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Auggie says, “Relax!” THE DEAD WEEK ISSUE


A dv en t ure s W i th Auggie A little bear having fun before being donated Taylor Schloemer Sports Editor

It all started with a knock on the door. Sitting there on the floor was Auggie. Just a cute little teddy bear, but a bear on a mission. Auggie wanted to take part in the NDSU Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) toy drive. The drive ends this upcoming weekend. Lightly used toys can be donated at the North Dakota State football and men’s basketball games Saturday and ends with a teddy bear toss at Sunday’s women’s basketball game. Auggie knew that the teddy bear toss will be the end goal, but until then, he wanted to go on adventures on the campus of NDSU. For the next week, Auggie wanted to make sure he could do as much stuff as possible. Thursday, Nov. 29 Almost immediately, there was a problem. The fact that other people had to work meant that he would have to wait to go on adventures. So, to make Sports Editor Taylor’s job go faster, he decided to help him out. Ironically, Taylor was writing a drink review for the Features section. Auggie managed to down a whole Monster Energy drink in order to help. The plan backfired, as Taylor had to chase the caffeinated bear around. With the story done, and bear calmed down, it was time to head out. First stop, the Bison statue that welcomes guests onto campus. A big grin appeared on Auggie’s face as he sat down next to the Bison. Yet the work was not done. This time it was Auggie’s turn to do the work, joining the Bison Information Network crew talking about the FCS Playoffs. However, Auggie got camera shy just before he went on. So instead of being in front of the camera, he ended up behind it. Friday, Nov. 30 It was another day around The Spectrum office. Auggie tried to help out the news team break some stories, but then came running back to Taylor after Co-News Editor Ryan started throwing out political jargon. But not all was bad for Auggie. Thankfully, he found time to listen to a story. A. Glenn Hill was reading

a story out in the plaza, and Auggie snuggled in and listened to the story. Saturday, Dec. 1 Now the day Auggie was looking forward to the most. He would be joining Taylor and Sports Writer Thomas at the Fargodome, as the Bison took on Montana State in the playoffs. Upon entering the stadium, Auggie quickly rushed to the field. The lights shimmered in his eye, as he headed toward the inflatable helmet the players run through onto the field. Sure enough, run through it he did. Up in the press box, Auggie’s drive to help out ended with him trying to take Thomas’ spot as he got a drink. Taylor quickly put a stop to that and told him to just sit down and watch the game. The discussion at halftime revolved around the stories that would have to be written after the game. Auggie insisted that the pair make puns about Bison running back Lance Dunn, who had four touchdowns already. Taylor gave in and wrote a few. After the game, Auggie went down into the press conference. He said he wanted to ask Dunn a question, but was too scared to do so. Sunday, Dec. 2 This was supposed to be an off day, a day to relax. Auggie had different ideas of course. He went into The Spectrum office to help with the paper layout and sendoff. Sure enough, Design Editor Brittany let Auggie lay out the sports section (and confirmed Taylor put in some Dunn puns). While at the office, Auggie also got wrapped up in helping Head Copy Editor Zach move a couch. That couch was heavy, and Auggie barely helped. Monday, Dec. 3 The first day of dead week. Auggie was bright-eyed by 7:30 in the morning and was cheery to walk into class at 8 a.m. He was more awake than most of the class, as they drudged in for one last regular week of classes. But after a pair of classes, Auggie decided that he wanted to go learn something that he could use. After listening to how much film quarterback Easton Stick watches each week, he decided to try his

hand at it. When Taylor got back to the office, Auggie already had a bunch of notes on Colgate. However, Auggie had linebacker Jabril Cox playing offense. To be fair, Cox does have a pair of defensive touchdowns this year. After that, a nice easy night watching Monday Night Football was on tap. Sure enough, Bison alumnus Carson Wentz was on and won. Tuesday, Dec. 4 Another day of work, but this time not with Taylor. No, Auggie got “adopted” by Head News Editor Phoebe. He sat on her lap as she wrote her section. Sure enough, they got their work done in time. After all of that hard work, Auggie deserved another story time with Mr. Hill. This time, however, he got distracted by a festive hat on the reader. The story was good, probably. Wednesday, Dec. 5 Back with Taylor, Auggie got to finish the student media trifecta. Joining Taylor, Thomas and Opinion Editor Jacob on their radio show. Yet again, he got a little shy just before going on air. So instead, he directed the show without a hitch. After the radio show, Auggie joined the rest of The Spectrum staff for their weekly meeting. Feeling encouraged, he stole the show from Editor-in-Chief Leif and ran the meeting. What’s next on the schedule? Over the next couple of days, the adventures will continue. Auggie wants to become Batbear, hiding behind the mask sculpture outside of Askanase Hall. He also wants to try out some of the dining center food. (He hopes it is good.) But the upcoming weekend is the most exciting. Saturday brings with it another Bison football game, this time an FCS quarterfinal against Colgate. After the early game, the men’s basketball team hosts Eastern Washington. At both events, Auggie hopes to say hi to the other toys donated to the SAAC toy drive. And that brings Auggie to the big day on Sunday. At halftime of the NDSU women’s basketball game against Milwaukee, Auggie will be donated in the teddy bear toss. At that point, this chapter of Auggie’s adventures comes to an end, and a brand new chapter begins.






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Finals Week Horoscopes Why you’re boned

Phoebe Ellis

Head News Editor

When it comes to finals, we’re all suffering.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Get ready to bald with the stress of the coming weeks. We all know you’re stubborn, but that won’t help you ace your finals. Just because you insist upon staying up to all hours studying doesn’t mean your brain will retain any of the information you’re studying, unless you get some sleep. Start fueling your body, Aries, or else you’ll never keep your flattering figure intact. You’re going to need to take a break to eat, sleep and get your steps in. On one hand, you may be doing marginally less studying; on the other, if you’re killing yourself studying, you’ll probably just fall asleep during the exam and fail it anyway.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Hey there, Taurus. We all know you feel like you’re constantly treading water in a sea of responsibilities and problematic interpersonal relationships, but rest assured that this too shall pass. Although you’ve gone through a lot of stress and you may even begin to feel like it’s just not worth it, you are so close to the end. Push through and then you can take a breather. Graduating is the goal, and if you quit, you can’t graduate. So no matter how tempting dropping out may be, don’t do it. It’s not worth it.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

You’ve been moody lately, Gemini, and maybe that has to do with all the stress of the past few weeks or the semester drawing to a close, but try to get some you time in, as you are desperately in need of it. Take a day off work, a day where you have no school or tests, and take the day to do everything that makes you happy (within reason; don’t go smoking a crack pipe just because it feels good). Try to get some sleep, as you have been staying up studying every night, and it’s starting to wear you down.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Let’s be real, Cancer: you’re certifiably insane. What’s the craziest thing you could do at the end of this semester? Take on even more impossibly high levels of responsibility? Hop on a motorcycle that you don’t know how to ride? Slam on your breaks while going down the highway because your ex-girlfriend’s cousin charges your car? Break into an abandoned military base? How about you just focus on passing your finals this time, since the curve won’t always be in your favor.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

Life hasn’t been kind to you lately, Leo. It’s been sending you mixed signals. It feels like it’s just been dragging you through the mud, and for what? To make you depressed? To stress you out? To leave you alone, feeling isolated and unloved? Not to fear, Leo, life

will get better. With that feeling of loneliness comes the alone time necessary to ace your finals. The depression will improve, and maybe even pass, after a good night’s sleep and a good meal. With the holidays coming up, kick back and do what makes you happy, Leo. You’ve been through a lot; you deserve it.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Virgo, oh, Virgo, where has your motivation gone? Seriously, what’s going on with you? You’ve been skipping classes, dropping assignments and disengaging with the world around you. No matter how many Red Bulls you drink, you’ve been having trouble finding the energy or work ethic to finish off the semester. It’s time to pick yourself up and get your crap together, or else you’re just going to have to do it all over again next semester, and let’s be honest, you already are going to have to re-do at least one course. Not to fear, Virgo, we all have setbacks. Just make sure that yours don’t lead to your demise, as you’re teetering awfully close to the edge.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

What’s up, Libra? You seem to be a stressed mess, but embracing it nonetheless. Go grab a doughnut and hit the books. It may not fix everything, but it’s a start. You constantly feel like hitting up your local quirky bookstore, but that’s not an option until the finals pass. Alternatively, you can try to move on to a more productive type of old and mostly useless book — your textbook. If you aren’t a fan

of your classes, however, take to YouTube crash courses. That counts as studying, right?

