles online gs." a t h s a h 0 0 ,0 4 of 2 8 SPELL



Cast a Spell

No salons? No problem. Here's the secret to magic up this look

Skai Jackson was one of the first celebs to make a debut with passion twists on and off camera. Using the crochet method, the American actress tucked away her natural hair in canerows while individual strands have been looped through her plaits using a crochet needle. Set the style with a foam wrap and either dry under a hooded dryer or tie down with a satin or silk headscarf.

Products to keep your twists looking forever fresh Crème of Nature Foaming Mousse, £6.99

Urban Twist Passion, from £8.99 Urban crochet needle (free when purchased with Urban Twist)

@marsaimartin @jastookes



HUDA BEAUTY Sapphire Obsessions Palette, £25


Warm tones were last year’s obsession. This season, choose cooler shades of blue, green and purple to enliven your lids, lips and cheekbones.

House of Holland




MAC Iridescent Powder (Loose) in Silk Dusk, £26.50

STILA Boss Lip Gloss in Blue Sky, £14 SPELL



Patricia Bright


If you have melanin-rich skin, the chances are that your beauty bête noire is dark spots or an uneven skin tone. Influencer Patricia Bright documented her journey of tackling the condition with a fullon skin and make-up regime. So why is darker skin more prone to hyperpigmentation? Well, it’s because darker skin has larger melanocyte cells, so when it suffers any type of inflammation like a breakout, extra melanin is produced - causing hyperpigmentation. Upping the strength of SPF is one way to deal with dark marks. IT Cosmetics CC cream provides major sun protection in the form of SPF 50+, which is a must if you want to stop dark marks getting worse. If t-zone oiliness is a concern too, try Rimmel’s Lasting Matte foundation for Olympic level no-shine coverage.

We reveal the best foundation formulas designed to tackle hard-to-hide skin concerns





IT Cosmetics Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream, £32

Rimmel Lasting Matte, Full Coverage Mattyfying Foundation, £7.99

Ashley Feathersome

Psoriasis Lauren Elyse

Vitiligo Nazhaya Barcelona


When you’re dealing with breakouts, you want your foundation to conceal every bump in sight. But this is counterproductive in most cases and can actually worsen the condition. Keep an eye out for foundations that are non-comedogenic, meaning the product has been formulated to avoid clogging up the pores. Sadly, it’s not a magic wand’ to make acne disappear from sight. However, such formulations can be a big help. Oxygenetix ACNE Control Foundation was initially created for doctors to prescribe to their patients. Now available to buy over the counter, it works to diminish acne scarring, combat dehydration and reduce the appearance of angry spots. Alternatively, Smashbox Studio Skin Full Coverage 24 Hour Foundation is non-acnegenic and all of its raw materials have been scrutinised to ensure it won’t prompt breakouts.

The beauty of make-up is that it can be used to champion the skin you’re in. Skin conditions such as vitiligo don’t have to be camouflaged. Instead you can use foundation to brighten, smooth and even highlight unique areas on the face. Hourglass Seamless Finish Liquid Foundation packs such a pigmented punch that you don’t need very much product to get maximum coverage. Thanks to light reflecting mircospheres, it does a stellar job of reflecting light so the skin looks positively glowing. For something a bit more tailor made, take a look at Microskin. Originally developed in Australia, this completely waterproof system allows the skin to breathe naturally while providing effective coverage for vitiligo. It’s only sold via a consultation, but trust us when we say it’s worth it as your skin is digitally scanned by a consultant during the appointment...

When it comes to looking after psoriasis-affected skin, the fewer ingredients you use on your face the better. Avoiding products that contain parabens, sulphates, and mineral oils is paramount too as they have the potential to aggravate sore and itchy skin. That said, make-up is still an option. It just requires scouting out the right formulas to provide flawless and protecting coverage. Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer is perfect for those days when skin needs concealing with minimal products. It’s oil-free and lightweight so that it doesn’t feel heavy, yet the pigments are dense enough to mask patches of psoriasis. Another option is bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation. Coveted for its ability to let skin breathe, it harnesses finely milled mineral pigments that don’t clog pores or suffocate skin.

