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The Thai-Trinidadian singer fusing culture and style


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KINK 24”




Available in a variety of head swishing lengths from 19 to 36 inches

10 Making waves

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Contents 04 Scoop Breaking beauty news and the latest hair happenings 06 T hink kink Hit your texture goals with the new Big Beautiful Hair Clip-in 08 E xposed seams Frayed hems are for the win this summer 10 M aking waves Spell meets singer-songwriter Tsunari

20 Everything you need to know about dolphin skin

14 M elanin drip Ready, set, glow: make-up to enhance your natural radiance 16 S tefan’s safe space Celebrity hairdresser Stefan Bertin takes on your personal hair woes 18 1 0 foundation brushes you need to own Must-have make-up brushes to begin or enhance your collection

06 Think kink

20 E verything you need to know about dolphin skin Super-hydrated and hyper-glossy skin? Yes please! 22 S pell loves Feed your inner product junkie 24 W hy self-care is equally as important post-lockdown Key habits to maintain a healthy mindset 08 Exposed seams

26 B ulletin The latest offers from spellbeauty.com

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04 Scoop

EDITOR Jemima Cousins SUB EDITORS Gemma Rusiecki, Julie Vuong WRITERS Jennifer Meredith, Adeola Gboyega DESIGNER Marzena Wilk

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P O SCO ry goss! all the indust Bulletin with


VP Royals from £9.99


Childhood haircare secrets and lessons in launching a beauty business Paula: We are originally from Angola where mupeque oil is produced. It’s one of the oils that was incorporated into our haircare routines as children and has several key benefits such as stimulating hair growth, strengthening and moisturising the hair and scalp, and helping to treating lice.


From left: Maria, Paula and Vania

VP ROYALS Taking hair growth matters into their own hands, co-founders Paula Francisco, Maria De Carvalho and Vania De Sousa reveal their secrets for attaining lush locks

Read the full interview at spellmagazine.com

Maria: Our transitioning hair journey was really enjoyable as we got to do it together using VP Royals products. We created the line to be suitable for all natural hair types and were able to notice differences in health, growth and moisture retention, despite having different textures and styling methods. To achieve the best results, we would use the products in a way that worked SPELL



best for our curl pattern and we advise customers to do the same. Vania: It was important for us to create veganfriendly products because what we put on the outside of our bodies is just as important as what we put inside. It's easy to forget that the ingredients we use on our hair and body is absorbed into the bloodstream via the scalp or skin. If these are toxic it can have adverse effects on our health overtime. So, it’s important that we use natural, plant-based ingredients that are beneficial to us and our overall health. M: From research we discovered that mineral oils tend to form a film around hair strands, which creates a barrier preventing moisture from being

absorbed into the hair. It's also hydrophobic (repels water) and for that reason needs to be washed out with a sulfate shampoo. P: Our advice to other women who want to start out in the beauty business is to know which sector they would like endeavour in and why. Once established, carry out all the necessary research and attain knowledge within your chosen area. Write up a business plan, establish the costs involved as well as the time needed to invest. Believe in yourself and start with what you have, as we have seen a lot of people express that they don’t have the financial needs to launch, and in turn, have put their dreams on hold. From our own experience we simply invested £150 to start our business.




Bid adieu to 'just for the house' headscarves and adorn yourself with a Her Daily Crown wrap. The UK-based brand is bringing stylish West African head dress to the masses with its countless styles and wearable colours. Add this staple accessory to your year-round wardrobe now. Price £8.99.

CANTU LAUNCHES SKIN THERAPY Much-loved hair brand Cantu is crossing over into beauty with the launch of its first skincare collection, Cantu Skin Therapy. The line's inclusion of nature’s best moisturising butters – cocoa, mango, shea and coconut oil – means we’ve already made space for its body lotions, creams and butter blends on our bathroom shelf. Prices from £6.99.

If you prefer to hit the high street for your make-up buys then this bit of juicy news is for you: Missguided Beauty is now available in Superdrug stores across the UK! The capsule collection is now more accessible than ever - with prices starting from £6.

Save vs Splurge


SUPPORT FEMALE HEALTH ISSUES The Get Lippy campaign raises awareness of the five gynaecological cancers (womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal) and encourages people to talk about intimate female health. Award-wining journalist Yomi Adegoke (pictured) has got involved to show support.

