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Homecoming Court Meet the Candidates by: Hannah Dillon, contributing writer

Alyssa Lipsiea

Courtland Miller

A senior in management communication. A senior in business administration. His Her parents are Moreen Martell and Jim Lipparents are Perry and Denise Mill, and he is siea, and she is from Annandale, Minn. from Wahpeton, N.D. What is your favorite memory at What is your favorite memory at NDSU? NDSU? “Midwest Affiliate of College and Uni“Storming the field in Frisco; I was surversity Residents Halls Conference and roadrounded by people I didn’t know but felt at tripping to Texas for the national championhome surrounded by Bison. It really repreship” sented how I’ve grown up here at NDSU.” If you could spend the whole day with If you could spend the whole day with Thundar, what would you do? Thundar, what would you do? “Frisco round two!” “Skydiving: two bucket-list items at What is your favorite Homecoming once, check.” week activity? What is your favorite Homecoming “The parade and seeing all the hard work week activity? on the floats!” “Bison football!” What are your plans upon graduation? “Attend graduate school and pursue stuWhat are your plans upon graduation? dent affairs.” “Go get my MBA.”

Ian Hall

Caitlin Drogemuller

A junior in animal science. His parents A senior majoring in political science and are Curtis and Leann Hall, and he is from public relations, and she is pre-law. Her par- Berthold, N.D. ents are Preston and Lisa Drogemuller, and she is from Lakeville, Minn. What is your favorite memory at NDSU? What is your favorite memory of “Attending the championship game in NDSU? Frisco, Texas.” “Last year’s student body election camIf you could spend the whole day with paigning; I loved meeting tons of new people Thundar, what would you do? and visiting so many organizations!” “We would escape Fargo’s big city atmoIf you could spend the whole day with sphere by finding a pasture to lounge in for Thundar, what would you do? an entire day.” “Go to the zoo and take lots of pictures.” What is your favorite Homecoming What is your favorite Homecoming week activity? week activity? “Homecoming show.” “Tailgating before the football game – What are your plans upon graduation? and the game, of course!” “Become an employed member of sociWhat are your plans upon graduation? ety.” “Law school.”

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Student Government Encourages Bison Pride

Homecoming T-shirts promote #BisonNation among students


In reoccurring tradition, student government members sold t-shirts for homecoming week in the Memorial Union Monday. This year’s theme is #BisonNation. Every year a homecoming committee composed of students from various organizations around campus, including campus attractions and Greek life, come together and decide on the theme that will be promoted throughout homecoming week. Incorporating social media the committee decided to continue encouraging the #BisonNation theme that first began right before the FCS Na-

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recently I think twitter has become huge, especially this last college year and, well I think people like that quite a bit,” Walsh emphasized. Beehler says #BisonNation is a hope to spread increased pride throughout the campus. He anticipates that a growth will occur from the theme and create a widespread unity in Bison pride. “The ultimate goal for the #BisonNation theme and homecoming in general is just more Bison pride,” Beehler said. “I think Bison pride and the family culture here at NDSU is something we obviously have a lot of already, but the more we can build that the better experience every student can have on campus, the more connections people

can feel on campus and the better they will feel about their education and their time here when they leave.” Walsh also adds that the #BisonNation theme involves more than just athletics on campus, but that it has a greater significance for students.

“People just like to be proud to be a Bison and I think a lot of people are proud not just from football,” Walsh stated. “To come to college here and not just for athletics, but also to be proud for academics is why #BisonNation is so great. The effect of it will influence other


Spectrum Staff

tional Championship win in Frisco. “Talking with students, it was really a catchy slogan and something that everyone could get around,” Jace Beehler, student body vice-president, said. “It incorporates students and faculty at NDSU, its great for community members and it ties in alumni because it resembles the bison family.” The simple, clean design on the 2012 homecoming shirt resembles an app that can be found on an iPhone, which, according to College of Agriculture student senator Kevin Walsh, has been a popular success amongst students. “In year’s past the design had a lot going on. I think now with the hashtag thing blowing up


Linda Vasquez

A Dummy’s Guide to Ordering Coffee Page 4

Mataya Armstrong | The Spectrum

people to understand how important NDSU is to the state of North Dakota, Minnesota and to the nation.“ Homecoming shirts can be purchased at a contact table in the Memorial Union. The cost is $3 and are first come first serve basis.

• Travelling as a Student • Spirituality and Discipline • Head-to-Head Debate


Thursday, October 4, 2012 | The Spectrum


Josie Tafelmeyer Head-News Editor Phone: 701.231.7414 | Email:

Information Technology Division Stresses Cyber Security Josie Tafelmeyer Head News Editor In honor of October as cyber security awareness month, the NDSU Information Technology division offers security tips for the protection of personal information. “Technology is pretty much enmeshed in our lives today,” Chief IT Security Officer Teresa Semmens said. “We can’t get around it; we can’t live without it… So it’s important to be savvy about what you need to do to protect yourself and your information.” The division will post daily security tips about online account and device safety on the Information Technology Services website throughout the month. These tips will also be posted on the NDSU Information Technology Security Facebook page. The first tip of the month includes suggestions for creating secure passwords.

Jeff Gimbel, ITS security analyst, said one password should not be used for multiple accounts. With today’s technology, modern password crackers can crack a password within hours, he said. He suggests using “passphrases” instead of a single password. “For example, ‘my cat has fleas’ could be turned into a password,” he said. “That’s a very simple way to keep your accounts secure.” Gimbel described some risks of social media accounts as well. Some websites monitor social media users who “check-in” at locations to learn when people are no longer at their homes, he said. Based on what information people had made available on their social media, these monitoring websites could post the address of the person and an estimated time of how long they would be gone from their home. “It’s something that people should be aware of, what you are making available

based on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pintrest,” Gimbel said. “I do believe people are putting a lot more information on Facebook than they should be.” Many people are not cautious with the information they put on social media accounts because of an “it won’t happen to me” mentality, Gimbel said. “People don’t realize that they are not a customer of Facebook; they are a product that Facebook markets,” Semmens said. The IT division partnered with the Office of International Programs to sponsor the presentation “iPhone, iPad, iTravel: Traveling abroad safely with mobile devices.” This event will feature a panel discussion with administrators, faculty and staff about cyber safety concerns that people should be aware of when traveling abroad. “A lot of our staff, faculty and students travel abroad, and sometimes they go to countries that aren’t quite so friendly,” Semmens said.

“Some countries, in zest for being competitive, are not afraid to help themselves to intellectual property, so they will use your machine to get information.” Semmens mentioned four guidelines to ensure the security of mobile devices: make your device passcode protected, enable geo-tracking in case the device is lost, use caution in downloading apps and set the device to wipe after a certain number of failed log-in attempts. Gary Smith, dean of en-


gineering and architecture, SAT SUN will be a panelist at the event THU FRI 44 44 46 53 and will speak on his own experiences of cyber safety 30 28 29 36 while traveling abroad. This presentation will take place from noon to 1 p.m. on Oct. 9 in the Peace Garden Room and Oct. 25 in the Hidatsa Room in the Memorial Union. The IT division will also give a presentation about social media account safety at the Wellness Fair Oct. 16 at the Wallman Wellness Center. because we like you too

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meet the candidates continued...

Hannah Reichel A senior in public relations and agriculture communication with a minor in Spanish. Her parents are Jill and Paul Reichel, and she is from Maple Grove, Minn. What is your favorite memory at NDSU? “Watching the Bison win the FCS National Championship game in Frisco, Texas!” Why did you decide to attend NDSU? Hannah chose to attend NDSU because she wanted something different. Hannah also enjoys lacrosse, fishing, and being outdoors.

Rachel Black

Kyle Sebesta

Calli Dogget

A senior in civil engineering. His parents A senior in sport and recreation leaderare Steve and Patti Sebesta, and he is from ship. Her parents are Jeff and Teri Doggett, Fargo, N.D. and she is from Bismarck, N.D. What is your favorite memory at What is your favorite memory at NDSU? NDSU? “2011 Homecoming show.” “Having the football team win the NaIf you could spend the whole day with tional Championship last season!” Thundar, what would you do? If you could spend the whole day with “I would take a road trip to the Badlands Thundar, what would you do? and take Thundar to the Medora Musical.” “We would be sure to put some Bison What is your favorite Homecoming Pride on everyone that we meet!” week activity? What is your favorite Homecoming “Blue Key Bike Yelling.” week activity? What are your plans upon graduation? “Yell-Like-Hell.” “I plan on getting my professional engiWhat are your plans upon graduation? neering license to be an airport engineer.” “Upon graduating from NDSU, I hope to gain a position with the U.S. Olympic Committee.”

