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MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2018



Alba Bales House Honored The historic home becomes focus of home economics exhibit


Combine tips to create a more trendy look, leaving your T-shirt no longer basic. be graduates of a four-year college course in home economics of standard grade and Quinn Garrick and present satisfactory evidence of at least two Daniel Ukkelberg years practical experience, including a conStaff Writers siderable period of home management.” In order for North Dakota State to be The Alba Bales House became the able to provide that necessary experience, centerpiece for the North Dakota exhibit, the house was “dedicated, specifically for “Appetite for Education: The Alba Bales demonstration work was needed.” House,” from noon to 1 p.m. April 12. A panel of home economics alumni spoke The event honored the university’s nearly about the Alba Bales House and the home 100-year-old building and the school’s economics program in the front lobby of the home economics program. NDSU Library. The exhibit featured food, The building was used as a ‘practice historic materials and stories from the prohouse’ for students in the home economics gram, from three NDSU collections — the program in the early 1900s, engaging in a Emily P. Reynolds Historic Costume Collecfour to five-week educational period prac- tion, the NDSU Archives and the Libraries’ ticing housekeeping, cooking and learning state and federal documents collection. how to care for a family. Alumni from the ‘practice house’ proBuilt in 1922, the Practice House, as it gram spoke during the reception regarding was originally known, took in its first stu- their experience in Alba Bales, including dents in the fall of 1923. Lois Schneider. Schneider recalled many It was there that students would practice fond memories of her experience within the much of their home economic skills. It was house, especially the rigorous home ecolater named the Home Management House nomics program. before gaining its current title in 1954, the Schneider said that, “Home economics, “Alba Bales House,” in honor of Dean Alba now known under many different names, Bales. prepares one for many different careers in The house was a response to a provision consumer education, financial management, of the Vocational Education Act of 1917, child development, teaching, social workwhich required that “teachers of home eco- related opportunities, textiles, design, nutrinomics under the Smith Hughes Act must tion, good service, hotel management, etc.

I think it is a well-rounded education, very people oriented.” Students that participated in the program at Alba Bales explained that the program was designed to be rigorous. Beth Twomey, head of research and instruction for NDSU Libraries, explained that there are two perspectives of home economics. One perspective is that home economics “was a great way to take intelligent women and make sure they didn’t do anything, to keep them in their proper place,” Twomey said. Twomey explained that the second perspective viewed home economics as “empowering” due to its “emphasis on civic engagement and engagement in the community.” She explained that this perspective was founded in the idea that these women would create a “more educated, civilized society and more engaging place.” Twomey said it was a pleasure to work with the different departments and alumni to make the event possible. “I did some outreach and it turns out, with so many alumni living in the area, it just seemed like a really good fit for us,” Twomey said. NDSU President Dean L. Bresciani said the impact the home economics program had on the lives of the alumni is a reminder that no matter what a student’s major is, or what their experience is, the experience will

impact them later in life. He said that this remembrance of the program and the Alba Bales house is a good way to honor the opportunity we have to be at a college or university. “It’s a reminder that a university setting is a living, breathing animal in a sense,” Bresciani said. “This is living history. We are going to have some of the original graduates of the program here talking about a program that does not exist anymore, though some would argue it should.” The NDSU Main Library will also be displaying an exhibit to showcase the cooking aspect of the historical home economics program. The exhibit is in the Alba Bales House where it displays historic items from the federal documents collection, the NDSU archives and the Emily P. Reynolds Historic Costume Collection. One costume on display in the library was made by one of the panelists at the event. Twomey said this event and others like it are a great way to show appreciation for the university. She also said there will be an athletics archive to look for in the fall. “I would love to see more NDSU students learning about their college’s past and history. It is a really fascinating one,” Twomey said.

Pharmacy Students Get Dose of Reality

Take part in simulation alongside medical students Ryan Nix

Co-News Editor

Sixty-six North Dakota State pharmacy students and over 70 University of North Dakota medical students participated in exercises at the Simulation Center at UND April 9. The event helped fulfill part of the Healthcare Workforce Initiative put forth by the state legislature, which asks NDSU and UND to work toward integrating and sustaining students in health professions. The pharmacy students that participated had access to the largest working simulation center in North

Dakota. Marketa Marvanova, associate professor of pharmacy at NDSU, served as one of the coordinators alongside the Simulation Center’s director, Dr. Jon Allen. Marvanova said she wanted to know that her junior pharmacy students “can provide interpretational care” alongside the medical students at UND. “When you are working in the hospitals or in the clinics or even in the communities, there needs to be communication and collaboration with different health professions,” Marvanova Said. Pharmacists, and other health care professionals,



don’t work alone, and according to Marvanova there is a large push for a team approach to helping patients. The simulation students faced was an emergency situation. According to Mar-

ercise was to see how the teams communicated and how effective this communication was during the interdisciplinary simulation. Marvanova said she had a hand in designing the sim-

have all the vitals” of a regular patient, Marvanova said. The mannequins have blood pressure, heart rate and even dilating pupils, according to Marvanova The simulation was sup-

“There needs to be communication and collaboration with different health professions.” - Marketa Marvanova vanova, students were given an unconscious patient and were told to work together to come up with the best course of action and treatment plan. Marvanova said one of the focal points of the ex-

Pre-Vet Club puts on their annual dog show

ulations. According to Marvanova, the simulated environment was very close to a real emergency room. The ‘patients’ were given a “high fidelity mannequin ... who can


posed to get students “team and practice ready,” Marvanova said. The students got to practice real life scenarios without the real life risks of a real emergency room, Mar-

Coachella’s lesser known artists who are worthy of your attention


vanova said. This could also benefit students who might not have the chance to do a rotation at an actual ER. Marvanova said she has not collected enough responses from students, but from what she has seen the event was “well received” by the students that participated. The pharmacy students were happy to be exposed to the teamwork involved in hospital work, and the medical students responded positively to being shown the role that pharmacists have in their line of work.

Bison baseball falls twice in doubleheader in Sioux Falls



MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2018


The Spectrum

Research Your Research Undergraduate Research Week is upon us, we take a closer took at what’s going on Phoebe Ellis

Head News Editor

Starting Monday, April 16 and running through Friday, April 20, Undergraduate Research Week will show off the work done by NDSU students as well as provide resources about research and applying to graduate school. There are weeklong activities, such as Cooperative Question and the Visual Art Baccalaureate Exhibition, but there will also be daily events.

Happening all week

Cooperative Question is an interactive project that explores research questions and how they help contribute to research, our personal interests in research and creativity. This weeklong event will take place on the second floor of the Memorial Union. The other weeklong event is the Visual Art Baccalaureate Exhibition, which shows off work that art students have worked

on all semester and emphasizes “individual exploration,” according to the NDSU event page.

Monday, April 16

There are three activities going on Monday: Resources for Research, Applying for and Managing an NSF REU Program and the Undergraduate Research Student Panel. Resources for Research, noon in Memorial Union Badland, is an hour-long program that shows students resources and services the library provides, including the Libraries’ Undergraduate Research Award, which awards one student $250 for utilizing the library and its resources in their research. Applying for and Managing an NSF REU Program, 1 p.m. in A. Glenn Hill room 300, will give students an opportunity to learn from a National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduate team on how they created an effective method for undergraduate research. Lastly, taking place on Monday

is the Undergraduate Research Student Panel in Memorial Union Badlands at 3 p.m. Students can expect the panel to talk about their personal experiences and share stories. Students can also engage in a discussion with the panel.