FLORENCE BY MILLS Hit Snooze Lip Mask, £16

DR. PAW PAW Overnight Lip Mask, £8.95 SPELL



Miss Selfridge




Live the ‘Big Hair, Don’t Care’ life with the Big Beautiful Hair Clip-in

Whether you want to gain inches or inject more volume into your crowning glory, the Big Beautiful Hair Clip-in takes the guesswork out of enhancing natural kinks and coils. A match-made for curls belonging to the type 4 hair camp, the 100% human hair premium blend is the go-to accessory for achieving on-trend kink-inspired styles. Warning: Doesn’t come with a ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ sign.

Enhance the natural beauty of your own hair and transform everyday looks in less than 10 minutes using the Big Beautiful Hair 9-piece clip-in collection.


The uniqueness of type 4 hair means it should be celebrated and worn proudly. With the Big Beautiful Hair Clip-in you can confidently fulfil this criteria and feel your absolute best by wearing a set of extensions crafted to blend seamlessly with your own hair. Curate the style of your dreams with this full collection of textured locks. Plus, they’re easy to install and takeout. Spell Magazine editor Jemima Cousins says: “To achieve a flawless blend, twirl or loosely twist your natural curls with the clip-in hair.” Available in natural black and two-tone colours, prices start from £20.49.


The Big Beautiful Hair Clip-in is designed to mimic and take on the form of natural, tightly kinked and coiled type 4 hair so you have the confidence to explore a wide spectrum of styles. Follow the style guide below to locate your curl pattern.


A formation of zig-zag strands; high in density, low in lustre and prone to shrinakge




Prep without braids

FAST & FABULOUS Transform braid outs and blow-outs in minutes using the three-step installation method. You’ll find these techniques rival the speed of putting on a wig. Plus, it scores extra brownie points for being a glueless and wellventilated style. If you’re on a mane mission to protect your curls, the prep with braids method is for you. The hair is tucked away into canerows and row by row the clip-in wefts are added to create the desired finish. For flexibility in wearing your hair up and down choose the prep without braid method. This will give you optimum style versatility to build length and volume, as well as, blending the curls into your own hair. Both installation methods are vitrually undectable and to the naked-eye it looks au natural.

4A KINKY CURL An open S-style curl made up of several elongated strands




Prep with braids 1




A blow-dried texture with a subtle kink





A tightly compacted coil, springy in nature with fine strands

@ohpolly @rosayab

EXPOSED SEAMS Purr in patchwork style clothing. Evoking memories of fabric off-cuts sewn together by the hands of our grandmothers, 2021’s version of exposed seams, honours the homespun look without the kitsch. @maggielizsmithx




BERSHKA Skirt, £14.99




NEW LOOK T-shirt, £13.99




The Feme Collection Afro Puff - Large -colour: 2. © 2021 Feme Ltd.

Made from the finest 100% human hair fibres for a realistic touch




EXCLUSIVELY DISTRIBUTED BY FEME LTD © 2021 FEME LTD. All rights reserved. feme.com

Hair: The Feme Collection Ponytail Frisky in Salted Caramel Fashion: Pink Mansy Co-ord Suit from Asos Accessories: from Denise Brown

Making waves Thai-Trinidadian RnB singer, Tsunari, makes her magazine debut by landing a Spell front cover




Having recently signed her first record deal with Warner Music, Tsunari (pronounced Su-nari) has joined the mighty music milieu. With hitmakers like Cardi B, Ed Sheeran and Madonna on the label’s roster, the 26 yearold is not fazed by the company she keeps. “I’ve been working for this moment all my life and I’m grateful that I’ve finally found the right partners to get these crazy ideas out of my mind,” she tells us on set at our exclusive East London cover shoot. After making a solo move to London six years ago to live out her dreams, this is the singer’s first magazine shoot. “I’m not used to having a hairstylist and make-up artist on standby, but I could definitely get used to the treatment,” she enthuses. With the release of her smash hit single Fruity Loops and more new music on the way, we speak to the bilingual popstar about life in London, hair upkeep and her eclectic hip-hopmeets-RnB style.

colourful styles, but at the moment the frontrunner is a sleek braided down ponytail with lots of baby hairs or a little fringe to frame my face. I like the snatched look for sure.

I mix argan and black castor to make a conditioning cocktail tonic.


When I saw the salted caramel colour I knew that it was me. My style is heavily influenced by 90s RnB but I add elements like colour. I was so surprised to learn it’s not human hair! It looks real and the fact it doesn’t tangle made me think it was.

