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Editors/Art Directors: Hannah Hussain Katie Bingham Faye Wilkinson Contributing Illustrators: Katie Taylor Carol Cani Photoshoot: Photographer/Makeup Artist Katie Bingham Make Up Artist Faye Wilkinson Models Lizzy Gilbert Hannah Hussain


-Tricks of the trade: Red-dy -Tricks of the trade:Lashes -Illamasqua -Product review


-Red Yellow Orange Trend Take -Behind the Zines


-Catwalk Trend -Product Review -Shu Umera -Tricks of the trade: Orange all over


-Tricks of the trade: Yellow warning -Catwalk Trend -BellaPierre -Product Review

Messages from the Editors..

Carol Cani

Katie Taylor

RED RED RED Red lipstick is the classic staple item in any woman’s makeup bag. It is sophisticated and dramatic but it is typically hard to find the right tone. Makeup artists universally agree that the rules for matching a red to your skin tone are: cool bluey reds should be worn by paler skin tones and warm orangey reds work better with olive or tanned skins. Red lipstick is often worn with a variety of other colours but for a timeless look that suits everyone we recommend that you go for neutral eye makeup. Go for taupe and beige eye shadow all over the lid and contour the outer corner and crease of the eye with a dark brown or grey. You can build up drama by applying a few coats of mascara and drawing a line of liquid liner across the top lash line. Red eye makeup is certainly daring, unique and different, but with the right tone of red and techniques anyone can attempt this unconventional look. Keep your skin flawless and muted with limited blusher or bronzer, this allows the red shadow to pick up the natural pigmentation of your skin and highlight your features naturally.

When choosing a red eye shadow take this into consideration: darker skin tones and warmer complexions can suit tomatoes and true reds. With a paler skin tone it is best to stick with berry reds that are slightly more pinkish and look softer. You can always use corals and maroons which are much more forgiving. Red blusher is often associated with the vintage idea of using rouge and is thought to be a fairly dated makeup look. Using a red powder blush can be very subtle and really add colour to a paler skin tone and colour to a darker skin tone. Build it up gradually tapping the blusher brush on your wrist to get rid of excess product.

*Deborah Lippmann nail polish “Do you think im sexy” Hexagonal red-hued glitter in a thick clear base, which is able to work with an under colour coat, or on its own.

NARS Red Blush* A red pigmented blush with a matte finish, which is easily buffed and blended onto skin to create a more natural blush if desired.

*MAC Red Lipstick, Permenant Range Vanilla-scented but taste free matte finish with a subtle glossy shine. An essential for anybody’s make up bag. Mac lipsticks last between 4 to 6 hours before eating or drinking, and does not bleed, fade or smudge.

Make up artist: Faye Wilkinson

Photographer: Katie Bingham

Model: Lizzy Gilbert

Make up artist: Katie Bingham

Photographer: Katie Bingham

Model: Hannah Hussain

Make up artist: Faye Wilkinson

Photographer: Katie Bingham

Model: Lizzy Gibert




Carol Cani

Katie Taylor

Straight off the runway, make one feature the focal point of the face by using one of these bright orange colours. When wearing such a vibrant colour, its best to keep the rest of your make up minimal so you dont verge on a theatrical look.

* Nars Lip Gloss in Wonder This mandarin orange hue lip gloss is a crisp, sunny alternative to any tradtional red. Sephora Khol Eye liner Pencil * This eyeliner from Sephora is a long lasting pigment eyeliner. It has an easy and gentle application from its silicone forumla. * Essie Nail Polish “Its Obvious” A wild outspoken orange tone polish, is fashion forward and perfect for a statement, needing 1-2 coats and a topcoat.

M.A.C Pigment Colour Powder in Neo-Orange * A neon orange loose powder that can be used on the eyes, lips or cheeks. The bright, fine powder feels velvety and can be layered for varying degrees of intensity. * MAC Orange Lipstick, Permenant Range Vanilla-scented but taste free matte finish with a subtle glossy shine. An essential for anybody’s make up bag. Mac lipsticks last between 4 to 6 hours before eating or drinking, and does not bleed, fade or smudge.



range is a very forgiving colour that suits every skin tone. It has featured heavily in Spring/Summer trends in fashion the last few years. This has also translated across to beauty in a multitude of ways. Matte orange lips and eyes have been hugely popular. And blushers have taken on a more coral tone of late too . Orange-toned lipsticks are a really good way to make your teeth look whiter. Research by Clinique has shown that in order to achieve the look of a whiter smile, yellow or orange undertones to lipsticks as opposed to blue undertones are much more flattering.

If you want to go for an intense orange on the lip use a matte lipstick, this really suits a dark smoky eye. This creates a really dramatic look. If this is too much try the lipstick with plain eye makeup, only using mascara and lining the upper lash line in liquid eyeliner. For the eyes try a ‘sunset’ smoky eye, using a combination of yellow for the highlighter, coral and tangerine for the lids, and terracotta or burnt orange to line the eyes. Keep your lips neutral so as not to look too made up. Think about contrasting orange against its secondary opposite colour, purple. Using an orange wash over the eye-lid really brightens the eye, and then to contour the eye use a purple in the outer corner and the crease to create a striking look. Often people wear bronzer during the summer, however bronzer can be very flattening used on its own. In order to add a contour to the cheeks apply a peachy or coral blusher on top of the bronzer across the cheekbones. This really brings the cheekbones out and gives a much fresher look to the face.

Carol Cani

Katie Taylor


ellow can be a hard colour to pull off in terms of makeup. The colour is used in warning signs and labels so it is not a colour that people all that feel comfortable with, especially in terms of makeup. However, it is a colour that represents spring and summer. We so often see yellow cropping up repeatedly in fashion of summer, especially in festival style. When wearing yellow on the face it is best to use as a staple colour for the eyes; or if you are really daring the lips. Use very muted or natural makeup all over the rest of the face. For the eyes, you could always go for a smoky eye and then bring in some yellow to create a striking, different look. KohGenDo is a cosmetic company from Japan. They have made their mark on the industry by selling their products to the film and TV industry, as well as to the general public for twenty-two years. Their products are referred to as ‘high definition’ makeup. Makeup that looks natural and flawless, almost in high definition.


The Makeup Colour Base is available in three colours; green, yellow, and white. All three contain moisturizing ingredients, such as silk powder. They also offer sun protection with a SPF16 making it a convenient base for daily use. The yellow Colour Base works wonders on dark circles. This is because the yellow neutralises the blue undertone of blood vessels that show through the thinner skin under the eye. Dark circles are commonly thought to be due to lack of sleep or stress but they mostly are hereditary unfortunately. It also helps to reduce red areas of the face, such as around the nose, chin or on the cheeks, immediately giving the skin a much more unified and even appearance. The white Colour Base minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores. And the green blends nicely to correct dullness and give the skin luminosity.

*INGLOT AMC Pure Pigment Inglot pure pigments are loose pigments, finely milled and smooth. The pigments has a slight shimmer finish, and work well both wet or dry.

Illamasqua Nail Polish* A dusty pale yellow base that is soft yet bold even with just one coat. The lacquers tend to dry quickly and lasts up to a week.

*Make Up Forever Star Powder This is an extremely fine texture which is easy to apply. You can use the star powder with or without mixing with other make up, and highlights any area of the face.

*Illamasqua Eyeshadow ‘Sister, sunshine yellow,� This powder eyeshadow is highly pigmented and intensly bold. It gives a matte finish with a long lasting life.

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