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Delivering Success GLOBALHealthPR is the largest independent public relations group dedicated exclusively to health and medical communications worldwide. Many of the leading pharmaceutical companies, biotech and non-commercial healthcare organisations in the world trust us with some of their most important products and critical issues. We thrive on delivering the best possible results for our clients. We’ve compiled the best of our thinking over the past year in the first volume of the Best of GLOBALHealthPR. See how we’ve helped shape the stories and strategies for organisations dedicated to improving health every day, in every part of the world.


Executing edgy media stunts to raise awareness and prevention of colon tumors





In Europe, colon cancer is the most common malignant tumor, with more than 400,000 people affected every year.

Our goal was to educate the public on the impact of colon cancer on Spanish society, as well as to express the support our client could provide to patients with colon cancer.

Berbés Asociados leveraged World Cancer Day to implement an eye-catching media stunt: installing a large, inflatable colon in one of Madrid’s busiest squares.

The event was covered by the most important general and specialised media in Spain.

It is one of the deadliest cancers, but early detection increases chances of survival, as treatment can be most effective. Alianza para la Prevención del Cáncer de Colon (Alliance for the Prevention of Colon Cancer) tasked us with increasing awareness of the disease in Spain.

The main objective was to raise public awareness, but especially to make the Public Administration aware of the importance of colon cancer prevention.

GLOBALHealthPR Spain: Berbés Asociados

Berbés Asociados also accomplished the following: • Mobilised media coverage through press conferences and releases in different cities. • Drove the campaign to universities and schools, with a major focus on prevention. • Collaborated with multiple medical associations to to create partnership alliances.

• Approximate audience: 53,750,003 • Total Media Impressions: 475 online, print, TV and broadcast. • Some of the members that took part in the campaign include:





Clinical research and trials are globally growing segments, especially in India, which accounts for approximately 10 percent of global clinical trials.

MediaMedic Communications teamed up with Spectrum to provide ACRO, based in Washington, D.C., with the advocacy and media support necessary to expedite approvals for clinical trials in India.

MediaMedic utilised the power of the media to inform the public about the safety and efficacy of fewer clinical trials. These tactics were also applied on a broad scale in order to ensure consistent messaging in promoting ACRO’s activities. MediaMedic also coordinated ACRO’s planning and outreach logistics during the global BIO event in India.

MediaMedic’s efforts resulted in coverage in India’s influential pharmaceutical media outlets.

These trials play a major role in accelerating the drug development process, at times cutting the process by half. The Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO) is the leading representative for companies whose focus is in clinical research. ACRO tasked us with promoting their efforts during the International BIO Convention.

MediaMedic conducted interviews with several national pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotech media outlets, including Express Pharma, Chronicle Pharmabiz, The Hindu, Business Standard, Business Line, and Financial Express. The Indian Export Promotion Council also expressed their support by publishing one of our campaign articles on their website.


Mobilising national media to accelerate the development of new drug treatments GLOBALHealthPR India: MediaMedic Communications

JAPAN: Leveraging influencers to advance pharmaceutical research





IMS Japan, a provider of market intelligence to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, began publishing reports summarising the activities of pharmaceutical companies in Japan in 1965; however the media and public were unaware of these reports.

IMS reports are vital in alerting the media of the need to develop new medicine and treatments to improve medical systems.

Position IMS Japan as an information leader in pharmaceutical company research.

After being introduced to the reports, media consistently covered the information presented by IMS Japan each time it was released.

These analysis reports open to media do not only evaluate the companies’ brilliant achievements, but also offer healthcare providers valuable insights into current disease trends.

Our goal was to revamp the IMS report format to make it appealing to reporters, ultimately increasing media coverage of the pharmaceutical industry.

GLOBALHealthPR Japan: LBS Co.

In order to underscore the significance of these reports with the media, LBS meticulously constructed press releases that referenced IMS Japan reports in ranking the growth of the top pharmaceutical companies and prescription drug sales in the country.





Project FAMA, a national screening program for auricular fibrillation, was conducting groundbreaking research on auricular fibrillation, a common type of abnormal heartbeat in which the heart rhythm is fast and irregular.

Inform people about the significance of the study so that they would be willing to participate, despite the concern of allowing nurses into their homes.

Guess What PR conducted a global campaign launch, executed projects to raise local community awareness, and promoted the results of the study.