Tuesday, April 17

Tuesday’s events include the Innovation Challenge Awards Ceremony, Demystifying National Scholarship Opportunities and the Baccalaureate Exhibition Reception. After months of hard work and competition, the final round of the Innovation Challenge will take place 11 a.m. at the Fargodome. The winners will receive a monetary prize to start up their idea. All students have experienced applying for scholarships, and Demystifying National Scholarship Opportunities aims to help students learn to manage and sustainably apply to the larger scholarships that may make them feel more apprehensive. Faculty

will be available to show students scholarship opportunities and help students along the way. Demystifying National Scholarship Opportunities will take place 3 p.m. in Memorial Union Hidatsa. The Baccalaureate Exhibition Reception is simply the reception for the baccalaureate program that’s happening all week in the Memorial Union Gallery.

Wednesday, April 18

Only two events are taking place Wednesday. They are Mentoring Undergraduate Researchers and Preparing to Apply for Graduate School. Mentoring Undergraduate Researchers, 9 a.m. in Memorial Union Meadow Lark, is designed to attract undergraduates to certain fields based on the research they’re interested in and how to use their strengths to their advantages. Preparing to Apply for Graduate School, noon in Memorial Union Meadow Lark, is an event where students can get helpful tips and tricks for the graduate school

application process.

Thursday, April 19

Thursday is another two-event day with the Graduate Student Panel and Communicating Science events. The Graduate Student Panel, 1 p.m. in Memorial Union Mandan, is to expose undergraduate students to an outlet for their questions if they’re considering graduate school. Communicating Science, 3:30 p.m. in Memorial Union Hidatsa, aims to deliver a discussion based activity that looks at our sciencebased environment.

Friday, April 20

Only one event will be taking place Friday. Undergraduate Research Student Organization Informational Session and starts at noon in the Memorial Union Activities Office room 120.





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In A Nutshell Amanda Johnson Staff Writer

Fewer student seats at football

Next fall there will be fewer seats available for North Dakota State students at Bison football games. “The students are giving up Section 16 at Gate City Bank Field at the Fargodome, which is on the southwest side between approximately the 25- and 35-yard lines, or the closest student section to midfield. In return, the athletic department will be getting $100,000 less in student fees and students will have priority for standing room tickets,” the Forum reported. Student fees amount to

$1.46 million of the $22.1 million athletic department budget. Student fees will go down, and the additional season tickets that can be sold will bring in about $500,000 in revenue. Student attendance decreases after the first two games of the season to the point where there are some games where less than 2,500 of the 4,000 students tickets available were used.

Emergency landing in Fargo

A Delta plane made an emergency landing in Fargo Thursday evening after there was smoke in the cockpit. “The Boeing 757 was traveling from the Twin Cities to Anchorage, Alaska

when the crew made the call to deliver the plane to Fargo,” Valley News Live reported. The pilot smelled smoke in the cockpit and didn’t want to take any chances with almost 200 people on the plane. Hector International Airport had a busy evening as seven more flights landed after the Delta flight made the emergency landing.

Flood watch

“By Sunday, parts of the valley will be in a Flood Watch,” WDAY reported. The flood stage is 18, and it’s projected that the Red River will crest at 20 feet on Tuesday in the Fargo-Moorhead area. “We’re not expecting any basements to flood. Really just some minor flood-

ing into parks and low land grass areas,” WDAY meteorologist Andrew Whitmyer said. The weekend winter storm didn’t put North Dakota over the edge for flooding. Moderate to major flooding is projected to be avoided this year.

Walmart remodeling stores in Minnesota

“Walmart is shelling out $35 million this year to remodel about 10 stores across Minnesota, including metroareas,” the Star Tribune reported. Curbside grocery pickup will be added to 14 other Minnesota stores. Walmart hopes “to keep customers coming to stores by improving the physi-

cal experience as well as providing more convenient ways to pick up online orders at stores to save the retailers the costs of shipping them to peoples’ homes,” the Star Tribune reported. The grocery department will be made over, and aisles will be widened. Two pickup towers will be brought in later this year. The towers are like vending machines that allow customers to pick up their online orders without assistance from customer service employees.

Green-haired turtle added to endangered list

hican, fleshy finger-like growths under its chin and can breathe through its genitals,” The Guardian reported. The turtle is only found in the Mary River in Queensland, Australia and is a popular pet historically. The punk-haired reptile is able to stay underwater for three days and has vertical strands of algae that grow along its body. “The turtle is placed at 30th on ZSL’s Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered list for reptiles,” which is a list of the 100 most-at risk species, The Guardian reported.

The Mary river turtle is one of the most endangered species on the planet. “It sports a green mo-

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MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2018


The Spectrum

Jurassic Bark: Letting Dog’s Roar Through the Arena Annual Dog Show put on by student organization, Pre-Vet Club


Baba won first place in beginners agility through his clear jumps.

Miranda Stambler Features Editor

Dogs brought laughter and plenty of awes as they showed off their skills in the 22nd annual North Dakota State Pre-Vet Dog Show, Jurassic Bark, to raise money for the student organization. On April 14 in Shepperd Arena, 22 students from the Pre-Vet Club took part in the production of Jurassic Bark, as the chair of the show, Skylar Buckingham, made sure everything was running smoothly. The Pre-Vet Club has meetings to educate and help students on their way to success in the veterinary field. They visit veterinary medicine schools, have veterinarians and previous pre-veterinary medicine students speak, tour facilities around the Fargo-Moorhead area and are informed of any volunteer or job experience openings. “It’s a great fundraiser for the club, ” Buckingham explained. “It’s very involved — a lot of people need hands on — build their leadership skills, and I think the contestants have a lot of fun too because it’s all returned contestants mostly.” There were sections of obedience, tricks, agility, jumps and costumes where people and dogs of all ages entered in hopes of winning prizes at the end. Throughout the competition, the audience enjoyed seeing the different personalities of the dogs, leaving the show with a lighthearted feeling. Bundles was a favorite of PreVet Vice President Buckingham because of his up show in the agility portion of the competition. As his owner tried to make him jump, Bundles had other plans, running about the arena in excitement of all the eyes watching him. “I love beginner’s agility when they really struggle and then they

figure out the first jump and then they’re just crazy,” Buckingham shared. Audience members were shocked by the tiniest dog in the competition, Beatrice, who made sure to impress by showing how high she could jump throughout the courses. Many dogs got stumped by the tunnel that they had to run through. Abby, Baba and Callie all got too excited and kept turning around inside the tunnel, leaving their owner to wonder where they went. However, the crowd roared in excitement once they exited the right side of the tunnel. Chelsea Kramer, historian for the Pre-Vet club, said the event is an exciting and high energy dog show and that it is “not strict, so we don’t have all the rules like the AKC and 4H agility.” For the tricks competition, Shadow left the audience in awe Xavier and Storm showed thier costumes by dressing up as tourists in Jurassic Bark. by his height as he stood on his hind legs, waiting for his treat. With the final portion focused on costumes, dogs wowed the audience with their themed costumes of Jurassic Bark. Xavier and Storm won the audience over by their “tourist” costumes, which included fanny packs, hats and a camera around their neck. Another favorite was Coda’s Stegosaurus costume, and the duo of Beatrice, as a dinosaur, and Raven, the Jurassic Bark ranger. Jurassic Bark not only brought dogs together, but it brought people together for a fun competition. Overall, the dog show helped the NDSU student organization. Kramer explained that other than the information and networking they receive, it is also a place where future veterinarians can find people like them, leaving them feeling less alone. Fan favorite, Bundles, awed the crowd through his excitement of being a dinosaur.