I believe in keeping it simple and not using tons of products that are unnecessary for your hair. I like to use natural ingredients, so for co-washing and conditioning I use the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus range. I detangle using a widetooth comb and I always rinse with cold water to close the cuticles and give my hair a natural shine. My curl pattern is loose, so when it’s damp I scrunch it using a hair cream to make it more defined. Mixing products has been a useful way to combat dryness. In the winter months



Bath-time is when I unwind. I’ll add a few drops of oil – vanilla scents are my favourite – and have a long soak. If my hair needs some TLC I’ll use Maui Moisture Revive & Hydrate Shea Butter Hair Mask. Aloe vera is listed as the


The song is all about living a colourful life, so it’s literally a play on all the crazy colours of the cereal. The music video is fun and has loads of punchy colours reflecting my personality. I like to express myself through the art of music and this song definitely reveals my quirky side. BEING OF DUAL HERITAGE WITH PARENTS FROM THAILAND AND TRINIDAD, HOW DID YOU FIND YOUR IDENTITY AS YOU GREW UP?

To be honest it was challenging at first. I was moving from one country to the other so maintaining friendships was difficult. Having social media helped, but it wasn’t the same as human contact. In the end I had to learn to adjust to the new environment. It got to the point where I felt like I couldn’t really pin down where home was. On a positive note, I do feel like I can relate and have a deeper understanding of different cultures.



I love being versatile with my hair. I’ll experiment with short, long and SPELL



first ingredient where brands often use water as the first ingredient. WHEN IT COMES TO CLOTHES, DO YOU PREFER TO BUY ONLINE OR HIT THE SHOPS?

I can do both but at the moment I enjoy online more. Lockdown has been a huge factor in why I’ve converted to online more, but I also like the fact that I have time to visualise and think out the outfit before making the purchase. WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT LIVING IN LONDON?

London is a melting pot of every culture and the summertime is beautiful here. The different cuisines on offer means you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to dining out. I always find myself in a new restaurant trying something I’ve never had before. The fashion scene is top notch too. WHEN ARE YOU YOUR MOST AUTHENTIC SELF?

At this point in my life, I feel I’m the best version of me. I’m comfortable with who I am and I own it. I used to struggle with my identity when I was a kid and felt that being different from everybody else around me was a negative thing. Those days are far behind me now. Why try to be someone else when God created us to be special individuals, right? Fruity Loops single out now. Follow @tsuraniii

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Available at spellbeauty.com, The Feme Collection Ponytail seen on…

@AJOdudu in Frisky

@grandykat in Flick

@misslovemore in Kink SPELL



@thecreamycrackrehab in Sashay

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4 5

1. Fenty Beauty Body Lava Body Luminizer, £46 • 2. Iconic Ultimate Bronzing Powder in Warm Deep, £25 • 3. Delilah Colour Intense Palette in Damsel, £34 • 4. Vieve Modern Matte Lipstick in Ninetease, £19 • 5. Hourglass Vanish Seamless Skin Foundation in Warm Almond, £45 SPELL



Melanin drip

All you need for the ultimate glow up

SCREENSAVERS Just to address the elephant in the room, melanin-rich skin can indeed carry off a sun-kissed glow. When it comes to today’s shade ranges, make-up brands are serving up a paint chart of choices. And with lockdown restrictions easing, all sun-deprived skin can benefit from a touch of radiance. “The misconception that brown skin tones can’t carry off a golden glow couldn’t be further from the truth,” says Spell editor Jemima Cousins. “Our skin is designed for the sun, so luminousity is second nature for women of colour.” So whether you’ve got a backlog of Zoom meetings to crunch through or want to show up with a luminescent glow up, we’ve got you sis!



A semaphore to good health, body highlighters (or luminizer in the case of Fenty Beauty) are a little underrated when it comes to darker skin tones. Thanks to its finely-infused micro pearls, adding a few drops of this gold elixir to areas of the body where the sun hits naturally (e.g the shoulders and collarbone) will give your complexion that melanin drip.


Concealers for creating a low-key video call glow Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, £24

Sculpted by Aimee Brighten Up Concealer, £15

Marc Jacobs Extra Shot Concealer, £30

Morphe 2 Hide & Peek Concealer, £12




Bronzing Powder




A leader in the I’vejust-been-to-theCaribbean sun-kissed make-up look, Iconic’s new Bronzing Powder is another easy and supremely beautiful way to cheat your way to a yearround glow. Buttery in texture with a soft matte finish, apply in the shape of the number three starting from the temples and then across the cheekbones before sweeping down to the chin to finish.