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

You’re a hard-ass. We know that. Everybody knows that. You somehow manage to be both passive aggressive and overly abrasive. It’s your way or the highway kind of attitude. Well, guess what? It’s the finals way or the “die-nals” way for you this semester. You can’t bully your way into an A, Scorpio. You’re going to have to actually work for it this time. So shape up and ship out to the library. It’s time to hit the books and hit them hard. That is if you want to pass your classes.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

You’ve had a rough time of it, Sagittarius. You’ve worked very hard this semester and dropped the ball a few times, and you’ll probably drop it a few more in the future. The important thing is that you actively try to make tangible change in what you’re doing. You know you’re dropping the ball, and so does everybody else around you, but what are you doing about it? Where can you manage your time better? Generally speaking, using the time you spend on nutrition, sleep and spending some time at the gym is a good place to start, followed by your schoolwork or your actual job. Don’t let anybody down now, especially yourself.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

You’ve had some brilliant ideas lately and with no shortage of creativity either. You’ve been the

lucky one in the bunch, generally excelling in what you do. However, you’ve had your own setbacks. You’ve been struggling just like the rest of us. However, you seem to be handling it far better than any other sign. You feel behind, despite feeling on top of things all at once. Your finals will be hell. You will inevitably feel unprepared for them. However, you’ll probably get at least a C.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

You’ve always been cool as a cucumber on the outside, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t freaking out over whether or not you can manage to pass your finals on the inside. You’ve never turned down a good time, but you might have to in these last couple weeks if you want to keep your dignity and sanity intact. You can do it, but the question is, are you willing to turn down a good time to do it? You’ve always been passionate about what you do, but is that enough?

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

You’ve really grown into yourself these past couple years, Pisces. You’ve had a lot of “firsts” recently, and life finally seems to be going your way. Just remember, what goes up must come down, so don’t bank on your recent good fortune to get you through your finals. Finals is a whole different beast and definitely isn’t on your list of good “firsts” you’ve been experiencing lately. It’ll be okay. Just study hard, do some deep breathing and get a little bit of sleep.





Baby, It’s Cuffing Season Dust off your good loafers, it’s that time of year Ryan Nix

Co-News Editor

Cuffing season is now upon us. It’s windy, cold and all around awful outside, so having someone to warm up by the fire is important. The weather is not the only thing bringing people together; stress might also be a factor. The stress and pressure of dead week and finals would make you think that no one has any time for fooling around, but of course, college kids find a way. These perilous weeks actually create a perfect storm of emotions that invite the soul to yearn for another. Tinder is awash in hopeful people looking for a little cuddling on a particularly sad night. Another reason cuffing during these weeks and months is easy is that there is no shortage of date options to choose from.

Stay in and binge … Netflix

I feel like it goes without saying: watching the tube with someone you cherish, or just met, is pretty great when the weather outside is frightful. If you are looking for something interesting I have a suggestion. I have recently started to watch “Twin Peaks,” an old, melodramatic, fictional crime show. The best part about this show is that it will keep your interest for the hour and a half runtime, but after that the night is yours. The show’s obscurity in modern culture will also get you some cool points for uniqueness.

Go see a play

Yeah, I said it. Get out of your house and get a taste of what the theater has to offer. Getting tickets to Theatre NDSU’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is easy and free for students. This is a great opportunity to get your scarf out of your closet and feel a bit fancy. The play is set in the ’80s and features the fun and whimsy of Shakespeare’s masterpiece.

Be childlike

Kids have fun, why

shouldn’t you? Yes, you still have the ability to feel the joy that filled your heart as a wee child. Get out your sled, lace up that skate and go fall down a lot. There is no way for you or your partner to have a bad time outside rolling in the snow. Get your friends together and have an impromptu snowball fight in the park. Island Park and Dike West Park located just south of downtown are great places to make a snowman or throw snowballs at your friends. There is also a large hill by the skate park down there that is great for sledding.

Be an adult

We all know that downtown hosts a large number of options for college kids. The bars are open on the weekends for your “spiritual needs,” and coffee shops are open in the morning to get you up and moving around. It’s redundant to tell college kids to go to the bars, but it goes without saying that if you’re old enough, it’s a great way to get to know people. Plus, both coffee and the good stuff are good at warming the soul.

Be elderly

Wake up, get your Folgers coffee, sit in your pajama pants and read a (gasp) book. When the winter comes, many of us feel like exposing our eyes to hours of screen time is the answer, but I have found a good book to suffice. A book forces you and your partner to think and engage. This can become a great distraction from the problems of the day. A way to make this date friendly is to read to your partner. It may sound weird, but this can be quite romantic and fun. Maybe do the character voices and accents for extra corny points?

Make an intriguing meal

Most holiday or seasonal dishes are heavy and wholesome, and that’s totally fine if you’re looking to be chubby and depressed. If you’re looking to lift

Holding hands makes any date a little warmer. your spirit, then the best foods end up being bright, interesting and full of flavor. Why not make a salmon filet with lemon and rosemary? This is a meal that will pick you and your partner up and not leave you glued to the couch.



Mountain is hiring for lift ops and instructors. www.detroitmountain. com or contact via info@detroitmountain. com for more

Fun, part-time winter job, that comes with a Ski Pass! Detroit


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Make a salad that doesn’t have the usual Midwestern three pounds of ranch dressing on it. Maybe a light Caesar salad could do the trick?

Be goofy

This is the time of year when silliness is super


important. The world is gray and cold, but you are a young person pumping with hot red blood. Go to the mall and take a picture with Santa. Make a silly name at Starbucks instead of your real name. Make a snow angel in an inappropriate place.

So now you know all the possibilities of cuffing season. You don’t need to play into old tired tropes during this season, but you can if that’s your style. I would challenge readers to be active and interesting with their partner of choice.

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Phone: 701-293-6900

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G o o d b y e G PA What to do if you fail a final Miranda Stambler Features Editor

Every student talks about surviving finals week and how to prepare for the stressful times ahead, but no one ever comments on what one should do if they end up failing their finals. Failing a final is one of the worst feelings. After studying all week and pulling one too many all-nighters, it’s over. The deed has been done, and there is no going back in time to warn yourself that you are studying all the wrong material. But what’s next? What do you do if you go on Blackboard only to see an F among your final grades? Coping, that’s what’s next. This is what to do if you ever have to deal with the doom and gloom of an F.


If all your grades are not entered yet, or if you are sure that you failed

that final, math is now your best friend. If you haven’t already, the first thing is to calculate what you needed on the final to either pass the class or get the grade you were hoping for. There are many websites that can help with calculating a grade if math is not your strong suit. These will put your mind at ease or help you prepare for the worst.

