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HOPE Inspired by YOU!

We are extremely grateful for the outpouring of support from individuals, foundations, corporations and our incredible community of donors during this COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information on how you can help during this time, please visit give.spectrumhealth.org or contact the Spectrum Health Foundation at 616.391.2000.

Since March 13, over $1.3 million has been given to support the COVID-19 Response Fund.

“Usually, one common thing among health care workers is that we all have a desire to help people in their time of need,” said Charles Gibson, MD. “It takes a little bit of selflessness to have that in you.”

Over 15,000 meals donated

12,000 ice cream treats

Hudsonville Ice Cream
Jersey Mike's
Britters Twisted Whisk
Bonefish Grill
“That’s kind of a tear-jerker,” outpatient surgery nurse Denise Jacobsen said, choking back emotion. “It definitely warms my heart to think we’re having outside support from complete strangers. It’s just been amazing.”
Denise Jacobsen, nurse
STEMS market
Flowers brighten the day of health care heroes

Thank you,

Stems Market, for dropping off buckets and buckets of fresh-cut flowers to our medical center. These buckets were dispersed throughout the center so staff members could take flowers home with them or back to their floors and offices. To say these brought many smiles is an understatement.

“Watching each staff member leave the building with a selfmade bouquet was lovely!” - Chelsea Selbig

Eagle Eye Trucking
Presidio Future Built and Honey Baked Ham

Thank you, Bank of America, for your donation of 200 iPads; Byrne Electrical, which engineered and donated power adapters to support the virtual iPad stations; and Farmer’s Insurance, John and Maureen Nowak, and Optiv for your financial contributions to purchase baby monitors.

Virtual visits, made possible through iPads and technical assistance, have lifted the spirits of separated patients and family members. “It is super-touching to see patients able to talk with their families again,” said Maggie Simons, BSN, RN, nursing supervisor for cardiothoracic critical care at the Spectrum Health Fred and Lena Meijer Heart Center. “It is the best medicine to hear them laughing in there.”


25,000 tortilla chips and Cheese-Kurls snack bags

Nichole Johnson, nurse
“We love having that support and it makes us feel like we’re doing good in our community,” United Hospital nurse Nichole Johnson said. “The generosity has really been amazing. It’s greatly appreciated.”

20,000 Clif Bars were donated to staff and departments throughout the system. Incredible!

World’s Finest Chocolate
Arnie’s Bakery
Spartan Nash

Signs of appreciation and encouragement outside hospitals greet team members on their way to and from work. Businesses and individuals who’ve dropped off supplies and treats nourish our souls. “It’s been awesome,” said Jan Moriarty, a nurse of 37 years. “It’s really humbling.”

Jan Moriarty, nurse