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The proven track record of an established agency with the energy and enthusiasm of a new agency start up we are Speed


Who We Are Speed is an end to end brand, creative and web agency Originally founded in 1983 We have 7 people across account handling, strategy, creative and production. We value creative thinking above all else. Indeed, you’ll find it in everything we do. We utilize all direct media both on and offline. But whatever we do our aim is always the same: provoke action and create a return on investment.


Agency In House Services Account Handling Coordination Client liaison Quality control Budget control Timing control Evaluation Creative Services Idea generation Brand creation Concept development Art direction Copywriting Artwork Studio


Digital Services WordPress powered websites Bespoke plugin development User Interface (UI) design User experience design Mobile design Responsive sites Enewsletters Speed newsletter send out system Strategy Marketing plans Brand strategy Customer journey analysis Print Management Fulfilment Response Handling

The Speedsters

David Dews

Lee Biggadike

Kelly Davis

Adrian Clark

Kelly Hewitt

Matt Sheppard

Paul Dews


Joint MD & Creative Director



Production & Project Manager

Admin & Researcher

Web Developer

Joint MD & Strategist


David has 9 years experience within the creative industry and has been acting as Creative Director at Speed since 2007.

Lee is a heavy weight designer - a creative through and through and his illustration and Photoshop skills are second to none.

Kelly is a middle weight designer whose creativity is really starting to flourish.

The founder of the business, Paul holds the purse strings. He runs the business like a well oiled machine and has put systems in place that ensure your projects stay on track and on budget.

‘Dog’ welcomes you with open paws, he’s adored by one (David) and loathed by the rest.

He has had over 15 years experience in the creative industry and has won numerous awards including creating “Best Shop Window display” for Animal Clothing.

Kelly is our part time support function. She helps out in all aspects of our business… one day she’ll be helping David with research into a campaign, the next she’ll be helping to fulfil an urgent print job.

A WordPress whizz. It’s rare you meet someone as skilled as Matt at such a young age and his problem solving skills always amaze us.

He achieved first class honours in Business Management and Maths at Aston University and has a diploma in Sales Promotion.

Adrian has been with Speed for over 7 years and essentially keeps all our client projects moving forward. He books the work in, manages the project schedules and ensures each stage is met when mutually agreed. He buys and manages all our clients’ print and has extremely high standards.

His true passions are brand thinking and writing inspiring copy.

An expert artworker, her passion lies in designing brochures, web design and typography for which she won an award. Kelly has worked on numerous national brands since starting at Speed in 2010.

His passion is building brands from the ground up.


He’s usually the first person to answer when you call us and will usually know exactly what’s happening with your project.

She’s proactive and keeps us all chirpy when life gets a bit too serious in the office!

His knowledge of user interface design means he is able to advise our design team on the best wire frame for all the sites we work on allowing for the highest user experience. He’s an invaluable part of the Speed family.

He has a keen eye and enjoys proofing reading everything that comes out of the studio. His ideal client is one that pays on time and likes to do work on the golf course!

Hourly & Daily Rates



Studio Copywriter Art Director Digital Designer WordPress Developer Account / Project Manager Creative / Managing Partner

£50 £60 £60 £60 £60 £50 £75

£375 £450 £450 £450 £450 £375 £562.50

Daily rates are based on 7.5 hours / day


You’re in Good Company...

THE WORK Design to take your time over‌

WHY ASHCOURT ROWAN CAME TO US. Ashcourt Rowan, a private bank, felt their brand was out of tune with their high-end clientele, they wanted something more aspirational.


Corporate Financial Planning

Intermediary Services


What can we offer you? Why choose Ashcourt Rowan?

From a comprehensive range of services, we can offer a

Critical illness cover

completely tailored approach to the solutions that will suit your

Private medical insurance

business best – from solution design to implementation, we’ll help you achieve your goals, your way.

