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School name change Dear school community, Nurorda International School has been operating as a part of a big educational complex where we share the facilities with Nurorda High School. We have been observing some challenges related to operating two different schools with different curriculum under the same name ‘Nurorda’ within the same building. In order to ensure sound documentation within and between the two schools, legal corresponding with the local authorities, accurate communication between parents and school offices as well as comprehensive perception of international school concepts by general public, development of

marketing strategies and effective information channels for public we have decided to embark on a change of our school name. This will not affect the operation of the school in any way. The new name of the school will be Spectrum International School as we believe this name reflects the combination of core values of the school and perfectly depicts the mission of the school. This school newspaper will now be renamed as “Spectrum Insights”. Thank you for your understanding and support. Mr Muharrem Ustun, Principal

Introduction to third term Some people believe that January is one of the most special months in a year – it is a brilliant beginning for new destinations and goals. As we all know, each finish depends on a start, which was, for example, very remarkable and effective for our school. A great number of engaging and memorable events took place in only three weeks; thus, it literally feels like ‘ time passes as sand in hour glasses’. Were you able to recognize what kind of and how much of activities were done? To begin with, 11th, 10th grade students brought energy, light of positive and happiness with their engaging class shows. That required

KATEV Nationwide Futsal Tournament Last Saturday 14 of January, our secondary school students participated

in a football tournament between teams of other cities of Kazakhstan. Our team

was called ‘Spectrum International School of Astana’. Another awesome tournament with nice players and judgement. Only students from 7th and 8th grade participated in it. The fact that our team was newly formed, didn’t prevent our team from participating in this tournament and showing a nice game. The opening ceremony started at nine o’clock and on it, every team was presented to others, beautiful speeches and awesome show from freestylers. The tournament lasted for more than six hours. Dias Khanim, 8B

a lot of effort, but nothing can stop Spectrum school’s students. Therefore, ASTMUN, KATEV and Bowling tournaments, Kazakh and Russian weeks were considered not as challenges, but as wonderful opportunities to reveal concealed talents and kindle even more passion in burning hearts of potential leaders. To sum up, interesting

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• School clubs • Tongue twister • Effects of Lights



• “Fun in winter” • «Meet Odd Todd and Even Steven» • «Phonics Fun with Olaf» • Being ‘bilingual’



• 11A class show • Jasmin and her world • Ailin`s performance • 10A class show: StarWars • Tomiris’s achievements


Қазақ тілі және орыс тілі апталығы

• «Жүректен шыққан жырларым...» жыр кеші • Бабалар мұрасы – халық қазынасы! • «NURORDA» дауысы • Русский язык • «Көңілді балдырған» сайысы • «Сөз мерген» тіл танымдық сайысы

8-12 announcements, articles, facts, photos and videos are waiting for you in this newspaper. Always remember that awareness and involment are extremely important for the future, so keep dreaming and fighting for your dreams! Zhuldyz Kapysh Grade 11A


• Bowling • Guest lecture • MUN Conference 2017 • “Eating is a necessity but COOKING is an art” • IBand + • Volleyball • QR codes


School clubs Along with academic excellence, the School also pays attention to the active participation of students in various extra-curricular activities. 17 out of 23 clubs in our school are instructed by our s c h o o l teachers, others are from outside of the school. In total, about 75% of the students of the School participate in school clubs, even if it is not compulsory. Many pupils in addition to ECAs, attend various courses outside of school. The success of pupils in competitions, sports competitions, regular meetings are announced and celebrated in Nurorda Insights school newsletter. The variety of the organized extracurricular

activities at School corresponds to the school’s mission and vision, also reflects the areas of pupils’ interest. We believe that extra curriculum

after school clubs improve their social skills, increase students chance to have more friends and build good relationship with other people.

activities positively influence not only academic performance of our students but also there are physical and a psychological advantage, for this reason school encourages attending in both academic and sport clubs. The research studies show that involving students in

The school’s curriculum alone can’t prepare our children for successful life, our afterschool program work closely with teachers to produce activities that enhance and complement, but do not replicate, the school day. The clubs is a place where students

can have fun with their friends; it is the good way to relax after the lessons. The school helps to keep social interactions among friends, cooperate and respect each other during the lessons and activities. Along with building healthy habits as physical activity, children learn to organize their time e f f e c t i v e l y. Students gain habit to plan their schedule for homework, office hours, friendship and clubs. It’s good for everybody to be open to new possibilities and challenges, discovering new strengths and skills. Lifelong learning is an exciting and interesting process. Gulmira Alimova, Vice Principal

Tongue twister Second graders can write simple tongue twisters!!! Tongue twister is one of the few types spoken language activity that is fun to recite and is a good mean to help children develop their language ability. Reciting that tricky rhyme is not easy at first; diligence is required to sound better. One of the objectives of grade 2 class in English lesson is to write a tongue twister using homophones. It is clear to them that learning homophones is one of the key skills to write a simple tongue twister. So, the class tried to

realize some rules in writing a tongue twister. First, they start deciding their subject; the next step would be to know the homophones needed and finally write a draft of the tongue twister with a phrase or sentence which is tricky to speak fast. They followed the steps to write a simple tongue twister and as a result, some students wrote a good outcome. Pejay Pauly Primary teacher

Effects of Lights can produce Coloured Shadows 26th of January was an exciting day for Grade 2A. Science was their first lesson. Their restlessness, sleepy heads and hungry tummy had no chance for these kids! They were all awaken, excited and full of energy! Eyes were alert! Ears were all

tuned in! Minds were all set! Ready for the instructions? “If you miss one instruction, your experiment will fail”, that was what Ms. Bella said. Ms. Bella gave instructions one at a time. Children carefully mixed every colour that she said…

Carefulness, accuracy and team work was seen in the group! “Hooray!!! Hooray!!! Wow!!! Wow!!!” shouted the girls! “We did it! We did it!” boys shouted! They were able to discover the effects of lights on a coloured

shadow! It was indeed an exciting day for all of us! Looking forward to more experiments to happen in Grade 2! Experiment done by grade 2A. Bella Angeles Primary teacher

