2012 Annual Report

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Dear friends and supporters, In 2002, James Copeland retired as Executive Director of the League after nearly two decades of faithful service. It was the first year of Public Forum Debate and the first time the League had its very own website.

Every day, we strive to accomplish our mission in these five ways: Providing Leadership Recognizing Achievement Sharing Resources Building Community Advocating Speech & Debate

Ten years later, I’m proud to report that while much has changed, the League is as committed as ever to the preservation of our history. Most importantly, the League is more prepared than ever to deliver on its mission and vision: to provide every student with access to the transformative power of speech and debate. This past year, the League served more than 120,000 students at more than 3,000 high schools and middle schools in the U.S. and around the world. NFL Korea and NFL China have launched, and the League’s role domestically and internationally will be solidified as we expand access to resources through the use of technology. We’ve been able to serve members better and more effectively by offering a wealth of resources to teachers, coaches, judges, and students—all while keeping membership dues at the same level for more than a decade. Resources such as topic analyses, evidence updates, a searchable Interp script database, as well as a growing library of educational and instructional videos have all been made possible by generous supporters of speech and debate. In fact, for the first time in the League’s history, the combined support from sponsors, foundations, and individual gifts was more than membership dues. This has translated into unprecedented support for students and schools. We’ve helped to raise more than $150,000 for schools through our online giving platform and dedicated more than $100,000 in grants to schools and students throughout the last ten years. This past year alone, more than 100 schools are members of the League and receiving resources because of supporters of speech and debate.

Mission The National Forensic League promotes high school and middle school speech and debate activities as a means to develop a student's essential life skills and values.

As we continue to grow and expand our organization, we remain committed to providing leadership, recognizing achievement, sharing resources, building community, and advocating the value of speech and debate. Today, we stand on the shoulders of giants, but we continue to reach for the stars. Exciting times lie ahead for the League, and we look forward to sharing the impact we’re having with you. Please connect with me through email, social media, or even by phone—we still have a person answering ours, Monday through Friday. Your stories and support make our success possible and meaningful! Thank you for your continued commitment to the League.

Vision Every child in the United States will be empowered to become an effective communicator, ethical individual, critical thinker, and leader in a democratic society.


J. Scott Wunn Executive Director 2 | 2012 ANNUAL REPORT




At the core of our mission lies positive action toward productive change. As leaders, we work constructively to improve our community and the lives of our members.

Spark Scholarships

Coach Scholarship Program

The League launched the Spark Scholarship Program, which offered a $1,000 college scholarship to two graduating seniors who demonstrate ongoing dedication and participation in speech and debate. While the League continues to recognize students for success in speech and debate participation, there are many more students for whom participation has been life changing. Generous donors made these scholarships possible and the League hopes to expand this program to provide additional need-based scholarships.

Now in its fourth year, the League is proud to support teacher enrichment through scholarships to intensive summer training programs. In 2012, more than 70 teachers applied for scholarships and were placed in more than a dozen summer institutes. In 2013, the League revamped the program to establish assessment and evaluation standards as well as deliver additional value to coaches who attend these summer programs.

New and Sustaining School Grants Funding for programs has never been more necessary. That’s why the League has leveraged corporate and foundation funding sources to help provide new schools with start-up grants and offer additional assistance to schools that are facing extraordinary financial hardship. In 2012, the League allocated and distributed more than $20,000 to schools. The League also supported several urban debate leagues around the country with 110 school grants and 626 student membership grants in 2012.

GiveYouthAVoice.org 2012 saw a huge facelift for one of the League’s signature programs. Since its debut, the GiveYouthAVoice proprietary online micro-donation portal has raised more than $150,000 for League schools. By creating fundraising campaigns on the newly redesigned site, teams can raise much-needed financial support from alumni and community members. The League does not charge any administrative fees, so 100% of the contribution goes directly to the school. The average school raised more than $1,000 by using the portal.