Although this look is about creating a sun-drenched complexion, the eyes can play a part too. To really warm things up, try Delilah’s Damsel eyeshadow palette comprising gilded gold tones and earthy browns for a translucent pop of colour. Build the shades up gradually so they sit lightly on the eyelids for an airbrushed finish. Think less sparkle, more sheen.

Developed by Scottish makeup artist Jamie Genevieve, Vieve has trended on TikTok and fallen into the hands of top influencers in less than a year since launch. It’s safe to say the newcomer is doing something right, and we think it has a lot to do with the super-matte neutral lipstick tones that are perfect for modern-day glow ups. Plus, its formulas aren’t too drying.

Yes, foundation sticks bring a sense of 90s’ nostalgia, but don’t be fooled - they’re still in the running when it comes to flawless coverage. This one from Hourglass has many merits. With its weightless powderlike feel and concealer coverage, you won’t need anything else. Apply with a brush (turn to page 20 for suggestions) or blend with your fingers so it melts seamlessly into the skin.





Under the Spell

Whitney Madueke’s Topkont Bun tutorial

X-Pression Ultra Braid, £2.99

For a plethora of protective ideas head to YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram for inspo. TWO-STRAND TWIST


Shea Moisture 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, £10.99


Baby Tress Edge Styler, £7.99


Got a question for Stefan? EMAIL editorial@spellmagazine.com

We put products through their paces

I don’t have much curl definition and I have been on the hunt to find a good curl cream that lives up to its name. Admittedly, the Olew Curl Cream does. This product did help my curl pattern push through. So, a job definitely well done. The cream is thick and sits heavy on the hair; therefore, this should be used sparingly. OLEW Curl Cream, £14.50 Porsche Owusu, content writer


Finally, I’ve found a bonnet that’s big enough to fit all of my little girl’s hair in. The soft band doesn’t leave a mark on her forehead or add tension. It’s secure enough to not slip off at night which is a huge bouns. She loves wearing it because it’s pink and has the logo princess. Not to mention it looks super cute too! LUXE BONNET Satin Bonnet, £16 Carine Lopez, online assistant SPELL




WHICH PROTECTIVE STYLE IS BEST FOR ME? Protective hairstyles can be an effective way to grow your hair healthily without having it be exposed to the elements or any manipulation. They are not an absolute MUST so there’s no need to be intimidated by them or the process but they are an easier way to reach or maintain a length goal if you want to spend less time styling your hair. When hair is in a protective style, it’s less prone to tangling, knotting, breakage and friction against clothing so in conjunction with healthy hair care practices, it can help to improve the state of your hair. Of course, you have to shampoo and conditioner and apply a mask every so often but when it comes to the styling products, use a leave-in conditioner and then reel everything else in to start with one styling product. Find what works for you and make sure you’re choosing a product with intention. I love easy

hairstyles and I only recommend things that I know people will be able to do with ease so my three top protective hairstyles are canerows, topknot buns, two strand twists using a small amount of hair extensions to boost protection. I also love a good hair wrap.



Stefan Bertin is the UK ambassador for Shea Moisture and celebrity hairdresser to Letitia Wright, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Leona Lewis. This month he answers a question pertaining to protective styling.



for unresolved hair entanglements

Set your own trends What’s new, exclusive and iconic. Discover our curated digital hair and beauty boutique today.

Biocare Labs

The Feme Collection Afro Puff HH The Feme Collection V

Lace Wig Gloss Waves

Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap

Baby Tress Edge Styler


Urban Twist Passion Twist

10 FOUNDATION BRUSHES YOU NEED TO OWN Our guide has you fully covered

5 2


1 3

1. POWDER BRUSH Nars Powder Brush, £41 A powder brush is like a magic wand for contouring, highlighting and bronzing. All you need is a light dash of pressed or loose powder and this light fluffy wonder will set and buff away any residue, making it an essential tool for full foundation coverage. A good buy is a large soft brush with a tapered head, such as this one from Nars Cosmetics. 2. POINTED HIGHLIGHTED BRUSH Charlotte Tilbury Powder and Sculpt Brush, £35 A brush with a pointed tip will give you more control over targeted areas. To accentuate the cheekbones, brow bones, cupid’s bow and

Its extra softness veils the skin with product, offering a hygienic way to apply face cream and serum too. This one by The Body Shop has nylon bristles and is crueltyfree.

tip of the nose, this brush offers artistry application as it’s designed to get into creases and follow the face’s structure. The result? Deluxe techniques like highlighing and strobing are super easy to achieve. The shaped sides on Charlotte Tilbury’s Sculpt Brush are a plus as it helps to limit product wastage.