“Fun in winter” Winter is the coldest phase of the year. It has the shortest day and the lowest temperature of all the seasons. It feels freezing everywhere, hassle and seems dull through the winter season. Cold season seems to limit my pupils to enjoy outdoor activities but it should not be. As their teacher, I should know their needs and what they want to do. My pupils like to play outside (playground) but for most of the time and for some reasons were unable to go outside. So, what do I need to do? How do I make my pupils happy? Adore the school and still delight in the winter season. We make crafts for winter and do some funny indoor activities which they love. Everybody, every kid knows about “Frozen” if you ask them who the characters are in that movie and they had so many things to say. In relation, we made the mask of “Olaf” which is aligned with our

previous lesson. The letter O. “O” is for Olaf. They already learned the name of the letter and the sound but what the children enjoyed most and interested in is the “mask of Olaf” itself because they can put on to their head and play with their peers. Kids are simple and not difficult to make them happy thus, satisfied. I am happy too, and my heart was filled with joy seeing their smile and hearing their laughter all over the classroom. My pupils, Precious kids had the unspeakable joy having mask on their head. They’re running, chasing, and playing to one another then saying “Hey I’m Olaf”. Oh what a lovely day in winter with them! “Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a Luxury. Play is a necessity.” – Kay Redfield Jamison. Miss Ashiela Machon Kinder homeroom teacher, R1

«Meet Odd Todd and Even Steven» Todd and Even Steven. They enjoyed listening to the story and became excited when I said that the cookies that these boys have can be eaten! Marilyn Lobo Kinder homeroom teacher

«Phonics Fun with Olaf» It’s winter and what could be more fun than making a mask of everyone’s favorite snowman whose name begins with the letter Oo? The children really enjoyed cutting the pre-traced cardboard and busied themselves putting together the pieces to make their

own Olaf mask. They were so excited to wear their own craft after the activity. It was easy for them to master the sound of the letter Oo since they know the name of this Disney’s character by heart. Marilyn Lobo Kinder homeroom teacher

Being ‘bilingual’ means being able to use two or more languages. Your decisions about raising bilingual children depend on your family situation and the languages you use at home. Raising bilingual children: your family’s options If you and/or your partner speak languages other than English at home, your decisions about helping your children learn to use your native languages will depend on your family situation. Here are the main models for raising bilingual children. Option 1 for bilingual children: one person-one language If you and your partner speak different native languages, the one person-one language model for supporting bilingualism might be helpful for you. For example, if your native language is Kazakh and your partner is Russian, you speak Kazakh to your children and your partner speaks Rusisan to them. Your children also learn to use English at school and in the community. If you want your child to grow up fluent in your native language, you and your partner must each consistently use your native language with your child – rather than swapping between languages. So if you speak French and you want your child to grow up being able to speak and understand French with a broad vocabulary, you’ll need to speak only French to your child. The one person-one language model can help you both connect with your children in your own languages. Your children get to hear and speak both languages too. It’s ideal if you both understand each other’s languages so neither of you feels left out when you speak your native language to your child. Option 2 for bilingual children: minority language pattern You might use the minority language pattern of supporting bilingualism if you and your partner both speak the same native language in your family home. The minority language model means that your children hear, speak and use your native language a lot at home, because you and your partner are using it. If you feel pressure to stop speaking your native language with your children at home, it might help to know that raising bilingual children has many benefits. If your children know your native language

and can use it well, it can make it easier for them to learn English as a second language. Raising bilingual children: tips Here are some practical tips for supporting your child’s bilingual development: Play and games Read and tell stories in your native language, and encourage your child to join in. Use dress-ups and be creative! Play games in your native language – for example, ‘I spy’, bingo or memory. Sing songs, dance and play music in your language. Children love music, and melody is a great way to help them remember things. Community activities Look for schools, child care centres or bilingual programs that support your child’s use of your native language. Organise playtime with other children who speak the same minority language. Organise visits to or from speakers of the minority language. If it’s possible for you, visiting countries where people speak your minority language always boosts children’s interest in the culture and ability to speak the language. Go to the library and borrow CDs, DVDs, picture books, junior fiction and magazines in your first language. Look out for cultural activities that you and your child can do together to tap into your family’s cultural heritage and identity. At home Listen to radio programs in your first language, including popular music programs and channels for teenagers. Think about what your child is interested in – for example, soccer, music, TV shows, cooking and so on. Try incorporating your native language into these interests. For example, you could find your child’s favourite recipe or a typical recipe from your community and cook it together using only your native language. Stick with your language choice, and give your child plenty of opportunities to listen to and speak this language. Don’t give up! Some days it might seem like your child doesn’t want to speak in your native language. But just hearing you speak your native language will help your child learn it. David Key Primary Vice Principal

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The Shining Stars just finished learning numbers 0 - 10 last term and for week 1 of third term, their lesson is all about odd and even numbers. To make it easier for them to grasp the lesson, I made up a story about two boys - Odd

Being ‘bilingual’


11A class show

Jasmin and her world

The first day, when we started to prepare for the class show, we thought that we cannot do anything, especially dancing, but we tried every dance, we tried not to make

school school council Askargaliyev Alizhans’ father that helped us with his car. I believe that my classmates and also best friends will be in our school, and I believe they will again

Few students can claim how well they can balance schoolwork, a sport and a budding career. Yes, you read it right. All three can really

any mistakes in dance. The last dance that symbolized our class show was “Panda”. We worked till 8 o’clock in school, but I can say that these days were the best days in my life. In my opinion our best idea was

make fabulous class shows. The way I am talking like that, next year I will be in university and of course I will be here to support them. I hope that everyone enjoyed this show, the show in which we put our

be demanding, time - consuming, what with tons of homework plus tests to prepare for the next day. But one girl says she can manage and enjoys her routine immensely. Meet Kasimova Jasmin Ravshanowna of Class 5A. She is 10 and hails from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Her parents Nargiza and Rawshan are very supportive of her talents –in drawing, gymnastics and dancing hip hop. To top it all, she is a print ad model having graced publications such as WD magazine, S & S, Rezident, S & B and many others. Likewise she is a familiar face in clothes store ads found in city malls like Khan Shatyr,

