2013 Annual Report

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2013 ANNUAL REPORT Spark Impact

From Our Executive Director

Dear friends and supporters, This was a transformative year for the National Speech & Debate Association. In conjunction with the transition to a new name, we brought a fresh focus to our organizational strategy by clarifying and focusing our mission and vision, which will guide the Association for the years ahead. While the honor society and National Tournament remain unique and extremely important aspects of our work, we also are committed to leading the way when it comes to offering resources and creating a diverse set of competitive and educational opportunities for students. This annual report provides a snapshot of some of the exciting ways we’re working with students, coaches, and teachers and highlights the best part of our work—the part that will never change: the powerful impact speech and debate activities has on our members. One of our newest programs, Communicators in the Classroom, reveals how opening up access to our activity creates lasting results. In Central and South Florida, students who previously didn’t have access to speech and debate at their schools can now participate in a fully-funded program with after-school tournaments, free Association membership, and resources like textbooks, webinars, coursework, and more. At the core of the program are strong mentor coaches from district schools who help new programs thrive. These initiatives resulted in more than 30 new speech and debate programs in just two years, introducing hundreds of students to the activity and creating a self-sustaining model for district growth inclusive of every youth demographic in these communities. Based on its success, we’re expanding Communicators in the Classroom to school districts across the country. In the past year, we've also taken our impact to the next level with the inception of the USA Debate Team. From thousands of student members across the country, the Association selected a team of nine high school students to represent the U.S. against more than 40 other national teams in World Schools Debate competition. The inaugural team has exceeded all expectations, and we couldn’t be more proud to help facilitate their growth and highlight their hard work and success. These stories and more from our membership are inspiring and help bring the vision of our organization to life—to ensure all students have access to speech and debate activities. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished, and we are working to ensure we take advantage of every opportunity to impact our community in the years ahead. Thank you for your dedication to the National Speech & Debate Association. Your support makes the organization the success it is today. Sincerely,

J. Scott Wunn Executive Director



The return on investment for debate is truly unparalleled to any other high school activity. There is no doubt in my mind that I am professionally where I am today because of my involvement in forensics. From a personal standpoint, I met incredible people through debate, many of whom I am still friends with today. Debate really is the gift that keeps on giving—for years after you leave high school. I see coaching as a way to give back to a community that gave and continues to give so much to me.” — Liz Letak ('02), coach from Alta High School, UT

(left to right) Varsity debaters Mona Parker ('15), Sierra Inglet ('14), and Patrick McHugh ('14) with coach Liz Letak, standing in front of the Alta High School sign in Sandy, Utah. • Photo Credit: Varsity debater Conner Seal ('15).


In Memoriam: Celebrating Legends Our community lost three beloved leaders this past year, but their memory lives on in the hearts and minds of those they mentored.


he speech and debate community was deeply saddened by the loss of William Woods Tate, Jr. (April 2013), Harold C. Keller (January 2014), Richard B. Sodikow (May 2014). These three outstanding coaches, mentors, and Hall of Fame members were active in our organization for decades. They will be greatly missed by everyone who had the opportunity to meet them. James Copeland, Director Emeritus for the National Speech & Debate Association, wrote of Mr. Tate's many contributions: "Billy's support of new activities like Duo Interpretation, which pleased the Interp community, and Public Forum Debate, which returned communication to that discipline, was most important." Copeland continued fondly, "We will deeply miss his wide smile, his genuine love of people, and his elegant style." In remembering "Mr. Congress," Mr. Keller's former student Steven E. Grubbs wrote, "I know I would not have gotten where I am today without the National Speech & Debate Association and Coach Keller. Life requires people to help us along, and I am thankful I had that." Copeland further explained, "Mr. Keller was a popular teacher and an outstanding coach. Although he coached all events, Congress was his real love. Harold...left behind a great legacy: a respected and admired Congressional Debate event." Jon Cruz, coach at The Bronx High School of Science in New York, wrote in tribute of Mr. Sodikow: "No words can express the loss our community has suffered with Richard's passing. His 30 years of leadership at Bronx Science...set the stage for the past nine unbelievable years. I will work hard for the rest of my career at Bronx Science to honor his legacy of excellence as a teacher, a coach, and a leader. And I will always remember his great friendship." Aracelis Biel, coach at Collegiate School in New York, echoed Cruz's sentiments: "Richard...wasn't just a legend; he was, is, and will remain THE legend for many generations of debaters, both here in the northeast and nationally." The Association has established three memorial funds in honor of these coaching greats. Visit www.speechanddebate.org/Giving to learn more about supporting their legacy.