Jon Okstad

A senior in sociology and gender studies. A senior in management with a minor in His parents are Tim and Marie Okstad, and community development. Her parents are he is from Grand Forks, N.D. Ken and Bonnie Black, and she is from Grand Forks, N.D. What is your favorite memory at NDSU? What is your favorite memory at “Traveling to Guatemala and volunteerNDSU? ing with other NDSU students.” “Storming the field in Frisco, Texas!” If you could spend the whole day with If you could spend the whole day with Thundar, what would you do? Thundar, what would you do? “Visit elementary children in Fargo, get“Take him around the globe and take ting them excited for game day!” pictures at all sorts of attractions like the EiWhat is your favorite Homecoming ffel Tower, The Great Barrier Reef, Disney week activity? World, etc.!” “Homecoming show!” What is your favorite Homecoming What are your plans upon graduation? week activity? “Go to grad school and pursue a degree “Saturday: Parade, Tailgating, and FOOTin student affairs and work at a university BALL! in student development or student involveWhat are your plans upon graduation? ment.” “Work in the non-profit/social sector.”

Krissy Murphy A P3 in the pharmacy program. Her parents are Tom and Linda Murphy, and she is from Fargo, N.D. What is your favorite memory at NDSU? “Road-tripping to Frisco with Kappa Psi brothers for the national championship!” If you could spend the whole day with Thundar, what would you do? “Go to classes, go volunteer at one of Kappa Psi’s regular volunteer spots, and then go out to eat with a bunch of my brothers.” What is your favorite Homecoming week activity? “Homecoming show!” What are your plans upon graduation? “Retail pharmacist; no idea where though.”

Jared Nelson A senior in crop and weed science. His parents are Brent and Rebecca Nelson, and he is from Grafton, N.D. What is your favorite memory at NDSU? “Going to Frisco and becoming a member of Farmhouse Fraternity.” If you could spend the whole day with Thundar, what would you do? “Visit the children’s hospital at Sanford and talk to the kids and try to make an impact on their lives.” What is your favorite Homecoming week activity? “Yell-Like-Hell/Homecoming show.” What are your plans upon graduation? “I hope to be working in the agricultural field after I graduate and just enjoy living out in the country.”

Bryce Hogness A fifth year senior in agricultural systems management. His parents are Tom and Wanda Hogness, and he is from Milnor, N.D. What is your favorite memory at NDSU? “Seeing the Bison take the national championship title while down in Frisco, Texas.” If you could spend the whole day with Thundar, what would you do? “I would take Thundar to some dance lessons. I think we could both use a little help in that area.” What is your favorite Homecoming week activity? “THE GAME!” What are your plans upon graduation? “I will be selling John Deere and Bobcat equipment for Mid-State Equipment in Watertown, Wisc.”

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Changes at Home Make Way to Campus Mike Liudahl Contributing Writer

Your parents and grandparents probably call it home economics, but it wasn’t that long ago when the family and consumer sciences education (FACS) major was referred to as such. While the family dynamic continued to press forward over the past few decades, FACS needed to keep up in more ways than by its label. Forty years ago the Family Life Center was not yet in existence, and E. Morrow Lebedeff Hall, where many of the major’s classes and labs took place, was called the Home Economics Building. Despite the noticeable physical differences, the most substantive changes have taken place within the curriculum. This is mainly due to transformations in the nation’s family related culture. In 1985 the home economics department was renamed child development and family science, which was created through a merger of the Home Management Family Economics (HMFE) and Child Development Family Relations (CDFR) departments. After dating back to the early years of NDSU, when it was called North Dakota Agricultural College, “home ec” could no longer be found in the university’s catalog. However, CDFS’ run ended

Mataya Armstrong | The Spectrum

up being significantly shorter than that of its predecessor when it was recently retired in favor of FACS. “This major is strongly influenced by societal changes because the family is constantly changing,” said 1974 NDSU home economics graduate, Linda Hauge. “Health and wellness, parent-child relationships and personal and family financial management have become strong components of this major.” Hauge, a long-time NDSU extension agent who now serves as a 4-H youth development specialist, feels that the main reason for the name change was to keep up with the times. She mentioned that home economics was beginning to sound old fashioned and made people think more of just cooking, sewing and other housekeeping types of education. “This title gave the major a more comprehensive

area of skills, research and knowledge that helps people make informed decisions about their well-being, relationships and resources,” said Hauge. “This field includes food science, nutrition, wellness, textiles and apparel, finances, housing and interior design and consumer issues.” During my first stint at NDSU in the ‘90s I became quite familiar with the major because my sister Sandy was pursuing an education in it. She will always consider herself to be a child development family science major since that’s what it says on her 1997 B.S. degree. Hence, I was surprised to find out it was no longer called that. Maybe I shouldn’t have been when considering that the overall program looks quite a bit different. As part of typical brother/ sister competitive banter I would often tell Sandy that she was going to college to

become a professional babysitter. It was nothing more than ribbing in knowing that her chosen field of study was much more sophisticated than that. Being a guy who couldn’t decide on anything specific and eventually went with university studies, I really never had much room to talk. One thing my sister and I did have in common is how either of our majors had not yet been substantially affected by computer technology as much as they are today. I can honestly say there may not even have been much difference between how teaching was done in that era versus twenty years earlier. With that said, the same certainly can’t be uttered when comparing the methods of 15 years ago to those currently being used. Technology has played a huge role in making the major what it is today,” said Hauge. “When I attended

NDSU there was no email, Blackboard, white boards, iPads or other technology. My instructors used the chalkboard, overhead projectors and slide projectors.” Along with positive advancements there are some aspects of the former home economics program that could still perhaps serve a purpose. High tech tools can’t always effectively replace the hands-on learning opportunities of yesteryear. “Many of the changes have been necessary to keep up with current information and to attract students, but I do wish that today’s students had the opportunity to experience three weeks in the Home Management house,” said Hauge. “This gave students opportunities that they do not get in a dorm or an apartment. Managing a home and all that it entails was a major learning experience for me.” Considering the rapid

amount of evolution experienced by FACS over the past quarter century, there’s good reason to believe that there will be more to come. Adapting to the needs of an ever-changing society is something that the department has become accustomed to. “The major needs to stay current and viable,” said Hauge. “I can also see that way into the distant future there may not be an FCS major. It might be absorbed into other specific majors.” Whether the major continues to flourish or eventually merges with another, the concern to maintain a decent family life shouldn’t ever be pushed aside. Occasionally changing the name of a major to spark prospective student interest may be necessary, but continuing to educate on what it takes to properly manage a good home are a must.

A Dummy’sGuide to Ordering Coffee Jaime Jarmin Features Editor

Coffee It is the savior toward finishing a 10-page paper that’s due the next day that you haven’t started. It is the elixir that keeps you from dozing and drooling during your 8 a.m. class. It helps get you through an all-nighter when studying for a test. It is an effective and casual way to ask someone you like out without being too serious. Coffee: the best nondrug out there for college students, or humanity for that matter. However, unless you aren’t a coffee-drinking connoisseur, you don’t own a coffee pot or you don’t drink home-brewed coffee, the process for ordering a coffee at a coffee shop can be daunting. It may even require just as much thought process as actually writing your paper or building up the nerve to ask out your crush. Once you enter the coffee shop, you find yourself standing in front of experienced baristas, all clad in aprons and wide-rimmed

glasses, asking what you’d like to order. The gigantic menu with what seems to have thousands of different coffee options is staring you in the face and laughing at you. Trying to read as quickly as possible, all of the names and descriptions begin sounding and looking the same. Flustered, you order the last thing you read, which may not have been what you originally wanted in the first place. But because you are unaware of the options out there and the differences between a latte, mocha or cappuccino, for instance, you are stuck sipping a drink that is too sweet or not sweet enough. Therefore, here is a list of popular coffee shop drinks and the differences between them. That way, you won’t make a fool of yourself when you try ordering a “mocha latte” and the barista ends up asking which one you’d like: a mocha or a latte. Espresso Espresso is a very small amount of coffee that is very strong and packed with caffeine. Generally speaking, a single espresso shot consists of roughly one fluid ounce but contains just as much caffeine as a full cup of cof-

also see the word “Borgia” on a menu, but don’t worry: It’s just a fancy name for a mocha with an extra shot of espresso. Cappuccino Don’t order a cappuccino thinking it will turn out like the cappuccinos you find at a gas station. A real cappuccino consists of a single or double shot of espresso, a tiny bit of steamed milk – not nearly as much as would go with a latte -- and milk foam. That’s it. It usually doesn’t come with any flavoring – this is a drink for the plain espresso lover. Café au lait or mocha au lait

fee. Most of the time if you are ordering a latte or a mocha, a small-sized cup will contain one espresso shot, a medium will have two shots and a large will consist of three shots. However, this will vary depending on the coffee shop, so ask the barista how many shots come in the different sizes available. Latte A latte is simply espres-

so, steamed milk and a tiny bit of milk foam on the top. It is common, however, to add a syrup flavor to give your drink added sweetness. When ordering a latte, don’t ask for chocolate syrup -this will turn it into a mocha, which is the next drink on the list. Mocha A mocha consists of

Mataya Armstrong | The Spectrum

espresso, steamed milk, chocolate syrup and milk foam. Some coffee shops substitute the foam on the top of the drink with whipped cream. Mochas can also be made with different types of chocolate, such as white, milk or dark chocolate. As with the latte, additional syrups may be added to the drink to make it a specialty mocha instead of a plain mocha. Also, you may

Unless you know French, the words “au lait” will be utterly confusing. The phrase translated literally means “coffee with milk.” Therefore, if you order a café au lait, you will more than likely be ordering equal parts brewed coffee and steamed milk. If you order a mocha au lait, it is the same as a café au lait except it is made with steamed chocolate milk.