Life Hacks for Exam Preparation Five hacks that will help a student in their writing and alertness when studying Amanda Wagar Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again. The “life hack” posts are trending once more, and Pinterest users are living for them. If you have happened to miss when life hacks started to become more mainstream, they are generally unknown facts or advice that supposedly should make a part of one’s life “easier.” From the best times to study to how long you should nap to be ready to go for your next exam, Pinterest has you covered with these five life hacks for college students.

The essay hack

This hack is perfect for anyone working on essays for classes, especially final papers.

To use this hack, simply copy and paste your essay into Google Translate and listen to it. By having Google Translate read your essay, you will be able to easily pick out mistakes you may have missed while proofreading.

Cold showers and warm showers

Ever wonder whether you should take a cold shower or a warm shower? This hack is perfect for you. Take a cold shower to be more alert, free your mind and prevent colds. This is perfect for in the morning before class. At night, take a warm shower to relax, reduce anxiety and alleviate headaches. Hot showers will also help open pores and clean your skin.

Best study time

Looking for the best time to study? This life hack explains that your best choice for studying is between the hours of four and eight in the morning. Your mind is at full functioning capacity at this time, whereas at night your body and mind are preparing to rest for the next day.

How to write long papers

This hack is perfect if you have an eightpage paper due. The life hack explains that the formula to writing an eight-page paper is to break it down into 16 paragraphs. Since you already know you will need introduction and conclusion paragraphs, that leaves you with 14 paragraphs and thus 14 ideas to support your thesis sentence. By ordering these ideas and their supporting evidence, your end result will be an eight-page, structured essay.

Nap times

This life hack is all about the perfect amount of time to take naps. The post breaks it down into three different amounts of time, with different benefits that are attached to each. Ten to 20-minute naps are perfect to boost alertness and energy. This is great if you are taking a short study break and are feeling a little sluggish. Save your 60-minute naps to help with fact recognition. Finally, 90-minute naps are perfect for helping improve your mood and creativity. They are also the easiest to wake up from out of the three.




Ways to Make Your T-Shirts Different From The Rest

An old T-shirt can become new again with these trendy tips Ryley Berzinski Contributing Writer

When it comes to T-shirts, whether it’s logo tees, basic ones or that shirt you got back in middle school at one of your favorite artist’s concerts, everyone has a collection of them. Not only are T-shirts extremely comfy, they can be very stylish too. If you have a shortage of T-shirts, just check your local thrift store. There is always a huge selection. Here are some ideas to keep your outfits looking fresh using a staple item in everyone’s wardrobe:

Cut it into a crop top

With the weather just starting to warm up, you can start rocking crop tops again. The great thing about this DIY is that you can choose the length of your top. I prefer my crops to hit just above my waist. If you are more daring and prefer a shorter crop, go for it. I love styling my cropped T-shirt with trendy high waisted jeans or really anything high waisted. This look is very flattering and can turn an old T-shirt into something you are constantly pulling to wear.

Front knot

This trend is so simple, but can add a unique touch to any T-shirt. Simply cut a vertical line in the middle of the bottom hem of the shirt, take the two strips of fabric and tie them in a bow or knot in the center of the shirt. This adds a feminine edge to your shirt and looks great paired with skirts and Converse.


Distressed T-shirts are everywhere at the moment. Do not pay retail prices for a look you can do yourself at home. Simply take a T-shirt of your choosing and place holes

wherever you desire using scissors. It is fun to add distressing around the neck of your T-shirt. After you have added the holes/distressing, throw it in the washer and dryer to give it an even more distressed look.


T-shirts are awesome because they can be worn so many different ways. The layering possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas. Wear a looser-fitting tank over your T-shirt. This looks cool with a graphic tee or a solid colored one. Top off this look by adding a chocker. It will for sure make a statement. Another fun way to layer with a T-shirt is by wearing a turtleneck or long sleeve shirt underneath.

Wear it as a dress

On days that you do not feel like putting much effort in, this is a great option. Just throw on an oversized T-shirt and you have an easy, breezy dress. To avoid a wardrobe malfunction, you can always wear tights or leggings underneath. An oversized T-shirt dress looks great with a denim jacket or a flannel shirt tied around your waist.

Layer on the jewelry

An easy way to dress up any T-shirt is to layer tons of necklaces and bracelets. Start with a choker length necklace then layer on longer ones. Accessories are a great way to spice up an otherwise plain outfit. Another look to try is tossing on a plain tee, wear your hair back and throw on some fun statement earrings. This trend lets the accessories do all the talking.


Combine tips to create a more trendy look, leaving your T-shirt no longer basic.

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe The story of the patroness of Mexico Paige Johnson

Contributing Writer

On December 9, 1531, an Aztec man named Juan Diego was walking to the Church of Santiago when he heard a birdsong and saw a large, white cloud. Juan Diego approached the cloud. As he got closer, the birdsong stopped, and the clouds began speaking his name in Nahuatl, the native language of the Aztecs. The cloud parted and within it, Juan Diego saw a beautiful woman with long black hair, tan skin, draped in a sky-blue robe and standing next to the moon with rays of sunlight surrounding her. This was the Virgin Mary of the Catholic faith. She asked Juan Diego to build her chapel on the hill where they were standing, Tepeyac Hill. Juan Diego went to the bishop and told him about the apparition of Mary. The bishop, however, wanted proof before approving to build the chapel. Juan Diego went back to Tepeyac Hill, where Mary once again appeared. She told Juan Diego to collect roses in his cloak. When Juan Diego had a second audience with the bishop, he opened his cloak and let the roses fall to the floor. On his cloak was the image of the Virgin Mary, whose appearance on the cloak was so accurate it looked as if it was a photo. The bishop approved the

chapel to be built. Today, Juan Diego’s cloak is on display at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, erected near the spot where Our Lady of Guadalupe first appeared to Juan Diego, just outside of Mexico City. Both the Virgin Mary and Juan Diego have become a symbol of Mexican identity. Across Mexico, her image can be found in churches and chapels, homes and businesses. Small shrines appear within individual houses or even outside, where anyone can place a flower or candle at her feet. In 1859, the day of la Virgen de Guadalupe, December 12 was declared a national holiday in Mexico. On this day, thousands gather at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe to celebrate the Virgin Mary and Juan Diego. In 2002, Pope John Paul II consecrated Juan Diego and also declared Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe the patroness of the Americas. Of course, some have doubted the virgin’s existence, especially since her purported appearance came at a time when the Catholic Church and Spain were trying to spiritually conquer the indigenous people of Latin America. Despite all her doubters, Nuestra Virgen de Guadalupe is considered very PAIGE JOHNSON | THE SPECTRUM much real in the minds and faiths of Mexicans. Seen in a church in García, the image of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe is open for worshipers and passersby to offer prayers to her.


6 MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2018

Arts & Entertainment T S


he pectrum

Moose Blood Cross Pond to ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes’ UK pop punk band brought US tour to The Garage in Burnsville, MN April 12


Despite Eddy Brewerton recovering from laryngitis, Moose Blood finished a successful set.

Laura Ellen Brandjord A&E Editor

Supporting their latest album “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore,” Canterbury pop punk band Moose Blood brought their tour to The Garage in Burnsville, Minnesota Thursday, April 12.