(above) William Woods Tate, Jr., from Nashville, TN; Harold C. Keller from Davenport, IA; and Richard B. Sodikow from Bronx, NY. 4


Mr. Tate told us that, even though we were from a public school in Selma, we could compete with the best and the brightest; that if we applied our talents, if we worked hard, that there was nothing we couldn't do.” — Congresswoman Terri A. Sewell, U.S. Representative for the 7th Congressional District of Alabama, accepting the Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award and honoring her mentor, the late William Woods Tate, Jr., at the 2013 National Speech & Debate Tournament



in the Classroom

Transforming Lives Through Speech and Debate


he National Speech & Debate Association’s Communicators in the Classroom program is reaching more students than ever before. Following the success of the 2012 pilot program in Broward County, Florida, the sixth largest school district in the nation, other school districts in Nevada, North Carolina, Louisiana, and central Florida have begun implementing Communicators in the Classroom. “As an alumnus of the National Speech & Debate Association, I know first-hand the benefits of speech and debate activities,” said Tara Tedrow. “When I learned that there were some schools in central Florida without a debate team or debate program, I was determined to change that.” Communicators in the Classroom encourages speech and debate activities inside and outside of the classroom to teach students the academic skills they need to excel in school, college, and the workforce. With the resources provided by the National Speech & Debate Association, Tedrow created the

Central Florida Debate Initiative to ensure that students in Central Florida and surrounding areas have the opportunity to participate in debate activities. With the help of Timber Creek High School debate coach Beth Eskin and 3P Speech founder and Trinity Prep alum Austin McWilliams ('07), the program began to grow. “The National Speech & Debate Association was instrumental in getting these programs launched,” Tedrow explained. “The organization was the platform that provided the resources and legitimacy of the activity, and we wouldn’t be successful today without their help.” As with all schools involved in Communicators in the Classroom, the Association provides free resources for the program including textbooks, course work, free membership, and free resource packages with learning tools, materials, classes, webinars, and more for all students, teachers, and coaches involved. “Resources are invaluable for new programs, and with no funding, this

support was vital to our success,” Tedrow said. Within the first month, more than 100 students were participating in after school debate tournaments in Central Florida. Coaches, teachers, and school officials quickly saw a transformation in the students involved. “We provided this new platform for students to gain lifelong fundamental skills for success,” said Tedrow. “We are seeing this incredible impact on students. There is an amazing, contagious energy and excitement at our competitions that is simply unparalleled with what traditional academics provide.” Participation in speech and debate provides life skills vital to a young person's success in the future. Students gain a unique skill set including: advanced communication skills, the ability to articulate thoughts and ideas, answer questions logically with clarity, think on your feet, and develop interpersonal skills such as conflict resolution, assertiveness, and listening to peers. Additionally, schools involved in speech and debate report

As an alumnus of the National Speech & Debate Association, I know first-hand the benefits of speech and debate activities. When I learned that there were some schools in central Florida without a debate team or debate program, I was determined to change that.” — Tara Tedrow ('05), Attorney with Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed, P.A.



Giving Our Students a Soapbox reduced dropout rates, while increasing attendance, test scores, and college acceptance. “This really is a new way to invigorate a love for learning. We are transforming education through participation in debate.” Since the initiative began in August 2013, there are 19 new debate programs in Central Florida. Additionally, a number of local schools districts are considering a mandatory speech and debate curriculum in their high schools. “The community is recognizing the profound impact speech and debate has on students,” said Tedrow. “Our goal is to continue to expand the number of schools and students participating, and to ensure that this is a long term educational platform to teach students.” Speech and debate advances academic achievement by promoting critical thinking skills, communication, collaboration and creativity, listening, and more. Acquiring these vital life skills through speech and debate creates better communicators and prepares students for college, a career and beyond. The National Speech & Debate Association will continue to provide all the resources possible to help the districts build a self-sustaining program, which they can continue to grow and build for years to come.