Thursday, October 4, 2012 | The Spectrum Jaime Jarmin Features Editor Phone: 701.231.5262 | Email:



‘Is it Necessary to Define the Relationship on Facebook?’ Meghan Battest

Cheering for the Bison during the homecoming game could help promote health on the physical, mental and emotional level.

Stock Photo | The Spectrum

Healthy for Homecoming

How school spirit can improve your health Staff Writer

Homecoming is a time of team support, school spirit and for the students, faculty and alumni at NDSU to fully display their Bison pride. In the midst of adorning buildings and hallways with Bison décor, dressing in the beloved colors of green and gold and participating in school ceremonies, pep rallies and athletic events, we might miss the positive effects that our school spirit has on our health. When a large group of people comes together in support of each other and of the community they form,

cardiovascular health.” The prevention of heart disease is increased by 22 percent if positive emotional experiences are more prevalent than negative experiences throughout the course of one’s life. Karina Davidson, associate professor of medicine and psychiatry, suggests other influences of positive emotion on health as well. “Individuals experiencing positive emotions may have longer periods of rest or relaxation physiologically and may recover more quickly from stressors that can cause physiological damage,” she ensures. Cheering at the Bison athletic events not only will help improve your heart health and your ability to sleep soundly through the

Good for you . . . Good for your community! Flu season is here. Getting a flu shot early is the best thing you can do to protect yourself and others.


FLU SHOT CLINIC Thursday, October 11 9:30 am —3:30 pm Prairie Rose Room, MU

Open to all NDSU students, staff and faculty. Check or cash ( exact amount appreciated). Student charge may be billed to student account.

Student Health Service Size (horizontal) To standardize the use of the horizontal logo, three sizes are provided for most uses—41 pixels high for web banners and email headers, 1" high for printed materials, and 61 pixels high for web pages. These sizes should be considered the minimum size for print/online uses. For printed communications, add .125" to the left or right of the red field to accommodate a bleed.

41 px for web banners and email headers

.75" for printed materials 27 PRACS 888 27 PRACS

61 px for web pages

night, but will also reduce your levels of stress generated by an overload of homework or a test-packed week. More healthy outcomes of having school spirit are improvement of your immune system, reduction of physical discomfort and increases in your ability to recover from surgery or illness. As you parade around in costumes of green and gold, support the accomplishments of our royalty, laugh at club skits and songs and cheer for our Bison athletes, remember that your feelings of excitement and pride are not only supporting your school but also your personal health.

The Spectrum

Jessie Battest

the energies they emit are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. School spirit boosts confidence, dissolves social differences between peers, breaks studentteacher barriers and brings out sportsmanship and unity of the entire population. Because it is viewed as -- and feels like -- a mini community, NDSU gives its populace the opportunity to feel the power and strength behind group support, especially during homecoming. Studies conducted by Columbia University Medical Center state that “positive emotions, such as joy, happiness, excitement, enthusiasm, and contentment,” all of which are weaved into an individual’s participation in homecoming activities, “have an association with

Contributing Writer He Said: “It really depends on who you are. Some people don’t care and put it out there, and some are selfconscious about what others have to say,” Mack Taylor, a freshman majoring in computer science, said. She Said: “I would say yes. It’s good to know. If the other person only wants to be friends with benefits, and I would want to be in a committed relationship, it just wouldn’t work out. You must know where each other stands, and what each other wants out of the relationship,” Stephanie Bauer, a senior majoring in medical laboratory science, said. Back in the day, “Defining the Relationship” (DTR), consisted of your friend running across the playground to deliver a note to your crush. If your crush felt the same, he or she would check the box beside “Yes,” give it back to the messenger and the relationship was official. Since then, DTR has gotten more complicated. Making a relationship official is no longer between only two people. Now, in order for it to be considered legitimate, the relationship must be “Facebook official.” But is this truly necessary? Yes, it is necessary. conducted a study in 2010 about the levels of happiness of users related to their relationship statuses. They found that people “in a relationship” or “married” are the happiest according to the positive and negative words used in status updates. On the other hand, people “in an open relationship” appeared to be sadder than those reporting, “It’s complicated” or even “widowed.” Single people were somewhere between the two extremes. Facebook users who chose not to DTR were about 50 percent more negative than everyone else. This could be because they do not know where a relationship stands, or they have no information to disclose. Therefore, according to this study, people in general are happier if they

Mataya Armstrong | The Spectrum

DTR. It is necessary in this generation to announce to all “friends” on Facebook how our relationships are doing. This way, we and our significant others, know where we stand as a couple and that the relationship is official in the eyes of others as well. No, it is not necessary. Others beg to differ, saying that DTR promotes labels. Relationships should not have to fit into predefined categories, yet Facebook asks us to do just that. Defining the relationship has created an obsession with status symbols and labels. It has become more important to quickly report status updates than to actually deal with breakups and new relationships. It can also be argued that relationship statuses remove intimacy from the relationship. When the entire Facebook community gets to know every time that a couple breaks up or gets together, everyone gets involved and the situation becomes focused around what others say, versus the issue at hand. Defining the relationship takes away the privacy and sacredness of a relationship. It has become a way of gaining “likes” and labeling something in which only two people should be involved. Next week’s question: “What disgusting or annoying habits can possibly become a ‘deal breaker’ in a relationship?” Have an answer? Email it plus your name, major, and year in school, to


Thursday, October 4, 2012 | The Spectrum

Arts & Entertainment

FX Adapting Movie ‘Fargo’ for Television Matt Paulsen Staff Writer

Break out the wood chipper. It was recently announced that cable network FX is in the process of turning the 1996 best picture nominee “Fargo� into a television series. For those unfamiliar, “Fargo� stars Frances McDormand and William H. Macy and is about a car salesman who hires two criminals to kidnap his wife. While this is going on, a pregnant police chief (McDormand) is on the case. Anyone worried about the show losing focus of what made the movie so popular can rest easy knowing that writers Ethan and Joel Coen have approved the adaption to the small screen. The brothers have signed on to executive produce the show. It is unknown at this time how much input the duo will have with the show, but it is a vote of confidence knowing they are attached to the project. With cable television becoming more recognized by the day as a home to quality programming, FX has found themselves near the top of that list. The network is home to such critically acclaimed shows such as “Sons of Anarchy,� “American Horror Story� and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.� If done right, a “Fargo� show could fit right in with the networks edgier fare. Movie adaptions to the small screen are certainly nothing new. For every success, there have been just as many failures. It is safe to say making the move to tele-

Steven Strom A&E Editor Phone: 701.231.5262 | Email:

XCOM Gets a Makeover

First-person shooter might change perspective Steven Strom A&E Editor

vision is hit or miss. Based on the 1970 film, the Korean War comedy “M*A*S*H� ran for eleven seasons going off the air in 1983. The show’s series finale ranks as the most watched television episode of all time. In 1986, Matthew Broderick played a high school wise guy who skipped school for the day in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.� The film was a huge it, grossing over 70 Million on a six million budget. Four years later in 1990, a television show was made based on the hit movie. Starring none other than a young Jennifer Aniston as Ferris’ sister, “Ferris Bueller� was cancelled after just thirteen episodes. This isn’t the first time “Fargo� tried moving to the small screen. Back in 1997, a pilot was shot starring Edie Falco (“The Sopranos�). However, with no involvement from the Coen Brothers the show didn’t end up making it. Along with being nominated for best picture, “Fargo� also won Oscars for Best Original Screenplay and Best Actress. It will be interesting to see if a movie that well liked will be able to translate to the small screen. Just last Friday the movie was shown outside on the side of the Radisson Hotel in downtown Fargo, a part of the city’s second annual Fargo Fest that included a chance to win a 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, as seen in the movie. The Coen’s next movie, “Inside Llewyn Davis,� is due in theaters next February. People may have their doubts over the adaption, but with the Coen Brothers at least partially involved it should be worth checking out.

