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DISBURSEMENT FUNDING WE'VE GOT IT COVERED Transformational: a unique, new approach to disbursement funding, offering your firm the confidence to run complex, highvalue claims without cashflow concerns, and the freedom to grow. Working with SpectraLegal Finance and insured by a market-leading insurer, DF ensures you're free to make the right choice of experts for your client. Your client, your choice.

DF Keep your cash flowing

UNBEATABLE KEY FEATURES • Access to justice: empowering clients by enabling disbursement payments • 100% of disbursements paid on all eligible cases: progress your cases safe in the knowledge that all disbursements can be paid as needed whatever the size of case. • No-win, no-fee case funding for each case: mirroring client agreements • Peace of mind for your client: A-rated, leading ATE insurance • No additional client signatures or agreements required • Your client, your choice: run your case without interference or pressure • Off balance sheet funding: maintain a healthy relationship with your bank • Easy-to-use, automated, immediate disbursement payments • Competitively priced facilities

Transformational disbursement funding

DF HOW IT WORKS Law firm enters into the Agreement with SpectraLegal. Law firm signs up clients to its retainer & puts approved ATE insurance policy in place.

Lawyer requests payment of disbursements, funded subject to insurance.

Client case success: law firm repays all funding and associated charges as set out in the client retainer and Agreement. Client loses case: no case funding charges are made. Disbursements funded are recovered from the ATE insurer.

Your client, your choice

CONTACT US TODAY 0207 043 0746 SpectraLegal Limited, 6th Floor, 125 Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1AR.

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Disbursement Funding  

Disbursement Funding