During the 2013 school year, the Association launched the Student Leadership Committee (SLC) to ramp up engagement with the group that gives our mission meaning—our student members. Each member school had the opportunity to nominate a representative for the SLC, and more than 270 civically-minded young people signed on to serve for the school year. Part of the SLC’s charge was to develop a publication that would create an ongoing conversation among high school and middle school students in the United States and beyond. The SLC met this objective and more—they’ve been standing on their soapbox a lot this year! Their online publication, Soapbox, which features articles on team dynamics, student-created resources and advice, and other personal perspectives by students and alumni, has been viewed more than 4,000 times since its inception last fall. Now that Soapbox has been around for almost a full school year, we asked a few of our student contributors: What one word would you use to describe the value that Soapbox provides to student members of the National Speech & Debate Association?


Soapbox isn't just a blog for kids to express their excitement about speech and debate—though it does that, as well. It's a place for students to turn when they need a little help, or want to laugh with some of the people in their community—people they may have never met before.” — Nicole Eldred ('14), South Anchorage High School, AK


Soapbox unites members from coast to coast by giving them a forum to tell their stories and share their passions in a modern, accessible way.” — Jake Mazeitis ('15), Park Hill South High School, MO


Soapbox is a place without speech times or topicality; it gives debaters a means of freely expressing themselves in the community outside of a speech or debate round.” — Thomas Waddill ('15), Monsignor Kelly Catholic High School, TX

SOAPBOX www.studentsoapbox.org |7

Meet the USA Debate Team

Mission of USA Debate USA Debate will join the global promotion of free and civil discourse, foster international cooperation and education, and demonstrate competitive excellence and national pride.




rom Canada to Slovenia, Singapore and Thailand, nine of the top student debaters in our country are having the educational experience of a lifetime competing on the prestigious USA Debate team. The team was selected from more than 130,000 student members of the National Speech & Debate Association in 2013. Throughout the six-month competition season, the USA Debate Team travels to six continents to compete against some of the best debate teams in the world. “When I found out I made the team, I was in shock,” said senior Daniel Garrison from Holy Cross School in Louisiana. “It’s a once in a lifetime experience, and I’m thrilled to be on the forefront of this activity and represent our country on an academic level.” The American team is composed of students from all

over the country including New York, California, Texas, Colorado, and Iowa. Each student brings a unique skill set and competition experience to the stage. Together they compete in teams of three in World Schools style debate. This unique style of debate is unlike any other practiced in the United States. World Schools Debate combines the concepts of “prepared” topics with “impromptu” topics encouraging debaters to focus on specific issues rather than debate theory or procedural arguments. With virtually all topics focused on issues outside of the United States, students must be well prepared on a wide variety of topics. “This experience has forced me and my teammates to be more aware of what is going on across the world,” Garrison said. “It really brings people from different cultures together because you connect on your common goals and ideals.”

(opposite page) Back Row: Dr. Alfred Snider, Christina Tallungan, Nikolas Angelopoulos, Daniel Garrison, Lily Nellans, Danny DeBois, Shania Hunt, Cindi Timmons, and Aaron Timmons. Front Row: Amelia Miller, Jane Irons, Tiana Menon, and Sara Evall. (above) USA Debate competition gets underway in Slovenia.

The USA Debate Team experiences a unique learning opportunity unlike anything else. Debate increases a young person’s ability to think critically, research thoroughly, listen carefully, and speak articulately and persuasively. Along with advancing their academic skills, students in USA Debate also expand their education through international travel. They experience hands-on learning with many different cultures, customs and languages. This knowledge creates more globally aware students, and more effective members of our community. “This lets our students experience the world,” said Byron Arthur, Garrison's coach at Holy Cross School in Louisiana. “Having gone through Hurricane Katrina and not knowing if we would even have a school, I never imagined one of my students would have this opportunity. It’s very special for us.”

