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A night never to remember By: Sam Burke

All events took place on the date of Nov 19th 2010 while I was attending a DEADMAU5concert at the University of Madison Wisconsin. Immediately after entering the venue I informed one of my friends that I was going to go outside real quick to try and find the rest of our group and get them there tickets that I had bought for them/was holding on to for them. As I exited the facility I noticed there was an area where they were letting people exit the building to smoke a cigarette and I asked the woman if I would be able to run to my car in the parking lot very quickly and be able to re enter. The woman responded yes and that all I would need was a little red piece of paper called a patio pass. I then proceeded out of the venue towards the parking lot and did a quick scan of the area in attempt to find my friends. I made 1 phone call and I ended up giving up on them and then proceeded to head back towards the exit I had left from. Once I got within 100 feet of the exit I was stopped by an event staff member who told me I was not allowed to re enter the facility. I then told him that the women inside instructed that I would be able to leave and come back in if I had a patio pass(which I then showed to him and was holding in my right hand). He then told me that I had left the patio and I would not be allowed to return inside. I repeated to him that his staff said I could return inside even if I ran to the parking lot. At this time a police officer approached the conversation and responded by saying that his staff said no such thing. I tried kindly to point out that I was not talking to him and that instead the employee of the venue. At this point I was getting mildly upset by their inability to listen and lack of reasoning during what had taken place to this point. I then told them that there was no way I was not going back into this concert and in fact I had decided that I was going to use one of my extra 3 tickets I had with me and in my pocket. I told this aloud to the police officer and the event staff and proceeded to head towards the ticket booth in order to re enter the concert. At this time the police officer struck me in the chest with his hand restricting me from continuing my path. I then proclaimed that he had no right to do that and he had crossed the line. At this time I don’t know how many or who grabbed me but I was then being held by my right arm and immediately I started to pull away from my attacker. Within an instance I was free from his grasp and distanced myself about 15 ft from the now growing crowd of event staff and police officers. I tried 1 last attempt to be civil with them and asked why I was being harassed but I had no response. Once I saw any movement towards me in an act to apprehend me I ran towards the parking lot in order to collect my thoughts and avoid further harassment. I could tell that they were keeping an eye on me from afar

and were waiting for me to exit the arena but I had no plan on doing so. I had spent over 200 dollars to get to that point and I was not about to be denied re entry for no reason. I tried 1 attempt and coming up the facility without being noticed but was immediately red flagged and had to retreat once I got within 200 feet of the arena. Now at this point I decided the only way I was going to re enter was to re establish contact with the police officers who had previously tried to apprehend me (I was going to turn myself in thinking there was no way they could arrest me becauseI had done nothing wrong and had nothing illegal on me or about me. I may have rudely gotten their attention on the stroll up but I showed no sign of violence or cruel intention. As I approached the officers then surrounded me and then bum rushed me I allowed myself to be apprehended but as the officers tried to thrown me to the ground I resisted greatly all the while wondering why I was being treated so roughly. I had done nothing but leave and try to re enter the facility. Due to lacking strength and overall man power they were unable to toss me to the ground at that point another officer or event staff (someone) executed a low spinning leg swipe and tripped me face first to the ground. This is the point in time where I received most of my injuries and lost my sunglasses.While on the ground an officer tried prying my fingers off of the patio passI was still holding in my right hand. I was then searched on the ground quite violently and to their dismay all they found was some papers and 3 tickets to the venue. While lying on the ground I cannot remember hearing anything from the officers due to the level at which I was talking and the overall brutality that was being unleashed towards me. I figured now that I had been searched and beat up I could then enter back into the arena and enjoy the show I had been awaiting for months. Instead I was told to get up and go to the police car which I refused and kept questioning why I was questioning why I was being arrested, which was finally answered for me the next morning at 8 am in the police station. After much struggle they finally got me into the police car and over to the station. As they pulled in the 2 cops tried to exit the vehicle and leave me in the back seat but I was curious to see if I could open the door myself and to my amazement was able to open the door and exit the vehicle on my own. At this time the officers started yelling at me and came back about 5 pacesfrom where they were to come and grab me I was then violently searched again face first against a concrete wall during the whole processI tried to remain as calm as possible but you must understand that I am currently not very happy with the situation at hand. I asked if the handcuffs that were put on me while I was put to the ground be loosened becauseI thought my wrists were bleeding (which they were, and I lost feeling in parts of my thumb and index finger) they replied no. no they are not. Once again after finding nothing on me the search ended and I was then taken to the center of the room where an officer asked me then to blow on his BACreader. I gave him a slight puff of my breath and when told me harder I replied ever so politely no. Now that there was nothing else they could do to me I was taken to segregation and left in a solitary cell till morning. While in the jail cell I asked for any

sort of assistance I could get becauseI had been bleeding from every appendagefor the past 3 hours to my utter disgust the best the nurse could muster up for me was 2 regular sized band aids and a sampler packet of Neosporin (I had a cut on my arm that went from wrist to elbow. Not to mention my knees). Finally I released around midnight that I was not going to be let out that night and proceeded to ask if I could make my 1 phone call. I was then told since I had not been booked yet I was not entitled to that call. My next question then was when am I going to get booked. I was told 5 am would be the earliest. It ended up being 8 o’clock before I was able to let the first person know of my whereabouts and wasn’t till noon that I was finally able to get someone to bring my wallet and id to bail me out.

A night never to remember (My Version)  
A night never to remember (My Version)  

My version of the events that took place that awful tueday night