When it comes to seeking any kind of financial advice,

Our specialisms can be combined to offer you an

we believe the best kind – the most productive kind –

individual service

is always completely impartial. At Ashcourt Rowan, our independent status means that we can focus on what’s most important to you: we can dedicate our expertise to helping you achieve your business’s financial goals. While the aims for your business may change from time to time, reassuringly our focus on your financial affairs won’t. Our corporate financial planning services are designed to ensure that: Your corporate adviser can listen carefully to establish

The recommendations we make will be focused on

We consider the needs of your business in four areas:

Corporate Retirement Planning

achieving your commercial and, if required,

Qualifying workplace pension solutions

personal goals

Strategic advice

Tell us what you would like to achieve and we’ll gather the right information together to help you and your colleagues make the best decisions. Placing the widest range of services

Solution design and implementation Change management support

at your disposal, across the UK, we offer a high level of

Communication and review

expertise combined with regular face to face contact: you’ll

Individual advice

get to know us, as we get to know you.

your objectives

Whilst Ashcourt Rowan Financial Planning is independent when advising on ‘packaged products’, where it is identified that a

Executive solutions

Employee Benefits Measuring efficiency of existing arrangements

discretionary portfolio management service is suitable, we will normally recommend the Ashcourt Rowan Asset Management

Death in service

discretionary management service.

Income protection


Group pension provision

Corporate Protection Life protection Critical illness cover Partnership protection Share protection Key person protection Succession planning

Personal Financial Planning Savings and investments Tax planning Retirement planning Protection Later life planning

The Challenge

The Idea

The Results

To take a well established private bank that visually feels a little tired into a new world that radiates their true image - refinement, class and skill.

A simple logo using a crown offering a regal feel. Classic financial colour space navy blues with rich greys. Inspiring headlines that demonstrate the expert approach of their wealth managers. Artisan art direction that gives an established, precise and craftsman like feel to the brand and its people.

An immediate increase in client retention. A brand that all the key stake holders love. The CEO even commented that this is what the company had been lacking and the spirit of the business had now been bottled.

“Speed have helped us achieve our CEO’s aims in just 6 months” Head of Marketing

WHY DAIRY CREST CAME TO US. Dairy Crest owns numerous household name brands. They had space for a “middle weight� agency on their roster. They wanted an agency that was more than your average graphic design studio but not as budget bulging as a leading London agency. They wanted ideas that work and are value for money. They found Speed.


“The farmers were really pleased to have them and said they went down visitors really well. The stickers and colouring books were especially well received.” Brand Manager

Summery recipes ideal for a family day out...

n Lear tter bu h how e wit ad is m rmer Fa s Gile

Farm Fun

The Picnic Loaf You will need:

A knob of Country Life butter 250g puff pastry 6 of your favourite pork sausages 1 leek; peeled and finely chopped Some fresh thyme A handful of breadcrumbs

A really nice loaf (we used a pain de campagne) Country Life butter Some local soft Goat’s cheese Peppers, courgettes and aubergines; grilled Loads of fresh herbs Olive oil Salt and pepper

1. Preheat the oven to 180C. 2. Get a saucepan and melt the butter. 3. Then gently sauté the leeks until golden brown, add the thyme and set aside. 4. Now get the sausages and with a knife slit the skins and get the meat out, discard the skins and put the meat in a bowl with the leeks and breadcrumbs and mix well (get your hands in!) 5. Now roll the pastry out to about 3mm thick and into a rectangle, cut the rectangle in half so now you have 2 long, thin rectangles. 6. Split the meat in half and make a big long sausage to go into the first rectangle of pastry, brush the pastry with some beaten egg and fold the pastry over, wrapping the meat inside. 7. Press down along the join to seal, then cut into the desired sizes. Do the other one too and then place all the sausage rolls on a greased baking sheet. 8. Brush with a bit more egg and bake for about 25 minutes until all puffed, lovely and golden. Try not to eat them all before you leave!

ok sticker bo Colouring &

Discover more at: .uk

1. Ou r co are ws they clever and kn it’s ow wh milk en ing tim e 2. Lik of ‘fo e a gam e llow lea go intder’ th the ey parlo o the m all wher ur toge ilking e th ther is wa e farm er for iting them

Country Lif brand to e is the only major be made butter from Br itish dairy from milk exclusive ly the Red farms and Tractor seal of app carries Using Br itish milk rov al. from Br gives our itish but creamy tas ter a delicious, farms fresh te.