The National Speech & Debate Association ensures that all students have access to the opportunities for USA Debate. With the help from donors and supporters across the country, all resources, materials, competition needs, attire, and travel expenses are covered for the team. Regardless of individual economic circumstances, any student can compete at the highest level of international competition. “All coaches should encourage their students to apply for the team,” said Coach Arthur. “It’s a life-changing experience all of our students should be fortunate enough to experience.” The USA Debate team will conclude the season with the World Championships in Thailand. For Garrison and his teammates, USA Debate is about much more than just the competition. “This is the first time I’ve been this far away from home,” he

explained. “I would never be able to meet so many different people and experience different cultures without USA Debate.” USA Debate provides an invaluable opportunity to enhance a student’s education, improve their debate skills, and experience the world. For more information, visit www.speechanddebate.org/ USADebate.


International Programming Speech and debate is expanding across the globe, with China and South Korea leading the way.


tudents and teachers outside the U.S. are recognizing the need to increase the ability of young people to think critically, research throughly, listen carefully, and speak articulately and persuasively. In a globalized world, the Association is proud to accept members from any school that demonstrates an interest in the resources, honor society, and recognition we provide. Thousands of students in China participated this year in debates that culminated in the first national championship in the country, an event broadcast on national television. Executive Director J. Scott Wunn attended the finals and was interviewed to support greater opportunities for debate in China. In the coming years, thousands more students will receive membership benefits such as resources, honors and degrees, as well as qualify to attend the U.S. national championship tournament.



Likewise, hundreds of students in South Korea continued to participate in both speech and debate growing a network of schools and tournaments that has resulted in an expansive league of tournaments. In the future, partnerships with high schools and universities in South Korea will lead to thousands more students becoming members and obtaining resources to improve their speech and debate skills. These students will have the ability to compete against U.S. students at invitational and national events; many will attend U.S. universities and compete in collegiate forensics, as well. We are excited to continue expanding lifetime membership to all students who are interested in speech and debate activities as a means to lead, inspire, and achieve great things.

Making the Most of Membership Our resources reflect the passion of the people creating and accessing them every day.


ur Resource Package and other educational offerings are highly regarded in a competitive market. This year, we focused on bringing in even more member talent—including successful coaches and national finalists—and putting as much content online as possible. Our goal continues to be reducing the financial and logistic barriers to advanced learning. Our organization is bursting at the seams with knowledge and experience, and we’re giving current students a chance to tap into that. The following perspectives tell the real story. When 2013 National Champion Nate Sawyer ('13) first became a Policy research intern for the Association, he cited his excitement to play this role as an opportunity to “spread the gift that is forensics.” Like many of our alumni, Sawyer believes that older students make the most of their abilities by giving back. What kind of "before and after" effect do you hope to achieve for students with the resources you create? The Policy updates are a great way to steadily improve the foundation of one's debate ability from the perspectives of topic knowledge, evidence foundation, and debate strategy. Ben Wolch ('13) and I work hard to ensure that our content isn't only about the topic but instead accesses

the most strategic parts of the topic to increase the utility of our files and to also increase the ability to learn from our files. I hope to instill a great understanding of both debate strategy and in-depth topic knowledge rather than either aspect of debate in isolation.

What makes the Association's webinars valuable?

The webinars educate me on topics in which I only have a superficial understanding or a working framework. They allow me to provide practical tips for my kids on how to improve their performance in their given event. I haven't had all my students compete in every event, so a lot of it is storing up information that might benefit a kid in the future.”

— Clint Rodreick, coach from Phoenix High School, OR

The availability of a wide variety of speech and debate topic webinars, easily accessible at any time, allows me or any of my students—competing at different levels and in different events—to learn independently and conveniently on our own schedules. There are basic webinars great for beginning students and coaches to use together in class time, too. Getting up and doing it in class, in practice sessions, and finally in competition is the most important learning, but the webinars help many students understand the whats, hows, and whys of events that help get them started and keep them growing.” — Tom McCaffrey, coach from Jasper High School, TX



Become More The National Speech & Debate Tournament marks the capstone of high school speech and debate activities for more than 130,000 students around the country. We look forward to visiting Overland Park, Kansas (2014); Dallas, Texas (2015); Salt Lake City, Utah (2016); and Birmingham, Alabama (2017).

The 2013 High School Circle of Champions in Birmingham, Alabama.