Email the professor

If you really thought you did well on this exam, email the professor to find out where you went wrong. Have the guts to go into their office and face them with that F and ask why.


You’re finally done with finals, and now you can let all those emotions that were building up out. Not to mention the fact you got the grades back and they were not good. Although crying will not bring your grade back up to passing, it will keep you

from going insane, or at least try to.

Campus Connection

Now that you’ve accepted the bad grade and done everything in your power to make up for it, going to Campus Connection is your next and final step. Why, you might ask? So you can look up when the class is available next. If it is a required course that you just failed, you’re going to have to take it again, so be ahead of your advisor and see if you can squeeze it in next semester.

It’s OK

There is no need to feel like a failure. It happens to the best of us. Do not be too hard on yourself. Do not stare at the grade or continuously calculate what you had to do differently. Try not to obsess and move on. Go celebrate simply surviving a stressful time and try not to think about a failed grade or two. Getting an F is one of the worst feelings.


Spectrum Finals Food Editors share their stress food

Either treat yourself or go grocery shopping so you’re ready for your finals.

The Spectrum Editors Spectrum Staff

Everyone has their stress food. Around finals you find students either not eating at all or eating everything they can get their hands on. Our editors picked out their favorite food that helps ease their finals week stress.

Rice or soup -Leif Jonasson, Editor-in-Chief

Leif Jonasson, Editor-in-Chief, finds this to be perfect for finals week stress. It’s simple, so you don’t have to worry about making anything. It’s also warm, which is good because it is incredibly unpleasant outside.

Mac and cheese -Taylor Schloemer, Sports Editor

Macaroni and cheese is the best college student food out there. First off, it is relatively cheap, which is a big plus. After that, there are so many ways to make mac and cheese.

Kraft? Velveeta? Insert store name here? Even within the brands there are a variety of options. Kraft mini-shells with the three cheeses is low-key a great change of pace. And in a fortnight (two weeks, not the super annoying video game) where stress for students is the highest, why not go back to childhood? But instead of Anton Ego and his ratatouille, how about some shaped mac and cheese? For the grown up, and someone who may actually want some nutritional value in their meal, add a protein to it. Chicken-bacon mac is a personal favorite and browning up some hamburger and throwing it in also works. Just no ketchup. That is like putting pineapple on pizza.

Peanut butter - Phoebe Ellis, Head News Editor

Peanut butter. Straight out of the jar. Nothing else. This is efficient, tasty and matches how much you hate yourself.

French toast - Jacob Elwell,


Opinion Editor

Treat yourself this finals season with some French toast and sausage. Drizzle syrup over the whole thing and load the French toast with butter. It’s been a rough ride through the semester, but some warm and fluffy pieces of French toast and greasy sausage will make that ride a little less bumpy. Pour yourself a glass of orange juice as well. After all, you’ve earned it.

Roast Spanish goat - Zachary Liu, Head Copy Editor

I know. It’s a bit extra, but you won’t regret it. First step, pick out a nice sized female goat at your favorite goat dealer. For this recipe, she’s gotta be alive and still a virgin. (Quick tip: you’ll know if she’s still pure from the scent of her genitals.) Once you procure your goat, take her out to your sacred fire pit in the woods. Make a small incision in her neck, spread that goat juice on your face and throw a

cup of the red stuff into the flames. If you’re lucky, Satan will be pleased and you’ll pass your finals. Also, you might even get to eat the goat. Bagel Bites are also good.

A before and after meal - Laura Ellen Brandjord, A&E Editor

A go-to finals week meal for me is the $5 “Student Survival Kit” from Erbert & Gerberts. It includes a cookie, a bag of chips and your choice of classic sandwich. It’s saved me from collapsing from exhaustion many of times. If you are looking for a celebratory meal after finals are officially over, head over to the weekly pancake breakfast at the Moorhead Masonic Lodge No. 126. Yes, Freemasons. No, I’m not joking. Every Saturday they host an all-you-can-eat-pancake feed from 7-11 a.m. Your choice of Swedish or buttermilk pancakes, choice of eggs, sausage, coffee and orange juice for a flat $8. Everything is made to order, so you will have a bit of a wait depending on how

busy it is, but it is absolutely worth it.

Cereal - Miranda Stambler, Features Editor

Not the grown-up lame Special K healthy stuff. Go back to your childhood roots of Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs, Frosted Flakes, etc. Cereal never really fills anyone up unless they have at least two bowls, and even with that you’ll get hungry about two hours later. So grab the large bag at the grocery store of your choice, and eat two bowls about six times a day. It will keep you healthy for your finals week stress.

Sushi - Ryan Nix, Co-News Editor

Go out and treat yourself. Instead of the grocery store sushi, grab something at a restaurant to ease those nerves over finals. Now you have a list of foods to stress eat. Good luck on finals and try not to worry about any weight gain or your budget.



Fu r r y Snap and Fr i e n d s Ringo

Two older cats who need a slow paced home at half the price

Miranda Stambler Features Editor

Homeward Animal Shelter is having a Feline Frenzy and are over “CATpacity.” Until Dec. 10, adult cats are now half off, so they only cost $54.50, and kittens are $65 or two for $109. The shelter has reduced the rates to keep rescuing animals from euthanasia. They hope to continue the streak they’ve had since 2012 of not allowing any adoptable cats to be euthanized in the area. Here is a spotlight on two of the adoptable cats. Go get yourself a study buddy for finals week.


Meet Snap, a domestic shorthaired black male. He is 7.5 years old and has been at the shelter since July 26. He is shy at first, but opens up quickly once he is placed into a home. He is laid back, so he prefers a home that is not too crazy. His favorite place to lie is on the couch in the sunshine, so if you have a couch by the window, it is perfect for him. Snap is missing almost all of his teeth, but do not worry. He loves canned food, and it does not bother his mouth one bit.


Meet Ringo, a gray domestic shorthaired senior male. He is talkative and will make you laugh by his silliness. He is also a slow, older gentleman who likes to be by a window to watch the birds. If you want his affection, treats are a perfect way to do so because he never turns them down and will do anything to get one. He does not like other animals and would prefer to be the only one in the house.


Go watch the birds fly with Ringo.


Cuddle in the sunlight with Snap.

FARGO FOODIE Dead Week Ramen

Instant noods, rated for your pleasure Phoebe Ellis Spectrum Staff

When you don’t have time to cook, let alone sleep, instant noodles are your best friend. I tried multiple different types of instant noodles so you don’t have to. Mike’s Mighty Good Craft Ramen Where it was bought: Swanson Health Products Prep time: About 10 minutes Price: About $2 Noodles: Starchy. Even after following the directions, they seemed to leave a filmy feeling on my tongue. Despite their starchiness, the noodles somehow disintegrated the moment they entered my mouth. Broth: The packaging reads “Insanely Rich Broth,” and I am calling bulls---. It was salty water that somehow developed froth on top. How does that even happen? Buy it again? Absolutely not General consensus: Not worth it. Save your money, save your taste buds and save yourself. Nissan Hot and Spicy (with Shrimp) Where it was bought: The Dollar Store Prep time: 4 minutes Price: $1 Noodles: They are squishy, which is exactly how you would imagine soup noodles to be. They don’t have much flavor. Broth: Very salty. The shrimp is more fragrant than flavorful. It’s supposed to be spicy, but I do not think that it’s doing a very good job. The shrimp in the dish was

really chewy once it was cooked. Buy it again? Probably not. It would be a very specific craving that I don’t think I’ll have again anytime soon. General consensus: If you really love fishy food, this would probably be a good choice for you. But if you were looking for something actually spicy, I’d go a different route. Cup Noodles, Chicken Where it was bought: The Dollar Store Prep time: 3 minutes Price: $1 for three cups Noodles: Exactly what you want in a ramen. Broth: Actually tastes like chicken broth. Salty and full of sodium, I’m sure, but very tasty. It also contained chives and vegetables, which provided more and welcome flavor to the ramen as a whole. Buy it again? Yeah, probably. Still a bit on the salty side and not very filling, but for about 33 cents I’d do it. General consensus: It’s a quality ramen with a quality price. It’s a good product, but my only problem is that it comes in a Styrofoam cup and that’s not good for the environment. Maruchan, Chicken Where it was bought: The Dollar Store Price: $1 for three cups Prep time: 3-5 minutes Noodles: Chewy enough to make you chew, but not stiff enough to make you choke on its way down. Broth: Salty. Tastes kind of like chicken? Buy it again? Yeah, I guess. It’s not my favorite. It tastes kind of like Campbell’s canned chicken noodle soup?