2K Marin’s “XCOM� might be getting yet another makeover according to a report sent to gaming blog Kotaku last week. According to a survey allegedly sent out by the game’s publisher, 2K, the game is still “being developed by the same people who created BioShock 2,� which is, of course, 2K Marin. However, the game may have seen a change in perspective -- literally. The survey was supposedly meant to gauge interest in the often delayed game and how fans would react to some new changes, the biggest change being a shift in genre and perspective from that of a first-person shooter to a squad-based third-per-

son shooter with computer allies “which you can order around the map to perform various actions.� Also included in the survey was a mention of the shooter possibly shifting from a full retail title to a $30 downloadable game. Another example of a game that went through a similar shift was Ubisoft’s muchmaligned “I Am Alive,� which was released earlier this year. The development of 2K Marin’s “XCOM� has clearly been a troubled one. Originally announced in 2010, “XCOM� was meant to be a reimagining of the classic 90s strategy franchise. The game was met with less enthusiasm than expected, as fans argued that the shift from the strategy genre to shooting was a “dumbing down� of the franchise. However, as time went by and more of the game was revealed to press and the pub-

lic opinion began to swing in the game’s favor. That didn’t stop it from receiving multiple delays, until finally being slotted for sometime in the fiscal year of 2014 (which is, in layman’s terms, anytime between spring of next year to the end of winter). In the midst of the game’s many delays, another game called “XCOM: Enemy Unknown� was announced to be in development from Firaxis, the makers of the “Civilization� franchise. “Enemy Unknown� is a much more faithful adaptation of the original games, focusing on turn-based tactical strategy rather than action. In fact, the game is practically a shot-for-shot remake of the first game in the franchise, “X-COM: UFO Defense,� featuring almost every aspect from that original game. Despite being announced long after 2K Marin’s game, “Enemy Unknown� is set for release next Tuesday, far

ahead of the expected release of its counterpart. This helps to illustrate just how long we’ve been waiting on “XCOM.� Should it ever actually be released, “XCOM� will focus on the actions of a team of FBI agents in the 1950s as they band together to stop a “mysterious threat.� That mysterious threat is probably aliens, considering that’s what the entire franchise has been about since its inception. Several publications, including Kotaku and IGN, have already reached out to 2K for confirmation as to the authenticity of the survey, so we’ll likely know pretty soon whether these rumors are accurate. It’s worth noting, however, that these sorts of survey leaks are quite common in the game industry and have been responsible for early, accurate information in the past.

Details on ‘Daredevil’ Film Begin to Surface Steven Strom A&E Editor

It sounds as though any upcoming “Daredevil� films won’t feature the return of Ben Affleck in the role of Matt Murdock. Apparently, 20th Century Fox approached Affleck with the possibility of revising his role in a reboot of the Marvel comics’ character in film. “They’re rebooting it,� he said, speaking of a new “Daredevil� film. “I got contacted about it, and I was

like, ‘That wouldn’t be a reboot [if I was involved],’ but I really hope they do a good job, because that’s a great property and deserves something really, really good.� Affleck played the titular superhero in the previous film. The movie was not met with a fantastic reception from either critics or fans. Its pseudo-sequel focusing on Jennifer Garner’s character, Elektra, was met with an even harsher criticism. However, Affleck’s noted love of comic books have made him the prime target for speculation on playing a number of superhero roles in the industry. He certainly

doesn’t deny that the possibility of donning a different cape and cowl has a certain appeal to him. “I would love to do [a comic book movie] if it was the right one, if I thought I could do it well. I think you have to, with any movie, have an idea for it that’s original and unique and committed to it, and that’s a hard thing to find.� Affleck’s aforementioned comic book love, as well as his well-received foray into directing, have also caused rumors to crop up concerning a “Justice League of America� movie. Specifically, the actor/director was rumored

to be in talks to direct the upcoming DC crossover film from Warner Bros. However, he contends that there is no truth to these rumors. “I guess I should be flattered, and I’m sure it will be cool. I’ve seen some of the stuff from the new Superman movie, and that stuff is awesome.� The future of Daredevil films remains, at this point, unclear. Currently, the rights to film versions of the character are held by Fox, rather

daredevel film continued on next page


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Thursday, October 4, 2012 | The Spectrum Steven Strom A&E Editor Phone: 701.231.5262 | Email:


Vita Price Cut ‘Still Under Discussion’

‘Political Animal’ Exhibition Opens this Weekend

Steven Strom

Steven Strom

A&E Editor

A&E Editor

Submitted photo

Spirit Room. This exhibition is the latest in a series of annual displays called The Constraint Shows, which coincide with FMVA Studio Crawl. Every year, artists force themselves to work within specific theme or concept. Using these “constraints” gives them an opportunity to stretch their creative muscles in categories and subject matter they

may never have worked with otherwise, and provides the public with a common theme to identify with. If you’d like to support this endeavor, or just get a fresh look at politics in time for the election, you should definitely check out the show and the studio crawl this weekend.

Leisure Laundry

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“Artists love to work in this place between politics and art,” said Ashley Dedin, an FMVA board member who will be coordinating the exhibition. “It’s a natural urge for us to try to make sense of the world around us, and making sense of our political selves is a key part of that.” The show will open on at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday at The

follow the herd.

Fargo-Moorhead Visual Arts (FMVA) will be opening a very political new exhibition this weekend in downtown Fargo. The exhibit, which is being called “Political Animal,” will feature work from artists around the FargoMoorhead area interpreting the phrase “political animal.” According to the show’s press release, “On display will be a number of interpretations of the phrase “political animal:” what it means to be one, how we became that way, and other vantage points on the role of politics in our lives.” With less than 50 days before elections, and tension building in our increasingly diverse state, the time is ripe for new and interesting ways of thinking about politics. This exhibition may help to symbolize these new and interesting times through art.

Playstation UK Managing Director Fergal Gara discussed the possibility of a Playstation Vita price drop with Eurogamer this week. We always aim to establish price cuts,” he said. “So the question is not so much if, but when.” This seems to be in keeping with Sony’s behavior in the past. Both the Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable received a plethora of bundles including software and accessories before finally reaching new, official price reductions. In a sense, the inclusion of extra software is a form of price drop, as you are removing the price of the software from the cost of the Vita. However, the psychological impact of bundles on consumers has always proven to be much weaker than a different price on vanilla hardware packages. Gara maintains, however, that we won’t see a standard Vita price cut before this year’s holiday season, when gaming hardware sells at its best. He says instead that “what you will see us doing is work very hard with our retail partners to add value to the product to make it more compelling. Even this week there are some tremendously attractive bundles out there, for example wi-fi Vita plus LittleBigPlanet at the £200 price point. There’s the wifi product again plus FIFA 13 plus Uncharted Golden Abyss plus LittleBigPlanet at not much above the £200 price point.”

The “FIFA 13” bundle stands out in particular. While the series has begun to enjoy healthier and healthier sales here in the United States every year, it’s always proven incredibly popular in the British Isles from which Gara hails. “FIFA 13” made up 80 percent of the region’s overall entertainment sales last week across all platforms. However, I can personally verify that “LittleBigPlanet Vita” is, in fact, pretty awesome as well. In the United States, we will instead be receiving a bundle of the game alongside “Assassin’s Creed: Liberation” later this month. The game and the bundle will be available on the very same day as “Assassin’s Creed 3,” which, depending on who you ask, will either help boost sales thanks to the old chestnut of brand synergy, or choke the game to death under the wait of its counterpart. Regardless of how you feel about Vita bundles, a price drop would be an incredible boon the flagging handheld. However, that will likely have to wait as Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida made it clear during Germany’s Gamescom event that a price drop won’t happen until the company can make the portable devices cheaper to produce. Such attempts are already underway, he said, but if we cross-check his statements with Gara’s, it seems that they won’t likely come into effect until next year at the earliest. So, if you’re still on the fence about getting a Vita, know that it will be a little while before the price drops below the standard $250, but you can always grab a bundle in the meantime.

daredevil film continued...

7:30am - 10pm 9am - 10pm

Phone: 293-6900

1 Month Unlimited...$39.95 -Good for 30 Days from 1st visit

Not valid with any other discounts. One coupun per customer per day.

Expires 9 / 30 / 2012

than Disney, a.k.a. the company behind “The Avengers.” This means that as long as Fox can hold onto the rights to the character, Matt Murdock must be kept out of the greater Marvel film continuity. However, the rights to Daredevil are set to revert back to Disney and Marvel on Oct. 10, just six days from now. Fox can only maintain the rights for a few extra years if they are able to reach a certain level of production before that time. At this point, that doesn’t seem likely, even with Joe Carnahan supposedly being set to direct a Fox-made film.