3. Af ter they ha milk ve been ed is se the milk to a nt off Dairy

6. Then the butter is wrapped in paper and in a big fridgeplaced until it is ready to go to your local shop

We are pro Open Farm ud to be sponso rs awarenes Sunday, helping to of s rai from and of where our but se ter comes the hard farmers who work work of our to keep 365 days the cows fed, water a year and milk ed. ed Check our www.enj website oycountr more rec ipes and for other info rmation.

4. At the the Da bit, yumm iry sepa the cr iest ea rest rated fro m, is of th sent e m m the ilk to (a sp a crea and m ec wher ial pla ery ce e is m butter ade) 5. Th is cr is ‘C ea (sha hurn m mak ken uped’ e ) of bu small lumto tter whichps are pr toge essed mak ther to ea block


Fluffy Sausage Rolls You will need:

This is a brilliant way to make loads of delicious sandwiches really quickly and it looks very impressive! You just hollow out a lovely crusty loaf, fill with the filling of your choice, tie up, squash and let the juices flow! 1. Hollow out your loaf by taking out the doughy bit. Butter generously. 2. Now start layering: put a layer of goat’s cheese, then a layer of grilled vegetables and finally a big layer of fresh herbs. 3. Top off with a big drizzle of olive oil and some salt and pepper. Now squeeze together and wrap in greaseproof paper and tie up tight. You want to make sure that when you arrive at your picnic, all the juices have seeped into the bread and all you have to do is slice it up for everyone. Delicious! And genius.

Yummy Cupcakes You will need: 125g unsalted Country Life butter 125g caster sugar 125g self raising flour 2 eggs Some milk For the icing You will need: 75g soft Country Life butter 200g icing sugar Food colourings Decorations - edible glitter, edible flowers, sugar strands. Everyone loves a cupcake! People sometimes get nervous about baking, but don’t! These are so simple to make and the best bit is icing them - so why not give ‘em a try? Kids of all ages will love them. 1. Preheat the oven to 180C 2. For the cakes, put the butter, sugar, flour and eggs in a food mixer and blitz until smooth and creamy. Add a couple of tablespoons of milk at the end to get a good dropping consistency.

Great British Recipes

3. Put 12 cupcake cases in a muffin tray and split the mixture equally. Place in the middle of the oven and cook for 15 - 20 minutes (keep an eye on them as they cook quickly and time flies when you’re having fun!) Leave to cool and while they are cooling, make your icing. 4. Put the butter, icing sugar and a tablespoon of water (or maybe lemon juice) in a blender and blitz. If you want to try another flavour add a few drops of rose water. Now decide on your colours and divide the icing into however many colours you have chosen. Add a FEW drops of colouring (pastels are definitely best on cupcakes!) mix and then ice and decorate to your heart’s content. Try to leave some icing for the cupcakes!


The Idea

The Results

To support Country Life’s sponsorship of Open Farm Sunday in 2012 through the creation of marketing materials and get them in the hands of as many visitors as possible. Convey key brand messages and create the link between the dairy farmers and delicious creamy butter.

We came up with activity to engage the whole family. Colouring books, stickers and crayons… that pictorially show the journey from farm to butter in the shops. A recipes leaflet for the whole family to make using only real butter and finally an interactive poster that has a wheel describing how butter is made. The theme that ran through was fun but on brand and drove home the key messages… Country Life makes great tasting food and is the only major branded butter to use 100% British milk from British farms.

The campaign was delivered on time and within budget. The request for the marketing material from farmers was almost twice as high as targeted.

Design, print and distribute, all for under £5,000.

WHY FAIRLINE CAME TO US. A luxury brand looking for an agency that works to the highest standards. However they still require a return on investment and value for money especially in the current economic climate. Who’d have known they could have found that from an agency, right on their doorstep!



“Thank you for creating a samples pack that is as beautiful and durable as the samples themselves.” Head of Design


The Challenge

The Idea

The Results

Fairline Boats needed a samples’ pack that was as smart and as luxurious as their boats. They would showcase colour schemes and textures available for their range of soft furnishings.