SaryArka and Mega. “I started modelling two years ago,” she says. After several auditions which somehow didn’t really take off, she finally got a really good break after her photo appeared in an online magazine. When asked how she finds life as a model, she says “Oh, I like being busy, not just sitting at home. I enjoy posing for photos and I become very imaginative at finding my best angles. It is also great to be able to be rewarded for work and buy things I want.” So what is her usual routine? It is school from nine till half past four and then, off to gymnastics class and modelling assignments if any. After that, it is homework time and sleep. She says her being not shy, friendly and early training (at four years old) as a dancer and gymnast helped her a lot in terms of discipline and time management. She looks up to gymnasts Alina Kabaeva and Leysan Nutasheva as her idols. She says she gives herself until the age of 19 to hone her gymnastics skills. “I understood that at the age of five that gymnastics was really for me ” and acknowledges it is also due to her Mom’s all out support. As for modelling, “We’ll see..” she says with a beautiful smile. Her principle in life? “Be yourself and don’t be shy. If you want something, work for it and it will be yours !” Jennifer Singson English teacher

Ailin`s performance panda costume; actually it was the funniest plan in “Class Show”. In our class show, we wanted to show you our friendship and our talents. Our introduction was really funny, many thanks to our classmate and vice Chair of our

hearts and souls. This is my first and last article for this school and I am really happy that I was awarded this honor, thank you very much our beautiful school. Halid Sanli Grade 11A

In an amazing night of New Year’s Eve, a little talented dancer from Nurorda International School Ailin Salybekova performed a ballet dance «Yertostik» with Youth Studio of National Theatre of Opera and Ballet «Astana Opera». The performance lasted several hours and became a big success. The Director of National Theatre of Opera and Ballet «Astana Opera» G.Akhmediyarov sent a «Thank you» letter to our student of Nurorda International School Ailin Salybekova.

From the start of the Academic year Ailin has performed in an another concert dedicated to The Unity of Nations of Kazakhstan with highly appreciated guest Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of The Republic of Kazakhstan. She was one of the youngest performers in that concert. Nurorda International School is proud to have such a talented and hardworking students like Ailin. From our side we send our high respect to Ailin’s parents. Akerke Andagul 4A Teacher assistant

10A class show: Star Wars 10A presented their Class Show on 25th January and it was very succssefull. Theme of the show was Star Wars. It consisted of 9 performances: Dance, 2 games, song, parents

performance, moral sketch, comedy sketch, video and instrumental music. Dress code and atmosphere kept attention of the audience until

very end along with decorations. Dance was practised the longest and consisted of two songs but result was definetly worthy of efforts. Nursultan and Maksat were responsible for games but ideas for them were discussed by everyone in a class. Song was sung by Madi and Nursultan in a tandem which was very entertaining. Parents

performance was also on a high level of quality. Moral sketch was thoughfull and included main ideas and ideals of school. Comedy sketch was really funny and along with a dance evolving throughout every stage of p re p a r a t i o n s . At one point it nearly became stand-up. Video was used very creatively as alternative to standart hosts. Nurbol Sarsekeyev performed instrumental theme of Imperial March the ost of Star Wars movie series on piano. Overall level of quality during performance was very high and

ammount of efforts that were put into it can be seen as well. Everyone was helping and working which reflects ideals of school: hard work and team work.While reflecting ideas of school it also entertains. Audience seemed very happy and famed to have fun during the show. Kuantkan Margulan, 10A

Tomiris’s achievements On December 12 I joined a talent competition, where I won 3rd place in playing dombra. This was my debut in participating in such competitions. The competition was held by Kaz Media and it was called «Zhas Daryn». There were so many contestants that were so talented, so I got really nervous. Nevertheless it was a happy and exciting experience. On December 25 I participated in another competition. This was very interesting, because it was international, and was held in Khan Shatyr. The name of the competition was «Rozhdestvenskie zvezdi». There I won 1st place, I could finally believe it! I had an overflow of emotions and these experiences will be unforgettable. I love playing dombra very much, because this is our traditional instrument. I am concerned that every person should know his/her culture, origin and traditions. I am proud of Kazakh culture and I want to show our beloved instrument to the whole world. I would like to play dombra even when I will be

a grown-up and probably study abroad, because I want to carry a piece of our wonderful culture with me every time. Also I believe that as long as you remember your

culture, you will never forget your origins. This is you payback to your country.

Student-Teacher interview Physics teacher Mr Resul sat down with Grade 11’s Baizhan this month to discuss some of the similarities a n d differences between Kazakh and Turkish culture. In your opinion how different are Kazakh and Turkish cultures? I think there are many similarities, more than differences, but I can tell one difference between two countries that is a woman’s life. In Turkey most of the women stay at home and look after their children also there are very few women drivers you can see in Turkey. Please describe for us how you celebrate one of your national holidays. In Turkey, national holidays are celebrated very enthusiastically, for example the Commemoration of the First Opening of the Grand

National Assembly of Turkey in Ankara in 1920. Dedicated to the children that is celebrated every 23th April during the year. When you first arrived to Kazakhstan, did you have a culture shock? I never thought I had a culture shock in Kazakhstan because the two countries share a similar cultural history. However for me when I saw Kazakh people eating horse meat I was surprised and shocked. Now I can eat too! In our culture we have some national sports games, such as Alaman-Bayge. Do you have any national sport games specific to Turkey? Yeah in Turkey there is a very popular cultural sport. It is oil wrestling. Do you think that Turkish and Kazakh cultures came from one civilization that existed long time ago? I agree with this opinion because all Turkish people knew their grandfathers came from middle Asia to Anatolia. So both countries had one civilization long time ago. Baizhan Zhumagulov, 11A