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I am grateful to have the opportunity to develop vital argumentative and communication skills unlike some schools in my district. The Common Core State Standards are, just as the name suggests, providing fundamental strength on which the body of speech and debate grows.” – Derrick Duren, Pinole Valley High School, CA

n SHARING RESOURCES We continue to be the leader in providing coaches, students, parents, and alumni with valuable resources, service learning opportunities, educational tools, and more.

HeinOnline Database The League forged a partnership with William S. Hein & Co., Inc. to provide access to a premier online research product with more than 90 million pages of legal history available in an online, fully-searchable, imagebased format. HeinOnline bridges the gap in legal history by providing comprehensive coverage from inception of more than 1,600 law and law-related periodicals. This product is typically available exclusively to lawyers and law libraries with subscriptions but through HeinOnline’s generosity, these resources are available for free to all members. Resources such as these make access to debate research available to any of the League’s debaters who might not be able to afford or obtain access to them otherwise.

Built on a new commitment to provide students and teachers with the essential resources to compete and teach the fundamentals of speech and debate activities, the League introduced resources that would typically cost a team more than a thousand dollars for a substantially reduced cost. The revolutionary Resource Package currently includes a script database, topic analyses, debate evidence, practice extemp questions and video analyses on current topics, as well as original congressional legislation and analysis. The package also includes a series of textbooks produced by the League on each of the main events as well as dozens of webinars available for students and teachers throughout the year. The webinars utilize state-of-the-art technology to deliver high quality instruction to anyone, anywhere. Each session is also recorded and archived so those not able to access the session live may watch at their convenience.

For a complete list of upcoming and pre-recorded webinars, visit the following link and scroll down: www.nationalforensicleague.org/webinars


photo: Jon Cruz

Resource Packages

Online Summer Camps Summer institutes have been around for decades, and they have provided quality education to thousands of students during that time. However, geography, costs, and timing reduce the accessibility of these programs to a small percentage of the number of students who participate on a yearly basis. This summer, the League is introducing the first interactive Online Institute. Using the same state-of-the-art technology that powers our webinars, the League is able to deliver the same lecture and lab experience of a brick-and-mortar program at a fraction of the cost. The League’s summer program will feature weeklong instruction in all of the main events. We are also offering a new coach workshop, which will be available at no cost to participants. The League’s programs will make accessing intensive instruction accessible and affordable for a greater number of students in the summer.




Throughout the year, we are proud to foster a variety of opportunities for enriching the competitive, social, and educational experiences of our membership.

Partnerships 2012 was a big year for strategic partnerships for the League. These relationships expand the mission of the League by providing recognition and resources to potential and existing League members. One of the largest partnerships involves two League alums. Wendy Kopp, the founder of Teach For America, as well as Matthew Kramer, the current CEO of Teach For America, are both League alumni from Texas and Minnesota, respectively. The League is partnering with Teach for America to provide TFA corps and alumni teachers with professional development training in how to implement the Common Core State Standards with speech and debate activities in their classrooms. We’re also inviting Teach For America teachers to start afterschool speech and debate teams at their schools. The League is providing training to these teachers through a mix of online and in-person trainings. The Council on Foreign Relations is the most well-respected and influential foreign policy think tank. It should come as no surprise that debaters and extempers have been using CFR resources for decades. The formal strategic partnership with the Council will involve access to Council resources and experts for League students as well

as special recognition of students on the CFR website. The League is also partnering with Citizen Schools, which focuses on extending learning time for middle school students in a number of different states. The partnership involves encouraging League alums to serve as mentors to underprivileged students in a variety of different cities who are interested in participating in speech and debate activities over a 10-week period. Perhaps the League’s most important partnership is with the Broward County School District in South Florida. The district is the nation’s sixth-largest and committed to pilot a speech and debate class as well as an afterschool program in 11 of its high schools in the 2012-13 school year. As a result of this partnership, several hundred students have been able to access speech and debate activities afterschool and on weekends. The district was so pleased by the results that in December, they committed to including all high schools in the 2013-14 school year, as well as all middle schools in the subsequent school year. In the Clark County School District, the fifth-largest in the U.S., the League is partnering with the school district and the city to promote debate and speech, which culminates with a middle school city championship event co-sponsored by the Las Vegas mayor’s office. These models have drawn interest from a number of additional cities and school districts.