Speed were chosen to create a concept, design the artwork and then print the packs... we chose a beautifully lined and padded binder with the logo imprinted on the front. Inside, the swatches were separated into sections which were colour coded using special brown and silver inks. With the use of their amazing image library, beautiful font suitcase and colour scheme we created a truly elegant yet functional set of sample packs.

The packs are now in every Fairline Dealer showroom across the globe. They are so popular that they are often purchased by prospective buyers.

WHY N&P CAME TO US. 5 years ago N&P used Wolf Ollins one of the UK’s largest branding agencies to create the new brand. It had cost millions. They needed an agency who would understand it, roll it out across numerous campaigns and keep developing. Since the brand launch we have worked on almost every single campaign for N&P. Even when we’ve been asked to pitch against top London agencies, we’ve won.


N&P & VISA PROMOTING THEIR CURRENT ACCOUNT “Speed is an extension of our marketing team� Marketing Director


The Challenge

The Idea

The Results

To run a campaign promoting the current account. VISA had offered N&P the chance to piggy back their Olympics competition. The challenge was to make it feel like an N&P campaign whilst tying it in with the VISA campaign, so when you saw the campaign on TV you could see the link.

A visually striking campaign. We brought the main hook of the card (Free card usage abroad) to life by using illustrative design elements.

The campaign performed 42% above target and helped the current account get real exposure across a multitude of media outlets.

WHY ATHENE CAME TO US. Athene, a communications agency, had a logo but no wider brand. They needed something to call their own.


pr & marketing internal communication community engagement

Communication Audits CASE STUDY

Indesit Company - Trade PR Athene delivers a proactive programme of PR for the Hotpoint and Indesit brands, with the trade media in the electrical retailing, kitchen specialist, design and contract sectors.


lopers trying to do a similar at we anticipated issues smoother planning process. best practice approach to artner for a developer.”

th East Lincolnshire

ommunity was extremely community engagement all stakeholders were consultation itself was nly had the opportunity to o do so – with clear and

mmunities around our Athene has provided us ich to conduct this work e also shown that they can meetings – as shown by

PREVENTING PLANNING GRIDLOCK A new approach to community engagement and consultation.

how Athene can help 01733 207331 or ms



The Idea

The Results

Athene feel they do things differently, they wanted a brand that would consistently be recognised and look different BUT the logo must stay the same.

We researched the name’s history and brought the spirit of the business to life capturing the company’s values and story. The brand has clear stand out and is unlike any of its competitors.

“Speed have captured the essence of Athene” Joint MD

WHY SELLS CAME TO US. Sells, one of the world’s leading Goalkeeper Gloves manufacturers, had foreseen the long term brand awareness benefits of setting up a chain of academies. They needed Speed to make it happen.



The Challenge

The Idea

The Results

To create a brand that’s got a link to Sells but has a younger feel to attract new Goalkeepers and ensure the brand went live within 3 months.

We produced a brand that has a cool urban feel and plays with graffiti styled graphic elements (almost Banksy like), whilst still clearly linking to the Sells brand.

We’ll let the MD tell you… “Speed have been brilliant, from start to finish. They developed our brand, created our marketing plan, our brochures and launched our website. Our ambitious target was to open 20 national Academies in 2 years - We have managed to open 15 in just 7 months!”



We take the time to quickly get to know you and your organisation. Establishing the challenges and finding the most appropriate solutions.



Being a small sized agency with an uncomplicated structure allows us to be flexible and fast moving.

SHORT COMMUNICATION LINES AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT EXPERTISE allow us to be nimble, as well as guaranteeing you direct access to the senior people.


WE TAKE PARTICULAR PRIDE IN OUR ‘MAKE IT HAPPEN’ ATTITUDE. The 2 partners, David and Paul are involved in all accounts and, literally, sign up to ensuring every job is a source of pride for everyone involved.




WILL GIVE YOU‌ Access to creatives with a proven track record Full in house brand, creative, web, copy writing and print management solutions Campaigns that meet brief with ideas that work Marketing collateral your customers will believe in

If you like what you’ve just seen and nodded at what you’ve just read, call David Dews who’d be happy to explain how we might produce work that works for you. Speed The Old Dairy Elton Peterborough PE8 6SQ

01832 280 032

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