Fox also owns the rights to the “Fantastic Four,” another Marvel property currently being kept out of the greater continuity. The “Fantastic Four” is also set to revert back to its creators fairly soon and rumors have circulated that 20th Century Fox may just let “Daredevil” go in favor of maintaining their rights to Reed Richards and the rest of the team. We’ll see what happens to all of these characters as time progresses, but for now, it looks like Marvel might be in for a fresh influx of new properties to introduce into their incredibly profitable staple of films.


anon (ymous)

by Naomi Iizuka

october 11-14, 2012

AskAnAse Auditorium

a tale of contemporary immigrants, based on The Odyssey

theAtre ndsu thursday-saturday at 7:30 p.m., sunday at 2 p.m. tickets, 231.7969

produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc. –


Thursday, October 4, 2012 | The Spectrum


Nathan Stottler Opinion Editor Phone: 701.231.6287 | Email:

Uncle Sam A Mother’s Lesson Finding Hope in the Deepest Despair Wants You! To Vote this November “A Thought Less Traveled”


Yes, it’s that time of year, folks: Voting season. With the countdown to Election day hovering right around a month, we citizens are getting bombarded with political advertisements left and right. You can’t watch a TV show anymore without hearing from your president, your senator’s challenger or even from politicians in another state that you can’t even vote

“Voting is no less than our duty as citizens.” for. People in America tend to split on their opinion of politics. Many people enjoy governmental issues, and dive right into all of the hype and excitement surrounding election season. There’s another group of people who are the complete opposite – the ones who are constantly fed up with the government not being able to accomplish anything and think that all politicians are evil. And, of course, there is the third group. The one stuck in the middle – pulled neither towards passion nor disgust for politics. No matter where you stand on that spectrum, you should be standing at the polls come Nov. 6. I don’t care how “fed up” you are with the government. I don’t care how much you “think all politicians are liars.” I don’t care how much you “don’t care about the election.” Contrary to popular belief, voting is not simply a “privilege” of living in a democracy. Nor is it a “right” guaranteed to us by the Constitution. No, voting is no less than our duty as citizens. We Americans, who so cherish our freedom, cannot stand by and expect that freedom to

always remain ours. We must maintain that freedom, do whatever we can to preserve it, and take an active role in ensuring its longevity. They didn’t understand that in ancient Rome. That country, greatest of ancient powers, was brought down by its own citizens. Rome, though it started out as a republic – just like the United States – it eventually disintegrated into an empire, before finally crumbling from the inside. Now, for those of you who actually listened during American History back in high school, you will know that America established a republic in order to banish all chances of an emperor rising to power. And yet, even the establishment of a republic cannot promise that, as the Romans showed. When the populace started becoming apathetic towards politics, when they began paying more attention to the battles in the Coliseum than the battles on the floor of the Senate, when they began shirking all of their civic duties, their republic crumbled beneath them. So if you think your vote doesn’t matter, if you think the government is stupid, if you think that politics don’t affect your life, go ask someone in China what they think about voting. Hop in your time machine and head back to Soviet Russia, ask those citizens how they feel about not having a say in their own government. Heck, why don’t you go all the way back to 1776 and ask the founding fathers just what they were thinking when they gave you the right, the privilege, the responsibility to vote. And then, when you’ve done all that, the only question left to ask yourself is, “Who am I voting for this year?”

Contributing Writer

As far back as I can remember, which, mind you, isn’t long if you consider the grand scheme of things or my calculus two exam scores, there has always been a homecoming celebration of some kind or another. When I was really young, I know my older siblings would have a good time at a dance after a football game. Didn’t matter if we won or lost, the show had to go on. And so it continued

Staff Writer

Unless you are color blind, you have probably noticed the sea of pink that paints everything from merchandise on store shelves, to KFC buckets of chicken, to NFL players’ jerseys. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is upon us. For better or for worse, this is the time of year we are inundated with pink ribbon fever. I could write about my opinion about how pink ribbon fever often benefits companies more than breast cancer prevention and research. I could write about how the awareness approach is reductionist and risks oversimplification of a very complex disease. But this article is not about that. This is not that time, nor that place. Instead, this is article is about my mom, whose thick hair was beginning to fall out in clumps from chemotherapy as breast cancer awareness commercials flooded the TV three years ago. This is about my mom, who has shoulder length hair now and remains cancer free. My mom is amazing, resilient and courageous. Three years ago, breast cancer tried to strip her vibrancy

breast cancer that spread to her lymph nodes. She needed a bilateral mastectomy and chemotherapy. The reality: I did not yet grasp the magnitude of the pain my mom and my family would experience. You simply cannot understand cancer until you have grasped your loved one’s hand while the doctor utters the dreaded words, until you have seen the strongest woman in your life fade underneath the weight of the disease. The reality was that my dad heard the news nine time zones, three continents and two boxes of Kleenex away. Luckily, the army was able to give him medical leave and my dad returned home to be by my mom’s side. If you have experienced these emotions of having a loved one with cancer, I feel for you. I write for you. You understand how it consumes you. You understand the anger, the grief, the hopelessness, the sadness. We wanted to take away my mom’s pain and we could not. Those emotions can gnaw at you, but in those times I realized more than ever we could brood not and feel sorry for ourselves. Not an option. Instead, my family and I wiped her tears, listened to her, supported her and teased her about what a stubborn patient she was because of her fierce independence. For

example, the first day home after her mastectomy, we had to play tug of war with her dishes so she would let us help her. Though we teased her about being a difficult patient, my mom taught us lessons in courage, strength and humor. After losing her hair, she joked about how she was happy to not have to shave her legs anymore. She refused to stop living life. The day of a chemotherapy treatment, she still drove three hours to see my graduation. Years later when I think of unconditional love, I remember that day. I also remember the small victories along her path towards healing. I think of the first baby soft, curly tufts of hair that emerged from her scalp and walking around the block a few times and seeing her face begin to flush again. Large victories were there too, like bidding good riddance to cancer and seeing her inspirational key note speech at the breast cancer walk in Bismarck. Cling to those victories. Let them guide you. This is dedicated to my mom and the other brave women, mothers, daughters, sisters, sons, husbands and friends impacted by breast cancer. Tessa is a senior majoring in English.

GOOD HUMOR U.S. Congress

Nathan is a senior majoring in landscape architecture. Follow him on twitter @ nwstottler.

A History of Homecoming STANLEY KWIECIEN

“Miss Adventure”


away. My memories of this are hazy, faded in the rearview of my memory. Yet, in still meditative mornings like this when I watch the sun illuminate the horizon, the blurry past sharpens into focus. August 2009. My dad was 8,000 miles away on a deployment in Djibouti, Africa. My mom called to explain a routine biopsy she needed to do and asked me to come home to Bismarck for it. Doctors said the chances of cancer were slim. The day of the biopsy, I gripped my mother’s fragile, tiny hand as she faded away under anesthesia. My sisters and I sprawled across the drab waiting room. Our spirits sagged with the chairs we sat on. The room was heavy with the weight of worrying, wondering, anxious, jagged anticipation and raw emotion. Finally, we were called back to the operating room for results. The door opened slowly and I swear I could tell by the hesitant cadence of the doctor’s feet and the way the med student averted her eyes that he had bad news. The doctor has probably seen oceans of tears but I can’t imagine it gets any easier to tell families their loved one has cancer. The facts: My mom was diagnosed with an invasive type of ductal and lobular

to happen year after year, dress up days, pep rallies, homecoming court, football game and a dance, just like clockwork, but the question remained. Why did all of this happen to begin with, and when did it start? After gnawing in my subconscious throughout all of these years, I finally decided to do a little research on the subject only to find that people can’t really come to a concise, exact answer. Though the first university to actually hold a homecoming style event would be Indiana University in Bloomington around the year 1908, and Baylor University’s collegiate parade



“Congress is finally making a push for new jobs in America. However, it is the replacement refs that are now going to officiate the election.”

in Waco, Texas at the end of the 1909 football season, the most referred to origin homecoming story would be the one at the University of Missouri in 1911. The Missouri Tigers and Kansas Jayhawks, having the oldest D1 rivalry west of the Mississippi River (dating back to before the Civil War), would have games at relatively neutral sites. Around that time, however,

a new NCAA regulation was announced that stated that football games between two schools had to be played on a collegiate campus. The Tigers’ athletic director at the time, wanting to make sure that the rivalry event continued to be a success, invited the alumni to “come home” for the 1911 game. In what can only be quantified as a fantastic success at the time, they had

Colby Judovsky | The Spectrum

their game, a parade and pep-rally, at that time called a “spirit rally,” with a bonfire; this brought back to their alma mater some 9,000 fans for the event. Though this homecoming rivalry game ended in a 3-3 tie, it has set a level of tradition that has been copied across universities and high schools nationwide. With the coronation just around the corner, the

parade and the game vs. Youngstown State University on Saturday, I guess the only thing left to say is stay safe this weekend, and Go Bison! Stanley is a senior majoring in computer science.


