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What is the Pearl Centre?

The Pearl Centre is a meeting place for people with autism and their families to get information and advice on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) and associated conditions.

We work in partnership with individuals, parents, support groups, schools, other charities, organisations and statutory authorities.

The Pearl Centre is managed by our specially trained Spectrum staff team and volunteers. It will act as an information and resource hub to families, individuals, carers, organisations and statutory authorities. We also signpost to other agencies that can also offer support and help.

The Pearl Centre is registered under the ‘safe places’ scheme with Cornwall Council. The scheme helps people with learning disabilities deal with any incident that takes place whilst they are out and about in the community – for example harassment, bullying, if town gets too much and you’re in need of a calm quite area to recoup or maybe the person you are meeting fails to turn up.

Advice on how to get a diagnosis & the process you need to go through. Information for family members, professionals or carers on living with and managing Autism.

What information can I get? A library of information on Autism, local groups, support agencies, work and benefits.

The centre will be a place of calm and safety for families and individuals who may need some time out. A place where they can catch their breath and have a cuppa! Those using the centre will have access to a number of specialists who will offer a range of services to help individuals and their families, as well as other groups and organisations.

Computer access for visitors wishing to conduct their own research.

The Pearl Centre is located centrally in Truro, Cornwall. Ideally placed near local parking and amenities.

Where is the Pearl Centre?

Find us on Cathedral Lane, the lane that runs from the side of the Cathedral into the centre of town. H Samuel jewellers at one end of the lane and the Whistlefish gallery at the other end of the lane. We are the Black door next door to the gallery. We open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm Feel free to pop in anytime, you don’t need an appointment.

We want the Pearl Centre to be accessible to everyone who needs us, regardless of whether you have a diagnosis or not. You can access us via the following. Tel: 01872 278378 Skype: pearl.centre Email:

Why we need an autism resource centre Autism is a lifelong developmental disability which affects how a person communicates with, and relates to, other people. Autism affects each individual in different ways. Whilst some people may lead independent lives, for others who have a learning disability, it can mean a lifetime of specialist care. We know that the majority of individuals with Autism and families with an Autistic child benefit from face-to-face support from people who have the experience and knowledge to offer help and advice on how to manage and reduce their child’s behaviours and gain information that is relevant to their situation. Often Families find that after a diagnosis there is little follow on care, or struggle to know where to get the information and support they need. The Pearl Centre bridges that gap, providing invaluable information, resources & signposting to families, carers & individuals alike. The Centre in based centrally in Truro allowing you to drop in at your leisure and talk to us or use our resources to gain the information and support you need. We are also registered as a safe place under the council’s scheme. The scheme helps people with learning disabilities deal with any incident that takes place whilst they are out and about in the community – for example harassment, bullying or maybe the person they are meeting fails to turn up.

The Pearl Centre 1st Floor 7/8 Cathedral Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 2QS Tel: 01872 278378 Skype: pearl.centre Email: President: Lady Mary Holborow, DCVO Spectrum is registered with The Charity Commission under the name of The Devon and Cornwall Autistic Trust, Registered Charity No. 1026475. The Devon and Cornwall Autistic Trust is a company limited by guarantee in England No 1662611. Spectrum is regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission and Ofsted

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The Pearl Centre Leaflet  

This leaflet will give you information on what the Pearl Centre is and what it offers. Feel free to print this and pass on to other you may...

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