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Acne Control Foundation, £53

Smashbox Studio Skin Full Coverage 24 Hour Foundation, £29.50

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Liquid Foundation, £51

Microskin Simulated Second Skin, 31 Chocolate, £89

bareMinerals Pure Brightening Serum Foundation, £28

Clinique Beyond Perfecting, Foundation + Concealer, £28.50


‘LOSS OF PIGMENT, NOT PURPOSE.’ We can all learn about skin confidence from the beautiful Rochelle

I’ve learned to love the skin I’m in

Vocalist Rochelle Richards started to develop vitiligo when she was 11 years old. The first signs of the skin condition appeared on her hands. By her teens, small freckled marks began to show on her face. At this point Rochelle says her childhood became more complex and challenging: “I would always put my hands in my pockets, but it was impossible to hide my face. This was when I truly realised I had a visual difference and developed a complex. As I got older, I started to ask myself: ‘why me?’ I fell into deep depression and felt suicidal at one stage. I knew I had to do something about it.” For Rochelle, the journey towards acceptance was a long one. But her love for being on stage and hitting the open mic circuit to perform poetry had

a positive impact on her wellbeing. Plus, sharing her experience on social media and connecting with others facing similar challenges was nothing short of inspiring. Rochelle is also thankful for her supportive network of friends who she fondly refers to as sisters. They’ve helped her redefine herself, encouraging her to develop a more positive outlook and love for her ‘new skin’. She says: “A sister of mine came up with a phrase I use as encouragement to this day: ‘Loss of pigment, not purpose.’ I really related to this phrase and began to live my life by it from that day forward”. This year Rochelle is planning to launch her own brand, Da People Dem Skinspiration. Her goal is to build a platform on behalf of those who feel they have no voice while also using experiences from her own personal journey to educate and advocate: “I want to encourage, motivate and inspire others with vitiligo and other visual differences,” she says. “I aim to teach others how to love themselves and the skin they are in.” Rochelle has come a long way from the teen who felt ashamed to show her hands in public. She has appeared on Channel 4’s Face to Face with Katie Piper and was the face of BBC3’s Perfect Day campaign, appearing on billboards across central London. Her story and positive mind set is an inspiration to us all.


Vitiligo affects 1% of the world’s population.

Rochelle can be found on instagram: @MsRoch1988







SCHWARZKOPF Live Pretty Patels, £8.99

MORPHE 35I Icy Fantasy Artistry Palette, £24

Sweet and sour, fish and chips, ying and yang – some things just go together. This can be applied to the perennial TWA infused with colour. It makes a stellar combo and a Hot Girl Summer style. Of course going for the chop and changing hair colour are two big decisions that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here are some pointers to remember: the cut and colour doesn’t have to carried out on the same day, always consult a hairdresser before any chemical treatment and coordinate your new hair colour along with your make-up and outfit for some serious très chic style.


If there’s one hairstyle that enables you to push the colour boundaries sans bleach, it’s braids. Nordic white, an out-there icy tone is the frontrunner for replacing classic black.

X-PRESSION Ultra Braid in M51, £2.79




kie er prod uct ju n Feed you r inn



CLAY DAYS Did you know clay harnesses some of nature’s most powerful ingredients? The stuff is so good it can be slathered on the hair – Flora & Curl Clay Wash (£22), face – Green People Purifying Mask (£21) and body – Emulsion Clay Base Mask (£28).


TWEEZERMAN Neon File Mates, £6 each

NARSskin Purifying Foam Cleanser, £23

Men are using their talons to earn style cred. Rapper Snoop Dogg has no qualms wearing nail polish and said in an online interview, “As males, we all have feminine ways, just like women have masculine ways, so it’s okay to tap into those inner ways.” Other celebrities papped with lavish nail designs in 2020 are ASAP Rocky, Harry Styles and Billy Porter.

WHAT THE EXPERT SAYS: ‘It is super important to still have a skincare routine twice a day, even when working from home.’ Rachel Hardie, NARS Lead Artist

O.P.I Neo Pearl Did you see those Mussels, £13.90

O.P.I Neo Pearl Just a Hint of Pearlple, £13.90




Celebrities with natural hair brands Stars making the transition to build their own lock empires Haircare is big business. Globally it is worth over $87.9 billion US dollars. And with today’s biz-savvy celebrities realising that it makes financial sense to go beyond the TV screen or concert venue, the atmosphere is ripe for career diversification. And what better way to do so than by leveraging your star power with a tangible commodity that can be marketed worldwide (hey, RiRi)? But the hair business is no walk in the park. It’s competitive, ever-changing, and its consumers are knowledgeable and know exactly what they like (and what they don’t). Add in the current culture of instant feedback on social media and it certainly takes courage to put a product out there on the global market. But that’s exactly what these fearless star entrepreneurs have achieved. Here we weigh up their exciting hair brands and how they are fairing in the thriving black hair market...