Thursday, October 4, 2012 | The Spectrum Nathan Stottler Opinion Editor Phone: 701.231.6287 | Email:


Bomb Threat Fallout President Obama: Behind-the-Scenes Connections Morgan Richert Contributing Writer

Bomb threats seemed to be happening all over the country a couple of weeks ago. The University of Texas received a bomb threat at approximately 9:45 a.m. local time on Sept. 14, while NDSU received one at 9:04 a.m. central time. Later in the morning, Valparaiso University issued an “alert for unspecific threats to campus,” said The Huffington Post. Earlier the week before, “two-other bomb threats were reported this week in the region, closing the Hector International Airport in Fargo,” said the Forum. “The other was reported at the Grand Forks Airport. Bomb threats have happened every now and then in the past in America, some hoaxes and other intentional. As always, under procedure, bomb threats are to be taken as very serious; however, is there a need to take them even more seriously? The University of Texas stated, “UT’s public affairs department released a statement which said, ‘a male with a middle eastern accent claiming to have placed bombs all over campus.’” NDSU has not confirmed or released any information on the details of the phone call. Lt. Vettle of the Fargo Police Dept. told Valley News Live that the caller “kept the details of the call brief.” It is as President Bresciani said, “grasping it is broader than the country.” “As more officials have investigated, they have found that there has been conclusive evidence that some of the threats were just copy cats. The others, however, did have a distinct initiator and were connected. The evidence has also suggested that the person who maintained the threats has moved on,” stated Brescaini. Based on the new updates, what do NDSU students need to know about the bomb threat? That is not just a fluke. There is very serious turmoil going on in the Middle East right now. We need to stay informed on what is going on there just as much as what is going on over here. The rapid escalation of tensions in the Middle East

over the past few weeks has made many Americans uneasy, which has led to an unusually serious response to the bomb threat on campus. Much of these tensions are blamed on the anti-Islam film that was produced by an American and posted on YouTube. However, there is one situation, maybe even a more serious one, which the mainstream media has not shed much light on: the possibility of war with Iran. For years, Iran has been seeking nuclear capabilities. Lead by their president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran claims these nuclear facilities will only be used for the production of energy for the civilized population. However, the Western nations believe that Iran is only seeking nuclear capabilities in order to produce nuclear warheads. Now students might be wondering, why is this bad? America has nukes, right? Well the leadership of Iran has a much different agenda: to wipe the state of Israel off the map. In the last few years, President Ahmadinejad has frequently expressed his goal of destroying the nation of Israel. According to the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA), the first mention of this goal was made in 2005 when Ahmadinejad said, “Our dear Imam ordered that this Jerusalem-occupying regime must be erased from the page of time. This was a very wise statement.” The JCPA also quotes him saying, in 2011, “The origin of the Zionist regime… is a cancerous infested tumor; even if one of its cells remains in the region it will be infested, and this situation will go on. This is why these cells must be extracted.” The situation has escalated incredibly in the past year. Iran has finally begun refining nuclear materials, much to the defiance of the world. Many nations have put in place massive sanctions on Iran, trying to make them stop their nuclear programs. Iran continues to defend that their efforts will not be used in weapons and has allowed UN inspectors to tour many of their facilities. However, according to U.S. News, the inspectors have not been granted access to the Parchin military complex where officials believe Iran may be conducting secret work on atomic weapons.

Iran has also covered this complex with plastic sheeting in an attempt to block out the vision of spy-planes and aerial surveillance. In response, the nation of Israel seems to be preparing for war. According to France 24, Israel has set up a textmessaging system in order to alert their citizens of incoming missiles. Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu has been continually talking of an ensuing war and is seeking the support of America. On September 16th, HAARETZ reports Netanyahu claiming that Iran would be on the brink of nuclear capabilities within six to seven months. He has pressured the U.S. to take a stronger stance against Iran, requesting that President Obama set a clear “red line” for Iran. Netanyahu said that Israel would attack without help from the U.S. if they feel that any further delay would make them incapable of stopping the nuclear programs. The question is, should America join forces with Israel in a unilateral strike against Iran? According to the New York Post, an attack by Israel would not only result in a combined missile attack on Israel from Iran, the Hezbollah, and the Hamas, but Iran said Sunday that they will also “...definitely be at war with American bases [in the region] should a war break out.” Not only will our bases be threatened, but Israel has their own nuclear missiles, and if they feel their country is losing the war, who’s to say they won’t use them as a last ditch effort? Should America stand up with its ally and prevent a possible nuclear war? Which raises the ultimate question: how does this affect NDSU and the F-M area? With the recent bomb threats these past few weeks, it has brought a heightened awareness to what is actually going on around the world. These threats need to be taken serious not only at a procedural level, but also on where, who and what is the cause of these threats. Students and residents need to be informed about what is happening not just on campus, around town, or in the Cities but what is going on around the world as well.

Rebuilding America TIFFANY NEWMAN Contributing Writer

Barack Obama is rebuilding America; let’s remember how far we have come with this honorable president. In a video called “The Road We’ve Traveled” made by Obama for America and narrated by Tom Hanks, citizens can see what Obama has done for America during his first four years as president. This president came into office at one of the worst financial states our country has ever seen. It has been said the condition we were in was worse than the great depression. At the time, the unemployment rate was soaring higher than the inflation rate. Several auto companies, including general motors, were going to be gone and done for good. Health insurance was becoming a privilege for wealthy people, rather than

an option for every American, due to the cost. Obama started in a rough time, but he made many wise and significant changes for America in order to get us back on our feet and begin rebuilding our country. He had the worst time with the automobile industry – half of the nation said yes, help them out while the other half said no leave the auto industry alone. Obama came from a family with financial struggles and knew if he didn’t help them out, jobs would be lost and families would be ruined. The healthcare bill is a project that isn’t appealing to the eye for all Americans. It has made some progress with helping citizens who have preexisting conditions and senior citizens who can’t afford it. The good points override the bad points in this bill, but some people still fail to see that. President Obama finally gave America the closure it needed when Osama Bin Laden was killed by Ameri-

can soldiers. Families with anger and need for justice were granted relief, and they were given the chance to move on with life by receiving the closure they needed since the 9/11 bombing events. President Obama has rebuilt our country so all citizens can start to live the American dream again. He made many changes and finished some that our country needed. President Clinton, Joe Biden and many other wise people in our country are supporting President Obama in his plan to rebuild America. The next step in this plan is for all of America to support him on his campaign and continue to accept him; only then can we all rebuild America together and make it capable for all of us to begin living the American Dream once again.

Tiffany is a freshman majoring in political science and pre-law.

Strangers in Your Room

of fun -- and now we live together. We agree on sleeping times, tolerate each other’s SHANNON SUER habits, deal with all of their Contributing Writer late night Skype dates. It’s a lot to take on so fast. Luckily, they listen to my stories, have amazing They don’t steal my unfriends, share similar hobderwear. They don’t use my bies, and we all love Obama. toothbrush. They don’t even I seriously lucked out with get mad when I throw bathese guys. We’re all so difnanas at them while they’re ferent, but we each bring showering. I have the best our own pizzazz to the table and it makes for an exciting life in 503. Friendship has never come so easy, and They don’t want you to I’ve never been so thankful. ruin their life anymore I hear stories of people who than you want them to have roommates that walk around naked or pretend to ruin yours be cats and I cringe at having sleepovers every single roommates in the world; night with anyone else. Even if you detest your there is nothing anyone roommate, having one is could tell me to change my such a positive experience. mind. If you can live through nine Before school I was remonths of someone snoring ally nervous about having a roommate, as I’m sure a lot beside you, you’ll probably of other people were, too. be able to deal with seeing The idea of it is terrifying. an annoying coworker for Here are three people I’ve eight hours a day, or handle only ever Facebook-creeped having a creepy neighbor on who come from histories be outside to greet you each all their own. We all have our morning. But more importantly, I think having roomMorgan is a sophomore own stories, friends, hob- mates is a big wake up call bies, tastes in music, ideas majoring in journalism. in remembering how to re-

spect people. It’s a serious case of back-to-basics. I’ve remembered the importance of personal space and picking up my socks and the beauty of sharing snacks. Even if you hate your roommate, it’s still so important to pick up your socks and maybe sometimes share your popcorn. They don’t want you to ruin their life anymore than you want them to ruin yours. So maybe he is a Stinky Joe who doesn’t shower and plays polka music right before bed-- you’re both in the same boat. He’s living with a stranger who has different habits and hobbies. Although I got lucky and my three roommates have quickly become three of my best friends, I hope if you are living with a Stinky Joe you aren’t hasty to judge. People are different and that’s what makes them interesting. Everyone deserves to at least be comfortable in his or her own living space. Shannon is a junior majoring in journalism.


Part-time positions. The FARGODOME is accepting applications for part-time employment in the following positions: Cashiers, Servers, Fry Cooks, Custodial, Stagehands, Conversion Workers. Hours vary according to event schedules. Applicants are encouraged to fill out applications at the FARGODOME, 1800 North University Drive, Fargo, ND. No phone calls please. Equal Opportunity Employer. Exp Date: 10/29/2012 Offer valid with Student I.D.

