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Green Infrastructure Design and Place making 18 June 2013 Maryhill Burgh Halls, Glasgow

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Craig McLaren Royal Town Planning Institute

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Roddy Fairley Scottish Natural Heritage

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Green Infrastructure The term ‘green infrastructure’ is relatively new and has been adopted by the EU and Scotland, as the basic principles it embodies are familiar to us in Scotland. Green infrastructure differs from conventional approaches to open space planning because it offers greater functionality. It can offer an environmentally friendly approach to land development, growth management and built infrastructure planning. Improving the quality of our urban and rural environments is vital if we are to deliver on our ambition to make Scotland a greener, wealthier and fairer, smarter, healthier and stronger country. In this event we will explore the ways in which well-designed green infrastructure and creatively designed spaces can offer multiple benefits and can support multiple agendas by helping to develop communities and places that are sustainable while attracting residents and businesses and supporting healthy lifestyles. These spaces will achieve this by encouraging the kinds of behaviour that contribute towards the success of places in social, economic and environmental terms. Green infrastructure planning works at national, regional and local levels and is an integral component of building well designed and sustainable communities. Indeed green infrastructure plays a key role when master planning both greenfield and regeneration sites in a sustainable way. In addition to all of this we will examine how green infrastructure can help tackle climate change and how it can advance developments which will help to reduce Scotland’s carbon footprint while providing solutions for climate change adaptation.


Introduction to Green Infrastructure In this opening session we examine what is actually meant by Green Infrastructure and how this works in practice as a response to environmental needs and government policy.


The Role of Green Infrastructure and ecology in Urban Environments With our second session we will explore the role of the planning system and what Green Infrastructure can do to tackle climate change issues such as urban drainage and energy efficiency.


The social and health Implications of Green Infrastructure To close the event we will discuss the additional, non-environmental impacts on the communities living with Green Infrastructure. The key areas we will address will be the potential health, housing and financial benefits.


18 June 2013 Maryhill Burgh Halls, Glasgow

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Introduction to Green Infrastructure

The Role of Green Infrastructure in Urban Environments and Ecology

The Sustainability and Human Benefits of Green Infrastructure

8:45 Registration and refreshments

11:20 Greening Green infrastructure Roddy Fairley, Programme Manager of Biodiversity, Scottish Natural Heritage • The benefits of greener infrastructure • Examples of existing infrastructure • The impact on wildlife and ecology

13:40 The Sustainability of Green Infrastructure Euan Hall, Chief Executive, The Land Trust • The community and economic benefits of green space • Effective management and maintenance • Strategies to reduce financial burdens

9:30 Introduction from the Chair Diarmaid Lawlor, Head of Urbanism, A+DS 9:40 Introduction to Green Infrastructure Stuart Watson, Senior Architect, Scottish Government • What could we really mean by Green Infrastructure? And Why are Networks so important? • Overview of the benefits of green, or green/blue, elements that are joined-up • Examples of challenges and projects 10:00 Scotland’s response to Europe’s 2020 Biodiversity Strategy Jonathan Hughes, Director of Conservation, Scottish Wildlife Trust 10:20 Green Infrastructure in Practice Duncan McLean, Associate, Landscape Architect & Urban Designer, LUC 10:40 Q&A 11:00 Break

11:40 The Role of Planning in Supporting Green Infrastructure Craig McLaren, National Director, Royal Town Planning Institute • How can planners an planning help deliver green infrastructure • Embedding green infrastructure into the planning process • Examples of where planning is playing a critical role in delivery 12:00 Green Infrastructure as a Response to Climate Change and Development; Nature in the Built Environment Max Hislop, Programme Manager, GCV Green Network Partnership • The Integrating Green Infrastructure (IGI) Approach • Assessing Climate Change Risks in the Glasgow & Clyde Valley region • IGI for climate-ready developments at the Seven Lochs Wetland Park 12:20 Q&A 12:40 Lunch

14:00 Healthy Places Mean Healthy People Lorraine Tulloch, Director, Dot To Dot Consulting • The role of place in creating health • What is a healthy place? • Demonstrating success 14:20 Improving Health and Wellbeing by Creating Child Friendly Communities Marguerite Hunter-Blair, Chief Executive, Play Scotland • The role of a national Play Strategy in creating play friendly neighbourhoods • Reflecting on the Rotterdam Norms • Learning for sustainability 14:40 The Impact of Green Infrastructure on the Labour Market Philip Ford, Skills Strategy Manager, Construction Skills 15:00 Q&A 15:20 Closing address from the Chair Diarmaid Lawlor, Head of Urbanism, A+DS 15:30 Close

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Conference brochure for 2013 Green Infrastructure

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Conference brochure for 2013 Green Infrastructure