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International Programming For years, the League has permitted any school to join the League’s honor society. However, in 2012, the League expanded its international presence by partnering to create NFL Korea and NFL China. Dozens of schools in South Korea and China are now full members of the League, compete regularly in National Forensic League main events, and may qualify to the National Tournament. International schools were particularly excited about the opportunity to be part of the oldest and largest U.S. honor society for speech and debate, as well as demonstrate their proficiency in the English language.

n ADVOCATING SPEECH & DEBATE Whether you're starting a new team or trying to save a program from budget cuts, our connected network helps demonstrate the significance of speech and debate.

Preparing students for life after high school is one of the fundamental jobs of high school educators, and equipping them with the tools to succeed in college is often a thankless, yet irreplaceable task.” – Dr. Gary A. Ransdell, President of Western Kentucky University, speaking at the 2012 National Speech & Debate Tournament

New Website 2012 saw the debut of the League’s newly redesigned website. Working with Spindustry, a web development firm in Des Moines, and Melissa Tatge Creative LLC, the League created a site that would be welcoming to new schools but also provide existing members with a featurerich experience. Newly developed user dashboards and a learning management system provide a number of opportunities for the League to expand its resource offerings and embrace a variety of technological solutions to problems faced by students and teachers alike. Additional features and site improvements continue to be released throughout the year.

Visit us online at www.nationalforensicleague.org

Common Core Initiative

Visit our online Rostrum archive to read more about our Common Core initiative, and how speech and debate activities are preparing students for college and beyond.

The development of the Common Core State Standards has had a substantial effect on the attention of the League and its activities. The Common Core State Standards emphasize development and mastery of skills over content knowledge, which tends to be more arbitrary and contextual. Skills in public speaking and debating are as critical as reading and writing, and perhaps even more in the 21st century, where the Internet has become more than just static, text-based websites and emails.


Audio and video communication has plunged literacy in critical listening and effective speaking back to the forefront of needed skills, and to thrive as a nation in the new global knowledge economy, we must foster students who are proficient with these necessary skills. The League has responded by coding a variety of skills and materials to the Common Core as well as providing resources for teachers and coaches to clearly explain the relationship between speech and debate activities and the various standards.




As a national honor society, we consistently recognize excellence in student and coach participation in speech and debate activities.

William Woods Tate, Jr., Honored

Hall of Fame Inductees Four coaches were recognized during the National Forensic League Hall of Fame banquet in June 2012. The inductees were presented with a commemorative pin and invited to speak for several minutes following dinner. David Huston of Texas, Gail M. Naylor of Kansas, Cynthia Timmons of Texas, and Steven Wood of Kansas were later presented with a special plaque for their outstanding leadership in the National Forensic League. The official induction ceremony took place during the Donus D. Roberts Diamond Coach Assembly at the Indiana Convention Center.

National Student of the Year

Several hundred guests were on hand Wednesday, June 13, to honor National Forensic League President William Woods Tate, Jr. The evening was presented by Western Kentucky University President Gary A. Ransdell and the National Forensic League. After a brief reception, Executive Director J. Scott Wunn welcomed Dr. Ransdell to the stage to present his keynote address. "One need look to no further than Billy to find the activity's most vocal advocate," Ransdell said. "His leadership and laugh will certainly be missed." Tate began his heralded coaching career in 1975. He joined the Board in 1987 and was later elected president in 1997. While his term as President ended September 1, Tate continues to teach and coach at Montgomery Bell Academy in Tennessee.