General consensus: It’s pretty good. It’s doing its job. It’s hitting the spot, and maybe it’s just what a college student needs. Also, there are veggies in this so it puts it ahead of most of those listed above. Nongshim, Kimchi Noodle Soup Where it was bought: Chinatown, Boston Price: $1.39 Prep time: 3-5 minutes Noodles: Chewy. They bounce back a little bit, but in a really good way. Broth: A touch on the spicy side, but for those of you with delicate Midwestern palates, you may want to shy away from this one. It’s salty, but it’s enjoyable. It’s too salty for me, but not too salty for everyone. Buy it again? No. Too salty for me. General consensus: It’s good, but I think I have to drink a gallon of water after that. Acecook, Hao Hao, Mi Chay, Vegetarian flavor Where it was bought: The Asian Market down on Main Avenue in Fargo Price: 49-79 cents Prep time: 3-5 minutes Noodles: Perfect. Thin but still something to chew on. Broth: So good. Not too salty. Flavorful, but without tasting like meat. Buy it again? Absolutely. No question. General consensus: This one is my favorite so far. It’s fantastic. Super tasty without being too salty. Lucky Me! Chicken Mami Where it was bought: The Asian Market down on Main Avenue in Fargo Price: 49-79 cents


Different types of ramen have pros and cons to their taste.

Prep time: 3-5 minutes Noodles: Hard. Followed the directions, and the noodles are chewy at best. Broth: The broth is tasty. It’s on the salty side, and a bit bland, but it’s satisfying. Buy it again? No, I would not. General consensus: It’s extremely mediocre. Nissin Chow Mein, Teriyaki Chicken Where it was bought: Walmart Price: 88 cents Prep time: 5-7 minutes Noodles: Tender and flat. Lovely. Broth: Not applicable. The sauce was a tasty, sweet sort of soy sauce. Buy it again? Absolutely. There are veggies in it, which encourages the purchase. General consensus: It’s time to get your noodle on. Nissin, Black Garlic oil tonkotsu, artificial pork flavor Where it was bought:


Chinatown, Boston Price: $1.69 Prep time: 3-5 minutes Noodles: I can’t feel or taste them through the salt. Broth: Way too salty.

Buy it again? No, please no. I cannot swell beyond this point General consensus: Don’t do it if you value your health.


Arts & Entertainment T S


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Alternative Study Music Break away from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ soundtracks this semester Laura Ellen Brandjord A&E Editor

With finals comes studying, and with studying inevitably comes a massive spike in YouTube searches for “Lord of the Rings” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” soundtracks. Let’s face it: no matter how big of a musical genius Howard Shore is, after the 11th time “The Shire” gets old. Freshen up your study playlist with tracks from these artists. From atmospheric black metal to instrumental guitar, there is something for everyone.


Unreqvited is a post-black metal band and oneman outfit out of Ottawa, Ontario. Haunting piano floats on a breeze of soaring orchestration, as bright guitar dissolves in a pool of smooth electronic keys. The deep rumble of vocals is sparse, distant. What makes Unreqvited an ideal background to your earnest studying efforts is its vocalizations are not distracting, as they are set in the back of the soundscape. The instrumentation is engaging enough not to lull you to sleep, but not active enough to steal your attention away from that 20-page paper you started last minute.

Phoebe Bridgers

Phoebe Bridgers’ melancholic lyrics and soft, shrill voice lounge in soft acoustic melodies and warm harmonies. The vocals of Bridgers’ work melt away on your eardrum, leaving you with the musical equivalent of steamed milk, warm and comforting.

Becky Langan

This generation’s Khaki King, Becky Langan is a virtuoso of the acoustic guitar. Her intricate pick work and acoustic percussion give life to her instrumental works. Langan breathes life into classical guitar, pushing the instrument’s boundaries and abandoning boring chord progressions.

Michael Rault

Reminiscent of the Beatles, Michael Rault pairs his soft nasal tenor with psychedelic keys, jangly guitar and simple drum beats. His work contains all of the late ‘60s flavors of Abbey Road’s “Something” and “Sun King.” A more active soundscape than those listed above, Rault’s music may not be suited for all studiers. Unreqvited’s latest album ‘l’amour et l’ardeur’ is full of shimmering soundscapes perfect for studying.


Get Laid ... Back

Treat yourself to some ‘me time’ as you prep for finals week

Sit back. Relax. Everything will be just fine.

Brittany Hofmann Staff Writer

Finals week is upon us, and the stress is getting the best of us. Fortunately, the bustling metropolis of Fargo is bursting at the seams with events to help de-stress. If you can find some extra time between studying and crying, treat yourself to some “me time.”

Movie Night at Wild Terra

Wild Terra Cider House is featuring their movie night series with a throwback to

the ‘90s — but this time with a taco bar. During finals week, from 7:30-9:30 p.m. Dec. 12, the feature movie is “10 Things I Hate About You.” Not only does the taco bar feature bottomless chips, salsa and bean dip, but the popcorn is free as well for moviegoers.

Holiday Nights at The Red River Zoo

Fargo’s Red River Zoo will be hosting Holiday Nights from Thursday, Dec. 6 to Saturday, Dec. 8 and then again from Thursday, Dec. 13 to Saturday, Dec. 15


from 6-8 p.m. each night. They have decorated with Christmas lights and decorations for a charming stroll through the zoo, and you can end the night around a campfire listening to holiday music. Admission for members is free and non-members pay $6. Festivities include free carousel rides, special animal encounters and prizes to be won from various activities.

Snow Globe Terrariums at Baker Garden & Gift

From 6-7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 13, Baker Garden &

Gift is hosting a craft event for attendees to make snow globe terrariums. Tickets are $25, which includes a glass terrarium, one plant and accessories. Baker Garden & Gift offers a wide variety of succulents, ferns and other small foliage to inspire your winterthemed terrarium.

your project. At $10 and plenty to choose from, you can unleash your inner artist at your own pace. Projects include custom stamped metal jewelry or leather accessories, painting, candle making, printing on tea towels and coffee mug and coaster collages.

From noon to 5 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 8 and 15, Make Room and West Acres is hosting their drop-in art studio where you can pick

Relax with yoga and crafted hot adaptogenic beverages at Prairie Roots Food Co-op from 6:30-7:30 p.m Sunday, Dec. 9 for $15.

Drop-in Art Studio with Make Room at West Acres

Yoga & Craft Hot Beverage at Prairie Roots Food Co-op

Chef and deli manager, Joey Haynes will craft a beverage of your choice. Choices include either Ashwagandha matcha tea or Reishi hot cocoa. Adaptogens are nontoxic plants that help the body resist stressors and have been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions. These beverages and 45-minute yoga sessions will make for a relaxing transition into finals week. Despite the hustle and bustle of finals week, take advantage of the relaxation resources that Fargo has to offer.