Senate / House 15,977

LD 12,336

2013 DISTRICT ENTRY TOTALS* Policy 2,848

Senate 1,631

House 5,377

LD 2,726


Senate 199

House 258

LD 254

PF 19,867

USX / IX 14,104

OO 9,012

HI 7,105

DI 8,312

Duo 9,933

Total 114,725

PF 4,858

USX 2,311

IX 1,928

OO 2,436

HI 2,069

DI 2,590

Duo 3,516

Total 32,290

PF 556

USX 244

IX 241

OO 251

HI 248

DI 259

Duo 494

Total 3,430

* Team events (Policy, PF, and Duo) are listed as individual students. 12


2013 High School National Champions Policy Debate Nathaniel Sawyer and Natalie Knez, Glenbrook North High School, IL

Congressional Debate – Senate Gregory Bernstein, Nova High School, FL

Congressional Debate – House Cameron Silverglate, American Heritage School - Plantation, FL

Lincoln-Douglas Debate Laith Shakir, Leland High School, CA

2013 Middle School National Champions

Public Forum Debate Grant Sinnott and Aishu Bharathidasan, Lake Highland Preparatory, FL

Congressional Debate

United States Extemporaneous Speaking


Arel Rende, Tulsa Washington High School, OK

Alexander Lam, The Harker School, CA

Jimmy McDermott, Mt. Prospect Independents, IL

Dramatic Interpretation International Extemporaneous Speaking

Molly McDermott, Mt. Prospect Independents, IL

Nathan Leys, Des Moines Roosevelt High School, IA

Duo Interpretation

Original Oratory

Tevon Thomas and Manuela Reyes, Bronx Prep Charter School, NY

Jenny Vuong, Gabrielino High School, CA

Extemporaneous Speaking Humorous Interpretation

Anshul Shah, Olive Preparatory, CA

Noah Jermain, Savannah R3 High School, MO

Humorous Interpretation Dramatic Interpretation

Arin Champati, West Hills Middle School, MI

Anthony Nadeau, Royal Palm Beach High School, FL

Impromptu Speaking

Duo Interpretation

Lekha Sunder, Sidney Lanier Middle School, TX

Michael Dobuski and Sean Jordan, Holy Ghost Prep, PA

Lincoln-Douglas Debate Trent Gilbert, West Des Moines Valley, IA

Commentary Kelsey Ritchie, Bishop Kelley High School, OK

Original Oratory Brandon Black, Brentwood Academy, TN

Expository Audrey Keen, University High School, IL

Poetry Interpretation Trevor LaBree, Ockerman Middle School, KY

Extemporaneous Debate Rishi Suresh, Clear Brook High School, TX

Policy Debate

Poetry Reading

Jerry Wang and Kirk Wu, Kudos College of Youth Leadership, CA

Ashley Anna Meyer, Niceville High School, FL

Prose Interpretation

The Association has appeared on the approved list of the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) National Advisory List of Contests and Activities since origination of the list.

Prose Reading

Brandon Black, Brentwood Academy, TN

Tyler Tippings, Schurr High School, CA

Public Forum Debate Impromptu Alexander Buckley, Downers Grove North High School, IL

Aditya Dhar and Alexander Lam, The Harker School, CA

Storytelling Storytelling Sam Scarlato, Chanhassen High School, MN

Miles Eichenhorn, West Hills Middle School, MI

| 13

This experience has forced me and my teammates to be more aware of what is going on across the world. It really brings people from different cultures together because you connect on your common goals and ideals.”



— Daniel Garrison ('14), member of the USA Debate Team, Holy Cross School, LA

Thank You! Grand National Sponsor Lincoln Financial Group

National Speech & Debate Tournament

National Event Sponsors Bickel & Brewer Foundation Stennis Center for Public Service Leadership Lincoln Financial Group Arthur N. Rupe Foundation Carmendale Fernandes A. C. Eley Memorial Fund Ripon College Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation Auxiliary Sandra Silvers Memorial Fund Colorado College Lanny D. Naegelin Memorial Fund Bro. René Sterner Memorial Fund Western Kentucky University

