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EPS-100 and EPS-110 Series Electronic Power Supply WARNING –– HIGH VOLTAGE Make certain that the power supply is unplugged from the electrical outlet when installing pencil lamps.

EPS-100 Series is used with 11SC-1, 11SC-2 and 36-380 Pencil Lamps EPS-110 Series is used with the 36-380/10A Pencil Lamp, whose arc and cord are longer. These electronic power supplies have been engineered to operate all Spectronics’ UV Pencil Lamps. PRELIMINARY CHECKS 1. The toggle switch of the power supply should be in the "OFF" position before it is plugged into the AC outlet. 2. Make sure the lamp is securely connected to the power supply before the system is turned on. 3. Make sure the power supply cord is securely connected into the power supply. 4. Make sure that the power supply is connected to an electrical outlet that conforms to the power requirements noted on the label. GENERAL OPERATION ®

After reviewing preliminary precautions, plug the power supply into an appropriate AC outlet. Point the Spectroline UV or blue light lamp toward the area to be illuminated and switch the power supply on. ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS 1. The power supply operates at 100 VAC through 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. 2. A toggle switch is used to turn on/off the connected lamp. 3. The time delay from switching on the power to lamp start is approximately 2/10 seconds. 4. The input current at 115 VAC input is 0.1A. The input current varies inversely with the input voltage, decreasing with increasing voltage. 5. The power supply has a built-in thermal protector. The thermal protector turns off the power supply when the temperature of the circuit board exceeds 100°C. It resets automatically when the temperature drops below 70°C. 6. The power supply automatically shuts down upon mechanical lamp failure or end-of-life lamp failure. 7. The power supply automatically shuts down if the lamp is not connected or intermittent in the lamp electrical connections. 8. In situations described in 7 and 8, the only way to restart the lamp is to disconnect the power, connect a good lamp, wait 30 seconds for the power supply to reset and reconnect the power. 9. The power supply is designed to operate Spectronics' pencil lamps to the range of -18°C to 43°C, from sea level to complete the vacuum and 0% to 99% relative humidity. The storage temperature is -29°C to 70°C. 10. Dimensions: LGTH 5.88", HT 1.80" WIDTH 2.33" 11. Weight: ~8 oz.




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Power supply and female connector Cord and female connector On/off switch

Supplies power from AC outlet Point of connection of lamp cord to power supply Connects/disconnects power to lamp

Each of the units is fitted with the appropriate power cord and plug for the country of shipment. For additional information, contact Spectronics Corporation. 3

5/06 AM05024-3 PRINTED IN U.S.A.

EPS-100, EPS-110 Power Supply Instrux Sheet AM05024-3  
EPS-100, EPS-110 Power Supply Instrux Sheet AM05024-3