Moore Haircare by Kenya Moore

Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross is considered #hairgoals, however the actress confessed to her 7.7 million Instagram followers that accepting her hair in all its glory has been a lengthy one. In the quest to honour curly girls around the world, she released Pattern Beauty last year. The reviews have been mixed. But despite the lukewarm reception’, many agree that the range is a welcome addition to the growing number of natural haircare brands on the market that boast a premium look and feel.

Renowned for her healthy-looking locks, it was only a matter of time before reality star Kenya Moore released her own haircare line. So far, the reviews have been mainly positive. The Moore Haircare Edges Hair Follicle Stimulator received a five star rating on Amazon.com with one verified customer writing: “After carefully removing my lace wig, I noticed I lost all my edges. I used Moore edges for a week and noticed my edges growing back. I use it daily and love the consistency (like shea butter). Thank you Kenya!!!!!”

TPH by Taraji P. Henson

My Little Coco by Rochelle Humes

Who doesn’t love Taraji P Henson? Her commitment to social causes is inspirational while her documented hair journey on Instagram is encouraging women to embrace their natural vibe. TPH was launched recently in the US and is aimed at all hair types. At a glance, the scalp cleansers stand out (have you ever seen a three-fork comb nozzle before?). Also, sassy names such as Make it Rain conditioner and Hustle & co. cowash tap into Taraji’s Cookie persona. Our fingers are firmly crossed for an official UK release date. SPELL

In addition to releasing a children's book, presenter Rochelle Humes joined the ranks of hair entrepreneurs earlier this year with the release of her curl care range, My Little Coco. Describing the venture as a 'passion project', the line up which includes a Whipped Coconut Conditioner and Detangling Coconut Water, has undergone all the necessary tests to be approved by the experts. Steering clear of parabens, sulphates and dyes, the formulas are so gentle it can be used on newborns, babies and children.



BLACKGIRLSDON’TSWIM We deep dive into the success of the hotselling British swimwear brand, Soul Cap

Soul Cap’s fast absorbing Hair Towel (£19.99)

Having sold over 30,000 swimming caps, Soul Cap busts the old-age myth that black girls don’t swim (cue serious eye roll). Designed to accommodate thick curly hair and bulky natural styles like braids and locs, we talk to founders Toks Ahmed and Michael Chapman about their team and mishaps in the pool. Being two guys, how have you managed to ensure Soul Cap speaks so well to women? Michael (MC): We’re a small business, and most of the time it’s just the two of us. But we do have an extended team of women (and men!) who we rely on constantly. Ahmed (TA): We also get loads of help from friends and family with things like arranging photoshoots and helping out at events. These women are invaluable to us when we need to bounce ideas around or test new concepts and products.

realising actually how deep the pool was, he basically started to drown. I thought it was hilarious but leapt right in after Michael to try and be the hero but I couldn’t swim either – and so we both ended up getting rescued. It really wasn’t a good look. How do you make sure tricky business decisions don’t affect your friendship? TA: We’ve been friends for so long that we’ve naturally mastered how to comminucate with one another. MC: We’re always open-minded and open to hearing each other’s ideas (even if they’re not very good).

You’ve been friends for over 20 years. What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you as mates? TA: We must have been about 15 or 16 years old and were boasting about how many laps we could do without stopping. However, neither of us had actually spent much time in water since doing lessons in primary school. So as soon as we got changed, Michael jumped straight in. Not

Any advice for avoiding chlorine damage to hair? Model is wearing Soul MC: Hair acts like a Cap XL (£16.99), ideal for long and voluminous hair sponge. It soaks up past the shoulders water and holds it, and that means it soaks up chlorine. To counteract damage, we advise rinsing the hair beforehand. Your hair will absorb the clean water, which means it won’t have the space to soak up the chlorinated pool water. When you get in the pool with a head full of fresh water, it gives you an extra layer of protection. However, if you really want all round protection you’ll need a good swimming cap. And we wouldn’t be very good businesspeople if we didn’t tell you to try Soul Cap!