Policy Debate Congressional Debate Lincoln-Douglas Debate Arthur N. Rupe Foundation Public Forum Debate United States Extemporaneous Speaking A. C. Eley Memorial International Extemporaneous Speaking A. C. Eley Memorial International Extemporaneous Speaking Original Oratory Sandra Silvers Memorial Duo Interpretation Sandra Silvers Memorial Duo Interpretation and Extemporaneous Debate Dramatic Interpretation Bro. René Sterner Memorial Commentary Humorous Interpretation, Bro. René Sterner Memorial Commentary, Expository, Poetry Reading, Prose Reading, Impromptu, and Storytelling

National Award Sponsors Pi Kappa Delta Albert S. Odom Memorial Fund H. B. Mitchell Memorial Fund James Unger Memorial Cup Endowment Ted W. Belch Award Endowment Phyllis Barton Memorial Fund Stennis Center for Public Service Leadership Mr. and Mrs. Donus D. Roberts Colorado College Jason Mehta and Family The University of Alabama Stennis Center for Public Service Leadership James M. Copeland Coach Endowment William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund Gustavus Adolphus College

Bruno E. Jacob Award Bruno E. Jacob / Pi Kappa Delta Coach Trophy Policy Debate Champion Trophies Outstanding Team for Performance in Policy Debate Policy Debate Champion Coach Award Top Debate Speaker Award Stennis Medallion, Karl E. Mundt Medal, and Karl E. Mundt Trophy Donus D. Roberts Diamond Assembly and President's Bowls (USX / OO) Donus D. Roberts Diamond Assembly Mehta Bowl (International Extemp) Dramatic, Humorous, and Duo Interpretation Bama Bowls Harold C. Keller Award for Public Service Leadership James M. Copeland Coach of the Year Award William Woods Tate, Jr., National Student of the Year Award William Woods Tate, Jr., National Student of the Year Award

Association Sponsors Lincoln Financial Group Arthur N. Rupe Foundation Open Society Institute International Debate Education Association American Legion Planet Debate American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials The J. M. Smucker Company Florida Forensic Institute

| 15

Speech and debate introduced me to the world in every way possible. It gave me the confidence to speak up and speak out about the causes that matter to me. My coaches taught me how to be a critical thinker, effective communicator, and perhaps most importantly, a good listener.” — Lily Nellans ('14), member of the USA Debate Team, Des Moines Roosevelt High School, IA



Membership At A Glance

Combined Individual Student Enrollments 37000

37,010 34,078

Membership Growth 32,104 31000

30,629 The Association continues to grow steadily, as reflected in combined individual student enrollments since 2009. Membership encompasses all 50 states and is open to all middle level and high school students, regardless of race, color, nationality, sex, or religion.


2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13

High School Membership (2012-13 School Year) Active High Schools

Charter Chapters


Member / Provisional Chapters


Total Chapters


New Individual Student Enrollments


Middle School Membership (2012-13 School Year) Active Middle Schools New Individual Student Enrollments

380 2,697

| 17

2012-13 Revenues $2,465,620

Revenues The ongoing support of our generous donors and sponsors enables us to fulfill our vision of bringing speech and debate education and activities to every secondary school in the country. Association revenues stem primarily from combined contributions from sponsors, institutional foundation grants, and gifts from major donors ($912,279); dues and fees paid by our member schools and students ($853,475); and fees paid by our attendees of our National Tournament ($353,720). We also provide missionrelated educational materials and merchandise for sale ($354,731).



Grants/Gifts/Sponsorships/Appeals 37% Membership Dues and Fees 34% National Tournament Fees and Services 14% Sales of Educational Materials/Merchandise 13% Advertising 2%

2012-13 Expenses $2,424,268

Membership Services 41% Education and Programs 35% National Tournament Expenses 15% Fundraising 3%

Expenses Ninety-one percent of every dollar received is directly invested in mission-related efforts including membership services ($1,005,516), educational programs, events, and outreach ($1,208,644).