4. ANGLED CHEEK BRUSH By Joy Adenuga 003, £11.50 Engineered for HD contouring and photo-ready highlighting, an angled brush is your best bet for sharpening your features. Its 45-degree tip fits the cheekbone like a glove and enables wet or dry product to be placed perfectly. British make-up artist Joy Adenuga says: “The right brushes aid the process to a flawless make-up finish,”

3. DOMED POWDER BRUSH The Body Shop Domed Powder Brush, £15 If you’re an avid make-up brush user then a domed powder brush is worth adding to your arsenal. The bristles are densely packed to work in unison with setting powder and bronzers, making it an ideal choice for everyday use. SPELL



hence why she designed her Brushes by Joy Adenuga collection for the everyday woman. 5. BLUSHER BRUSH Hourglass No.7 Finishing Brush, £64 A blusher brush is always ready to add a pop of colour to cheeks, but is often overlooked as old fashioned. The beauty is that it does it all. It can be used for liquid or powder foundation to give a natural airbrushed look while it picks up deposits to define, shade and contour your cheeks. The No.7 brush from Hourglass is a worthy investment, however there are cheaper alternatives such as retractable blusher brushes that are suitable for on-the-go touch-ups.

When it comes to the world of make-up, two types of

some might think it’s a ‘one size fits all’ approach. However,

people exist: the ones who apply every product with their

that’s not really the case. Luckily this simple guide curated

fingertips and those who own numerous brushes but don’t

by celebrity make-up artist Natasha Wright will help you

know how to use them all. (Don’t worry, we’re not here to

navigate through the bristly maze of finding the right tool

judge!). When it comes to foundation brushes in particular,

to contour and highlight your face to perfection...


10 7


6. FOUNDATION BRUSH Black|up Medium Coverage Foundation Brush, £30 Choosing the right foundation brush can be a little tricky as one size doesn’t always suit all. Look for one with densely packed bristles and a dome-shaped head as this will give you more even coverage and a smooth, poreless finish. This one from French make-up brand Black|up comes up trumps for medium coverage that looks natural in the daylight while providing enough impact for evening glam too. 7. FOUNDATION STIPPLING BRUSH MAC Cosmetics 187s Duo Fibre Face, £28


soft bristles works well to distribute plenty of product or heavier formulas. Pro tip: add a dot of foundation to the centre of the face and buff outwards using the brush, spreading the product for even coverage. The result is a polished, seamless finish in seconds.

A stippling brush makes foundation go a long way. Made with duo fibres densely packed at the bottom with softer bristles at the top, it masterfully distributes foundation to give you streak-free, even coverage. Considered The OG beauty blender too, it will blend and cover imperfections. If you’re a fan of mineral powders then MAC’s 187s Duo works well to build layers and texture thanks to its superior fibre technology.

9. CONCEALER BRUSH The Duet Concealer Brush by Kevyn Aucoin, £26 When applying concealer, this very small brush, which usually features densely packed bristles and a flat tapered shape, gets the job done with ease. Consider it a MVP for your make-up bag as it tackles blemishes, scars, brown spots, broken capillaries and under eye circles without breaking a

8. FOUNDATION BUFFING BRUSH Marc Jacobs Beauty The Face III Buffing Foundation Brush, £37 For a full glow-up this brush is your go-to. Its army of SPELL



sweat. Go for a dual-ended brush like this one from sculptor king Kevyn Aucoin for double the blending options. 10. OVAL FOUNDATION BRUSH Artís Elite Oval 7, £47.32 Artís’ oval brushes were never just a fleeting trend and there’s a reason why they’re popular among make-up artists and influencers alike. Thousands of bristles are packed together to form a dense, cushioned oval-shaped head, which provides a seamlessly blended appearance when used with foundation and other liquid, cream or powder products. It looks great on the dresser, too!


dolphin skin

A radiant complexion is always in fashion. In 2020 it was all about achieving ‘glass skin.’ This year? Well, there’s a new highlighting technique taking over Instagram and it’s called ‘Dolphin skin.’ This super-smooth glossy look combines both the art of skincare and savvy make-up tricks to create a wet-look, glowing complexion. So, let’s go back to the drawing board with our highlighters and take on the beauty trend that’s making a big splash.