The best things the League gives its members are not awards and points, but lifelong friends.” – Quinlan Cao, 2012 National Student of the Year


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Considered one of the most prestigious individual student honors the League presents each year, the National Student of the Year award acknowledges the graduating senior who best represents the tenets of the Code of Honor. In 2012, Quinlan Cao (pictured below, far left) of East Mountain High School in New Mexico earned the coveted distinction of National Student of the Year, presented by Gustavus Adolphus College. Other finalists, in alphabetical order, include Kelby McKay Czerwonka, West Plains HS, MO; Nicole Fisher, Mesquite HS, AZ; Robert Jackson, Hastings HS, TX; Gabriel Riekhof, Savannah HS, MO; and Prerana Vaddi, Notre Dame HS, CA.

presented by

2012 High School National Champions


Policy Debate Liam Hancock and Jeffrey Ding, West High School - Iowa City, IA

Congressional Debate – Senate Noah Whinston, Evanston Township High School, IL

Congressional Debate – House Ananth Cherukupally, Dougherty Valley High School, CA

Lincoln-Douglas Debate Gabe Bronshteyn, Monte Vista High School - Danville, CA

Public Forum Debate Aneesh Chona and Anuj Sharma, The Harker School, CA

United States Extemporaneous Speaking William McDonald, Brophy College Prep, AZ

International Extemporaneous Speaking Asheshananda Rambachan, Eastview High School, MN

Original Oratory Nader Helmy, Apple Valley High School, MN

Humorous Interpretation Bailey Norton, Marshfield High School, MO

Dramatic Interpretation Deshawn Weston, Grand Prairie High School, TX

Duo Interpretation Sarah Dahdouh and Deborah Witherspoon, James Logan High School, CA

The 2012 High School Circle of Champions in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Expository Austin Kennedy, Desert Vista High School, AZ

Commentary Dylan Dickens, Friendswood High School, TX

Prose Christian Fary, Munster High School, IN

Poetry Zak Linzy, Central High School - San Angelo, TX

Impromptu Matt Rauen, Pennsbury High School, PA

PF 5,080

2012 NATIONAL ENTRY TOTALS* Policy Senate House LD 396 187 255 250

PF 514

* Team events (Policy, PF, and Duo) are listed as individual students.

Storytelling Kiki Laing, Eastview High School, MN

Supplemental Debate Devon Smith, Nixa High School, MO

2012 DISTRICT ENTRY TOTALS* Policy Senate House LD 2,972 1,651 5,350 2,654


Spark Involvement


2012 Middle School National Champions Policy Debate (co-champions) Sam Richey, Anirudh Suresh, Sita Yerramsetti, and Alex Kalai, The Kincaid School, TX

Congressional Debate Aditya Dhar, The Harker School, CA

Lincoln-Douglas Debate (co-champions) Felix Tan, Emily Zhuang, Michael Huang, and Kevin Si, HuaXia Chinese School, TX

Public Forum Debate Nathan Lam and Joanna Hua, Kudos College of Youth Leadership, CA

Humorous Interpretation Ben Parrish, Saint Mary's Hall, TX

Dramatic Interpretation Bailee Harper, Wisconsin Connections Academy, WI

Duo Interpretation Cooper Smith and Bryce Jarvis, Brentwood Academy, TN

Original Oratory Michael Russo, West Mills Middle School, MI

Extemporaneous Speaking Jeremy Taigman, West Mills Middle School, MI

USX 2,360

IX 2,086

OO 2,390

HI 2,176

DI 2,643

Duo 3,636


Total 32,998

Marshall Sloane, Milton Academy, MA

Poetry Corey Davis, Wirt-Emerson Vis./Perf. Arts, IN

USX 248

IX 236

OO 250

HI 238

DI 253

Duo 492

Total 3,319

Prose Ian Gordon, Rowan County Middle School, KY

Declamation Jimmy McDermott, Mt. Prospect Independents, IL


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Fallon Sloan, Hindman Elementary School, KY

n NATIONAL SPONSORSHIPS The League's National Speech & Debate Tournament marks the capstone of high school speech and debate events for nearly 120,000 students around the country.

