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Cheap clothing with Annika Victoria… Annika Victoria is a 20-year old Australian blogger. We asked her what made her style unique and this is what she answered, “it is different to a lot of other blogs in the way that I am a real advocate of finding super cheap clothes, I don't buy or talk about High Street and designer fashion, and I try to encourage making sought after trendy items yourself” She wears her clothes with much confidence, which makes her style unique, that is also what she believes everyone else should do.

If you have visited her blog,

The best way of getting cheap clothes is to buy them from stores like, from vintage stores and also to make your own. Buy a white T-shirt from H&M’s, cut it, dye it and add some nice details to it, to make it become more personal and unique.


Issue 1 September 2012  
Issue 1 September 2012  

This is the final result of the first issue of 42-Magazine.