The Game Awards Predictions The biggest night in gaming comes Thursday Max Borman Staff Writer

The biggest night in gaming, The Game Awards, is happening 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 6. Many games are up for the prestigious awards, and some new ones are going to be announced alongside them. There is some tough competition in some of the categories while others have a clearer winner. But which ones will take home an award? Here are some predictions.

Game of the Year

The biggest award of the show is the prestigious Game of the Year award. This award goes to only the best of the best of the year in gaming. This award probably has the toughest competition out of all of them with no clear winner, yet there is most definitely a clear loser. The nominees for this award are the Ancient Greece simulator “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey,” the indie game “Celeste,” the Norse god killing simulator “God of War,” the web-slinging spectacular “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” the large-scale hunting simulator “Monster Hunter: World” and the ambitious “Red Dead Redemption 2.” Up against these competitors, “Celeste” really does not stand a chance, but it is nice to see it nominated. The two most likely winners are either “Red Dead Redemption 2” or “God of War,” even

though “Marvel’s SpiderMan” has such a large cult following.

Best Ongoing Game

This award goes to the best game that has seen support from the developers throughout the years, a steady stream of new content and a game that has changed for the better. The nominees in this category are “Destiny 2: Forsaken,” the largest game right now “Fortnite,” the biggest redemption in gaming “No Man’s Sky,” the heroic shooter “Overwatch” and the hostage situation simulator “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.” The game that seems like it will definitely win is “Fortnite” because that is all you here about today. In a perfect world, it would go to “No Man’s Sky” or “Overwatch,” but that is highly unlikely.

Best Game Direction

This award goes to the game and game studio that has shown outstanding creative vision and innovation in their games. This category is filled with very story heavy singleplayer experiences this year. The nominees for this category are the prison escape simulator “A Way Out”, the android story “Detroit: Become Human,” the Norse god game “God of War,” some more webslinging fun with “Marvel’s Spider-Man” and of course “Red Dead Redemption 2.” If it goes to the most unique of them, it will most likely be “A Way Out.” However, “Red Dead

Gamers will be watching to see if their favorites win. Redemption 2” is a tough games. contender. Best Art Direction

Best Narrative

This category doesn’t need much explanation. These are the best stories in video games to come out this year. The nominees are once again “Detroit: Become Human,” “God of War,” “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” “Red Dead Redemption 2” and newcomer “Life is Strange 2: Episode 1.” Although “Red Dead Redemption 2” has an amazing story, this award will probably go to either “Detroit: Become Human” or “Life is Strange 2: Episode 1” because the players can actually control the outcomes of those


These are the prettiest games of the year. This award tends to go to indie games, but this year may be different. The nominees are “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey,” “God of War,” “Red Dead Redemption 2,” the fun roleplaying game “Octopath Traveler” and the littleknown game “Return of the Obra Dinn.” Although both “Red Dead” and “Odyssey” are gorgeous, this award will probably be given to “Octopath Traveler” because of its unique and beautiful graphics.

Best Action Game

These games are filled with action. Lots of bullets will fly when playing these gems. The nominees are the futuristic shooter “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4,” indie game “Dead Cells,” space shooter “Destiny 2: Forsaken,” the action-filled U.S. simulator “Far Cry 5” and the side-scrolling classic “Mega Man 11.” This award has some tough competition, but it seems to always ends up in the hands of a shooter, so it will probably be “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4” or “Destiny 2: Forsaken.”

Best Action/Adventure Game

player treasures beloved by many. The nominees are “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey,” “God of War,” “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” “Red Dead Redemption 2” and “Shadow of the Tomb Raider.” This has some of the toughest competition, but either “Red Dead Redemption 2,” “God of War” or “Marvel’s SpiderMan” will win. Those are the bigger categories of The Game Awards. You can watch it on various platforms, including YouTube and Twitch. Tune in to see how many of these predictions were correct.

These games are single-

‘Kenshi’ Final Release

Full version of sandbox game set to hit Steam Dec. 6 Nathan Wetrosky Staff Writer

Many people enjoy opensandbox worlds in games because of the complete lack of direction and the potential for adventure around every twist and turn. A great example of this is “Kenshi,” by Lo-Fi Games studios, which is coming out of early access on Steam Dec. 6 for PC. “Kenshi” is a free-roaming squad-based role-playing game focused on an open-ended sandbox with no linear story to keep you on track. You can become anything you wish, from a trader to an adventurer or even a warlord. Each choice will present you with a laundry list of obstacles you must overcome to succeed, or at least survive. The “Kenshi” website explains: “Research new equipment and craft new gear. Purchase and upgrade your own buildings to

use as safe fortified havens when things go bad or use them to start up a business. Aid or oppose the various factions in the world while striving for the strength and wealth necessary to simply survive in the harsh desert. Train your men up from puny victims to master warriors. Carry your wounded squad mates to safety and get them all home alive.” As mentioned, “Kenshi” is an open-world game that pits the player against one of the harshest landscapes in video games I have ever seen. You are not the “chosen one,” main character or important figure. You are nothing, and the world of “Kenshi” will remind you of that fact as many times as it takes before you understand. Having a group of armed squadmates with you can help, but only a little. Create as many characters as you want and build up a squad to fight alongside you, but there is a catch. Unlike most games

out there, the player’s character does not have special abilities or skills that the in-game characters cannot possess. Each potentially threatening non-player character you meet has the potential to have equal stats as you, meaning you may not have an advantage. Each character you meet also has their own life and name. Building a base is important in a game like this and will allow you some temporary relief from the troubles of the outside world. Good thing Lo-Fi Games has a building menu to erect a shelter for you and your squad mates to research new tech and upgrades for yourselves and your base. There are many possibilities that can come from playing this game with your character. You can be good or evil. You can own a business. You can live in a town or a desert. You can conquer cities, free slaves or instead become one. The choices are seemingly endless.

According to the game’s website, the world of “Kenshi” is dynamic, and everything will keep on moving even if you stop. “This is not just a ‘game,’ you are living and surviving in a simulated world.” This means that if you are starving on the side of the road, other characters will ignore you. If you are a slave, you will be beaten. That is “Kenshi.” Events that happen in the world, such as being eaten alive or being forced into slavery, are not scripted to happen at certain times. They are the norm in the “Kenshi” universe, but everything can be overcome with persistence and a goal in mind. However, being eaten alive may probably halt your quest a little earlier than anticipated. Something extremely unique to “Kenshi” is a realistic medical system. If one of your characters, or yourself, is injured, then it will affect your gameplay. For example, if a character’s leg

or arm is damaged, then an appropriate consequence will show itself. Characters will have to limp or crawl, which will slow down your party. If their arm is hurt, then they may not be able to use certain weapons. Blood loss attracting predators, equipment, encumbrance, injuries and starvation play key elements in the world of “Kenshi.” But it is not only yourself vying for some amount of survivability in the world. There are other factions and characters trying to make their way in “Kenshi” as well. You may choose to help or hinder them as you attempt to survive the environment. This is what “Kenshi” is all about and more. The stories created by players and their adventures are what really make this game what it is. “Kenshi” officially releases Dec. 6, with all its harshness and wonder.



It's a good idea.




The Spectrum

Dead Week Breakdown What you should do during this ‘dead’ week

This is what your desk should look like this week.