We take a dive into the beauty trend making waves right now. From glossy skin to amped up highlighting, it’s time to get wet, wet, wet!

HOW TO GET DOLPHIN SKIN Aptly named after Dolphins because of their smooth and reflective skin, this trend is all about achieving a “luminous, glistening, fresh-out-ofthe-water make-up look” says Mary Phillips, the A-list celebrity make-up artist who named the look after seeing it all over social media. An adaptation to the 2017 Korean skincare trend that had complexions looking almost wet, the key to nailing this look is to ensure that the skin is really smooth and to layer up your make-up for a multidimensional glow. It’s not just about adding a touch of highlighter at the end of your makeSPELL



up application, but using each layer to achieve hyper-radiant results. “Your face should have a heightened natural glow that doesn’t look oily,” says Pat McGrath artistry manager Adeola Gboyega. “It’s all about building and enhancing dimension on the skin, focusing on the high points such as the brow bones, the cupid’s bow and most importantly, the cheekbones.” Following on from our feature Melanin Drip on page 14, a glossy and glowing complexion is universal and can be carried off by all skin tones. So whatever your usual go-to make-up look, here’s how to achieve gorgeous, glowing skin in 2021...

MOISTURISE A glow-enhancing serum is also an important step as it will help to boost brightness and radiance while creating a smooth base for makeup. The Honest Beauty Vitamin C Radiance Serum (£35) contains all the must-haves including vitamin C to counteract dullness. Use as a primer to allow make-up to glide on effortlessly. PERFECT A base with added skincare benefits is an easy way to achieve a radiant complexion. Formulas that combine make-up with skincare are a great

Fenty Beauty Pat McGrath

Estee lauder

ADD SOME COLOUR Use a cream blusher such as Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush (£19) to finish off the look and add some colour. A cream blusher will give your skin a natural flush, however to really glisten, add a clear layer of lip balm. This will really finish off your ‘just-emerged-from-the-water’ look. Lastly, set everything in place with a facial spritz so your masterpiece doesn’t slide off.


HIGHLIGHTER Adding a highlighter will enhance your complexion and create glowing skin instantly. Apply the highlighter to the areas of the face that you’d like to bring forward such as the cheekbones, browbones and bridge of the nose. Not only does highlighter add an extra dimension, but it also serves as a way to brighten up a dull complexion. The Uoma Double Take Contour (£34.50) stick is dual-ended with a highlighter to add luminosity as well as a transparent balm to accentuate and create a dewy, wet skin look.

Kate Somerville

HYDRATION One of the key features of this look is a plump and hydrated appearance. A moisturiser alone will only sit on the top layer of the skin, so invest in a hydrating serum for optimum results. A good one will contain hyaluronic acid and control the secretion of sebum so the skin’s surface is hydrated but not too oily. The Estée lauder Advanced Night Repair (£60) will help plump and smooth out your skin while you sleep.

option because not only do you get a fresh-faced finish, but the quality of the skin will improve over time too. Look out for lightweight formulas that are breathable, as it’s better to apply a thin, even layer of foundation and add coverage where needed. Bases with diamond powder are fantastic for brightening and providing a soft-focus effect to minimise the appearance of imperfections. We recommend Pat McGrath Skin Fetish (£60).

Honest Beauty

EXFOLIATE It is important that you don’t skip this step, as exfoliating will help create a silky soft, smooth skin look. Opt for a chemical exfoliator, such as the Kate Somerville Liquid ExfoliKate (£52), which is a gentler way to exfoliate without causing irritation. This formula will gently dissolve any dead skin cells or build-up and result in a smoother look with even texture.

brands TO BOOKMARK From reusable 3-in-1 steel shakers designed to keep drinks cold for up to 12 hours to delicious hairgrowth-friendly tea, here’s what caught our magpie eyes this month. Remember, you saw it here first!

Water bottle

Herbal Tea

Mini tools

SHAKESPERE Steel Tumbler 700ml, £65

FABLE & MANE Tiger Tea, £10

NO KNOT CO. Mini Styler Set, £20




Face Halo

spell loves FEED YOUR INNER PRODUCT JUNKIE From 60 second hair treatments to old-school fragrances, here are the launches we’re lusting after this month


Reusable cosmetics pads are not only an ecofriendly alternative to cotton wool and wipes, they’re also ultra-kind to the skin and can quickly remove stubborn grime. Our faves all have their own beauty USP: The Face Halo X wipes away minor make-up mistakes while the soft microfibre strands on Skin Proud’s Clear Off pads effectively clean sensitive skin. Last but not least, the Remove & Chill pads work a treat to take off nail polish.