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Қазақ тілі және ор

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«Жүректен шыққан жырларым...» жыр кеші «Тілім барда айтылар сыр ойдағы...» атты қазақ тілі апталығына орай ұйымдастырылған Мұқағали Мақатаевтың «Жүректен шыққан жырларым...» тақырыбында жыр кеші өтті мектебімізде. «Поэзия! Менімен егіз бе едің? Сен мені сезесің бе, Неге іздедім? Алауыртқан таңдардан сені іздедім, Қарауытқан таулардан сені іздедім,» – деп жырлаған Мұқағали ақын шындығында да поэзиямен егіз дүниеге келген сияқты. Жыр кешінің мақсаты, ақиық ақынды еске алу, өмірі мен шығармашылығын насихаттау арқылы оқырмандарды адамгершілікке, имандылыққа, сұлу да нәзік сезім – махаббатты аялай білуге, мейірімділікке, отансүйгіштікке, әсемдікке тәрбиелеу, поэзияны сүюге баулу. Мұқағали – ғажайып, ақиық, сыршыл, гуманист ақын. Ол бізге көрінбейтін сиқыр бояулардан, бізге естілмейтін құпия дыбыстардан тоят алатын жұмбақ ақын. Қалқам, мен Лермонтов, Пушкин де емен, Есенинмін демедім ешкімге

мен, Қазақтың қара өлеңі – құдіретім, Онда бір сұмдық сыр бар естілмеген... Жыр кешіне мектебіміздің 6-11 сынып оқушылары қатысып, өз өнерлерін көрсетті. Қазылар алқасы қойған талаптарды орындап, жүлделі орындарға ие болды.. Атап айтар болсақ, 6-сынып оқушылары Құтым Ақбілге, Асхабжан Аңсар және 10-сынып оқушысы Таткеева Диана ІІІ орынды еншілесе, ІІ орынды 9-сынып оқушысы Әшірәлі Аяулым мен 10-сынып оқушысы Кемалова Азиза місе тұтты. І орынды 11-сынып оқушысы Қапыш Жұлдыз иеленді. Жыр кешіне қатысқан барлық оқушылар марапатталды. Қазіргі жас ұрпақтың бойын жақсылыққа, ізгілікке, өз ұлтын сүйе білуге баулысақ, сол арқылы мына күрмеуі көп қиын заманда бүкіл саналы өмірінде елінің болашағын жырлап өткен, халқына деген махаббатын тек поэзияда ғана емес, өмірде де, күресте де үлкен азаматтықпен қорғай білген М.Мақатаев мұралары ешқашан өлмек емес деген оймен жыр кешін қорытындылаймыз. Айжан Дүйсенбекова Қазақ тілі мұғалімі

Бабалар мұрасы – халық қазынасы! Біздің оқу ордамызда қаңтар айының он алтысы мен жиырмасы аралығында «Тілім барда айтылар сыр ойдағы...» атты қазақ тілі апталығы өтті. Апталық шымылдығы «Бабалар мұрасы» тақырыбы аясында өткізілген ұлттық көрмемен ашылды. Көрменің мақсаты -оқушылардың ұлттық қазынамызға, ата дәстүрімізге деген танымын кеңейту, қызығушылығын арттыру. Аталмыш іс-шара бесінші және он бірінші сыныптарды қамтыды. Әр сыныпқа қазақ халқының ұлттық құндылықтарына, салтдәстүрлеріне байланысты тақырыптар берілді. Мәселен, бесінші сыныптар қазақ халқының ұлттық киімдерін

дәріптесе, алтыншы және жетінші сынып оқушылары ұлттық аспаптар мен әшекей бұйымдарды көпшілік назарына ұсынды. Сегізінші сыныптар жиналғандарға ұлттық тағамдардан дәм таттырса, тоғызыншы сынып оқушылары ұлттық ыдыстардың өрнегі мен пайдасы туралы сөз қозғады. Ал он, он бірінші сыныптар тұрмыстық заттармен таныстырып, ұлттық ойындардың бірнеше үлгісін көрсетті. Шараға барлық сыныптар ерекше дайындықпен белсене ат салысты. Ұлттық көрме көздеген мақсатына жетіп, қызықты өтті. Гүлжайна Дәнеева Қазақ тілі мұғалімі

«NURORDA» дауысы

Құлақтан кіріп бойды алар, Әсем әнмен тәтті күй. Жүрекке түрлі ой салар. Әнді сүйсен менше сүй - деп Абай атамыз жырлағандай, «Тілім барда айтылар сыр ойдағы...» атты қазақ тілі апталығының аясында «Nurorda дауысы» ән байқауы өтті. Бұл байқаудың мақсаты: жас ұрпақты шығармашылыққа

«Қазақ жастары» әнімен, 7А-сынып оқушылары – Екер Таха «Жаса қазағым» әнімен, 8А-сынып оқушылары – Дудкина Анель, Барсукова Алина және Әшірәлі Арайлым «Сәлем саған, Туған ел!» әнімен, 8Б-сынып оқушысы Аталар Гүпсенур «Махаббат» әнімен, 9А-сынып оқушылары - Адам

баулып, оқушылардың бойындағы өнерімен талабын арттыра түсу. Оқушыларымызға өнер мәдениетін ұғындыру, алға қойған мақсатқа жету жолдарын үйрете білу және өнерлерін шыңдаумен қатар, оқушыларымыздың ән өнеріне деген қызығушылықтарын арттыру еді. 6–9-сыныптардың арасында өткізілген байқаудың шарты бойынша оқушылар эстрадалық тақырыпта ән шырқап, орындалатын әнге байланысты киім үлгісін киюге тиісті еді. Байқау жеңімпаздары әділ қазылар алқасы арасындағы келісім бойынша анықталды. Балдың ең үлкен ұпай саны10 болып есептелінді. Әділ қазылар алқасының төрайымы – Директордың тәрбие ісі жөніндегі орынбасары: Мехмет Джелал Жан мырза мен директордың оқу ісі жөніндегі орынбасары: Енгин Гүлен мырза болды. Қатысушыларымыз: 6А-сынып оқушылары - Айдын Сартаева, Алия Паржан және Шахар Сұлтан «Жаяу» әнімен, 6А-сынып оқушылары – Асхабжан Аңсар мен Ахсен Сена