Jacob Elwell Opinion Editor

Dead week is officially upon us. It’s the time of year that is the most stressful. It’s a constant test of our patience and motivation to do well on finals. For you freshmen who don’t know what dead week is, it’s essentially just a week dedicated to less homework and more studying. Due to the intense studying, there aren’t as many events or parties taking place; hence the name “dead” week. Finals are approaching, and students go to desperate measures to do well on their tests. These measures include sleep deprivation to study, the consumption

of an unhealthy amount of caffeine, weekday drinking, etc. Not healthy, but supposedly necessary to get your desired score on a final. For those of you who become sleep deprived because you study too much, I can’t relate. I will never stay up extra late studying for a test. I will either study during the day, or I will accept defeat and try to do my best. I feel like studying too long can be a waste of time. If you study for four hours and don’t get the score you wanted, you likely could have studied for half that time and gotten the same score. Then, you feel stupid because you spent an extra two hours studying when you would have gotten the same score


by not studying for two extra hours. This may not happen to everyone, but I feel like it applies to me. I have studied very little for tests and done well, where in other cases I have studied a lot and done poorly. I’m not saying study for 10 minutes and call it good, rather I am suggesting you study wisely and take time into consideration. As a freshman, dead week was awesome. My finals weren’t too difficult, so I really didn’t study all that much. They weren’t hard because a majority of them weren’t cumulative, so I had a lot of free time. I could go to the Wellness Center and have a basketball court to myself. You never get a court to yourself, but during dead week you do.

You never get that booth table at West Dining Center, but during dead week you do. You can usually grab a spot at the library, but not during dead week (unless you’re lucky). This year, I have multiple cumulative tests, so I actually will have to study a little bit. I hate cumulative exams. I wish teachers could just introduce a new topic and just test you on that particular topic. They feel like they have to fit a whole semester’s worth of information into one test. No wonder college kids never have their lives together. It’s simply too much information to take in all at once. By introducing only one new topic for the final and making it like any other

test, we still learn all the material in the class. Classes would go at a slower pace because there wouldn’t be a week or two dedicated to a final. This would also give students the full potential to learn all the material due to the slower pace. I realize students need to be “challenged,” but there are more effective ways to teach a class than by assigning a final. I hope everyone has a nice dead week and doesn’t study themselves into the ground. I’m not telling you not to study, but just know your limitations. If you get a bad score, it’s not the end of the world. Life will go on and everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. If you have to beg for

extra credit, do it. There’s no guarantee they will say yes, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Who knows? You might get lucky and have an understanding teacher that’s willing to let you earn your stripes again. Here’s the bottom line: get yourself some coffee, spend a little less time playing video games/ working out and a little more time preparing for that test you need to get a good score on to avoid getting a D. It will all be worth it once the first day of winter break starts. You can then rejoice and not do homework for almost a month, but for now, hit the books. After all, that’s what dead week is all about.

Packers’ McCarthy Canned

Why this 12-year tenure ended too soon Jacob Elwell Staff Writer

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy was fired Dec. 2 shortly after the Packers lost to the Arizona Cardinals at Lambeau Field, ending his 12-year coaching career in Green Bay. Joe Philbin was named as the interim head coach until a new one is hired. I just want to talk about this because McCarthy has been a very important piece of the Green Bay franchise during his tenure. McCarthy was hired as the head coach back in 2006. He was given a struggling veteran quarterback with decent offensive weapons and a limited defense. In 2007, McCarthy led the Packers to a 13-3 record and to the NFC Championship game. They failed to make it to the Super Bowl, but McCarthy turned the team around in just one year. We all know about the success he has had with his 10 years with Aaron Rodgers: eight playoff appearances, one Super Bowl victory and five

NFC North division titles. While tremendous success was achieved, the relationship between Rodgers and McCarthy seemed to always be a “work in progress.” Multiple teammates of Rodgers claim he is “hard to coach.” Ironically, Rodgers turned 35 on Sunday, the day McCarthy was fired. Perhaps Rodgers got the perfect birthday present. However, the firing of McCarthy isn’t going to solve Green Bay’s woes. It all started when the Packers signed Rodgers to a max deal worth $134 million along with a $57.5 million signing bonus. This deal made him the highest paid player in NFL history. Rodgers wouldn’t take a pay cut, the Packers didn’t want to lose their superstar and now they are trapped. They have a below average roster with many young and inexperienced players. Green Bay doesn’t have the cap space to sign any big free agents this offseason, so they are stuck with these young players until they develop (if that even

happens). Rodgers doesn’t play as well with younger players. When they won the Super Bowl eight years ago, that team was loaded with veterans: Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, James Jones, Charles Woodson, A.J. Hawk, etc. The trading of Ty Montgomery wasn’t terrible considering the emergence of Aaron Jones. However, the Ha Ha Clinton-Dix trade was a killer. Green Bay’s secondary is young, inexperienced and are tied for the second least amount of interceptions this season. I think they should have, at the very least, let McCarthy finish the season and maybe more. The loss to Arizona at home was bad, but in McCarthy’s defense, the Packers often suffer a bad loss or two in each and every one of their seasons. They have underachieved, but let’s not forget they should have won in Los Angeles against the Rams. Rodgers put them in a position to win the game, but then Ty Montgomery fumbled and didn’t give him a chance to win them the game. He was traded shortly after. This

A much younger, and more in shape, Mike McCarthy. firing of McCarthy won’t you fire him because of an make the Packers better. A underachieving season. If coach that has been so good anything, I think it increases for you for this long, and the drama in the locker room


and gives players more to overcome, which is not healthy for any team.



See Ya, Seniors Some of our friends are graduating next week

Four years, a touch of debt and a lot of late nights later.

Grant Gloe Staff Writer

So you’re moving on in the world. Good for you, but don’t forget about those back home. No, not your lame family. I’m talking about us. North Dakota State has kept you safe, stressed and tipsy for four years now, maybe a little longer. Let me remind you what you’re missing out on now that you’re too big for this campus. Bison. Great animal. Great mascot. It’s authoritative and demanding, plus Thundar’s name is fantastic. Know what my high

school’s symbol was? A leaf. Our mascot? Leafy. It was a giant leaf.

Let me remind you what you’re missing out on now that you’re too big for this campus. You can’t build a school culture around that. The dining centers were great until they weren’t. Sure, you can


afford real food soon, but you’re telling me you won’t miss it at all? 75 percent of the time it’s chicken and the coffee tastes like ash, but you could spend all day there. Do homework, meet friends, stress eat your sixth slice of cheesecake because damn it you paid for it. Fight club. Fargo is cool. Even below freezing most of the time. The wind is a harsh mistress, but she sculpts you. You are a harder person for it. No one in your new Texas office knows how it feels to be a kite. Bison. The people this time. NDSU is defined by the students who comprise it. We form groups

for classes and majors and dumb board games only your four favorite people care about. We’re there for nights out and days in. No one goes

75 percent of the time it’s chicken and the coffee tastes like ash. it alone, not entirely. That’s the real beauty of college. No matter what, some goofy bastard isn’t going to leave you alone. Shut ins, song

birds and stoners alike are almost drowning in their own kind. The stoners, however, are the only ones coughing. Ten years from now you won’t necessarily miss a grilled chicken sandwich with a disturbing crunch. The winters will just be winters, and they’ll still be playing football. If you’re lucky, you’ll still be holding the people who stayed up with you studying for a test. The people who stayed up with you for the hell of it. The people who made NDSU.



It's a good idea.






The Spectrum

The Sports Study Break A good way to relieve stress David Hoffman Staff Writer

Right now, you are likely finding yourself very busy with studying for finals, finishing up major projects and not getting enough sleep while doing so. However, one idea that may not have crossed your minds along with all the terms and definitions is the fact that when the semester is done, you will have a lot more free time than you have had in quite some time. With the end quickly approaching, it may be time to start considering how you will occupy this time. One great way to do this is with sports. Whether it’s playing them yourselves, watching them or playing video games, there are lots of ways to incorporate sports into your free time.