Got soul? From Left, Michael Chapman (MC) and Toks Ahmed (TA SPELL



Life Life after after

The lessons learned

Five months into 2020 and it has already proved to be a topsy-turvy year. The inescapable Covid-19 pandemic has touched the lives of us all. Ordinary life seemed to take an unprecedented turn overnight, transcending into scenes reminiscent of the noir cult series Black Mirror. Wearing surgical masks for the daily commute and queuing two meters apart for bog roll all became the norm. But with hopes of the UK lockdown being lifted soon, we speak to four female

bosses in the media and music industry, who reveal how selfisolation impacted their lives and the lessons they'll be taking forward once 'normal' life resumes...

JEMIMA COUSINS, Spell editor

In the first week of the lockdown my grandma passed away. The prospect of not burying her for three months made the reality of Covid-19 hit hard. Thankfully, we were able to lay her to rest but not being able to console family was a difficult pill to swallow. This really flagged up the power of human connection and how much we take it for granted. I am so grateful to those who remained on the frontline to carry the nation through this difficult time. From NHS workers to the graveside diggers, I say a big thank you! Isolation made me realise it's OK to retreat. I'll no longer feel guilty for taking time out, especially if it contributes to a happier version of me.

SUE OMAR, freelance journalist

My day-to-day life used to be so busy with work, creating content, socialising and family time. The first two weeks were tough. I found it hard to adjust with staying at home and was worried about the impact it would have on the future. While I still think about what the next few months will have in store for us, I'm now giving more energy to being thankful and practicing gratitude. As a creative, I’ve learnt that my best ideas come in the stillness. I have more clarity and time to work on things that I’ve been holding off for a long time. I’ve learnt to take time to celebrate my achievements instead of constantly planning what’s next. SPELL



lockdown lockdown

'... s se s o b l r i 'g e "For th ma l r o n w e n a e t a cre you e c a l p e th f o e outsid !" ve i l d n a e m o h / ca ll work thews, — Erica M at


Courtesy of Primark

I’ve learnt to appreciate the small things in life and will take time to do so every day. Before this happened, I was a typical Londoner and would always be rushing about; now I’m going to slow down and appreciate what is important. Family, friends and health is everything. I'm looking forward to so many things like a delicious dinner at my favourite restaurant and visiting my hairstylist for a bouncy blowdry. But most of all, I can't wait to get back on the decks and connect with people through the power of music. We have to celebrate freedom - and what better way to do it than with good vibes, great people and your favourite drink? SPELL



ist fashion st yl

ERICA MATTHEWS, fashion stylist

I’ve worked from home for years, so naturally I felt prepared for the lockdown. But as jobs got cancelled, budgets disappeared and family members got sick, my idle time reminded me that my ‘work hard and play later’ philosophy wasn’t as fruitful as I thought. I assumed that money would be my biggest emotional hurdle. However, I find myself dwelling more so on the nights out I cancelled with friends or the date night invitations I turned down. For the 'girl boss' reading this, my advice is to create a new normal outside of the place you call work/ home and live! Meet friends, date, and experience the world. At the end of the day, that’s what matters!

THE SPELL-OMETER What’s hot and what’s not in the world of Spell


Launches, promos and discounts you don’t want to miss

HOT Falscara by Kis



s, £17

As we stand strong in the collective fight against Covid-19, we’re proud to announce that Spell Beauty is now listed on the Blue Light Card scheme (BLC). Eligible participants can access a discount code from the BLC website and receive 15% off at checkout.

LASH LOVE These false lashes are designed to be applied below your natural lashes instead of on top!

BIG DIVA ENERGY Tracee Ellis Ross gives us the diva character we’ve all been waiting for in new film The High Note.

SootheTube in Blosso m & Gilt, £17, Ashley & Co, ww w.johnlewis.com

TIKTOK TIMEOUT Hours lost watching TikTok beauty & dance challenges. Time to put the phone down.


All that hand washing and sanitiser use means our skin is drier than ever. Pass the hand cream.

Swap a classic 1B colour for a pinch of pastel. The X-Pression Ultra Braid comes in a bevy of brightly lit tones, that quite frankly, makes us feel like a kid in a candy store. Decorate your plaits in a palette of ash tones or take your cue from Amandla Stenberg (with styling here by Vernon François) to mix things up. Remember, there are no set rules so have fun with it.