Through a combination of global and local outreach we accomplished the following:

Synthesise and share the findings of the study to ensure they would be accessible to the public.

The campaign included media outreach, social media engagement, a campaign to raise the credibility of Project FAMA and tailored messaging to local communitites.

However the general public knew little about the research, making it difficult to recruit participants for the study and engage the media.

• Portuguese screened: 30,000 • National print news stories: 265 • Local print news stories: 60 • TV broadcasts: 31 • Radio broadcasts:15 • Total broadcast minutes dedicated to the study:120 • Facebook fans: 45,000

PORTUGAL: Using global and local outreach to advance groundbreaking research GLOBALHealthPR Portugal: Guess What PR

FRANCE: Combating the stigma

associated with disease





Psoriasis affects 3-5 percent of the world’s population and 2.5 million people in France.

Improve the perception of people with psoriasis in order to reduce discrimination.

MHC Communications developed a campaign called “Fi-du-pso: Won’t let psoriasis between us.”

Our campaign achieved the following:

Leo Pharma, a leader in dermatology research, wanted to raise awareness of the disease and combat the stigma people with psoriasis face because of the swelling and sores caused by the disease.

Inform health authorities of the socioeconomic consequences of psoriasis. Encourage those with psoriasis to seek therapeutic solutions to the disease. Illustrate Leo Pharma’s commitment to its patients and patient support.

GLOBALHealthPR France: MHC Communication

The campaign, in partnership with the L’Association Pour La Lutte Contre le Psoriasis (The Association For The Fight Against Psoriasis) promoted the message that it’s important to go beyond physical appearance.

• Disseminated the results of a market research study that explored discrimination and preconceived ideas. • Organised a roller skate ride in Paris to raise awareness. • Disseminated posters, quizzes, videos and other materials to media, decision makers and educators. • Organised a colloquium in the French National Assembly, which resulted in several proposals to target politicians aiming to improve psoriasis management and patient integration.





Growth hormone deficiency (GHD) is a medical condition in which the body does not produce enough growth hormone.

Raise awareness of the disease and its treatment, giving special focus to a specific target audience: parents.

Optimum strategically timed the campaign during an important stage in children’s lives- the “back-to-school” season.

Since Sabah is one of the most widely read newspapers in Turkey, our message reached parents, our target audience, who were not aware of growth hormone defects or its effective treatments. Sabah and the opinion leaders received many calls from parents interested in learning more.

Although it is more commonly diagnosed in childhood, many parents may not detect the defect in their children. We partnered with Merck Serono, a leader in GHD treatment, to increase awareness of the disease.

We utilised national media to reach the target audience by organising interviews with four key opinion leaders and Turkey’s most popular newspaper, Sabah. The interviews were titled “Schools are opening, is my child growing?” and published just in time for the new semester.

TURKEY: Using the right timing and

audience to increase awareness of a medical deficiency GLOBALHealthPR Turkey: OptimumBrand


AUSTRALIA & MEXICO Delivering Globally



GOALS SITUATION About 50 million people in the world suffer from epilepsy. Despite being one of the most common neurological conditions in the world, it is among the least understood. In response to this, UCB Pharma launched a new treatment for epilepsy, as well as an online patient and specialist club, and tasked us with assisting in their efforts to fight the crippling disease.

Driven by the urge to demystify the disease, we sought to accomplish the following: • Heighten public awareness and understanding of epilepsy. • Encourage patients living with uncontrolled epilepsy to expect more from their treatments. • Promote the introduction of UCB Pharma’s new epilepsy treatment. • Remind patients that it is acceptable to ask their neurologist to consider alternative treatment options.

RESULTS In Australia, VIVA! Communications secured extensive media coverage, reaching more than 7.5 million people. The social media campaign that promoted the Ride4Epilepsy generated 135,514 Twitter impressions, 3,464 Facebook impressions, 452 blog post views and 1,267 YouTube views. Fundraising more than doubled during the social media campaign period. In Mexico, PR Partners secured wide-spread media coverage appearing in TV, radio, print and online media outlets reaching more than 9.6 million people with 156 editorial publications during a five month campaign. The club members’ goal was reached with 350 epilepsy patients in four months.