Wanna be a PAWN STAR? Used-a-Bit, Fargo’s largest and locally owned pawnshop, is now hiring p/t positions. Flexible hours and a fun work environment included. Stop in at either loca-

tion and fill out an application today! Call Eric @ 239-9041 w/ questions. Exp Date: 10/4/2012 BUFFALO WILD WINGS, a wildly successful and fast-growing restaurant chain specializing in New York-style Buffalo wings, has COOK, CASHIER and SERVER position openings in the Fargo/Moorhead locations. We have opportunities available for enthusiastic people with a passion for creating guest loyalty! If you’ve got a flair for fun and are looking for a great team to work with, we want YOU! We offer great pay and schedules that fit your life and class schedule. We are accepting applications at all 3 locations. North Fargo: Across the

street from the Fargodome (701) 280-9464; South Fargo: Next to West Acres Mall (701) 356-9464; Moorhead: Corner of Hwy 10 & 75 (218) 512-0400. Exp Date: 10/4/2012

TUTOR NEEDED. We need a tutor for a 7th grader in math, science, and other subjects. 2-3 days per week. Please email to discuss further. Exp Date: 10/4/2012


Pregnancy testing and confidential services provided free of charge. First Choice Clinic (southwest of Ground Round Restaurant, Fargo). (701) 237-6530. Exp Date: 5/6/2013

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6 Bison Athletes Earn Weekly Conference Honors Sam Herder Sports Editor

FOOTBALL Special teams: Adam Keller, K Keller, a sophomore from Red Land high school (Pa.), earned Special Teams Player of the Week in the Missouri Valley Conference after making 4-of-5 field goals and three extra-point points in NDSU’s 33-21 win over UNI on Saturday. Keller made field goals of 30, 28, 43 and 28 yards in

the game. The 43-yard field goal was his career best and his four field goals made tied a school record. Keller also averaged 63.6 yards on eight kickoffs. Newcomer: John Crockett, RB Crockett, a sophomore from Totino-Grace high school (Minn.), rushed 19 times for a career-high 122 yards and two TDs against UNI to earn Newcomer of the Week in the MVC. Crockett scored on runs of 3 and 6 yards. His 43-yard run to start the second half sparked a drive that put NDSU up 20-7. Crockett

was the first Bison running back to amass 100 yards in a game this season. Offensive Lineman: Billy Turner, T Turner, a junior from Mounds View high school (Minn.), graded out to 96 percent with seven knockdown blocks against UNI. Turner allowed no sacks and no quarterback hurries as the Bison gained 419 yards of total offense. Turner’s protection allowed quarterback Brock Jensen to pass for a career-high 243 yards. SOCCER Offense: Jordyn Wallenborn, mid-fielder

Wallenborn, a senior from Camas high school (Wash.), was named the women’s soccer Offensive Player of the Week in the Summit League after tallying both goals for the Bison in a 2-1 double overtime win over SDSU on Saturday. Wallenborn’s first goal came in the 81 minute to force overtime and then she netted the match-winner with only 40 seconds remaining in the second overtime period for the win. Wallenborn is now tied for the NDSU team lead with three goals on the season. VOLLEYBALL


A Battle of the Unbeatens

Offense: Megan Lambertson, middle hitter Lambertson, a senior from Litchfield high school (Minn.), was named the Summit League women’s volleyball co-Offensive Player of the Week after hitting .508 and averaging 4.11 kills per set as the Bison split a two-match road trip this past weekend. Lambertson had 16 kills in NDSU’s 3-1 win over Oakland and followed up with a career-high 21 kills in Saturday’s fiveset loss at Fort Wayne. Lambertson leads the Summit League-only stats in hitting by 60 points.

CROSS COUNTRY Brecca Wahlund Wahlund, a redshirt freshman from Minot H.S. (N.D.), was named Summit League women’s cross country Athlete of the Week after running a league-best time of 21:26 at the Stanford Invitational. Wahlund finished 16th out of 292 runners at the meet. This is the second time this season that Wahlund has received the honor.


Anderson Siblings No. 1 NDSU vs. No. 3 Youngstown State preview Lead Both Bison Golf Squads To Joe Kerlin Staff Writer Titles

Rivalries don’t necessarily have to be based off of geographic variables. Ask any Bison fan and they will list-off the names of the universities that NDSU has the biggest beef with. Schools like the University of North Dakota, South Dakota State, Minnesota, and older fans would even include Concordia into that bunch. But since the Bison have joined the Missouri Valley Football Conference, new rivalries have emerged. One of the new foes the Herd took care of was last week in the dump they call the UniDome. The Bison torched the Panthers 3321 last Saturday, launching them down in the standing to a record of 1-4 and 0-2 in the conference, all but diminishing them from Conference Championship contention.

The Bison will look to do the same to another foe as the undefeated and No. 3 ranked Youngstown State Penguins come to the most intimidating stadium in all of FCS football Saturday afternoon. Coach Bohl anointed “Blue-collared program” is coming off an extra week of preparation looking to keep that record perfect, in hopes to continue their climb in the polls. The third ranked Penguins were the only team last year able to take down the mighty Bison. But for every Bison fan, we all know what transpired next, and we hope to continue the success this weekend. With the National Championship season and last week’s emotional victory behind us, the Bison are bringing the party back to the Fargodome. The chosen few that got their hands on homecoming tickets will be rocking in the stands as the Bison go for their ninth victory in a row. The Bison’s top ten of-

fense will be led by Brock Jensen who is emerging as an elite quarterback in the FCS. Jensen will be sure to bring out all the weapons against a Youngstown defense that is only allowing 19 points per game. Running back John Crockett is coming off a heck of a week himself, being named Missouri Valley Conference Offensive Newcomer of the Week. Crockett amassed a career high 122 rushing yards on his way to a two-touchdown performance. The Penguins will be attempting to counter with a high-powered offense of their own. YSU is averaging nearly 41 points a game and will likely be a tough test against a vulnerable Bison secondary. The Bison defense allowed a season high 213 passing yards last Saturday against UNI, which may not seem like a cause for concern, but they are going to have to tighten it up against a potent Penguin passing

game. Junior quarterback Kurt Hess leads the FCS in passing efficiency and has a Jensen-like skill set that will keep the Bison defense busy all afternoon. Hess also has weapons around him in receivers, being Will Shaw and Andrea Stubbs, who are more than capable of taking the top off the defense. Coach Craig Bohl won’t let his defense forget about running back Jamaine Cook. Coach explained him as “elusive…and not afraid to put his foot down and run you over.” The Bison will have another challenge this weekend just as big as conference implications. What is becoming somewhat of a rivalry in this part of town will witness two great programs going headto-head in a game that will be sure to live up to the hype. As Bohl put it in his press conference, “At the end of Saturday, only one will still be standing.”

Sports Editor

In the words of D-Generation X: Are you ready? Are you ready for Bison football on homecoming Saturday? Are you ready for tailgating, pre-gaming, touchdowns, yelling and the postgame festivities? Are you ready for the most anticipated game in Fargodome history? Yes, you heard me. The most anticipated game in Fargodome history. The No. 1 ranked Bison are set to take on No. 3 Youngstown State, the same team that handed NDSU its only loss last season. Expect a doozy here, folks. This game is going to be talked about more times than NDSU students hitting the refresh button on the student ticket website. Too soon for the people who didn’t get tickets? My apologies. Compared to the UNI game last year, I believe this game outmatches it in anticipation. The sour feeling of last year’s loss to Youngstown is still burning

the insides of BisoNation (which by the way, has one “N” and not two, c’mon, homecoming T-shirt committee). In fact, Youngstown has beaten the Bison the last two times they have come to the Fargodome. These two teams have developed a special little rivalry here. It also helps that both teams are ranked in the top three to add another dimension to this game. If Youngstown State pulls off a win, expect huge changes to the national polls. And that affects NDSU more than people think. The Bison finishing the season ranked in the top two is essential. This means that they would be able to host all playoff games, an absolute huge advantage. Yes, there is plenty more games to come, but this game will no doubt effect the playoff picture. This gives you Bison fans one more season to yell a little bit louder. Another dimension to this game is the fact that this will be the biggest test of the year for the Bison. If they win this one, the Herd has a tremendous chance to go undefeated in the Missouri Valley Conference, something that is almost unheard of. As

Follow the herd. @NDSUSpectrum

you can see, all these storylines add to the anticipation. I’m even going as far as saying this is the FCS game of the year. And what better place to have it played than in the confines of the Fargodome, the best stadium in the league? Expect the dome to be one of the loudest in history. This game is a sure sellout, with even more fans who didn’t get tickets camped out outside. Bars will be packed, watchparties will be hosted, and radios will be cranked. This game will have the attention all around the Midwest. The Bison will no doubt have all of this in the back of

