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Written by Ruby Red Illustrated by Bryan Guzman 2011, La Joya, Texas

Meet Vicky and her mom, Ms. Ruby.

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There once was a tiny family made up of a mommy, Ms. Ruby and her daughter, Vicky. They often spent their time going to games and fun outings. Ms. Ruby would try to make them as fun and comfortable as possible for Vicky. But Vicky was always sad. She looked at the other families and wondered why her family seemed incomplete.

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One day, at a basketball game, Vicky’s mom caught a basketball that had gone out of bounds onto the bleachers. “Sorry, may I have the ball please?” Asked the man. “Sure.”

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The basketball player had been so taken with Ms. Ruby that he could think of nothing else the entire game other than winning. “I can’t look like a loser in front of her.” He thought. “Geez. Don’t let them see you sweat, PJ.” He whispered to himself as the ball left his hand and the buzzer went off.

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After making the winning basket he called over Ms. Ruby and Vicky to join him in the winners circle. Now a days Vicky is nothing but smiles when she goes to the games. Everywhere she goes now Vicky looks around and sees that she too has a family. Page 5

Now, Vicky has a new dream of being a big sister.

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Vicky is part of a single parent family. A chance encounter between her mother and a local basketball player show her that dreams really do come true.

Š 2011

Basketball Family