MEXICO: PR Partners promoted UCB Pharma through the following strategic actions:

AUSTRALIA: To convey campaign messages nationally, VIVA! undertook the following:

• Leveraged Olympic medalist and six-time World Champion cyclist Marion Clignet’s visit to Australia to share her remarkable story about living and winning with epilepsy and promote the Ride4Epilepsy event.

• Secured 32 other spokespeople to lend credibility to the campaign and utilised several social media platforms to support Ride4Epilepsy.

• Spearheaded a media launch for the new treatment and the epilepsy club, accomplishing a successful press conference, several one-on-one interviews and sharing of personal patient stories.

• Commemorated Purple Day at a patients’ summit, and created a strong visual story with the release of doves that carried purple ribbons. • Expanded the media launch nationwide by conducting tours in 18 different cities throughout the country in collaboration with neurologists.

• Formed strategic alliances with leading neurologists, patient representative groups, community organisations and celebrities to coordinate a media announcement.

WE WORK TOGETHER To keep epilepsy in mind on Purple Day and always

PORTUGAL: Promoting vision aids through new and traditional media SITUATION




Even though 20 percent of Portugese children suffer from vision problems before starting school, very few parents are aware of its prevalence.

• Raise awareness of vision problems affecting children in Portugal. • Promote the Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology by increasing communication with its publics and raising awareness of its scientific information. • Disseminate information on how to prevent serious vision problems in children.

Using traditional and new media, Guess What PR worked to spread the word that 20 percent of children have vision problems before entering school.

Through a strategic combination of new and traditional media outreach, we accomplished the following:

The Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology had a vast amount of information and tools for children with vision problems, but these materials were not reaching the public.

GLOBALHealthPR Portugal: Guess What PR

We provided media training for the Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology spokespeople, launched a Facebook page and developed an interactive web resource called “Looking after your children—seeing is knowing” that offered information about common vision problems.

• Print news stories: 70 • TV broadcasts: 18, with a total of 40 TV minutes dedicated to the Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology children’s vision campaign. • €3.8 million in returned investment for the Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology in one week. • 12 million Facebook fans by the end of the campaign.





In India, the tap water—people’s main source of drinking water— is a cause of concern because overhead tanks and household filters are inadequately cleaned.

Our goal was to raise awareness about the health impact water quality has on individuals, as well as to increase bottled water consumption in India.

MediaMedic spread the word about healthy drinking water through several activities:

A significant number of media stories were published throughout the year.

• Reached out to influential media outlets. • Published water qualitysurveys. • Disseminated informational materials about water-borne diseases. • Invited journalists to water bottling plants to learn about the water purification process.

• Total media outlet coverage: 224 • Three successful water health awareness campaigns were conducted at schools.

Through research, India’s largest bottled water company found that common water-borne diseases could be avoided if more people drank bottled water.


Promoting the the importance of healthy drinking water GLOBALHealthPR India: MediaMedic Communications


Creating powerful messages to bridge the gap between patients and technology





Alnylam Pharmaceuticals is focused on improving the lives of millions through an entirely new class of innovative medicines based on a breakthrough discovery in biology known as RNA interference (RNAi).

Our goal was to translate Alnylam’s passion and innovation into a scientific story that would catapult the pharmaceutical company as the leader in RNAi technology.

Spectrum partnered with Alnylam to create focused messages that would resonate with target audiences.

Spectrum’s efforts helped make RNAi synonymous with Alnylam and included:

RNAi technology offers the opportunity to treat disease in a fundamentally new way by silencing disease-causing genes.

Spectrum broadly shared the RNAi technical story through a strategy that combined the influential power of mass media with the targeted and intense reach of digital media through blogger outreach and advocacy relations.

• Influencing new word associations with Alnylam. • Accomplishing media coverage by nearly 100 media outlets including Popular Science, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Science Magazine, Reuters and Bloomberg. These efforts have started to lay the foundation for the development and commercialisation of novel RNAi therapeutics for five genetically defined diseases with high unmet medical need by 2015.

GLOBALHealthPR United States: Spectrum

SITUATION In 2010, funding for Soliris, the only effective treatment of an ultra-rare and lifethreatening blood disease known as Paroxysmal Nocturnal Haemoglobinuria (PNH), was excluded from the 20102011 Federal Budget, despite a recommendation by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee.