Watching the big game

The first, and possibly the easiest, way to incorporate sports into free time is by watching them

on TV. This time of year is a great time for watching sports. The NFL is on the final stretch of the regular season, and lots of teams are fighting to have a chance at the playoffs and others are getting eliminated every week. On the ice, the NHL season is in full swing, and there are games every week that feature teams for both the U.S. and Canada. The NBA is also holding some action on the basketball court. Games are aired almost every day of the week, so there are plenty of chances to sit and watch a game. For the adventurous sports fans, there are also plenty of soccer games happening across the pond in England’s Premier League. However, you’ll have to get up bright and early to catch a glimpse as the games are played during British daylight hours. To wrap it all up, it is NCAA bowl season for the big boys. But for the little brothers here in the FCS, it means real playoffs.

Terrible Fantasy Advice: Playoff Special It i s j u s t l i k e f i n a l s w e e k Philip Atneosen Staff Writer

For most leagues, fantasy playoffs are beginning. Hopefully your team is so dominant that you don’t have to worry about setting your lineup until after finals are done. Really smart fantasy owners and really smart students are a lot alike. They do all of their work during the regular season so that they don’t have to worry when the playoffs come around. Even if a tragedy strikes, their lineups are still OK. And even in the worstcase scenario, they can just go to the waiver wire and cram a player into their lineup, right before the games begin. I’m not much of a crammer when it comes to fantasy football. Unfortunately, my studying habits and my fantasy football habits rarely align. I’m a third-year student, both at NDSU and in fantasy football, so I’ve been around the block a few times. As someone who’s seen the best and worst of times, let me give you some interdisciplinary advice. First tip: study a little extra for tough opponents. Just like a teacher that gives difficult tests, some opponents are tougher to beat. Put in the time to choose players with big-game potential for those matchups. Second tip: wait until after finals to party. Never celebrate a win too early; you’re just asking to get upset. Final tip: don’t cram for your finals. Take the time to study for your actual finals, and leave the football cramming to me.

Quarterback - Josh Allen

Allen was my start of the week last week, and he came through with 135 rushing yards and 2 passing touchdowns. His upcoming schedule is promising enough to start him for the entirety of the playoffs. Allen and the Bills face the Jets, Lions, Patriots and Dolphins in the upcoming weeks. Even if he isn’t throwing the ball that well, his rushing ability will keep him fantasy-relevant and keep defenses guessing. Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys has a mighty fine upcoming schedule as well, if he happens to still be on the waiver wire.

Running Back - Nyheim Hines

I know what you’re thinking. This guy? Really? Well, hate it or not, the Colts’ next four weeks could be in Hines’ favor. The Texans, Cowboys, Giants and Titans are the next teams to take on Indianapolis. I think all of those teams at the very least have the potential to compete or put pressure on Luck, so Hines could be in store for a lot of checkdowns. You wouldn’t start Hines in a standard league, but he has a fairly consistent floor in PPR leagues. You could also take a shot on Jeff Wilson Jr., who emerged as the next guy up in San Francisco last week.

Wide Receiver - Adam Humphries

Humphries has been on fire for a few weeks now, scoring a touchdown in three straight games. He isn’t the No. 1 receiving option in Tampa Bay, but he could be played consistently for the rest of the year as long as he keeps scoring. The Bucs are playing the Saints, Ravens, Cowboys and Falcons to end the year. Curtis Samuel is another guy that always seems to end up with the ball in the end zone. You could do worse than taking a shot on someone like that.

Tight End - Jonnu Smith

I’m just going to say it: this is the worst year for tight ends in the history of fantasy football. Each and every year, a wave of unexpected talent comes in at the running back position. The tight end position is also like a wave ... of sadness. If the running back landscape is a tidal wave, the tight end landscape is staring at a framed photo of a kiddie pool. Anyway, Smith scores sometimes. That’s it. If you want a boom or bust option at tight end, Smith is the answer. He’s scored three touchdowns in the last five weeks, and he’s probably available in your league. The Titans play some tough competition down the stretch, but I know better than to try to predict when the Titans are going to win or lose. Bengals tight end C.J. Uzomah might give you some consistency, although he’s only scored over 10 PPR fantasy points once this year.

Video games

Another approach to getting sports into your life is through video games. Since most gaming platforms can run sports titles, most people can gain easy access to these games with a quick purchase. In “Madden” you’re given a chance to call the plays and take control of your favorite NFL teams and players. With millions of players, you can also play online or with other friends through plenty of different game modes. Similarly, both “NBA Live” and the “NBA 2K” series offer a similar sentiment for the NBA, and the clearly named “NHL” series lets you play on the ice for NHL teams. “FIFA” is the series for those interested in soccer of any nation. With access to most national teams and leagues from around the world, including the United States’ MLS, United Kingdom’s Premier League and Spain’s La Liga, there are hundreds of teams and thousands

of players to choose from. There are also plenty of other games for outside of the major sports. “The Golf Club 2019” lets players take control of their favorite golfers, and “Rocket League” is an exciting take on soccer that uses cars instead of human players to score goals. You can even dust off an old console to play “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater” or “Wii Sports.”

Actually playing sports

The last option for those ready to get off the couch and burn some calories is to play sports for real. There is of course a large list of sports that could be played, but the winter takes a lot of those away from the citizens of the north. There are still options with plenty of winter sports included. Ice skating is popular, and many towns and cities have rinks, some outdoors. Another option for everyone outside of North Dakota is downhill skiing and snowboarding. North

Dakotans can still cross-country ski if they so desire. However, this option can be expensive if you don’t already own skis. Curling is a more relaxed yet still fun way to go about your winter sports. Sledding is also a good way to bring out your inner kid. Snowshoeing is a fun way to take a winter hike. Beyond typical winter sports, there are also tons of clear weather sports available. As we Midwesterners adapted, we have created plenty of facilities to put our favorite sports indoors. Basketball, tennis, swimming, pickleball, running, soccer, climbing and racquetball are just a few. If you love sports and want to keep them in your lives, there are plenty of different ways to do so. You just have to find what works for you, and if none of this piques your interest, go and try some billiards. It’s actually quite a fascinating hobby.



Previewing the FCS Title Chase Quarterfinalists vie to keep seasons alive, reach Frisco Thomas Evanella Staff Writer

The second round of the FCS Playoffs offered intriguing matchups and narrow margins, but at the end of the day, the top eight teams lived to see another day. For the first time since the playoff field expanded in 2013, all eight seeded teams reached the quarterfinals. While questions swirled over whether or not the selection committee made the right choices, the top teams proved them right. As the field continues to shrink, so too does the margin for error. With the race for Frisco at a fever pitch, expect two things: the unexpected and seven more dogfights to crown a champion.

Colgate vs. North Dakota State

Sure, Colgate was the No. 8 seed in the tournament, but by no means were they favored in their second round tilt with James Madison. Tied at 20 in the final seconds, Chris Puzzi banged home a 38-yard field goal to set the Raiders up for a Saturday morning date at the Fargodome. While Puzzi was the hero, it was Colgate’s swarming defense that made the difference. The Raiders picked off Dukes’ quarterback Ben DiNucci five times and easily could have won by a greater margin. Margin of victory is meaningless in December, as the Raiders are well aware. However, the Colgate offense was lackluster, which spells doom against NDSU. The Bison limited Montana State to three third-down conversions on 15 attempts. Meanwhile, Colgate went three-and-out four times against James Madison. If the Raiders cannot advance the ball, the Bison will have favorable field position and it will get dark early for Colgate.