Board of Directors Governance 3% Building and Grounds 2% Equipment and Supplies 1%

| 19

Board of Directors Don Crabtree, President Park Hill High School 1909 6th Avenue St. Joseph, MO 64505 Phone: (816) 261-2661 crab@ponyexpress.net Pam Cady Wycoff, Vice President Apple Valley High School 14450 Hayes Road Apple Valley, MN 55124-6796 Phone: (952) 431-8200 Pam.Wycoff@district196.org Kandi King 6058 Gaelic San Antonio, TX 78240 Phone: (210) 641-6761 mamakjking@yahoo.com

Tommie Lindsey, Jr. James Logan High School 1800 H Street Union City, CA 94587 Phone: (510) 471-2520, Ext. 4408 Tommie_Lindsey@nhusd.k12.ca.us Pamela K. McComas Topeka High School 800 W. 10th Topeka, KS 66612-1687 Phone: (785) 295-3226 pmccomas@topeka.k12.ks.us Timothy E. Sheaff Dowling Catholic High School 1400 Buffalo Road West Des Moines, IA 50265 Phone: (515) 222-1035 tsheaff@dowling.pvt.k12.ia.us Bro. Kevin Dalmasse, FSC, Admin Rep Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School 4720 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213-2952 Phone: (215) 514-2859 dalmasse@gmail.com David Huston Colleyville Heritage High School 5401 Heritage Avenue Colleyville, TX 76034 Phone: (817) 305-4700, Ext. 214 david.huston@gcisd.net Steven Schappaugh University School Epstein Center for the Arts Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314 Phone: (954) 262-4409 schappau@nova.edu James W. "Jay" Rye, III, Alternate The Montgomery Academy 3240 Vaughn Road Montgomery, AL 36106 Phone: (334) 272-8210 jay_rye@montgomeryacademy.org

Annual Giving Report Today’s students need speech and debate education. That's why, on behalf of the National Speech & Debate Association, we thank you for your support of our efforts to empower tomorrow's leaders. This circle of generous donors represents our esteemed alumni and coaches, their families, and the many friends of the Association who have contributed between January 1, 2013, and April 15, 2014.

Diamond ($15,000 or more)

Excellence ($250 – $499)

James Copeland Thomas Rollins

Joshua Brumberg David and Barbara Danksy Lenny Gail Brent Hinkle

Emerald ($1,000 – $4,999) Michael Arton Charities of America David C. Frederick (Lanny D. Naegelin Memorial Fund)

Lenny Gail (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

David and Lilliana Lopez (Lanny D. Naegelin Memorial Fund)

Orange County Bar Association (Central Florida Debate Initiative)

Kerry Maguire and Tom Stossel

Distinction ($500 – $999)

(Harold Keller Memorial Fund)

Michael and Linda Langford James W. Rye, III (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Timothy Schally Steven Schappaugh David P. Seikel Richard Sodikow (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Thomas Wells Joe and Pam Wycoff

Honor ($100 – $249) Aaron Blohowiak

Heart of America District (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Brent Hinkle (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Cherian and Betsy Koshy Michael and Linda Langford Greg and Rochelle Lanier New Jersey District (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Deano and Vicki Pape Donus and Lovila Roberts (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

G. William Scherer Joshua D. Swartsel (Harold Keller Memorial Fund)

WKU Forensics (In memory of Alexis Elliot)

J. Scott and Megan Wunn

(William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Amanda Bryan (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Central Minnesota District (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Don Crabtree William R. Curtis Carole L. Dickey (Harold Keller Memorial Fund)

David Durica James Elder Foundation for Economic Education Golden Desert District (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Greater Illinois District (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

John Gregg Brett Hammon (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Stephen Hanon (Spark Scholarship Fund)

David Huston



Honor ($100 – $249)

Merit ($1 – $99)

IV Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha

Ronald and Sheryl Aiken Angela Aloma Timothy C. Averill Timothy C. Averill

(William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Michael Janas (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Jennifer Jerome (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Allegra Jordan (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Kandi King Sarah Knobloch Katy Ladner Eric Lehto Tommie Lindsey, Jr. Stacy G. London Louisiana District (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Greg Malis (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Judith and Samuel Mamet Raymond and Pamela McComas Ryan Nelson New Mexico District (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Northern Illinois District (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Randy Patterson Lois Pierson John and Karan Rains (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Christopher and Paige Regan Michael Reszler Fred Robertson (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

James W. Rye, III Jeremiah Schuur Timothy and Christine Sheaff Christopher and Susan Sprung-Keyser Michael and Lynn Sullivan (Central Florida Debate Initiative)