Нигина мен Файзуллаева Ақбота «Биле» әнімен сахна төрінде өнер көрсетті. Байқаудың нәтижесі бойынша 1-орынды 6А-сынып оқушылары Айдын Сартаева, Шахар Сұлтан және Алия Паржан жеңіп алды. Ал, 2-орынға 8Б-сынып оқушысы Аталар Гүпсенур ие болса, 3-орын 9А-сынып оқушылары Адам Нигина мен Файзуллаева Ақботаға бұйырды. Айта кетерлік жайт, байқаудың ортасында шетелдік мұғалімдеріміз Мисс Бенита мен мисс Сюзанна сахна төріне шығып, қазақша ән шырқады. Көрермендеріміз көңілді кешке дән риза болды. Көпшілік құрметіне бөленген жас әншілеріміз алдағы уақытта көптеген байқаулардың жеңімпаздары атанып, орындаушылық шеберлігімен талғампаздығымен үлкен – үлкен табыстарға жете берулеріне тілектеспіз. «Өнер - талантты өсіреді» деген ақын сөзінен қуат алып, асыл мұраны сақтап, өркендете берейік дегім келеді. Жолай Ұлдана Қазақ тілі мұғалімі

рыс тілі апталығы День русского языка

Традиционные мероприятия в рамках предметной недели были проведены с 16 по 20 января 2017 года. День русского языка - 19 января. Для начальной школы был объявлен конкурс, посвященный Году Петуха: в традиционной русской культуре петух - удивительная птица, обладающая положительными качествами, символизирующая добро, благополучие, порядок. Учащиеся 3 и 4 классов представили макеты петухов, курочек, цыплят, яиц. Фантазия детей превзошла все ожидания, были использованы различные материалы и техники.

сердца многих зрителей, а проект Сагынаевой Зарины (3А) поразил разнообразием использованных материалов (рожки, кукурузные хлопья, пух и др.)... Можно рассказать и о других проектах, но, к сожалению, формат газетной статьи не позволяет сделать это. Лично мне понравились все проекты! И поэтому я хочу поблагодарить всех учеников 3А,3В,4А,4В классов. У вас золотые руки, ребята!!! В этот же день в актовом зале прошел концерт, в котором приняли участие учащиеся 3, 4, 8 классов. Вместе с учащимися

Конкурсанты очень волновались в ожидании результатов голосования: для большей объективности оценивания каждому ученику 3-11 классов и педагогам были даны карточки, на которых они проставили счастливый номер победителя. Вот имена призеров: 1 место заняла Семенова Елизавета (4 В), 2 место – Кучерова Екатерина (3 В), 3 место – Сараджа Альпер (3 В). Их работы отличались сложностью техник. Конечно, все проекты заслуживают награды, однако конкурс есть конкурс. Мне хочется отметить работы всех учащихся: все они прекрасны! На подготовительном этапе к любому мероприятию случаются интересные моменты. Например, милый петушок Умирьяева Мансура (3 А) покорил

8-ых классов был составлен сценарий концерта. Идея заключалась в следующем: в канву сказочных мотивов вплетены музыкальные номера 3-их, 4-ых классов. Зрители отметили актёрскую игру Акмолдаевой Карины, Аширали Арайлым, Барсуковой Алины, Дудкиной Анели, Бакулина Равиля, Багитжанова Армана, Карашева Бауыржана, Куанткана Магжана, Сулейменова Салима, Чекаева Искандара, Юджеила Виктора Бора. Надо отметить, что ребята восьмых классов уже второй год принимают участие в школьных спектаклях. Еще впереди много школьных лет, поэтому всем желающим реализовать свои таланты: принимайте участие во всех мероприятиях!!! И удачи! Туякова Зауреш Сатбековна Учитель русского языка


«Көңілді балдырған» сайысы

«Тілім барда айтылар сыр ойдағы...» тақырыбымен өткен қазақ тілі апталығына, «Нұрорда» халықаралық мектебінің бастауыш сынып оқушылары да белсене қатысты. Оқушыларды шапшаңдыққа, күштілікке, ептілікке, тапқырлыққа баулу мақсатында «Көңілді балдырған» атты эстафеталық ойын ұйымдастырылды. Мұнда қатысушы топтарға спорттық ойындармен қатар қазақ тілінен тапсырмалар орындау да берілді. Өздерін «Ұлан және Сұңқар» деп таныстырған екі топ «Жалауды тез жеткіз» деген ойынның алғашқы шартын бастап та кетті. Ойында алғырлықпен ептіліктерін сынға салған жас балғындар сайыста қарсы топқа өз намыстарын қолдан бермеуге барынша ат салысты. Бірінші ойын шарты аяқталысымен сайыскерлер жұмбақ шешуге кірісті. Екінші ойын «Секіртпемен секіру» болды. Аса шапшаңдықты

қажет ететін бұл ойын топтар арасында тартысты болғаны сонша, өз топтарына болысқан жанкүйерлер дауысы шағын спорт залын жаңғырықтырып әкетті. Бұдан соң жарысқа қатысушылар Отан, ел, туған жер туралы мақал-мәтел айтудан сынға түсті. Ары қарай «Кім жылдам?», «Доппен секір», «Жеміс жина» тақырыптарымен ойындар легі жалғасты. «Сөз ойла», «Сөйлемді дұрыс орналастыр», «Ән шырқайық!» атты қазақ тілі пәні бойынша берілген тапсырмалар топ сайыскерлерінің спортпен қатар білімдерін байқауға да мүмкіндік тудырды. Осылайша қызықты да, тартысты өткен балдырғандар сайысы «Ұлан» тобының «Сұңқар» тобынан бір ұпаймен алға шығуымен аяқталды. Жарысқа төрелік еткен қазақ тілі пәнінің мұғалімдері Айжан Дүйсенбекова, Ұлдана Жолай және Дәнеева Гүлжайна о қ у ш ы л а р ғ а өз алғыстарын білдіріп, сыйлықтар тапсырды. Қазақ тілі пәнінің мұғалімдері Жұмағұлова Мейрамкүл Мәдібайқызы Сағира

«Сөз мерген» тіл танымдық сайысы «Тіл – өткір найза» (Майлықожа Сұлтанқожаұлы) «Тілім барда айтылар сыр ойдағы...» атты қазақ тілі апталығында 6-сынып оқушыларымен «Сөз мерген» тіл танымды сайыс сабағы ұйымдастырылды. МЕРГЕН – қазақтың сөзінен нысанаға дәл тигізетін атқыш деген мағынасын береді. Тіл танымдық сайыс сабағының мақсаты халық ауыз әдебиетінің асыл мұрасы – мақал-мәтелдерді орынды қолдана білуге, тұрақты тіркестер мен көнерген сөздер мағыналарын ашып айта білуге баулу, тілге деген сүйіспеншіліктерін арттыру. Сабақ барысында сынып оқушылары екі топқа бөлініп,