Skin Proud Clear off Remover Pads, £12.99

Face Halo X, £24.99

The Sign Tribe Remove and Chill Pads, £15.80


Pics & captions we’ve liked on the ‘gram this month

@FentyBeauty Caption: Look like you did the most when you did the least using our NEW #EAZEDROP Blurring Skin Tint!

@cakefacerj Caption: This is ALL #makeup #eyeshadow This took me about 3 hours, the little squares are so tedious


@barbicancentre Caption: ‘Art should always make you laugh a little and fear a little. Anything but bore’ – Jean Dubuffet


@acnestudios Caption: Discover repurposed season 2, the latest drop of garments made entirely with fabrics from previous #AcneStudios collections.


From strengthening hair follicles and the hair shaft to reviving curls and maintaining sleek blow-dries, these are the products worth investing in to help you reach your hair goals faster than ever.

PANTENE Go Longer Leave-in Cream, £4.99

SOFNFREE Coconut & Jamaican Black Castor Oil Everyday Curl Refresh, £8

SUNNY ISLE Jamaican Black Castor Oil Regular, £7.99


Naeemah LaFond, global artistic director at Amika, tells us what she likes about the brand new Multi-Task Repair Treatment: “I love that it only needs to be processed for 60 seconds. Being a busy mum, I love anything that can get the job done in less time. The consistency of the product also speeds up the wash day experience because of all of the glide that it offers. My detangling session has become a lot less of a chore because of this treatment.”


Amika Multi-Task Repair Treatment, £25




To celebrate the 40th anniversary of its White Musk fragrance, The Body Shop has given the cult classic scent a reboot. Hailed for being the first cruelty and synthetic-free musk when it first launched in 1981, it’s now taking its ethical credentials even further with a 100 per cent recyclable bottle and vegan-friendly formula. Plus, there are some innovative new additions joining the Musk family too. Price from £16.

River Island


Although we’ve had a strange year, self-care has flourished. The pandemic has evolved beauty and wellness as we either took up new ways of looking after ourselves or developed our existing routines during the lockdowns. Two of the ways many of us did this was through skincare and exercise. Skincare dominated 2020’s first lockdown. As a nation we swapped our foundation and powder for serums and hydration. TikTok users were giving informative videos on how to achieve great skin while we were buying products that were being raved about online, doing our own research, and creating new bespoke routines. This year online searches for DIY face masks have shot up by a staggering 186 per cent. And with the closure of beauty salons coupled with so much spare time on our hands, many of us have finally been able to focus on attaining healthier skin. The same goes for exercise. The constraints on our social lives led to some unanticipated benefits, with research from SPELL

May 2020 finding that three quarters of Britons began at least one new type of exercise since lockdown rules were introduced. “Lockdown has triggered a big shift in the way we workout and with new ways to stay connected, even former anti-fitness fans are enjoying the attention, energy and community of in-person classes without leaving the house,” says Gymbox press officer Alfie Webster. However, research has also found that not of us struggled to stick to an exercise routine the longer lockdown went on, which suggests we need to find new ways to stay motivated. With lockdown and WFH saving hours on the commute and giving us plenty of free leisure time, we can lather all our serums on from the comfort of our own home and actually feel motivated enough to exercise straight after work. But this begs the question: what does the new normal look like for self-care? How do we adapt our exercise and skincare routines once we are all back to living our normal and busier lives? And quite frankly, is it all possible?


ORGANISE YOUR FREE TIME As the UK eases out of lockdown, many of us are excited to return to our old routines. However, some of us may be feeling stressed about going back to a busy and sociable lifestyle and feel like we won’t have

the time for self-care. One of the best ways to maintain your skincare and exercise regimes is to prioritise looking after yourself in your free time. Be conscious of how much time you’re spending on devices – scrolling through social media feeds can actually cause more upset and stress. So if it’s having a detrimental impact on your mental wellbeing, avoid looking through other people’s posts and focus on your own hobbies. This will also help prevent you comparing your own situation to others. A self-care routine can come in all shapes and guises, from applying a decadent ten-step skincare routine to reaching for some dumbbells. Have a bubble bath or apply your