South Dakota State vs. Kennesaw State

The Owls were fortunate to squeak by Wofford in the second round, narrowly winning by a 13-10 score. They’ll have their work cut out for them this Saturday when they host an SDSU

The Bison should keep feeding Lance Dunn (10) and the rest of the backfield after a seven touchdown performance. team that dumped 51 points on Duquesne in the snow this past weekend. KSU’s low scoring output is alarming given the Owls averaged 53.5 points per game in the regular season. With the way the Jackrabbits are playing, KSU will need to return to their high-scoring ways. Taryn Christion may have posted one of his worst completion percentages of the season against Duquesne, but the four-year starter is one of the subdivision’s savviest men under center. The Owls counter with Chandler Burks, a Swiss Army knife at the helm of the offense. If the Jacks can throw Burks off his game, the rest of the KSU offense will crumble. It could be a shootout or a blowout in Georgia. Either way, it’s likely SDSU comes out on top and sets up a semifinal

grudge match with the Bison. The Jackrabbits will likely make their second trip to Fargo this season for what could be the juiciest game of the year. SDSU lost the Dakota Marker, which only serves to fan the flames of the rivalry meeting. As it stands, it is NDSU versus the field, but the Jacks are better equipped than anyone else to give the Bison fits. SDSU was the only squad to truly give NDSU a run for its money, and they will do it again in the semifinals. Ultimately, with the home crowd behind them, the Bison will advance to their seventh trip to Frisco.

Maine vs. Weber State

No squad made a louder statement in the second round than Maine. The Black Bears scored three touchdowns in the first quarter to deliver a knockout

punch to Jacksonville State. While the Gamecocks were a shell of the perennial power they are known to be, the Black Bears’ 55-27 win is no less impressive. Unfortunately, the Colonial Athletic Association champions drew the short straw with respect to travel. Maine will have to travel over 2,000 miles and cross multiple time zones for their contest in Ogden, Utah with Weber State. On top of that, they will run into one of the nation’s top defenses in the process. The Wildcat defense has allowed 21 points per game this season, while all three of Maine’s losses this season have come when they failed to reach that mark. The Black Bears’ quest to reach the semifinals for the first time in school history will have to wait another year.

UC Davis vs. Eastern


The final matchup of the quarterfinals features an all-Big Sky clash, as the Aggies and Eagles meet for the second time in 2018. UC Davis will hope to put up a far better showing than they did Nov. 10. EWU walloped the Aggies by a score of 5920 in what was a top-five matchup at the time. Like Colgate, UC Davis should have won their second round matchup by a wider margin. The Aggies topped Northern Iowa by a touchdown, but failed to capitalize on either of Eli Dunne’s two interceptions or Austin Errthum’s two missed field goals. Truthfully, the Aggies were lucky to edge out the victory. It appeared as though EWU’s season was in peril when star quarterback Gage Gubrud’s season was cut


short early in October due to a toe injury. Quite the opposite has been the case, as sophomore Eric Barriere has stepped in and lit up the scoreboard. The Eagles have the home field advantage and will move on to another Big Sky rendezvous with Weber State in the semis. The thought of seeing Weber State again is not a pleasing one for EWU fans. The Wildcats held the high-scoring Eagles to just six points in their regular season meeting and are more than capable of doing so again. Of course, that came in Barriere’s second career start, which was his worst outing of the season. What bodes well for the Eagles is that they shut out Weber State for the final 53 minutes of the game. It’s a difficult matchup to call, but the Wildcats have the edge.

The New Year’s Six Preview T h e p ro p e r way t o r i n g i n t h e N ew Y e a r Ian Longtin Staff Writer

It is time to go bowling. College football bowling that is. All in all, there are 41 bowls in total. In the grand scheme of things, the “New Year’s Six” are the only bowls that matter. Here is a breakdown of the big bowls.

Playoff Semifinal: Capital One Orange Bowl - #1 Alabama vs. #4 Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Sooners grabbed the fourth College Football Playoff spot after Alabama’s comeback win over the Georgia Bulldogs. This matchup pits two Heisman finalists against each other under center. Alabama will roll out Tua Tagovailoa, assuming he recovers from an ankle injury, to take on Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray. The offenses could wash each other out, so the game will be won on defense. The porous Sooner defense has

been the team’s Achilles’ heel. On the other side, the Crimson Tide have future first-round picks at every level of their defense. ‘Bama should get enough stops to move to the National Championship.

Playoff Semifinal: Goodyear Cotton Bowl - #2 Clemson vs #3 Notre Dame

Experts all season long have picked Dabo Swinney’s Clemson Tigers as the team most capable of toppling Alabama, but they first must get through Brian Kelly’s undefeated Notre Dame Fighting Irish squad. Led by the strength of its defense, the Fighting Irish are hoping to play spoiler to Alabama vs. Clemson IV. These teams are alike in multiple ways: both had early-season quarterback shuffling; both are led by experienced coaches and both feature elite college football defenses. Again, defense will be the key in Dallas. The Tigers

feature the best defensive line in the country, and Notre Dame isn’t far behind. A grind of game is expected, and whoever can convert on third down and get turnovers will take the win.

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - #10 Florida vs #7 Michigan

A tale of two teams asking, “What could have been?” Michigan was in the playoffs two weeks ago, but they were shut down by Ohio State. Florida got beat handily by Missouri and fell too far back. Now, both teams get to battle it out in what might fell like a consolation game. If both teams play to their potential, then this could be a barnburner. The Wolverines were hot all year except for their loss to the Buckeyes. Any hangover from that disappointment will put the ball in the Gators’ court. Led by quarterback Feleipe Franks, Florida has put up 46 points on average

over the last month. This is a team back on the upswing.

PlayStation Fiesta Bowl #11 LSU vs. #8 UCF

For the believer of the football gods, UCF must have done something to get in their bad graces. A second consecutive undefeated season ended in heartbreak, as the Knights lost starting quarterback McKenzie Milton to a gruesome leg injury. Backup Darriel Mack led a comeback against Memphis to claim another American Athletic Conference title. But No. 8 was probably as high as the Knights could get this year. Now another New Year’s Six bowl sits on the horizon. Cue an SEC opponent this time around. LSU lost two games this year, against Florida and Alabama, and have not been convincing otherwise. Mack will have a chance to pick on a pair of backup corners for LSU in the game.

Rose Bowl Game - #6 Ohio State vs #9 Washington

For the 105th time, the granddaddy of them all is set to take place on New Year’s Day. The biggest story heading into this game is the retirement of Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer. Meyer will be leaving the program after the game, and the Buckeyes will want to send him off with a win. Leading that charge will be the third Heisman candidate, Buckeye quarterback Dwayne Haskins. Brilliant all season, he will need to be again against the Pac-12 champions. Washington slightly crushed the dreams of their in-state rivals, Washington State. The Huskies enter with a four-game win streak and were solid against the Cougars. Jake Browning has plenty of experience to go

around, and the stage won’t be too big for him.

Allstate Sugar Bowl - #15 Texas vs. #5 Georgia

The first team left out of the playoffs after a loss to Alabama was Georgia. The Bulldogs played the Tide and led most of the way. Jalen Hurts’ heroic relief appearance coupled with conservative play calling doomed the Bulldogs in Atlanta. But Jake Fromm and the Georgia offense should bounce back. The Bulldogs made ‘Bama look mortal, something no other team has done this season. On the flip side, Texas is a program that is getting back to the height of its powers. The Longhorns beat Oklahoma early in the season, but lost the important rematch in the Big 12 Championship. It will be a tall task to beat the Bulldogs in the New Year’s Day nightcap.



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