Dismayed by the exclusion of Soliris, an effective but costprohibitive treatment, our goal was to persuade the Federal Government to subsidise the treatment for those whose lives depended on it.

VIVA! Communications teamed with the PNH Support Association of Australia to orchestrate an ambitious communications campaign to secure a placement of the treatment on the country’s Life Saving Drugs Program (LSDP).

Key funding stakeholders were left with no choice but to resolve the situation.

PNHSAA representatives, all living with PNH, were invited to meet the Australian Prime Minister to personally pledge their cause. The campaign included 15 national and local announcements that generated 24,000 signatories to the PNHSAA’s petition.

In less than eight months of sustained media activities, VIVA! achieved outstanding results for the PNHSAA: • Total media impressions: 20,428,191 • Grew the diagnosed patient base from 70 to 100 and culminated in the full subsidisation of Soliris on the LSDP. • Granted 100 Australians living with PNH the gift of life.

AUSTRALIA: Granting the gift of life through government relations GLOBALHealthPR Australia: VIVA! Communications






Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects more than 2.5 million people worldwide and causes debilitating complications in nearly every part of the body.

In our quest to provide MS patients with solutions that improve their quality of life, Aurora and Paradigma worked with Novartis to launch the product in two countries, each with differing local needs.

The disease is chronic and incurable, so patients are often left with distressing symptoms. Novartis was set to launch Gilenya, the world’s first daily pill for patients with relapsingremitting MS. The arrival of the pill generated significant anticipation among the MS community. In Argentina, Gilenya is licensed first line and required strong communication around monitoring the switch to this new treatment. The second line positioning in the U.K. meant that Aurora had to work closely with stakeholders to ensure responsible reporting in the media while supporting reimbursement through a health technology appraisal following a successful launch.

• Promote awareness of Novartis’s creation of the world’s first pill for MS. • Advocate for the patient’s need to seek medical advice and monitoring before making the switch to this new treatment.

RESULTS The media campaign in the U.K. had significant traction across national and regional media, with key messaging reaching a total audience of almost double the population of the United Kingdom. NICE recommended the drug as a valuable, innovative and cost-effective therapy. Paradigma’s efforts around the launch likewise made a notable impact on Argentina’s local media by securing coverage that mentioned both Gilenya and Novartis in 122 publications in three months.

UNITED KINGDOM: Aurora developed a high-profile media campaign to support the Phase III data announcement. The team built an online newsroom with multimedia content, media trained and filmed all spokespeople and briefed health journalists and MS patient groups in advance in a rigorous, UK regulatory-compliant way.

Clinical and media advisory boards, patient group collaborations and an innovative approach to medical education all helped to build knowledge and strong support for Gilenya.

ARGENTINA: Paradigma collaborated with the most important opinion leaders and specialists in the country to communicate the MS patient’s dramatic change in lifestyle upon switching to Gilenya, while giving special emphasis to the importance of the relationship between the doctor and the patient.

WE WORK TOGETHER To help patients achieve a better quality of life


Changing perceptions of prostate health





Because prostate health is a personal topic, many men feel uncomfortable discussing problems related to the prostate gland.

Our goals were to increase awareness of prostate-related health problems and launch a campaign that would help men feel more comfortable when seeking information on this topic.

Granu Fink, a GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical company, launched a targeted campaign called “Find the Beat Again.�

The campaign resulted in increased reporting of prostaterelated problems, as well as a change of perception among the target groups related to Granu Fink and its prostate medications.

The campaign encouraged men to talk to other men about this topic and utilised familiar themes to introduce uncomfortable topics related to the prostate. The campaign included a variety of tactics such as events, media outreach, roundtable discussions and telephone consultations.

GLOBALHealthPR Germany: fischerAppelt, relations

SITUATION Portugal lagged behind other European nations in rheumatoid disease therapy. Hospitals in Portugal were not prescribing the latest biological treatments for the disease because of financial limitations. Yet, one in every 1,000 children in Portugal suffers from chronic rheumatic disease.

GOALS • Inform the general public about rheumatoid disease. • Attract national attention for the Portuguese Rheumatology Society Congress. • Urge decision makers to develop policies to help ensure the use of the latest technologies and science in treating rheumatoid disease in Portugal.

