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Welcome to  42  magazine.     This  is  our  first  issue  of  the  international,  online,   fashion  magazine,  42 magazine.     Our  aim  whit  this  site  is  to  gather  all  different   kids  of  fashion  blogs  in  one  online  magazine.  We   will  let  the  bloggers  help  us  to  spread   inspiration  to  all  of  you  out  there.       We  have  a  lot  of  ideas  for  the  future  42   magazine  and  if  you  have  a  blog  and  would  like   to  be  a  part  of  it,  or  have  any  thought  and   opinions  about  how  we  could  make  it  better,   please  feel  free  to  contact  us  at     We  are  so  proud  to  present  this  issue,   and  thanks  to  all  of  the  bloggers  who  helped  us   whit  it.   Enjoy!                    

Cheap clothing with Annika Victoria… Annika Victoria  is  a  20-­‐year  old   Australian  blogger.  We  asked  her  what   made  her  style  unique  and  this  is  what   she  answered,  “it  is  different  to  a  lot  of   other  blogs  in  the  way  that  I  am  a  real   advocate  of  finding  super  cheap   clothes,  I  don't  buy  or  talk  about  High   Street  and  designer  fashion,  and  I  try   to  encourage  making  sought  after   trendy  items  yourself”     She  wears  her  clothes  with  much   confidence,  which  makes  her  style   unique,  that  is  also  what  she  believes   everyone  else  should  do.     The  best  way  of  getting  cheap  clothes  is  to  buy  them  from  stores  like,  from  vintage  stores  and  also  to  make  your  own.  Buy  a  white  T-­‐ shirt  from  H&M’s,  cut  it,  dye  it  and  add  some  nice  details  to  it,  to  make  it   become  more  personal  and  unique.           http://www.pineneedle-­‐  

If you  have  visited  her  blog,  you’ll   see  that  she  uses  pieces  of  clothes   and  changes  them  into  something   new,  more  fun  and  a  more   interesting  thing  to  wear.  The   above  picture  is  an  example  of   this.  She  has  many  fun  ways  of   changing  her  clothes,  visit  her   blog  for  advice.    

September 2012  

Autumn fashion, september 2012, Issue 1