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Welcome to 42 magazine. This is our first issue of the international, online, fashion magazine, 42 magazine. Our aim whit this site is to gather all different kids of fashion blogs in one online magazine. We will let the bloggers help us to spread inspiration to all of you out there. We have a lot of ideas for the future 42 magazine and if you have a blog and would like to be a part of it, or have any thought and opinions about how we could make it better, please feel free to contact us at We are so proud to present this issue, and thanks to all of the bloggers who helped us whit it. Enjoy!


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Cute rock with Elle and Jess Cheap clothing with Annika Viktoria 80’s and 90’s with Emi Coco Classy City-style with Jessica R Mix and match with Rita Mayer Must have this autumn with Nadya E Girly and Sweet with Lusja Life is inspiring with Yasmina Canovas Get the look with Lina Turoma Stylish with Felicia Åkerström Kannika Jankhueakert Ispiring photos from Frida Lindstrand Inspiring photos from Jonathan Birkemyr

Cover page: Photographer: Jonathan Birkermyr Model: Leila Lindberg 3

Mix cute with rock| Elle and Jess We asked…

What’s your best advice when it comes to fashion and getting a unique style? Mix cute clothes with rock-asseccories

Sugar-sweet Elle and Jess are two sisters from Indonesia and they show you how to mix styles together. They are as cute as dolls but at the same time they edge it up with a rock-touch. You should defiantly go for the boots, metallic, prints and leather but If you don’t want to take the rocker style all the way you can always combine it with some sweet girly pieces.


Cheap clothing with Annika Victoria… Annika Victoria is a 20-year old Australian blogger. We asked her what made her style unique and this is what she answered, “it is different to a lot of other blogs in the way that I am a real advocate of finding super cheap clothes, I don't buy or talk about High Street and designer fashion, and I try to encourage making sought after trendy items yourself” She wears her clothes with much confidence, which makes her style unique, that is also what she believes everyone else should do.

If you have visited her blog,

The best way of getting cheap clothes is to buy them from stores like, from vintage stores and also to make your own. Buy a white T-shirt from H&M’s, cut it, dye it and add some nice details to it, to make it become more personal and unique.


80’s and 90’s


Emi coco is a 15-year

shorts+creepers c/o

Get inspired


Classy City-Style With Jessica R Jessica is a 25-year old woman who owns a fashion blog. She says that many people like to go for the “casual laid back style” but she prefers the “classy polished citystyle” Some of her favorite stores are, and Visit her blog for further information and tips. Her advice to you is to find a blog or a store that really exemplifiers what you find cool or attractive. Take that style and follow it carefully until you feel that you could match the pieces together and come up with new outfits and new touches to your clothes. You can also look for inspiration from people walking in the street. Jessica likes to blog about fashion but she says that there are some things that she miss from the time before her blog got famous such as having more time for cooking, painting and reading but she also says that its alright because it brings her equal happiness” 7



Rita Mayers

Rita is a Russian girl whit a fun and inspiring blog. The key to stay unique is to combine the most unexpected pieces together. Create classic and fun looks with what you have and not what’s necessarily “pretty”. Always remember not to get stuck on brand names and buy more affordable clothes. That way you have more to choose from and match together.

The top is from oasap and the printed pants from Sammydress. 8

Must have this autumn with Nydia E Nydia is a 24-year girl from the tropical Caribbean.

Something that’s always in style is bright colors and bold prints, and you should definitely go for it this season as well. Have fun with it, dress it up or down and make the most out of your wardrobe. Though there are a few things that you must have this season…

1.Wide pants (Zara 59:90 USD)

3. Ankle boots…

2. Match white with white…


4. Big earrings (H&M 9:95 USD)

Girly and sweet with Lusja

Lusja is a nineteen-year-old girl from Poland To be pretty and cute doesn’t mean that you need to have a lot of clothes. Don’t buy things you don’t need and never think that the more you have the happier you are. You will also notice, on her blog, that Lusja often buys things from eBay, which is a cheaper way to get your favorite clothes. Right now Lusjas prefers, skirts and dresses in pastel, white heels and gold jewelry.

Dress from Berskha.

Items from H&M

“no matter what, you are beautiful and if someone tries to tell you that you're not, it's not worth your time”


Skirt from H&M and top from eBay.

Life is Inspiring Yasmina Cรกnovas

Yasmina is a Spanish girl with a big interest for fashion and trends. Her favorite movie is the notebook. To come up with new and fresh outfits you have to take in everything. Look around you, in stores, in the streets, on TV, magazines, blogs and so on. You will find it everywhere.

Insperation: 11

Get the Look… Lina is a young woman from Finland. In her blog she writes about her every-day life but also fashion. Something that Lina thinks is important is to stay true to herself. You shouldn’t copy stylish celebrities or bloggers, that’s not you, and according to Lina, shallow.

blazer/h&m jumper/cubus jeans/zara shoes/dinsko scarf,necklace&bag/glitter

Of course you need to find inspiration to come up with, and find your own style but to copy right off is not the right way. If you see an outfit that you really love, an option is to separate the pieces, choose for example just the shirt or the shoes, mix it with other pieces of clothes and make it your own outfit. That way you will get that fabulous style but still stay unique. This autumn Lina will go for burgundy, leather and something cozy and warm (sweaters, big scarf, etc.). But remember, it's just inspiration, you can modify the idea so it fits on your style. 12

‌with Lina Turoma When you read Linas blog you can also find some makeup tips and we couldn’t avoid getting inspired by that gorgeous finish face. She usually goes for the clean, more natural look but a couple of red lips and framed eyes can make a big difference to a dull face, without effort. 1. Lipstick (The body shop, 20USD) 2. The natural code line from Lumene. Eyeliner, matt makeup and powder which Lina highly recommends.






Stylish Felicia Ă…kerstrĂśm is a young, Swedish girl who blogs about her every-day life and her interest for fashion. She does beautiful collages with her favorite pieces of clothes from the stores and takes photographs of her outfits from the day.


She describes her clothing as stylish and clean and prefers to wear high heals and her absolute favorite, sequins. She has changed her style a few times during the years though. She used to go for the more rock, and cool style but as her personality changes her style did as well.

A couple of printed pants from zara, Felicias favorite store.


Kannika jankhueakert Kannika jankhueakert is originally from Thailand but moved to Sweden when she was fourteen years old. Today she lives in Oslo where she goes to school to be a fashion designer. Her dream is to create her own brand and 42 magazines is sure that it will be a success. 16 Her blog is unique for her high quality photos and true passion for fashion. Check it out!

Inspiration by Frida Lindstrand






Photos by Jonathan Birkemyr




45 Wanties 1.

WANTIES 1. 2. 3. 4.



Blanco (29.90 Euro) Bershka (14 USD) Forever 21 (23.75 Pounds) H&M (7.99 Pounds)





Thank you for reading our magazine! If you have any thoughts of improvement, any questions or if you want to be apart of our magazine, please email us! We hope that you have enjoyed it and that you have gotten lots of inspiration. The next issue of 42 Magazine will be released on October 25th, if you feel like you want to cooperate with us; you may have ideas, a fashion blog or pictures that you want to share with the world. Many thanks! Love Alice Brunnberg and Emma Arvidson 26

Issue 1 September 2012  

This is the final result of the first issue of 42-Magazine.

Issue 1 September 2012  

This is the final result of the first issue of 42-Magazine.