“I’m just getting over a bout of laryngitis so I can’t sing for s--but I’m here,” lead singer Eddy Brewerton warned the crowd from the start. Trying to sing was obviously difficult for Brewerton as he grasped his throat painfully while trying to hit some of the higher notes throughout the set. Despite this, the concert was by all accounts

a success with a lively crowd full of stage divers. With play time largely given to songs from previous albums, including deep cuts, the audience had no problem singing along. As a matter of fact, the Burnsville crowd proved so supportive when Brewerton’s voice cut out that the artist thanked everyone for their

help. “You know, we are a long way from home and we can’t begin to tell you how much we miss it,” Brewerton told the crowd. “But coming and seeing all of you here singing along to our songs makes it better. You’re lovely.” Whether it was because of time or illness, the band didn’t play an encore. While the audience was

ready and eager for more, they quickly relented and instead turned their attention to the merch stand before leaving the venue. One can only hope the band returns on a future tour free of illness to their eager Midwestern fans. Only time will tell.

Ones to Watch: Coachella They may not be headliners, but they’re worthy of the spotlight Brittany Hofmann Staff Writer

This year’s Coachella lineup is certainly one to talk about. With headliners such as Beyonce, Cardi B, Eminem, Haim, Post Malone, SZA, St. Vincent, The Weeknd and Tyler, The Creator, there is much to look forward to. Under these big names are the lesser known bands that you may have never heard of, but are certainly worthy of being a headliner. This list is highly biased to be honest, but these are some seriously talented artists that deserve some recognition. There’s no better way to get your name out there than to be featured at one of the largest music festivals around.

Sir Sly

I first discovered Sir Sly way back in 2012 on Tumblr. I had actually thought they were a side project of one of my favorite vocalists, Mark Foster of Foster the People because of how similar his voice sounded to Sir Sly frontman’s Landon Jacobs. Comparing them to some of Foster the People’s early tracks, I immediately fell in love with Sir Sly’s sound. I eagerly anticipated more releases since they only had about two songs at the time. Currently, they have two studio albums. “You Haunt Me” was released in 2014, just two years after the band’s startup, and “Don’t You Worry, Honey”, which just released last year. Sir Sly will surely be playing their recent hit, “High” from “Don’t You Worry, Honey”. The song’s electric and high energy vibes are perfect for the Coachella atmosphere.

Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana’s silky voice is

One of the hidden gems of this year’s lineup, The War on Drugs. addicting. I could listen to her remains the same for all is the holy smooth, modern reggae vibes for crooning of Sultana’s voice. hours. The War on Drugs Sultana is another baby to the This group of cool dudes started music world. Starting up in 2013, doing their thing around 2005, she’s released only one album, that and they’ve done amazing work being an EP called “Notion” in ever since. They have released a 2016. total of four studio albums, their Given the little amount of music most recent being “A Deeper Sultana has released, they’ve been Understanding” released in 2o17. nothing but hits among the masses. This record has brought about Singles such as “Jungle”, “Murder some of their most popular hits. to the Mind” and the much more Each song is silky, smooth, mellow “Notion” each have their effortless and everything you could own unique sound. One thing that ever want from an indie band. Lead


vocalist Adam Granduciel brings every ‘60s vibe you can imagine. His smoky voice pairs so well with the band’s lucid and raw guitar. With each chord you can feel the passion this band is putting forth with their music. The power of music and musicians to make you feel a certain way is truly magical.

Honorable mentions

I decided to add these names to the list after I went through the lineup and listened to some of the artists that I have never heard

before, and I was so moved by the amount of talent out there. Any Coachella-goer’s ears will be blessed by any of the artists expressing their talents these next two weekends. Keep an eye out on the bands low on the radar such as Lion Babe, Japanese Breakfast, Jacob Banks, Jorja Smith, The Regrettes and so, so many more amazing artists.



KNDS Album of the Month ‘Boarding House Reach’ by Jack White Oliver Sime

KNDS Music Director

Jack White, the infamous rock legend from Detroit, Michigan and frontman of the White Stripes, is back with his third solo album. This selection likely comes as no surprise to most. “Boarding House Reach” is made up of the usual blues and garage style that Jack White has mastered during his career. However, “Boarding House Reach” is filled with different elements not seen previously in work from White. This album has a solid core of White’s usual flavor, but draws influence from electronic, soul and experimental rock. The new elements of White’s musical toolbox paired with the intricate production make “Boarding House Reach” the most enthralling listen in White’s discography.

Jack W hite’s third solo release is an enthralling addition to the artist’s discography


‘Fre eman: Guerrilla Warfare’ Rev isite d KK Game Studio continue to improve game after initial release

Improved mercenaries and improved lighting and environment are just the start of the improvements made.

Nathan Wetrosky Staff Writer

A little over a month and a half ago I wrote a review for a game called “Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare” by KK Game Studio, which was released Feb. 1. When it came out, I played the hell out of it before recently revisiting it. After a hard day’s work, I was in the mood to revisit “Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare” because I had not touched it in a month. After I started up a new save file, I immediately realized that the developers had made a lot of progress with updates. I instantly noticed their hard work. The first thing I noticed was the main menu screen looked more refined. The trees lining the road going into the village in the background, the sky, the grass and the shadows all looked like they had been

reworked. As a result, everything looked much more intriguing and vibrant than before. The second item that interested me was a character selection screen. When “Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare” was released, there was no option to pick a male or female character. Instead, you were thrust right into the action as a dude with jeans and a sweet T-shirt. Now, you can pick to be a preset man or woman as an avatar to mow down terrorists and looters. When I got into the world map of the game, I checked my inventory and was once again pleasantly surprised that the equipment and skill tree had been redone. Now upgrading your character and equipping items seems to be easier and more straightforward. There is still one little glitch that the developers have yet to address, however. The glitch happens in the

upper right-hand corner of the inventory screen, and sometimes when the cursor is hovering over an item in that one spot, it will suddenly shake around and disappear. Get on that, KK. I went to a town to drop off the useless extra stuff in my inventory like extra food, clothes and a solid gold nugget. I then checked the “Hire Mercenaries” tab. The mercenaries were, like everything else mentioned so far in this article, updated. They were no longer generic names like Freedom Fighters or Sniper Squad. They are now called GCO Freelancer squad and GCO Sharpshooter section. The mercenaries also look way better than before. They now wear sunglasses and T-shirts with bulletproof vests around them. This makes them look cooler. To my delight, each member of a mercenary outfit carries a different firearm than their squad-mates. This adds

to the effect that they are an elite unit with different skills spread throughout the members. From the weapons that I have wielded in preparation for this article, I have to say they look great. The guns seem to have character emanating from the scratches and marks along the outside. These marks make the gun appear used and bumped around. One thing that really stood out to me above all else in this game was the lighting and environmental effects. On my first battle I loaded into the map, and after deploying my troops I saw progress. The ground was no longer barren with patches of grass and shrubs. There are now different types of flowers. At one point I could have sworn I saw bees (only true gamers eat bees). When I walked past a tree, I saw the most dazzling thing I have witnessed in a game for a


while. You know the filtering effect a tree has on sunlight when the sun is directly behind the trees? That is exactly what I saw, and I walked a couple times back and forth to fully appreciate the visual effect. Because I have not seen a nice sky in a while, another bonus was the in-game sun looked real. It was so realistic that when I stared directly into it, my eyes started hurting just like when I have accidentally looked at the real-world sun. Now that is true art. Combat is pretty much as it was when “Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare” was first released. One thing that changed is there are now more than three map variants to fight on. Battles are now more random and based on what environment you are occupying on the world map. While playing this updated version of the game, I had a squad of looters chase me. Normally they would shoot until I disappeared and

only then move toward me, but now they shoot and run toward me. After dealing with pesky looters and bandits, survivors become your prisoner. The prisoner menu allows for prisoners to join your squad over time. Sometimes prisoners will be strong willed and not want to join you, but there are ways to make them like you. You can execute, torture, bribe and threaten prisoners to join your glorious conquest of the island and its factions of warlords. I’m glad “Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare” has been treated right and is being updated regularly. If you want to experience the game and what the developers have put into it for yourself, you can find it in the Early Access section of the Steam Store Page.



MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2018


The Spectrum

Misinformation about Firearms: Part 2 Even more misleading firearm information told by the left Ezra Gray

Contributing Writer

With the recent March for Our Lives and national school walkout that took place the other week, spearheaded by the rather annoying and blatantly lying gun control advocates David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, I thought it’s a crucial time to follow up on my previous article by listing even more fallacious arguments and falsehoods many on the political left use when talking about firearms and the Second Amendment. These fallacies are so great in number that one article could not contain them all. I don’t even know if this entire article is large enough to list them all, but let’s give it a try. The first fallacy on this second list is the misuse of the term “assault rifle” by gun control advocates and those in the mainstream media. The term assault rifle refers not exclusively to a military-grade machine gun, but to any intermediateranged rifle that can be set to either fully or semi-automatic fire and has a detachable magazine. Under this broad definition, a Ruger 10/22 rifle chambered in .22LR (that’s the lowest caliber a real rifle can be chambered in for those who are firearm illiterate) is an assault rifle. Rifles ranging from a Ruger 10/22 to a Thompson submachine gun are classified as assault rifles. So, no, assault rifles are not just the scary looking black tactical rifles you saw in “John Wick”. This category of firearm is so broad in its definition that virtually all semiautomatic rifles fall under it. Hell, the Remington .22 that I used to use to shoot squirrels is technically an assault rifle, despite the fact that the only thing it’s ef-

ficient at is plinking Coke cans and killing the occasional vole. If you’re a gun control advocate who’s reading this, please keep in mind that when you’re calling for a ban on “assault rifles,” you’re not just talking about those spooky looking black machine guns you saw in “Heat”, but a much broader category of firearms. I guess David Hogg just really hates those of us who enjoy keeping our gardens

been a right, but a privilege. This fundamental difference between cultures will not allow any European or Australian-style gun laws to have a similar effect on society. The third fallacy is the idea that the Second Amendment needs to be changed because it’s somehow “outdated” in its scope. The Founding Fathers only had muskets and other black powder weapons in their time and therefore were

Hell, the Remington .22 that I used to use to shoot squirrels is technically an assault rifle, despite the fact that the only thing it’s efficient at is plinking Coke cans and killing the occasional vole. clear of pocket gophers. The second fallacy is much more expansive in scope, and that is the argument that America should adopt the gun laws implemented by Europe and Australia. Gun-grabbers such as Piers Morgan and Michael Moore have ridiculed the American gun culture, claiming that the U.S. is behind the times and should adopt the firearm laws practiced by our Western neighbors. The issue with this argument is two-fold. First, the United States and her gun culture are incredibly different from those belonging to the rest of the Western world. The reason Americans care so much about firearms and the right to bear them is because of how this country was founded in the first place. American colonists had to fight the British by forming militias and using their own firearms. Because of our history of resisting tyranny, firearms are a right of the people in the United States, as opposed to places such as Australia or Germany where they’ve never

completely oblivious to how advanced firearms would become, gun control advocates reason. Because of this gap in technology, it’s perfectly reasonable to restrict the Second Amendment so people can’t buy those scary looking tactical rifles. This line of logic is unbelievably flawed. First, the idea that people in the late 18th and early 19th century only ever had access to muskets is historically inaccurate. Firearms such as the Girandoni air rifle, which was a magazine-fed .46 caliber rifle, were invented during the same time as the founding of this country. American citizens were even allowed to own firearms as powerful as navy cannons during the inception of this country. Second, this line of logic falls completely apart when used on other Constitutional amendments. Does the freedom of the press apply to news media published on the internet? After all, the founders would never have imagined something as complicated and technologically-advanced as the internet ever being created.

Letter to the Editor:

Response to “I Watched Ben Shapiro Debates For A Week” Part 2

This is a part two response to Erik Jonasson II’s article “I Watched Ben Shapiro Debates for a Week”. In this letter to the editor, I aim to focus more on Erik’s dialogue with Shapiro regarding transgenderism, mental health, and biology. Erik critiques Ben Shapiro’s belief that “biology trumps gender identity.” But what does the American Psychological Association say? The DSM-IV lists some criteria for someone to be diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder (DSM-V discontinued this term and instead refers to it as Gender Dysphoria). These criteria are: •Strong and persistent cross-gender identification; •Persistent discomfort about one’s assigned sex or a sense of inappropriateness in the gender-role of that sex; •The individual does not have a concurrent physical intersex condition; •Clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning. DSM-V says that “Gender dysphoria refers to the distress that may accompany the

I guess since we’re only adhering to technology from the 18th century, the freedom of the press only applies to manually-printed pamphlets and papers. What about the Fourth Amendment? Does it apply to email and other internet information, since the founders didn’t have the internet in 1787? Oh well, I guess President Trump doesn’t need a warrant to go through your private emails and phone

incongruence between one’s experienced or expressed gender and one’s assigned gender.” Ben Shapiro, in one video, says that “the idea that sex or gender are malleable is not true. And I’m not denying your humanity if you’re a transgender person; I am saying that you are not the sex to which you claim to be. You’re still a human being, and you’re a human being with an issue that I wish you Godspeed in dealing with in whatever way you see fit. But if you are going to dictate to me that I’m supposed to pretend – I’m supposed to pretend – that men are women and women are men, no. My answer is no. I’m not going to modify basic biology because it threatens your subjective sense of what you are.” DSM-V says, “current evidence is insufficient to label gender dysphoria without a disorder of sex development as a form of intersexuality limited to the central nervous system.” This implies that there is lack of evidence to suggest that gender dysphoria is biologically caused unless it’s accompanied by an ambiguity of a physical nature (i.e. intersex

condition). In another Shapiro video, Shapiro mentions a Cohort study conducted in Sweden that showed that suicidality is higher over a long-term period after sexreassignment surgery than for those identifying with their natal gender. The study concludes that “Persons with transsexualism, after sex reassignment, have considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behavior, and psychiatric morbidity than the general population.” This goes to show that Shapiro’s take on the transgender issue could perhaps be more accurate than what one may care to admit. If Ben Shapiro allegedly “refuses to accept that he doesn’t hold all of the answers,” then I would love to see Ben Shapiro come to NDSU and watch people try to set him straight, and watch it backfire. He lets people who disagree with him speak first during Q&A sessions. But refusing to be open to being swayed by a particular party altogether seems kind of a red flag to me.