жарысты ауыз әдебиетінің түрлері жұмбақтар мен мақалмәтелдерден басталды. Екінші кезең тұрақты тіркестер. Үшінші кезеңде түрлі тақырыптардағы «Зымыран» сұрақтардан, төртінші кезең «Сурет-жұмбақтан» тұрды. Танымдық сайыс сабағының соңғы кезеңі «Көңілді сұрақтар» айдарымен аяқталды. Сабақ барысында қазылар алқасы: мектептің оқу ісі жөніндегі орынбасары Енгин Гюлен, қазақ тілі мұғалімі Данеева Гүлжайна, орыс тілі мұғалімі Туякова Зауреш оқушы жұмыстарын бағалап, топтарға орын белгіледі. Сабақ соңында оқушыларға сыйлықтар берілді. Айжан Дүйсенбекова Қазақ тілі мұғалімі

2 8

Our school’s activities never leave you bored Bowling tournament among secondary students

Last week our school staff with the help of chair and vice-chair of Student Council organized a bowling competition held in «Hungry Rabbit». Students from grade 6-10 were all very grateful for such a great entertainment activity.

Firstly, all participants were divided into 4 groups of 5 people and played first round with each other, as soon as all groups finished first round, the winners of all groups were transferred into a final part of competition and played one

Football Tournament We hosted first tournament of 2017 in our school. 4th tournament in our school. It was very interesting and enjoyable. This year NurOrda International School, Nazarbayev Intellectual School, NurOrda High School, Boys BIL and Haileybury took part in this annual football tournament. Our team consisted of Kissanov Dalilkhan grade 6, Chekaev Iskandar grade 8, Kazistay Nursultan grade 10, Tleshev Baglan grade 11, Konys Aituar grade 11 and Askargaliyev Alizhan grade 11. That is our school team but there were not few people, Malabayev Ernis and Bartak Jacub from grade 11, Zhenis Alisher and Magauiya Madi from grade 10. Our team opened tournament against Haileybury. We won with score 9-0, goals scored Alizhan 3, Baglan scored 1, Aituar scored 3 and I scored 2. Then second match was against Boys BIL and score was 3-3. It was quiet a hard match. In this match Alizhan scored 2 goals and I scored 1 goal. This match was a horrible match because there were many conflicts in the match and because of this referee gave two red cards to players from Boys BIL. Next game was against Nazarbayev Intellectual School and this game was a surprise

for us because we lost 4-2. Me and Alizhan scored 1 goal each. We

did not expect that kind of match, it wasn’t really hard but somehow we lost. But by not paying attention on our loss. We still had chances to go to the final, we were 3 in the table, 1st was BIL and 2nd was Nazarbayev Intellectual School. Our last match was against NurOrda High School, this game was hard for us and we lost 5-0. Everyone in our team was disappointed and shocked. NurOrda High School won the tournament. But not all victories come immediately and to have victories you have to go through defeats. And we are not giving up. Our goal is to win the next tournament. Nursultan Kazistay, Grade 10A

more round. In the final Matthew Bartak showed a magnificent way of controlling direction of a bowling ball. In general he has made 4 strikes out of 8 tries, all his balls were kind of Radio Controlled and he became and all-round champion

with no any controversial. In future our school staff and Students Council are planning to organize more of this kind of activities in order to brighten up the school routine of our students. Alizhan Askargaliyev, 11A

Guest lecture Our school is not only trying to teach children. But as well as to inspire them to be the best in different areas of life. They say that «The beauty is in the eyes of beholder». Being

She taught different techniques of decorating the brosche and using the «hot» glue. Our school provided a translator to make this lesson easy to understand for our international students.

able to see the beauty is an art, but being beautiful and appealing is the peak of art. Therefore, our school recently held an event «Master Class with Gakku» to our diverse group of female students.

Partially, girls were inspired by Gakku’s life story. She has started from «zero» financial support, and has grown this big that she now has celebrities requesting handmade jewelry from her studio.

They have learned how to make a handmade jewelry and beautiful hats. The owner of small business Gakku Kuzembayeva, has taught girls to create your own brosche by using simple materials and expensive stones and pearl.

In the future, we hope to invite more guest speakers to motivate and inspire our students to dream big, do the best and move forward all the time. Akerke Andagul 4A Teacher assistant

MUN Conference 2017 Model United Nations – QSIMUN 2017. Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an

consecutively for the third time. Zeynep and Zhuldyz of Grade 11 won the prizes mentioned. It seems like our kids, especially our

educational simulation or academic competition in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations. MUN involves researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. Participants in Model UN conferences, known as delegates, are placed in committees and are assigned countries. Issues that are highly relevant to the current political and economic scenario happening around the world are normally chosen as the topics for the Committees. True to its nature, QSIMUN had Syrian and Refugee Crisis and Educational Right of Women assigned as topics to the Committees. Nurorda International School took part in the Model UN conducted in QSI, Astana and won the Prizes for the Outstanding Delegate and Honorable Mention

Nurorda girls, have made a habit of winning! It is Zhulduyz’s second time at winning the QSI MUN. The competition was really tough with more than 80 delegates taking part in the competition in and around Kazakhstan. Our students came out in flying colors rising to meet the challenge in the best way possible. To conclude, our students have proved that Nurorda is a school that truly puts into practice its Mission, Vision and Philosophy through their outstanding performances and it’s been a pleasure working with them. Beneetha Shiju Maths teacher

Interesting article A school’s sign was later shared on Facebook, where the message contained within it quickly began to spread around the world. The simple but effective message highlights five key points which the school is determined should be managed by the parents, as follows: «Dear Parents • We would like to remind you that magic words such as hello, please, you’re welcome, I’m sorry, and thank you, all begin to be learned at home • It’s also at home that children learn to be honest, to be on time, diligent, show friends their sympathy, as well as show utmost respect for their elders and all

teachers. • Home is where they learn to be clean, not talk with their mouths full, and how/where to properly dispose of garbage. • Home is also where they learn to be organized, to take good care of their belongings, and that it’s not ok to touch others. • Here at school, on the other hand, we teach language, math, history, geography, physics, sciences, and physical education. We also reinforce the education that children receive at home from their parents. Hmm. What do you think? David Key Vice Principal