The XV Annual Congress of the Portuguese Rheumatology Society, in April 2011, provided a great opportunity to raise awareness of rheumatoid disease.




Guess What PR developed a strategic three-stage approach:

Print news stories: 112

• Arranged a press conference for healthcare and economic journalists before the congressional event. • Discussed issues related to rheumatoid disease at the event including the perspective of society, science and economics. • Promoted the Portuguese Rheumatology Society’s creation of the first Portuguese national register of rheumatic diseases.

TV broadcasts: 26 with a total of 96 TV minutes dedicated to the congress. Returned investment for Portuguese Rheumatology Society: €5 million in five days.

Increasing the availability of therapeutic technologies for rheumatoid disease GLOBALHealthPR Portugal: Guess What PR



Delivering Globally



SITUATION Prior to the launch of the campaign, PRF’s Medical Director said that finding even one child would make the campaign a success.

Progeria, also known as HutchinsonGilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS), is a rare, fatal genetic condition characterised by an appearance of accelerated aging in children. Children with Progeria die of the same heart diseases (arteriosclerosis) that affect millions of normally aging adults, but at an average age of 13. As of October 2009, only 54 children in 20 countries living with Progeria had been identified. Experts estimated that another 150 children with Progeria worldwide had not yet been identified or diagnosed.

GOAL The Progeria Research Foundation (PRF) is the only non-profit organisation solely dedicated to finding treatments and a cure for Progeria, which affects less than 0.01 percent of the world’s population. GLOBALHealthPR collaborated with PRF to launch a global campaign to search for unidentified children with Progeria called “Find the Other 150.”

RESULTS Within one year of launching the campaign, hundreds of stories were placed globally, 10 international interviews were held (a 70 percent increase over the previous year) and the website received close to 15,000 visitors. In addition, PRF received more than 40 inquiries regarding children potentially

STRATEGY In the quest to find a “needle in the haystack” together we: • Developed localised pitches and native language press releases to conduct outreach to local media. • Contacted broadcast, print and online media, as well as medical

trade publications to educate the general public and medical professionals about Progeria. • Launched, a comprehensive website with facts, information, campaign background and maps indicating where known children with Progeria live.

WE WORK TOGETHER To find a needle in the haystack

living with Progeria from countries around the world, and 24 children with typical or atypical Progeria from 12 different countries were identified. Today PRF has identified 96 children living with Progeria in 33 different countries – over a 70 percent increase since the campaign began.

FRANCE: Shaping perceptions on the dangers of late pregancy SITUATION



Women experience a decline in fertility once they reach their 30s. Furthermore, complications during pregnancy are more common once women reach age 35.

Our goals were to raise awareness of the dangers associated with waiting to have children at an older age, and illustrate how the French National Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society is a leader in research and solutions related to women’s health in France.

The French National Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society partnered with Merck Serono to launch a national awareness campaign called “Having a Baby When I Want or When I Can?” that explained the risks of late pregnancy for both mothers and their children.

Fertility disorders affect 1520 percent of French couples. In France, the average age of women pregnant for the first time is 30, an increase from several years ago. Pregnancies later in life are not only due to infertility, but also inaccurate perceptions about a woman’s health and fertility as she ages.

GLOBALHealthPR France: MHC Communication

Information was shared through media outreach, public meetings and informational materials given to volunteers dedicated to spreading the word. Street video interviews of passerbys provided information about the perceptions people already had about fertility.

RESULTS • Wide-spread media coverage of the campaign, especially the street interviews. • The French National Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society became known as a leader in solving problems related to women’s health.





According to the National Health Ministry, 450 cases of hydatidosis in humans are reported every year. The parasite of hydatidosis reaches the human through dogs, in mainly rural areas where humans live among cattle and dogs.

Our goals were to collaborate and communicate the importance of animal vaccination to human health and promote the PROVIDEAN HIDATIL Eg95 cattle vaccination in the nation.

Paradigma’s work focused on introducing the disease, its impact and its origin, and emphasised the initiative of Argentina in the extensive research and development of the vaccine.

With strategically crafted messages, the coverage of this important public health information in the media was highly successful, achieving 189 publications just in three months.

Although this vaccine is for animals, the proper vaccination of the cattle is important for human health. By preventing the infestations in animals, it prevents the transmission to humans.