Mark Simonson, Graduate Student, Agribusiness & Applied Economics (701) 367-3574

calls since John Adams didn’t know that iPhones were going to be invented. See how faulty this line of reasoning is? The Founding Fathers would not have written the amendments the way they did if they were sup-

hunting. It’s not even about defending your home from potential burglars. The right to bear arms was created so that if the American government were to ever turn tyrannical and strip the American populace of their constitutional rights, the people could defend themselves. Now, I know what a gun control advocate will say next: “But Ezra, a citizen militia would never have a chance of fighting the American military machine, so wanting firearms to defend your life and liberty is just ridiculous.” This argument, like the previous fallacy, is flawed, both historically and logically. Let’s assume for a second that the entirety of the U.S. military would take up arms against the populace (which is extremely unlikely). Even then, citizen armies that use guerrilla warfare have fought and defeated far superior militaries throughout history.

ler didn’t just rain bombs on French resistance fighters when they fought against his cruelty. King George III didn’t just bombard Boston with cannon fire after the Declaration of Independence was drafted. A tyrant always seeks control over his people and country, not to directly destroy millions of people and resources with high-powered artillery. A historically accurate scenario would involve the same tactics dictators as Stalin and Hitler utilized: doorto-door searches and secret police. So yes, militias can win and, no, the government wouldn’t just drop a nuke on Texas if they resisted. Sorry that this article ran a little long, but I’ll re-state the point I made in my last gun control article: people should be at least a little bit informed and knowledgeable about firearms when they throw their hat into the political ring (here’s looking at you David Hogg).

Or what about the Fourth Amendment? Does it apply to email and other internet information, since the founders didn’t have the internet in 1787? posed to be changed based on the technology of the time. The fourth and final fallacy is the fundamental misunderstanding many modern liberals like Emma Gonzalez and Bill Maher have about the purpose of the Second Amendment. Whenever I listen to gun control activists like Emma Gonzalez speak on restricting firearms, they’ll claim that a person doesn’t need a “weapon of war” to hunt. I’ve heard many other gun-grabbers use this same erroneous argument, so let me be clear, the Second Amendment is not about

The Viet Cong, the Afghan rebels, American rebels, even the revolutionaries led by Fidel Castro all used guerrilla warfare to effectively battle against an organized military force far more powerful than they were. The prospect of a tyrannical U.S. government to use massive firepower such as massive ordinance air blasts and carpet-bombing tactics is also historically inaccurate. When tyrants strip their people of their firearms and rights, such as with Mao Zedong’s rise to power, they don’t just turn their land into scorched earth whenever there’s resistance. Hit-

If you still want to restrict American citizens from their right to bear arms, let’s talk about it. Let’s engage in a discussion of ideas instead of resorting to childish name-calling and virtue signaling tactics that so many have resorted to. As university students and American citizens, we should be open to the plethora of beliefs and ideologies throughout the world, lest we slip into a bubble of ignorance and laziness.



Barbers More Trustworthy than Doctors At least in the eyes of one clueless individual

Grant Gloe Staff Writer

This article is more than a sign of appreciation for barbers. This is the terms and conditions of my barbercustomer relationship. I trust you wholeheartedly with my

I don’t need to use a product, I’ll roll with it. Doctors honestly give me more hesitation. I have no doubt they have my best interest in mind, and I will follow their instruction (unless of course, I know better). This does not change the fact that they poke, prod, prick, observe, inspect, test blood, urine, feces, spit, sweat, assault with tiny hammers and shine a light in every orifice. Every orifice. I get why they do it, but their means and methods make me naturally uneasy.

head. Tie your cape and thin strap thing around my neck, I won’t even notice. Maybe my beard bothers you? You can have at it. Leave mutton chops or a soul patch if that’s your deal. I’ll even take off my shirt if you want to do some chest work. The only thing that feels wholly unproductive is me making sweeping hand motions around my head mumbling, “I’d like the sides cut, but, like, the top I want cut but not like the sides.” I know I’m no help. It’s my fault.

I’m already uncomfortable and clueless. I need you to make that go away. hair. My entire style. Even if I don’t like the way the cut turns out, I can’t actually de-

Not to mention when another man gropes my grapes, that means something to me. Call me old-fashioned. With a barber, it’s the

I take full responsibility. I realize my shortcomings, and that’s why I’m reaching out, for my sake and those men who just don’t under-

If you trim my hair with a #4, you could take a #1 and trim a stripe down the back of my head. Tell me the latest and greatest trend and as long as I don’t need to use product I’ll roll with it.


scribe how it can be better. If you trim my hair with a #4 you could take #1 and trim a stripe down the back of my head. Tell me the latest and greatest trend, and as long as

opposite experience. I’m already uncomfortable and clueless. I need you to make that go away. Please just take the reins. Sculpt me. Put all your sharp objects next to my

stand hair and its intricacies. I am still going to walk out secretly wishing you’d done a better job. Figure it’s full honesty time.

Candy stripes never looked so sweet.

Political Commentators’ Inability To Be Wrong Don’t emulate this stupidity please is extreme skepticism.” At what point though do we encourage skepticism, even when the skeptic has no

Erik Jonasson II Opinion Editor

The main problem that I have with certain arguments falling around political conversation right now is one simple fact. If someone doesn’t receive the information that they really wanted, they will not accept any answer from that individual, they refuse to be wrong. This is the classic case for certain political writers and commentators. Nothing, but information that backs their argument up will do. This is something you should try not to emulate. Take, for instance, Bill Nye talking to Tucker Carlson over climate change in a 2017 interview. Now, Nye has spent years researching and hearing scientific arguments for human-caused global warming ultimately authoring a book about it. It is also fun to note here that at multiple times, Carlson, a major in history, tries to tell Nye — who is literally titled “the science guy” — how science works. “People do come to every debate with preconceptions … but the essence of science

“Before the name calling begins and you try to end the conversation let’s start it … It is settled science please tells us to what degree.” Going from defensive, ouch don’t call me names, which

He is simply a man who has a worldview that science is interfering with, so he’d, in Nye’s terms, “cherry pick” science until it fits his worldview. authority to be talking on this point? Carlson isn’t an expert on climate change, far from it. He is simply a man who has a worldview that science

was in response to Nye saying, “we are trying to understand why you guys aren’t getting it (man-made global warming)” to his strictly offensive tell-me-

When you interview someone Carlson, you want to hear their side right? Not just hear your own voice? is interfering with, so he’d, in Nye’s terms, “cherry pick” science until it fits his worldview. What is even better about Carlson’s statement above is that Nye came back with this, “I am a member of both skeptic organizations, climate change denial is denial, the evidence is overwhelming.” Another funny observation about Carlson and others in his position is their inability to be strictly offensive or defensive, rather choosing for something in between.

now authority in a sticking matter of a few seconds. Almost like Carlson is the victim and the gladiator at the same time. Which is something that is impossible? It just makes him out to be a jerk. Which isn’t to say I am a jerk, but at least I listen to people. Repeatedly Carlson talked at Nye for half a minute and refused his answers multiple times. Nothing about this is a debate really either. When you interview someone Carlson, you want to hear their side right? Not just


Be wary of someone who would correct a science guy on science. I am the expert. hear your own voice? If you listen to someone This is a problem that many famous political who claims to be an expert commentators have and why on everything, whether it no one should enlist their be politics, scientific fields strategies. If you want to they have only Googled, or tell me about conceal and even worse, they are experts carry, something I am very in individual’s experiences unaware of, I will let you in the world, than please talk, because I can’t pretend be aware that you are not


getting the best source. You are instead listening to a know it all, who will not yield to anything, even if that is the truth told to them by the best authority.



MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2018


The Spectrum

Champions League Talk: Semifinal Preview Spectrum’s sports writers break down Europe’s biggest games


Cristiano Ronaldo scored a controversial penalty to send Real Madrid to the semifinals.

Taylor Schoemer and Thomas Evanella Spectrum Staff

With the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League upcoming, the brain trust of Sports Editor Taylor Schloemer and Staff Writer Thomas Evanella break down the final four matches.