Lincoln Financial Group has built a company focused on stability and integrity since 1905. Committed to the education of America's youth, Lincoln Financial has supported the mission of the League since 1994. Lincoln Financial Group expanded its partnership in 1998, becoming the national corporate sponsor of the League. In the 17 years since, Lincoln Financial has transformed the national speech and debate community through its support of the League, including more than $1 million in college scholarships, more than $100,000 in grants to new and rural schools, and more than $250,000 for programs such as coach education.

The Arthur N. Rupe Foundation exists to bring about improvement in society and to be a positive influence on American life. In 2009-10, the Rupe Foundation began its critical support of Public Forum Debate to encourage relevant debates and accessible public conversation. Since then, more than $158,000 in college scholarships has been awarded exclusively to Public Forum debaters, more than 50,000 socially significant debates have been made accessible to the public, and a virtual library of resources and debates has been developed and grown.

Spark Transformation





Grand National Sponsor Lincoln Financial Group

Lincoln Financial Group / National Forensic League National Speech & Debate Tournament

National Event Sponsors Bickel & Brewer Foundation Stennis Center for Public Service Leadership Lincoln Financial Group Arthur N. Rupe Foundation Carmendale Fernandes A. C. Eley Memorial Ripon College Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation Auxiliary Colorado College Lanny Naegelin Memorial Western Kentucky University

Policy Debate Congressional Debate Lincoln-Douglas Debate Arthur N. Rupe Foundation Public Forum Debate United States Extemporaneous Speaking A. C. Eley International Extemporaneous Speaking A. C. Eley International Extemporaneous Speaking Original Oratory Sandra Silvers Duo Interpretation Dramatic Interpretation Humorous Interpretation, Expository, Commentary, Prose Reading, Poetry Reading, Impromptu, and Storytelling

National Award Sponsors Pi Kappa Delta Albert S. Odom Memorial Fund H. B. Mitchell Memorial Fund James Unger Memorial Cup Endowment Ted W. Belch Award Endowment Phyllis Barton Memorial Fund Stennis Center for Public Service Leadership Mr. and Mrs. Donus D. Roberts Jason Mehta and Family The University of Alabama Colorado College Stennis Center for Public Service Leadership James M. Copeland Coach Endowment Gustavus Adolphus College

League Sponsors Lincoln Financial Group Arthur N. Rupe Foundation Open Society Institute International Debate Education Association American Legion Planet Debate GEICO The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics The J. M. Smucker Company Florida Forensic Institute

Bruno E. Jacob Award Bruno E. Jacob / Pi Kappa Delta Coach Trophy Policy Debate Champion Trophies Outstanding Team for Performance in Policy Debate Policy Debate Champion Coach Award Top Debate Speaker Award Stennis Medallion, Karl E. Mundt Medal, and Karl E. Mundt Trophy President's Bowl (United States Extemp / Original Oratory) Mehta Bowl (International Extemp) Dramatic, Humorous, and Duo Interpretation Bama Bowls Diamond Coach Awards Harold C. Keller Award for Public Service Leadership James M. Copeland Coach of the Year Award National Student of the Year Award

The poise and confidence that this activity fosters is found nowhere else in education.”


– Byron R. Arthur, debate coach at Holy Cross School in New Orleans, LA

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5,000 0

2009-10 2010-11 MEMBERSHIP AT A2008-09 GLANCE



Combined Individual Student Enrollments 34,000

Membership Growth

The National Forensic League recognizes participation and progress in middle and high school public speaking and debating activities as a means to meet Common Core State Standards in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The League empowers educators with resources, fostering in students the ability to think critically, research persistently, articulate clearly, and lead ethically in a democratic society. Since 1925, nearly 1.4 million students have participated in the League, with more than 120,000 active members in more than 3,000 schools.