Cambridge exams study tips 1. Know your weaknesses… and your strengths! As you only have a limited amount of study time before you take the exams it’s probably a good idea to make that amount of time as efficient as possible. Working out what you need to work most is essential to planning your revision.

off later! 4. But I don’t have the willpower You probably do, you just need to work on it! Instead of dodging revision, try to think about what the rewards are for studying hard and doing well in your exams. If you really don’t have the willpower,

2. Make revision fun! Make revision more fun by setting yourself challenges and beating them. For example, imagine you want to memorise a certain set of facts. Test yourself on them until you get all of them correct, then give yourself a reward. Turning revision into a game means you won’t get bored and will keep your mind fresh. 3. Rewards Set yourself a reward when – and only when- you achieve a goal, target or complete a challenge. Your reward can be a snack, a few minutes on Facebook or watching some TV. Don’t overdo it – it’s too easy to get distracted and waste loads of time. Discipline now will pay

then you might need to make more drastic steps. There are apps to block access to social media and in extreme cases you might really benefit from handing over your mobile to someone until revision is complete! 5. Exercise! Taking a break from revising to get a little exercise can be incredibly useful. Exercise releases endorphins which make you feel better, refreshed and can be a great reward for studying. This can make revision easier to do, helps you sleep better and makes your study time easier. Nuh Ozdin Vice Principal

“Eating is a necessity but COOKING is an art” Cooking is the easiest and available way for children to express themselves, especially for girls. Hence, we grade 7 A together with our homeroom teacher Akadilova Dana have launched the “Cooking channel” where we will show and explain new receipts every week. Moreover, we will invite different grades and cook together. Last week we thought of how to make yummy cake pops! It can improve your perseverance and cooking skills. The process was very interesting and the receipt was unexpectedly easy, so we want to share it with you!!! The only thing you must do is to open the

video on Spectrum channel or you can use QR code reader tool here

at the corner of the picture and watch what we have made. Don`t be lazy, and try to do it! The result is fantastic! We highly recommend to cook such delicious cake pops for each of you!!! Marden Dayana Kucherova Mariya Grade 7A

3 9

2 10

Nazarbayev university We hosted some faculty members from Nazarbayev University on 21 December. Dr. Dmitriy Beznosko from Physics Department

represented his faculty and explained that the university offers training in 16 specialities with the degree of “Bachelor” after he showed movie

and some slides about the university. Our students and staff members had an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about entry

requirements and study process of Nazarbayev University. Nuh Ozdin, Vice Principal College Counselor

Do you want to study at a university in USA and Canada? To find the right program with the easiest way starts here. quick_search Benefits of working with ApplyBoard: 1. You pick the school and Apply

Board does everything else! Their system allows us to spend more

quality time helping students! 2. Our students have more than 8000 program options. 3. Apply Board handles the entire application process FOR FREE (Students pay University & College application fees, but the

services are free). 4. Based on the student’s

marks, educational background, IELTS or TOEFL scores (if required),

students (links to the Institute are available for more detailed

finances and study area of interest, the software provides instant school and program matches with over 95% chance of acceptance. 5. Apply Board is customized university and college pages provide the basic information for

information): program description, length of study, tuition, entrance requirements, deadlines, available start dates, processing time, financial and visa requirements. Nuh Ozdin, Vice Principal College Counselor

IVY league Ivy League is perhaps the best way to prove that both academic and sports achievements are possible at the same time. The league involves eight top ranking institutions such as Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University. All eight universities place in the top fifteen of the U.S. News & World Report 2017 nation university rankings, including the top four schools and five of the top eight. Origin of the Name: «Planting the ivy» was a customary class day ceremony at many colleges in the 1800s. At Penn, graduating seniors started the custom of planting ivy at a university building each spring in 1873 and that practice was formally designated as «Ivy Day» in 1874. Ivy planting ceremonies are reported for Yale and many others. Princeton’s «Ivy Club» was founded in 1879. Teams: Rowing teams from Harvard and Yale met in the first

sporting event held between students of two U.S. colleges on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire, on August 3, 1852. Today there are 33 sport fields and 242 teams (men’s: 119; women’s: 123) such as football, basketball, baseball, Ice hockey, Wrestling and track. Finance: Ivy League universities have some of the largest university financial endowments in the world, which allows the universities to provide many resources for their academic programs and research endeavors. As of 2014, Harvard University has an endowment of $36.4 billion. History: Harvard was chartered in 1650, although classes had been conducted for approximately a decade by then. And the youngest one that Cornell University was founded after two century, in 1865. Admissions: The Ivy League schools are highly selective, with acceptance rates since 2000 ranging from 6 to 16 percent at each of the universities.

Applicants Admission rates Brown 32,390 9.01% Columbia 36,292 6.04% Cornell 44,966 13.96% Dartmouth 20,675 10.52% Harvard 39,041 5.22% Penn 38,918 9.4% Princeton 29,303 6.46% Yale 31,455 6.27% U.S. Presidents: Of the forty-three men who have served as President

of the United States, fourteen have graduated from an Ivy League university. Geographic distribution: Students of the Ivy League largely hail from the Northeast, largely from the New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia areas. As all eight Ivy League universities are within the Northeast. Nuh Ozdin, Vice Principal College Counselor

Congratulations Mr David

IBand +

May your new bundle of joy bring happiness into your life and fill a void in your heart. Take pride in loving and raising your little miracle. We know you will be the best dad you can possibly be.