Before we start, quick thoughts on how we got here...

Thomas Evanella: Bayern Munich have cruised through the tournament, much like they’ve done in the Bundesliga, setting up a captivating semifinal tilt with Real Madrid. Real meanwhile, have taken on European giants Paris SaintGermain and Juventus to reach this point. On the other end of the field are two surprise sides: Liverpool and AS Roma. Roma made it past Shakhtar Donetsk and stunned Barcelona on away goals. Liverpool bossed Porto and fellow English side Manchester City to become tournament darlings with Roma. One must go down, though. The draw has been positively gripping, and I expect the same for the remaining stages. Taylor Schloemer: It has been a bit crazy, especially the quarters. Person-

ally, I went into the second legs thinking Roma was dead, Manchester City could come back and sad that Juventus were going out ugly. I was wrong on all three accounts. Liverpool bookend a terrible week for Manchester City. Liverpool are the only team to beat City multiple times this season, once in the Premier League and then in both legs of the Champions League. And then Roma devastated Barcalona, reversing a 4-1 deficit in the away leg. Bayern seemed to just cruise through Sevilla. Juve were close to turning around a 3-0 deficit against Real, but then there was a contentious ending.

On that contentious ending, your thoughts?

TS: Yes it was a penalty, but it took me a look or two to decide that. At first glance, I wasn’t sold on it. As for Gianluigi Buffon, a straight red was a bit harsh. It was a moment of what I will describe as pure Italian passion, and I have seen worse shown a yellow card. Considering Joe Hart came even closer to referee Michael Oliver in the past, I don’t think the official handled the situation correctly. Sure, Juve players swarmed Oliver when he

awarded the penalty, but his sheepish expression was a perfect representation of an Englishman in a big soccer situation. Instead of waving those players away and having a discussion with the captain, Oliver became overwhelmed. A discussion with Buffon, the captain, would have been nice, but that didn’t really happen. I would love to know what Buffon said, and maybe that would shine light on why Oliver sent him straight off. We may never know, so that is that. TE: I am in the same camp as you: the right call was made. That being said, for Oliver to point to the spot in that moment, in stoppage time at the Bernabeu, was truly stunning. He made the right call, though. Buffon’s red card was harsh in my estimation. Wojciech Szczęsny deserves credit for stepping in to face Ronaldo and making a strong attempt at stopping the shot. But to take the moment away from a legend like that was devastating to watch as a fan. I can’t help but imagine Gigi making the save and coming through as he has done time and time again. It was total emotion, just like you said. But that’s what the Champions League is all about, isn’t it?

Moving forward, Real-Munich and Liver-

pool-Roma, which are you most interested in?

TE: Both matchups have a lot of appeal for me in different ways. Obviously, Real-Bayern is the can’tmiss draw. When names like Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Müller are on the field, it’s appointment viewing. It ought to be a memorable clash between European titans. With that in mind, Liverpool and Roma certainly command attention. TS: Despite being an avid Premier League fan, Real-Munich is the one to watch. There is too much star power that LiverpoolRoma doesn’t quite have. Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are two of the biggest clubs in Europe. Both sit in the top five for me. Roma and Liverpool don’t have the recent history that the other two have. Munich may be the strongest team in Europe, but Real have an aura around them that makes them seem destined for the final.

Who do you have going through to Kiev?

TS: Real have been underwhelming this season, both in Spain and in the Champions League. Bayern have the advantage of not needing to worry about

their domestic league, having already wrapped up the Bundesliga. Madrid’s defensive woes are going to be highlighted, and the German side goes through. And Jurgen Klopp gets another shot at the German giants. Liverpool’s front three of Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah are relentless. The press will suffocate Roma, and a trip to Ukraine awaits. TE: Madrid is battle-tested and find themselves in the semis for the eighth consecutive campaign. They have the experience and class to match up with anyone on the continent. Like Bayern, they have the luxury of focusing strictly on the UCL, having wrapped up a fourth-place finish in La Liga. Bayern holds the advantage in this draw, though. The Bavarians have a deep well of talent capable of overwhelming Real. Allianz Arena has been a fortress for Munich this season, and I expect Lewandowski and Co. to jump out in front in the first leg and bury Real on the road. To your point, Liverpool’s attacking trio will get the best of Roma. I can only imagine Salah is relishing the chance to play against the capital club, his former employer. Roma’s best hope will

be to rely on Allison Becker, who leads the tournament in saves, to stand on his head. Having slain the Catalonian behemoths in the quarters, it’s impossible to count Roma out, but Liverpool has the edge.

Brief thoughts of the Europa League?

TE: The Europa League is an entertaining undercard to the UCL. The semis took shape like the Champions League’s with the big boys on one half and the smaller clubs on the other. I envision Atletico advancing past Arsenal and Olympique de Marseille downing RB Salzburg. The two will square off in Lyon for a seat at next year’s table. I hope Marseille can get it done in front of a French audience to shake up next year’s UCL field. TS: Diego Costa gets to go back to London. The senior vice president of striking pests has some fun with his former crosstown rivals in Arsenal, and he has gotten deep under their skin in the past. Atletico Madrid go through there. It has also been a long time since the name Dimitri Payet has flown across my radar. For that reason, I hope Marseille get past Salzburg and get a super goal along the way.

Softball Split Another Weather Shortened Series Bison, Jacks exchange hits in doubleheader Taylor Schloemer Sports Editor

Another week, another series altered by weather for the North Dakota State softball team. Originally scheduled for Brookings, the weekend series against South Dakota State shifted midweek to Sioux Falls. Much like last week’s series against Omaha, the Bison and Jackrabbits split a doubleheader before having the rubber match cancelled due to weather. In the first game of the day, NDSU had the hot bats as the Bison snagged a 9-2

win. However, it was the Jacks that opened the scoring. Brittney Morse led off the bottom of the second inning and took the third pitch from NDSU’s Jacquelyn Sertic over the fence for a solo home run. The Bison senior dug in after the hit, striking out four of the next five Jacks. NDSU took the lead off the bat of Vanessa Anderson. After Zoe Stavrou led off the top of the fourth with a single to center field, Anderson hit a deep drive to right-center that cleared the fence. The Bison took the lead 2-1.

SDSU stepped up to knot the score again in the bottom half of the frame. The Jacks loaded the bases with just one out, and Julia Anderson scored on a sacrifice fly from Erin Mullen. Bre Beatty restored the Bison’s lead in the top of the sixth. Beatty blasted a tworun home run to bring in Morgan Milbrath, who was in to pinch run for Stavrou. Stavrou extended the lead in the next inning. Her one-out double brought in a pair, as the Bison jumped up 6-2 in the final frame. Anderson put the game out of reach with her second

home run of the day. Her fourth home run of the season brought home three runs to give Sertic a sevenrun lead to hold in three outs. Sertic completed the game striking out her eighth and ninth batters of the day. She improved to 17-7 on the year after allowing just five hits. The hot bats changed hands in the second game of the day. The Jacks hit hard and forced the game to be called after five innings with an 11-3 win. Julia Andersen knocked in Megan Rushing to open the scoring for SDSU.