favourite scented body lotion. These small, daily habitual practices will help improve your mood more than scrolling through Instagram can. Reorganising and decluttering your home environment can work wonders on your mindset too. Create a calm positive space by incorporating little sentiments to uplift your mood. This can simply be a vase of flowers or scented candles. Storage can make a huge difference too - a tidy house is a tidy mind after all. FIND AN ACTIVITY YOU ENJOY With everything that’s happened over the past year, some of us are finding it difficult to find motivation to start new hobbies. Virtual activities

are a great option; they’re convenient and provide a cautious alternative to the easing of lockdown. Online classes for painting, singing and exercise have seen a spike in popularity. Whether you’re exploring yoga for the first time or building your practice, The Black Women’s Yoga Collective offers a full

range of virtual classes that you can log on to anytime, anywhere. Sign up to the weekly newsletter for wellbeing advice and more. DON’T BE HARD ON YOURSELF Don’t worry if you find you’ve slipped out of your self-care routine. Just because you might have had a hectic week doesn’t mean you now have to

abandon doing the things that you enjoy. Rather than ditching them entirely, try to reintroduce them slowly and find where they can fit in your life. But remember, if you can’t do them as often as you did – that’s OK. It’s all about adapting and compromising your time between different things. To put that in motion, The Positive Day Planner by Leanne Pero (from £3) is a 21-day gratitude practicing, affirmation affirming, selfcommitment measuring, and mind dumping essential that will help you organise your time and create more positive habits, one day at a time.


BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY… It’s important that we don’t forget the other lessons that the pandemic has taught us. Over the last year, we’ve been separated from our loved ones and have had significant time with our friends and family taken away. When the rules are lifted, it’s important to enjoy life with those who matter and just live in the moment - now more than ever. Have fun and appreciate living with your new freedom by spending time with loved ones and forging new memories you can look back

on with fondness. While self-care is incredibly important, appreciating what we have in our lives is also a great way of looking after our mental health. So try to minimise screen time when you could be enjoying a coffee with a friend or visiting family members you haven’t seen in a long time. Also, take some time alone to enjoy things that helped you in lockdown so you feel your best for those muchmissed mate dates!

“Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait. Don’t Aspire. Achieve.”

Think less, feel more Frown less, smile more Talk less, listen more Judge less, accept more Watch less, do more Complain less, appreciate more Fear less, love more

— Amanda Gorman, The Hill We Climb, inauguration poem






SPELL-OMETER What’s hot and what’s not in the world of Spell


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ASYMMETRY Asymmetric straps are having a moment. Roll on summer weather!

MOVE OVER, MELANOMA According to Cancer Research UK, the nation’s skin cancer cases have risen yearon-year.

LONG WEEKEND Plans for May’s bank holiday weekends: food, friends and postlockdown fun.

LONG LOST LITAS Is 2010’s musthave shoe by Jeffrey Campbell making a comeback? Part of us hopes not.

The warrior braid is guaranteed to accomplish the fierceness we’ve all been aching to emulate in 2021. For a whip-worthy hairstyle like @yvonnevictoria, pull your natural locks into a face-lifting ponytail (word of caution - don’t go too tight), and twist in X-Pression Prestretched Braids. Pair with gold accessories for a look that would even leave Wonder Woman in awe!

TOTE-LY WORTH IT! Bag for life totes have become a form of selfexpression. And for Spell Beauty fans, this limited edition My Mood, My Mane bag is a great way to rep your passion for all things hair. The illustrations are by Dorcas Magbadelo, aka Dorcas Creates, and they capture all the latest trends from bouffant ‘fros to sleek weaves. Purchase as a gift for the hair devotee in your life. £10 while stocks last.



WRITE HOME Perks of being back in the office? New stationery! Try blackowned brand Hex & Ginger for stylish notebooks and more.


AT YOUR FINGERTIPS If you’re lucky enough to get a nail salon appointment this month, don’t let their hard work go to waste! Keep your hands and nails healthy and nourished with Wow Oils from Biocare Labs, which contain natural ingredients to make your natural manicure, acrylics, gels or Shellacs last. Massage a few drops into your cuticles daily for best results.

ROBOTIC REVOLUTION London’s new Amazon Fresh stores are convenient, but how well do they contribute to UK employment? SPELL







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VELVET VIBES Hair that gives off the right energy. Easy to dye, tone and bleach – The Feme Collection V™ Virgin Remi hair at its purest. Exclusively distributed by Feme Ltd | feme.com

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