The League continues to grow steadily, as reflected in combined individual student enrollments since 2008. Membership encompasses all 50 states and is open to all middle level and high school students, regardless of race, color, nationality, sex, or religion.



2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12

High School Membership (2011-12 School Year) Active Schools Charter Chapters


Revenue Growth Member / Provisional Chapters Total Chapters


1,079 2,881


New Individual Student Enrollments 2010-11



2009-10 2008-09 Middle School Membership (2011-12 School Year)


NJFL Schools


New Individual Student Enrollments


0 2008-09




Revenue Growth




$1,300K 2008-09





Thanks to our generous 2010-11 sponsors, alumni, and other 2009-10 supporters, we've been able to continue 2008-09 upholding our mission—without increasing student membership fees for the past eight years or school dues for the past 15 years. At left is a snapshot of the League's revenue growth since 2008.





2011-12 Revenues $2,566,297 Grants/Gifts/Sponsorships/Appeals 32% Membership Dues and Fees 32% National Tournament Fees and Services 20% Sales of Educational Materials/Merchandise 13% Advertising 3%

2011-12 Expenses $2,563,258

The ongoing support of our generous donors and sponsors enables the League to continue our mission of bringing speech and debate education and activities to every secondary school in the country. League revenues stem primarily from combined contributions from sponsors, institutional foundation grants, and gifts from major donors ($826,877); dues and fees paid by our member schools and students ($822,522); and fees paid by our attendees of our National Tournament ($513,558). The League also provides missionrelated educational materials and merchandise for sale ($332,855).

Expenses For more than a decade, the League has managed to balance its budget without raising membership dues. Ninety percent of every dollar received is directly invested in mission-related efforts including membership services, education, and programs. Because of generous sponsors and donors, the League breaks even on the National Tournament, allowing fees to remain at the same level while providing an exceptional experience to students and coaches. Six percent (down from seven percent last year) was spent on facilities, management, and governance. Fundraising expenses were 3% of the overall budget.

Education and Programs 38% Membership Services 33% National Tournament Expenses 20% Fundraising 3% Equipment and Supplies 3% Board of Directors Governance 2% Building and Grounds 1%


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BOARD OF DIRECTORS Don Crabtree, President Park Hill High School 1909 6th Avenue St. Joseph, MO 64505 Phone: (816) 261-2661 crab@ponyexpress.net Pam Cady Wycoff, Vice President Apple Valley High School 14450 Hayes Road Apple Valley, MN 55124-6796 Phone: (952) 431-8200 Pam.Wycoff@district196.org Kandi King 6058 Gaelic San Antonio, TX 78240 Phone: (210) 641-6761 mamakjking@yahoo.com

Tommie Lindsey, Jr. James Logan High School 1800 H Street Union City, CA 94587 Phone: (510) 471-2520, Ext. 4408 Tommie_Lindsey@nhusd.k12.ca.us Pamela K. McComas Topeka High School 800 W. 10th Topeka, KS 66612-1687 Phone: (785) 295-3226 pmccomas@topeka.k12.ks.us Timothy E. Sheaff Dowling Catholic High School 1400 Buffalo Road West Des Moines, IA 50265 Phone: (515) 222-1035 tsheaff@dowling.pvt.k12.ia.us Bro. Kevin Dalmasse, FSC Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School 4720 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213-2952 Phone: (215) 514-2859 dalmasse@gmail.com David Huston Colleyville Heritage High School 5401 Heritage Avenue Colleyville, TX 76034 Phone: (817) 305-4700, Ext. 214 david.huston@gcisd.net Steven Schappaugh University School Epstein Center for the Arts Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314 Phone: (954) 262-4409 schappau@nova.edu James W. "Jay" Rye, III, Alternate The Montgomery Academy 3240 Vaughn Road Montgomery, AL 36106 Phone: (334) 272-8210 jay_rye@montgomeryacademy.org

n ANNUAL GIVING REPORT Today’s students need speech and debate education. That's why, on behalf of the National Forensic League, we thank you for your support of our efforts to empower tomorrow's leaders. This circle of generous donors represents our esteemed alumni and coaches, their families, and the many friends of the League who have contributed between January 1, 2012, and February 15, 2013. Together, we are giving youth a voice.