Morse hit her second home run of the day with a threerun shot to cap off a four-run third inning. The Jacks tacked on one more in the fifth. Beatty made it a game in the top of the fifth with her own threerun home run to cut the lead to two. That was the last bit of good news of the day for NDSU. With the bases loaded, Mullen hit a ground ball to third, but the throw to the plate was high and two came in to score. Paige Gerdes knocked in another run, and Rushing’s bloop single gave the Jacks

the eight-run lead to get the game called after five innings. KK Leddy recorded the loss for the Bison as she dropped to 4-6 on the year. She gave up five hits and four earned runs on the afternoon. The Bison remain .500 in the Summit League, now 2-2 and 24-12 overall. Next up for the Bison, hopefully, is a threegame series in Vermillion against South Dakota. The schedule at press time has a doubleheader Saturday and a third game Sunday.



Bison Baseball Take Two Tough Losses Against SDSU

Sioux Falls doubleheader proves unkind to NDSU Thomas Evanella Staff Writer

The North Dakota State baseball team lost a pair of games Thursday afternoon against South Dakota State. The Bison played a doubleheader on the campus of Augustana University in Sioux Falls and were scheduled to play a third game Friday, but it was cancelled. The contests were relocated due to unplayable field conditions in Brookings. NDSU opened the first game with a two-run first inning. Mason Pierzchalski and Tucker Rohde both plated runs with doubles in support of starter Riley Johnson. The Bison had a chance to build on their lead in the third inning with the bases loaded and two outs, but Jackrabbits hurler Brady Stover forced a line out from catcher Sean Noel to escape the inning unscathed. SDSU had the same opportunity in the bottom half of the frame after Johnson surrendered a double, hit a batter and allowed a walk. The righty struck out Jacks’ third baseman Newt Johnson to evade damage. Stover was chased from the game in the fourth inning after walking Alec Abercrombie and issuing a single off the bat of Matt Elsenpeter. SDSU turned two after Stover’s departure, but with Abercrombie on third, second baseman Drew Fearing laced a single to center field to push the lead to 3-0. Josh Falk tagged Johnson for a home run in the first at bat of the sixth inning to put the Jackrabbits on the board. In the following inning, An-

thony Schneider doubled home pinch runner Philip Jacobson to narrow the Bison’s lead to one. NDSU manager Tod Brown lifted Johnson after the young pitcher allowed his second run. He finished the afternoon allowing eight hits, two walks and striking out six. More trouble came for the Herd in the seventh. Kevin Folman was called in to mitigate the damage, but allowed two earned runs of his own off two RBI-singles, as the Jackrabbits took their first lead of the day. NDSU appeared down for the count after Derek Feige struck out Fearing and Pierzchalski to put the Jacks within one out of a come-from-behind victory. However, junior right fielder Jayse McLean played hero for the Bison, drilling a solo shot over the wall in rightcenter field to knot the game at four. After the first two runners reached base in the bottom of the ninth, NDSU was saved by a defensive play. Landon Badger drove a single back up the box, but Abercrombie gunned down Newt Johnson attempting to score from second. The jubilation ended quickly for Folman and the Bison when Gus Steiger singled in the winning run in the next at-bat. Pitching let the Bison down in game two. NDSU opened up the scoring in the second inning with a two-run single off the bat of Elsenpeter. Pierzchalski drove in a run in the following frame, but solo home runs from SDSU in the bottom half of both frames meant the Bison only led 3-2. Fearing ripped a triple

into the gap in right-center to drive in two runs in the top of the fourth. A throwing error on the next at-bat allowed him to score, which pushed the Bison to a 6-2 advantage. SDSU one-upped the Bison’s three-run inning with four of their own in the bottom half. Phil Velez’s triple drove in a run, and Steiger’s single scored Velez to make inroads into the visitor’s lead. Schneider drove in a run and then used crafty base running to tie the game. With runners on the corners, the Jacks executed a steal of home when Schneider took of for second and Jacobson bolted for home to tie the score. Abercrombie launched a two-run homer in the top of the fifth, and Pierzchalski contributed a sacrifice fly to restore the Bison’s three-run lead. Again though, the Jackrabbits responded. Bison reliever Parker Harm loaded the bases to begin the home-half of the fifth, then plunked Velez to score a run. A fielder’s choice scored a second run in the inning and brought SDSU within a run. In the next inning, Falk tagged Harm for a two-run blast which gave the host a lead they would not relinquish. The Jacks added two insurance runs in the eighth inning, and Alex Marro struck out the side in the top of the ninth to finish off SDSU’s 12-9 triumph. The two losses saw NDSU fall to an overall record of 13-16 and 6-7 in Summit League action. They’ll open their long anticipated home season Tuesday The Bison baseball team is scheduled to open play in Fargo on Tuesday. against Valley City State.





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BISON ROUNDUP Cody Tusley Staff Writer

Women’s track and field

The NDSU women’s track and field participated in the South Dakota Invitational and finished with many big performances. Piper Jensen won the long jump with a leap of 20-01.00 (6.12m). The jump now ranks her fourth in NDSU history and tied for 36th in the NCAA this year. Lauren Gietzen cleared a personal best in the pole vault, clearing 13-07.75 (4.16m) to lock up a spot at the NCAA West Prelims

for the second consecutive year. She now ranks second in NDSU outdoor history behind All-American Leslie Brost and is tied for 16th in the NCAA performance list this season. The Bison won all four throwing events with junior Maddy Nilles winning two of the four. Nilles won the discus with a throw of 164-7 (50.18m) and the hammer throw with a throw of 19710 (60.30m). Bailey Retzlaff moved to third in NDSU outdoor history in the shot put, winning the event with a throw of 51-11.00 (15.82m). Kayla Hochhalter won the javelin title with a throw

of 152-0 (46.32m), leading a Bison sweep of the top four places. Alexis Woods claimed the 400m dash title with a time of 54.75 seconds. Alaysia Freetly now ranks 10th all time at NDSU in the 3000m steeplechase after finishing in 11:20.66.

Steffan Stroh took first in the hammer throw with a throw of 212-5 (64.74m). Trevor Otterdahl won the shot put, throwing 55-10.25 (17.02m) to rank eighth in NDSU outdoor history. Austin Schmidt took first place in the javelin, throwing 200-2 (61.02m).

The North Dakota State men’s track and field team participated in the South Dakota Invitational Wednesday, Aprill 11. The Bison throwers led the team in the meet. Payton Otterdahl extended his NDSU discus record by nine feet, throwing 193-9 (59.06m) to rank sixth in the NCAA this year.

NDSU women’s golf won the Kansas City Intercollegiate Team Championship Tuesday, April 10. The Bison carded round scores of 302 and 294 in the tournament for a 36-hole program-record team score of 20-over par 596. Emma Groom earned individual medalist honors.

Men’s track and field

Women’s golf

Groom tallied a programbest two-round 36-hole score of 1-under par 143 (72-71) to tie with IUPUI’s Aneta Abrahamova and force a playoff between the two of them. Natalie Roth also finished in the top three, placing third at 1-over par 145 (72-73). The Bison are scheduled to compete in the Summit League Women’s Golf Championship April 22-24 at ArborLinks Golf Club in Nebraska City, Nebraska.

Men’s golf

NDSU men’s golf finished in 15th place at the Missouri Tiger Invitational Tuesday, April 10. The Bison recorded

scores of 304, 300 and 295 to finish with a 54-hole team score of 35-over par 899. Tournament host Missouri claimed the team championship with a 25-under par 839. Nick Myhre led the Bison, tying for 35th with a 54-hole 5-over par 221 (7571-75). Missouri’s Hayden Buckley earned individual medalist honors after shooting a 12-under par 204. The Bison are scheduled to compete in the Summit League Men’s Golf Championship April 30May 2 at Sand Creek Station Golf Course in Newton, Kansas.

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