Camille Rose Naturals pays homage to Madame C. J. Walker with its new product, The Hair Grower.




THE BIG TWIST Finally, lightweight twists have arrived in a wig format! Style the Cloud 9 Swiss Lace Wig Senegal Twist your way with a 4” x 4” hand-tied parting, which provides the ability to part in different directions. With hot water setting and natural edges, your next look is sorted.


Hairbands but backwards. Hmm not convinced.






B E AU T Y ASHLEY & CO ashleyandco.co/uk BAREMINERALS bareminerals.co.uk BARRY M barrym.com CLINIQUE clinique.co.uk EMULSION emulsion.co.uk GREEN PEOPLE greenpeople.co.uk HOURGLASS hourglasscosmetics.co.uk HUDA BEAUTY shophudabeauty.com IT COSMETICS itcosmetics.co.uk KISS COSMETICS kisseurope.uk MAC COSMETICS maccosmetics.co.uk MICROSKIN microskin.com MORPHE boots.com NARS narscosmetics.co.uk O.P.I opiuk.com R&R LUXURY randrluxury.com RIMMEL rimmellondon.com SHEA MOISTURE boots.com SMASHBOX smashbox.co.uk STILA stila.co.uk TWEEZERMAN tweezerman.co.uk


nationwide CAMILLE ROSE boots.com CANTU superdrug.com CLOUD 9 spellbeauty.com CRÈME OF NATURE amazon.co.uk FLORA & CURL floracurl.co.uk MOORE HAIRCARE kenyamoorehair.com MY LITTLE COCO boots.com ODYSSEY BOX odysseyboxuk.com PATTERN patternbeauty.com SCHWARZKOPF boots.com SKIN PROUD asos.com SOULCAP soulcap.com THE FEME COLLECTION

spellbeauty.com TPH tphbytaraji.com URBAN CROCHET spellbeauty.com URBAN TWIST PASSION

spellbeauty.com X-PRESSION spellbeauty.com

E X T R AS SUGARING LONDON sugaring.london

COVER CREDITS Courtesy of Spell Beauty Photography Luke Nugent Hair Dionne Smith Make-up Natasha Wright Styling Erica Matthews


AFROTHERAPY 235 Fore Street, London, N18 2TZ, 020 8345 5621 ANNE VECK 33 St Clements, Oxford, OX4 1AB, 01865 727 077 APRIL HAIR SALON 5 Bull Street, Burnley, BB11 1DW, 01282 839 726 COBELLA 5 Kensington High Street, London, W8 5NP, 020 7118 1277 DKUK 191 Queen's Road, Peckham, London, SE15 2NG, 020 3609 0920 ELITE HAIR LOUNGE 24 Sidney Road, London, SW9 0TS, 020 7207 5904 GEORGE KOSIT HAIR 10-12 Bristol Street, Birmingham, B5 7AA, 0121 622 6782 HAIR 305 305 Brompton Road, London, SW3 2DY, 020 7118 1277 HYPE COIFFURE 186 Lavender Hill, Battersea, London, SW11 5TQ, 020 7223 3800 JUNIOR GREEN LONDON 55 Kensington Church Street, London, W8 4BA, 020 7752 0620 LATHANIEL’S COUTURE 196 Coldharbour Lane, London, SE5 9QH, 020 3601 0683 MIMI ET MINA 16 Needham Road, London, W11 2RP, 020 7727 9356 MY HAIR BAR 22 Warren Street, London, W1T 5LU, 020 7380 0188 NAILS & BROWS 31 Berkeley Street, London, W1J 8EJ, 020 7499 5245 NEW YORK HAIR DESIGN 2 Langham Parade, London, N15 3ND, 020 8888 3397 NICKY OLIVER HAIRDRESSING 32 Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JN, 0161 241 0380 PECKHAM PALMS Peckham Palm Arcade, Unit 1-14 Bournemouth Close, Peckham Rye, London, SE15 4PB, 020 7062 2000 PURELY NATURAL 119 The Grove, London, E15 1EN, 020 8221 0122 SIMPLY GORGEOUS 79 Kingsgate Road, Kilburn, London, NW6 4JY, 020 7625 4500 THE CURL BAR 210 Middle Lane, Hornsey, London, N8 7LA, 020 3667 7204 THE HAIR SANCTUARY 90b Mitford Street, Manchester, M32 8AQ, 0161 536 1249 THINK PRETTY 301 High Road Leytonstone, London, E11 4HH, 020 7232 5168