Diamond ($15,000 or more)

Honor ($100 - $249)

David Seikel

Bonnie Angel (In memory of BJ Naegelin)

Emerald ($1,000 - $4,999) Arrow Education Foundation (In honor of Donus D. Roberts)

Michael Arton James Copeland Anjan Choudhury David Frederick (Naegelin Scholarship Fund)

Stanley and Helen Friedman Memorial Trust David and Lilliana Lopez (Naegelin Scholarship Fund)

Michael Morris Donus and Lovila Roberts Steven Schappaugh

Distinction ($500 - $999) The Diedrich Agency Cherian and Betsy Koshy Tyler Onitsuka J. Scott and Megan Wunn

Excellence ($250 - $499) The Boeing Company David and Barbara Dansky Michael and Linda Langford Deano and Vicki Pape Timothy Schally Joe and Pam Wycoff


Donald Crabtree Jon Cruz Charles Downs and Marla Tepper James Elder Carl Grecco Mary Hanmer David Huston Beth Ingram Jeffrey Lanter Tommie Lindsey, Jr. Stacy London Raymond and Pamela McComas Michael Naccarato Ryan Nelson Michael and Jackie Oakes James Ogle Randy Patterson Christopher and Paige Regan Timothy E. Sheaff D. and Susan Schieferstein (In memory of BJ Naegelin)

Joshua Swartsel Margaret Owen Thorpe William Woods Tate, Jr. Selvin Walker Rachel Warnecke Gregory Wells Ellen Wiencek David and Carol Zanto (In memory of Brother RenĂŠ Sterner)


Merit ($1 - $99) Shawn Aiken Joyce Arredondo Timothy Averill Kenny Barfield Michael Barton Harisha Bastiampillai Elaine Beaupain Eyvana Bengochea Katherine Beye Patrick Bishop Amanda Bryan Bro. Kevin Dalmasse, FSC Helene Dick James Driggers Karen Emmons Garet Ford Jessica Franklin Collin Galster Scott Gould Leslie Hohmann Robert Ihrig Sarah Kemp Evans Kandi King Norisha Kirts Mark Kulda Mario and Susan Lanna Walter Lemanski Robert Loss Eric and Jill Lubiner Kerry Maguire Elliot Mamet Sean Martin David and Diane Marx Virginia Mayes

Making a Real Difference Art McMillion Gregory and Elaine Mersol Elizabeth Monahan Shanley Monroe Christian Neal Adam F. Nelson Vivek Pai Melody Crick Peters PG&E Corporation Foundation Donald Randolph Richard Rice Colin Ross Mary Ross James W. Rye, III Amy Sanchez Charlie Schachter Richard Sincere Lynn Stone Nick and Kristin Trautner John and Kathy Triplett Ashley Vaughan David Wendt John Whatley Justin Zabor Austin Zellner Yuxi Zhou

$25 – A new student receives lifetime membership in the League's honor society along with the resources to begin competing in speech or debate. $150 – A school receives a year's worth of competition resources including topic analyses, evidence, potential scripts, and much more.

If we inadvertently omitted your donation, please contact our Director of Development, Cherian Koshy, at cherian@nationalforensicleague.org or (920) 748-6206.


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Invest in a brighter future. In today's networked, global world, the ability to communicate, listen, and persuade is more crucial than ever. Young people must be empowered to find their voice and use it in order to lead, inspire, and achieve great things. Together we can foster positive change—in our schools, communities, workplaces, government, nation, and the world. Join us by visiting www.nationalforensicleague.org/Giving.

The 2012 Middle School Champions in Indianapolis, Indiana.