Would you like to visit all the places that your imagination can allow? Now, you can travel wherever you wish every single day, or night, to be precise. Now, you can actually feel how your wishes become piece of reality. Now, you can get limitless control over the various situations. Despite the fact that only a few years ago special courses and long meditations were necessary to get an access to lucid dreams, finally, all humans can have them with IBand+. It is a fascinating and clever invention for many reasons. Firstly, in lucid dreams you are aware of dreaming, which allows you to decide the continuation

health; monitor your sleep and give useful recommendations. Additionally, because heart rate, body temperature and movements are also measured, major sleep problems could be avoided. Iband wonderland will certainly change your life. According to experts, desired conscious dreams have very high chances to materialize. Not to mention, sound sleeps will bring improvements in numerous areas, such as nervous system, productivity and focus. It will take less time for you to relax and fully recover, thus increased efficiency with 1-2 hours being saved for other important tasks is possible. This way you can write other scenario for tomorrow. Zhuldyz Kapysh Grade 11A

Movie review Assasins’s creed A movie based on a popular videogame, Justin Kurzel’s

“Assassins’ Creed” was one of the most anticipating films for all gamers around the world. It tells us the story about a man named Callum, who was sentenced to a death penalty, but was saved at the last moment by the unknown organization from

Star wars: Rogue One

Madrid. There, he learns about his ancestor Aguilar, who was the leader of the Assassins group, who were fighting against Tamplier’s rule in 15th century . Throughout the story, Callum is forced to “go back” to the past, using a machine called “Animus”, and find an ancient artifact, that could change the whole world… The movie itself was well made graphically, however the plotline is a bit disappointing, especially for true fans of the game. Michael Fassbender’s play was fantastic, but I can’t tell it about the others. Ernis Malabayev, 11A

Another film of one of the most popular franchise in the world, “Rogue One” completely differs from a typical DisneyStar Wars movie, which made fans around the world really surprised. The story is about a girl named Jyn, an orphan who’s mother was killed and father, a genius scientist, was forced to work for the Empire. The whole movie tells of Jyn’s adventures to Empire’s main base, preventing the creation of “The Death Star”, a powerful weapon capable of destroying planets in

Interesting facts

a second, and trying to save her father from their hands.

In my opinion, the film was absolutely amazing. It was not the same as most of the previous Star Wars, but it was nice to see something new. Ernis Malabayev, 11A

3 11


of your ‘movies’. They let you choose the place where an event will take place, as well as the

‘main characters’ and the ending. Moreover, in case of a nightmare IBand uses signals to inform the brain that with positive thoughts it may still turn to utopia. Through sensors it can track emotions,

2 12

Volleyball tournament Last weekend was probably the best weekend we ever had. When we boarded the train to Almaty, none of us knew what to expect. . When we arrived in Almaty, we only had about half an hour to settle down, change into our sport uniforms, and have breakfast

high ceiling, with a long volleyball net in the middle. There were teams from numerous cities in Kazakhstan: Taraz, Karaganda, Almaty and Astana. It was obvious, that the girls here very experienced. They had a lot of effective techniques,

before the game. The place we were staying at was the dormitory in KTL for girls, and the match was held at their gym. It was a massive room, with very wide walls and a

which led them to their victory. You could see just by they warmed up, that they all had years of training. Although the results were not very pleasant for us, we still had

fun. We were all exhausted: sweaty, our arms red and swollen, legs feeling like lead. In my opinion, it was good that we lost , it motivated us to try harder, So, that`s why we had an idea of starting our own volleyball team for girls. We know that if we train really hard, we can come back next year and reclaim our victory. Besides the game, we decided to go out into city. A few hours after the match, we drove to “MEGA’” and chilled there for a few hours. When we came back, we just went directly to bed. Yeap, that`s how exhausted we were. The next day, we enjoyed our day at the “Chimbulak” resort. It was a lovely day, but unfortunately,

it had to come to an end. We drove to the airport after collecting our suitcases. It was a short trip, but it was definitely something to remember, we don`t care that we lost: the most

important thing is that we enjoyed our time there. Mira El Mostafa Grade 9A

Ways to manage revision stress We are very proud of our hard-working students and want you to achieve success in your examinations. We are aware, however, that with examination dates fast approaching you may feel nervous and stressed. Remember, the most important thing is your health. We all know that not sleeping and cramming immediately before an exam does not work. So, what does? This article aims to provide you with effective tips to help you take control of your revision. 1) Make a revision timetable: plan how many days you have until your exams. Refer to your exam syllabus and realistically divide it into smaller sections. Plan when you will revise and review specific topics.

They seem to be everywhere lately. The small square black and white bar codes that everyone is scanning with their mobile phones.

But what are they? QR or Quick Response codes are a type of two

Monthly newspaper of Spectrum International School. Published in English and Kazakh since September 2015. Sole proprietor: Spectrum International School

weaknesses: refer to your course syllabus and highlight areas that you find difficult so you can work on developing y o u r understanding of them. Ensure every area of study is covered at least once. 4) Recall t a c t i c s : colour code your revision notes, use

numbers and make up mnemonics to help you to recall key pieces of information during the exam. 5) Create a mind map poster: summarise topics using mind maps containing key terminology and information. Put the poster somewhere you can see it. 6) Be kind to yourself: Do not skip sleep or meals. A good night’s sleep helps with memory recall and concentration. Eat healthily and play sport to reduce stress. Give yourself a 10-minute break every hour to maximise your concentration. Be positive. Success is directly related to being optimistic. Good luck! Farida Danmeri Biology teacher

barcode. QR codes can be scanned from any direction for 360 degrees. This makes it easier for your device to read and lessens the possibility of background interference. A QR code reader can be downloaded onto a smartphone by anyone, and they are mostly free of charge. This means that any customer can walk into your business with his or her smartphone, and scan a QR code which you have generated. An Android user can use something like QR Code Reader, and an iPhone user can

download the Quick Scan app. Both are free of charge. There are many websites allowing you to generate QR codes and again, most are free of charge. You can then download them to your computer for printing. QR codes can be used to direct a customer to the URL for your website, to share a text message, a discount code for your store, your business card, a Google Maps location for your business, etc. Adulhameed Shah ICT teacher

2 ) Complete past exam p a p e r s : practising past exam papers will help you to understand exactly what the examiner is looking for and the style of content required to successfully pass your exams. 3) Focus on your strengths and

QR codes

dimensional (2D) bar codes that are the newest way to connect the real world with a new virtual world. QR codes are digital codes that your smart phone can scan and they can redirect you to a website or string of data. QR codes were designed in 1994 for Japanese auto-makers to track car parts. Now they are being used by big companies and small businesses. The main advantage is that you can store up to a hundred times more information on a QR code than on a conventional horizontal

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