NORTH LONDON EDMONTON HAIR & COSMETICS LIMITED 257-159 Fore Street, Edmonton, N18 2TY, 0208 887 6158 HAIRITAGE 1 Queens Parade, Walm Lane NW2 5HT, 020 3417 4844 PAK’S HAIR BOUTIQUE 25 Stroud Green Road, Stroud Green, N4 3EF, 0207 263 2331 PAK’S HAIR & COSMETICS HARLESDEN ­57 Craven Park Road, Harlesden, NW10, 8SH, 0208 963 1730 EAST LONDON BEAUTY QUEEN COSMETICS­Unit 19, 70-73 The Mall, The Stratford Centre, Stratford, E15 1XQ, 0208 534 8786 JUDITH'S HAIR & BEAUTY Barking Rd, London E13 8HJ, 07949 818778 PAK COSMETICS 212 Heathway, Dagenham, Greater London RM10 9NS, 0208 592 9108 QUEENS COSMETICS ­391 Green St, Upton Park, E13 9AU, 0208 471 1699 SUPERGROWS COSMETICS 2 ­ 4-25 Queens Market, Upton Park, E13 9BA, 0208 552 9886 SPELL



YOUR HAIR & BEAUTY ­Stratford Centre, 20 Broadway, E15 4QS, 0208 555 0946 SOUTH LONDON PAK’S HAIR CENTRE 141 Rye Lane, Peckham, SE15 4ST, 0207 732 2822 SABINA HAIR & COSMETICS 68-70 Rye Lane, Peckham, SE15 5BY, 0207 469 7356 SABINA ­69 Mitcham Road, Tooting Broadway, SW17 9PB, 0208 682 0055 SABINA 6B Greens End, Woolwich, SE18 6HX, 0208 855 5266 YOUR HAIR & BEAUTY 37 Lewis Grove, Lewisham, SE13 6BG, 0208 318 0999 NORTH WEST ENGLAND PAUL’S HAIR WORLD 53 Barbirolli Way, Arndale Centre, Manchester, M4 2HU, 0161 839 0708 PAUL’S HAIR WORLD 29-30 Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JG, 0161 834 6498 RAPUNZELS HAIR CITY 315 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L15 0EB, 0151 733 4333 LIVERPOOL HAIR & COSMETICS 31 Dawson Way, St Johns Shopping Centre, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 1LY, 0151 708 0699 YORKSHIRE & THE HUMBER CC HAIR & BEAUTY 256-258 Roundhay Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS8 5RL, 0113 249 5562 BRITS HAIR & BEAUTY 30 Kirkgate, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 1QL, 01274 733 287 PRISSY'S 6 Saint James Road, Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX1 1YS, 01422 345 482 CC HAIR & BEAUTY 119-129 Chapeltown Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 3DU, 0113 262 3728 TALKING HEADS 51-57 St Sepulchre Gate, Doncaster, DN1 1UB, 01302 328 720 CC HAIR & BEAUTY Unit 2 & 3 Leeming House, Vicar Lane, Leeds, LS1 6BY, 07709 836 498 WEST MIDLANDS TZ ENTERPRISES 40 Queen Street, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV1 3JW, 01902 574 920 EAST ANGLIA BEAUTY BY ZARA Grays, Essex, RM17 6QJ, 01375 376 050 SOUTH EAST ENGLAND MIA HAIR & BEAUTY 41 Mill Street Luton, LU1 2NA, 01582 727 878 ABV HAIR & BEAUTY STORE 79 Lowfield Street, Dartford, Kent, DA1, 01322 276 003 BISMI COSMETICS 7 Farthing Grove, Netherfield, Milton Keynes, MK6 4HH, 01908 393 144 MAADE HAIR & BEAUTY 4 Rhode Street, ME4 4AL, 01634924102 QUEEN MALAIKA 29 Kingston Road, Portsmouth, PO2 7DP, 02392862044 SCOTLAND ELEORA LTD 94 King Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5BA, 0122 446 7896 SINE HAIR & BEAUTY 196 Hope Street, Glasgow G2 2UG, 0141 237 4556 LUSH HAIR Unit 38-41 Inshop Paisley Centre, High St., Paisley, Glasgow, 0141 887 7025