John E. Tarr Jean Taylor Charles and Marla Tepper Lisa Vossekuil Selvin C. Walker Westwood Debate and Speech Boosters (Kandi King Scholarship/Round Robin)

Anne White Betty Whitlock J. Scott and Megan Wunn (Harold Keller Memorial Fund)

J. Scott and Megan Wunn (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

David and Carol Zanto (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

(Richard B. Sodikow Memorial Policy Debate Fund)

Dr. Kenny Barfield Michael Barton Elaine Beaupain Katherine Beye Patrick Bishop Frank and Brenda Bluestein (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Roger and Doris Brannan (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

C. Blohm & Associates (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Cynthia Campbell Jeffery Chapman Steve Collins Rebecca Cook Melissa Cortes (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Clif Davis (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Winifred J. Dick James T. Driggers Jessica Franklin Catherine and Peter Gerlach Cheryl Gilmore (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Carl F. Grecco Mary C. Hanmer Allison Harper (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Leslie A. Hohmann Robert Ihrig Jonah Keough Sanghee Kim Norisha Kirts William and Valerie Koeber Sandra L. Krueger Janice and Terry Kulchar Mark E. Kulda Ray B. Lambert Mario and Susan Lanna Clare Lascelles (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Stacy G. London Robert A. Loss Eric and Jill Lubiner Scott Lush (Richard B. Sodikow Memorial Policy Debate Fund)

Julius and Gertrude Madey Scott Maltzie

Sean Martin David and Diane C. Marx Virginia J. Mayes Art McMillion Steve Meadows Paul and Nora Meeker Gregory and Elaine Mersol Daniel Miller Elizabeth Monahan Shanley E. Monroe Eugene D. Mootz Michael Naccarato Andrea Neitzel (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Jackie Oakes (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Melvin Douglas Olson Deano and Vicki Pape (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Chan and Hee-Young Park Melody Crick Peters Warren Poschman Edward and Janice Purdy Donald Randolph Diane Rasmussen (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Richard and Ruth Rice Joseph Nabil Robillard Richard Roof Mary Donna Ross Charlie and Sherri Schachter Madeline Schettina Ehud J. Schmidt Marisa Scott Justin Seiwell (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Nicole Serrano (William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial Fund)

Elana Shneyer Micki W. Smith Lyn Stone Kerry Maguire and Tom Stossel Sunflower District (Harold C. Keller Memorial Fund)

Margaret Owen Thorpe Ashley L. Vaughan Andrea Wahl Jeffrey and Rachel Warnecke David Wendt John and Kathleen Whatley Betty Whitlock Derek Yuill Justin P. Zabor Maggie Zhou

David and Carol Zanto (In memory of Brother René Sterner)

If we inadvertently omitted your donation, contact our Director of Development, Cherian Koshy, at cherian@speechanddebate.org or (920) 748-6206.

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Speech and debate gives my students skills and opportunities that I couldn't provide to the same extent within the four walls of my classroom. My students can't wait to sign up, practice for, and compete at upcoming tournaments. I've never seen such a passion and fire ignited in my students. Speech and debate gives students control over their learning and then provides an authentic environment for its application. I am so grateful for speech and debate and what it has done and will do for me and my students.� — Ariana Gonzalez Greene, new coach, Miramar High School, FL




The National Speech & Debate Association believes communication skills are essential for empowering youth to become engaged citizens, skilled professionals, and honorable leaders in our global society. We connect, support, and inspire a diverse community of honor society members committed to fostering excellence in young people through competitive speech and debate activities.


We envision a world in which every student has access to competitive speech and debate activities. We are the leading voice in the development of resources, competitive and ethical standards, curricular and co-curricular opportunities, and recognition systems for our vast network of student, coach, and alumni members.

Invest in a brighter future. In today's networked, global world, the ability to communicate, listen, and persuade is more crucial than ever. Young people must be empowered to find their voice and use it in order to lead, inspire, and achieve great things. Together we can foster positive change—in our schools, communities, workplaces, government, nation, and the world. Join us by visiting www.speechanddebate.org/Giving.

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Learn more about our work at www.speechanddebate.org.

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