The team developed press materials explaining how this disease affects people in our country and also added an infographic that clearly demonstrates the cycle of the parasite. The team also worked together with the Science Minister and with specialists located in regions of the country with higher incidence of the disease.

Humanising the bovine vaccine ARGENTINA: for unfamiliar media GLOBALHealthPR Argentina: Paradigma Pel Comunicación


• Empowering women through contraceptive awareness campaigns





Market studies indicate 8-10 women that try the contraceptive patch stick to it.

Our goals were to generate awareness about the patch and empower women with the knowledge of all the options they have in preventing unwanted pregnancy.

Promoting Evra as a patch that helps women avoid undesired pregnancy and achieve personal goals. Through a combination of DTC and media tactics strategy, PR Partners did the following:

During a 12-month campaign PR Partners achieved the following:

However, the patch wasn’t as well-known as other contraceptive options among women of reproductive age (15-39 years old) and consumers didn’t tend to ask their gynecologist about it. Because the Evra patch is a prescription medicine in Mexico, its brand name could not be mentioned in PR activities, posing an extra challenge that PR Partners was prepared to take on.

GLOBALHealthPR Mexico: PR Partners

• Executed an array of media activities, such holding a press conference on World Contraception Day and hosting meetings with experts in the field. • Participated in five expo tradeshows relating to weddings, sweet 16, beauty and health, reaching diverse target audiences. • Created a strong presence at pertinent events such as women’s races, forums and health fairs.

• Media activities: 272 editorial publications - TV, radio, Internet, newspapers and magazines, reaching a total of 82.4 million people. • DTC activities: reached a total of 76,210 target women.





So many couples dream of the day they’ll have their first child and start a family, but one in eight will struggle to fulfill that dream.

Embryo donation is a unique but not frequently utilised familybuilding option. Our goal was to generate conversations about the many ways to build a family, including embryo donation, via compelling digital programmes.

With vibrant and engaged infertility and parenting communities online, we headed to where the action was. This is how we did it:

The comprehensive and strategically timed digital campaign resulted in:

They’ll pursue in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other means to conceive. Many don’t realize though that when completing IVF, they can donate unused embryos and give another couple the chance at a family. RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association tasked Spectrum with shaping and telling that very important story – the story of embryo donation.

• Engaged key, highly influential bloggers who would act as campaign champions, helping to spread RESOLVE’s messages. • Created the “Destination: Family” website in order to establish a central point of focus and place where an online conversation about embryo donation could take place. • Developed programmes that prompted our target influencers to participate, ultimately reaching their followers with our messages.

• High exposure and increased engagement with online influencers. • 300 percent growth in RESOLVE’s Twitter (@MyDestFamily) followers. • Significant spikes in traffic to key information areas of the website. • 35 percent increase in conversations among males regarding infertility. • Q&A video series received 1,538 views on YouTube.

UNITED Shaping dialogue through STATES: digital media GLOBALHealthPR United States: Spectrum


Using unprecedented digital tactics in Brazil to drive osteoporosis awareness





As osteoporosis is a lesser-known condition to the Brazilian general public, Tino Comunicação was tasked with raising awareness around osteoporosis and consolidating the image of the Brazilian Association for Bone Health and Bone Metabolism as a major resource for osteoporosis information in Brazil.

Provide digital channels with simple language for the general public, including information about prevention, treatment and symptoms of osteoporosis. In addition to the digital tools, we used traditional public relations tools to publicise these channels and create awareness of osteoporosis in the Brazilian media.

A long-term (two year minimum) public awareness campaign to prevent and combat osteoporosis focused on a website that discloses the actions and milestones, as well as information on prevention and treatment of the disease. Actions were also taken to capture sponsorships and support for the campaign, including traditional and digital media outreach.

The national campaign launched in October 2011. By December 2011, the campaign had already impacted more than 2 million people on the Internet. Media activities: • Total News Reports: 79 TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, Internet (blogs, websites and social media). • Total reach: 6 million people.

Due to the excellent results of the campaign, IOF (International Osteoporosis Foundation) chose GLOBALHealthPR to implement a strategic communications plan for its first Latin America Osteoporosis Meeting, which took place in Brazil. Tino Comunicação (Brazil) led the implementation in the region, working together with Paradigma (Argentina) and PR Partners (Mexico). GLOBALHealthPR Brazil: Tino Comunicação

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