Sports Editor

What a day for the Anderson family. Senior siblings Nathan and Amy Anderson won individual titles to help the Bison men’s and women’s golf teams sweep the Jackrabbit Fall Invitational at SDSU. Nathan shot an even-par 70 in the final round to finish 2-over 212, winning by one stroke over SDSU’s Hudson Carpenter. Anderson was tied for second place at 2-over par 142 in the opening two rounds after shooting a 4-over 74 and a 2-under 68. Amy shot a 4-over 75 in the final round and finished 3-over 216, winning by 10 shots over Morgan Fitts of SDSU. Anderson held the lead after the first two rounds, shooting a 71 and 70 at 1-under par 141. Nathan, the older brother by 16 months and 12 days, won his second tournament in three outings this year their mind. Expect a couple while Amy won her first of mistakes early that will slow the game, but it will turn into an all-out battle with plenty of big plays and big hits. There is no love here between these two squads. Trust me, the fans are not going to go easy on the Penguins, adding more hostility on the field. Come Saturday, fans will wake up early with Bison game day spirit at an ultimate high. Campus will be filled with gold, tailgating will be rocking and the line at the South entrance will be more energized than Black Friday. And when the lights turn off in the dome and the

Most Anticipated Fargodome Game Set to Take Place Sam Herder

Sam Herder

the year. Her 16 collegiate wins is one shy of the Division I record of 17 wins by San Jose State’s Juli Inkster. The Bison men’s team won the eight-team tournament by eight shots with an 877, ahead of SDSU’s 885. Trent Olson and Bill Carlson joined Anderson in the top 10. Olson tied for third with a 219 and Carlson’s 220 was good for a sixth place tie. Nate Varty tied for 18 with a 229 and Connor Holland shot a 232, good for a 27 place tie. The NDSU women also had three players in the top 10. Sarah Storandt finished ninth with a 238 and Abby Knutson tied for 10 with a 239. Hailey Boner shot a 240, good for a 12 place tie and Megan Swan’s 262 tied her for 39. The Bison men travel to Sam Houston State next Monday and Tuesday and to Kansas City in two weeks to close out their fall schedule. The women will end their fall season at Hawaii on October 30-31.


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Sam Herder Sports Editor Phone: 701.231.5262 | Email:

Sports Staff Questionnaire Sam Herder Sports Editor The sports crew here at the Spectrum is filled with characters. The readers usually hear their words from the reporting perspective, and not so much their personal side. Well, I decided to ask each of them a set of random questions on athletics here at NDSU. Some fun questions reveal their true personality while a couple tough questions put them on the spot. Anyway, here are the answers from Colton Pool (CP), Morgan Lubben (ML), Corrie Dunshee (CD), Pace Maier (PM) and Joe Kerlin (JK). 1. If you could play one sport here at NDSU, which one would you choose? CP: I’m trying to find a good cycling club but if that doesn’t work out, then foot-

ball. ML: Football. They get to share the field with the NDSU dance team. Those ladies are good lookin’, and I’d love to share the field with them! CD: Basketball. PM: Golf. JK: Baseball.

2. What is less likely to happen: the Bison football team not reaching the playoffs or the Minnesota Vikings reaching the playoffs? CP: I don’t think either is humanly possible, but if they were then I’d have to say the Vikings making the playoffs. ML: Vikings reaching the playoffs. CD: The Bison football team not reaching the playoffs. PM: The Minnesota Vikings reaching the playoffs, although they look good this year!

JK: Vikings making the playoffs. The second half collapse is inevitable.

3. Who is your favorite Bison athlete to watch? CP: Brock Jensen. ML: Brynn Joki or Megan Lambertson. CD: Brock Jensen. PM: Zach Vraa. JK: Toss up between Colton Heagle and Marcus Williams. 4. Would you rather try and tackle Sam Ojuri or defend a spike from Megan Lambertson? CP: I would much rather try the tackle. My face is too fragile to take a spike from Megan Lambertson. ML: Defend a spike against Lambertson. I might get faked out by Ojuri’s dreadlocks and miss him completely. CD: Defend Lambertson’s spike. PM: Try and tackle Sam

Ticket Massacre Joe Kerlin Staff Writer Ticket Massacre Joe Kerlin Many of you ran into a similar problem Monday when attempting to reserve your ticket for the upcoming homecoming football game. The servers on NDSU and websites crashed throughout the day due to the high-levels of traffic caused by student trying to reserve their spot in this weekend’s football game. Memes were made, tears

were shed, and a lot of people’s homecomings were ruined before rolling out of bed Monday morning. We all have to face the reality that not all of us can attend the football games. But that doesn’t mean there’s not something we can do about it. The football ticket reservation process is one of the most flawed systems here at NDSU. Not only is the weekly reservation system failing, its irritating the student body. The student ticket process simply needs to be

changed. Here’s how: Unlike in years past, and you going to hate me for this right-off the bat, the athletic department sells the season ticket packages at fifty bucks a pop. Not only would this steer away some “poser” Bison fans to make room for the real ones, it would put more money into the program and into the city of Fargo. The fifty dollars would be added to your tuition total for the semester making it a simple purchase. The season ticket package would work like this. Starting with in the first few

My one reason?

To provide hope for people in need. You only need one reason to donate plasma.

Find out how becoming a plasma donor can make a difference for patients and help you earn extra money. As a new donor, you can earn up to $85 this week. Talecris Plasma Resources 800 Holiday Drive, Moorhead (218) 287-2700 In addition to meeting the donation criteria, you must provide a valid photo I.D., proof of your current address and your Social Security or immigration card to donate. Must be 18 years of age or older to donate.

Ojuri. JK: I could take Ojuri. 5. Do you think you’re more capable of running a 5k cross-country course or playing in a soccer game with the Bison? CP: 5k course. ML: Soccer game. CD: 5k course. PM: 5k course. JK: Soccer. 6. What would be tougher trying to beat Amy Anderson in a round of golf or getting open against Marcus Williams? CP: Marcus Williams. ML: Getting open against Marc Will. Let’s face it: he’s an all-American. If D1 football players can’t get open, I don’t stand a chance. CD: Beating Amy Anderson in a round of golf would definitely be tougher. PM: Amy Anderson. JK: Golf game is brutal. Beating Amy.

days in August, student entering their senior year and are enrolled in at least 12 or more credits can reserve a season ticket package for all the Bison home games. Every few days, more and more student would become eligible based on number of credits taken here at NDSU, until finally the freshman can put their names in for tickets. The names of the freshmen who are randomly selected EACH week will be posted on the website on the Monday before the game, and will have to be purchased before Saturday. This allows for a few days of searching for tickets online from fans who aren’t going. They could also just wait until the tailgating challenge the morning of the game. (More on this in a moment) Let’s say you can’t make the game for whatever reason, you have the option to

7. Name one NDSU coach that you would never, ever want to yell at you? CP: Coach Bohl. Everyone loves him; so getting yelled at by him would be like getting yelled at by Forest Gump, minus the speech problems. ML: Craig Bohl. For whatever reason, bald people seem so much more intimidating. CD: I would never, EVER want Coach Bohl to yell at me. Doesn’t look too pleasant from a distance. PM: Coach Bohl. JK: Wrestling Coach, Roger Kish.

doesn’t send shrivels down your spine when coach Bohl slams open the locker room doors and march down the tunnel, you aren’t human. CD: The football team’s kickoff and the student’s dancing to Wipe Out. PM: Bison Pride Friday. JK: Winning National Championships. 9. Who is the most intimidating Bison athlete? CP: 6’7” freshman Landon Lechler. ML: Billy Turner. He’s a big boy. CD: Marcus Williams. PM: Billy Turner. JK: Cheyenne Garcia.

8. What is your favorite Bison tradition? CP: Beating UND in anything. Who doesn’t love that? And it’s bound to happen every year so it’s a great tradition. ML: The tunnel march at home football games. If it

10. Yes or no, will the Bison football team repeat as National Champs? CP: Yes. ML: Yes. CD: Yes. PM: Yes. JK: Yes.

post your ticket on a “Bison Ticket Exchange” feature only available to students on the website. The week of the game you can create at Craig List like add on the website selling your ticket for ten bucks a pop. If you’re keeping track at home, that’s six Bison home games you can flip to make a quick ten bucks. All of the unclaimed tickets will be given away during the “Freshman Gauntlet”, on Saturday mornings in the tailgating area. Along with the 20-30 tickets set aside for this event at every Bison home game, freshmen will battle it out Real World/ Road Rules Gauntlet style to earn their tickets into the game. Can you imagine how glorious this would be? Two freshmen literally fighting their way into the game by socking each other around on a small platform, dressed

in sparring attire. We could create obstacle courses around the tailgating area and quests that teams will have to complete around the tailgating area. Since crowd involvement is always encouraged, I don’t see why we couldn’t get the whole parking lot involved. This “Freshmen Gauntlet” has the potential of becoming a more legendary around here more than the football games themselves. And it would be a perfect way to find out who really wants to watch the Bison football games. If you have any ideas for the “Freshman Gauntlet” feel free to email Sam, the editor, with your gauntlet challenge ideas. The point is, the student ticket process needs to be change. And I think we would all prefer it to be sooner rather than later.


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Free Deb it Progr am See website for complete list of on and off campus merchants that accept Bison Bucks

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