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Thursday, May 10, 2012 • 1B

Pinterest has become a global name that’s captured the attention (and time) of all age groups. My own mother introduced me to the site and seems to spend hours on it every week. You can post anything you love or hate, from shoes or your favorite hairstyle to funny quotes or photos of Ryan Gosling. The site is also a great place to find ideas for craft and easy do-it-yourself projects. I searched through the thousands of DIY fashion projects and came up with a list of five of my favorites that are cheap, easy and sure to give you a more personalized outfit. Check or scan the QR code for links to the tutorials!

Patterned nail designs What you will need:

• Nail polish • Various other materials (tape, glitter etc.) Nail designs are all the rage and Pinterest is filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of different fun options for crazy nail designs. A few include rainbow colors, glitter and leopard print. I even found one that resembled different elements from the Periodic Table, so the options are endless. If you search DIY nails you will spend hours on the site, looking through all of the different options you can go with. Happy polishing!

Hand-dipped dyed skirt What you will need: • • • •

A skirt of your choice (white or neutral) Colored dye Salt Bucket

This project is more advanced, but after reading through the steps, it seemed attainable. To get the light to darker effect, you just need to keep the bottom of the skirt in the dye longer. This specific skirt is very subtle, but there were also great options for white skirts with a dark blue bottom that is more noticeable. If skirts are not your thing, feel free to dye pretty much any other piece of clothing you own like white blazers or shirts. The are so many options for this project and the end result is unique down to the last dip.

Chanel-inspired pearl hairpins What you will need: • • • • •

8mm-12mm faux pearl necklace 20-22 gauge wire Bobby pins Wire cutters Flat nose pliers

For this DIY project, we are going to start off really easy. Aquatic environments inspired Chanel’s designer for the spring 2012 collection and featured a lot of accessories covered with pearls. The models all had hairpins with the famous double C painted on white pearls, which inspired some Pinterest users to make their own. I went through the tutorial step by step, which was fairly simple. The finished product looks very elegant and is an easy, fast and cheap project that’s a great gift for your friends.

Basic pocket tote What you will need:

• Strip of fabric (35 by 14 inch) • Sewing machine • Matching thread

Neon-toe shoes

What you will need:

Although this project requires a sewing machine, it is still a fun and easy project that would be a nice gift. The sewing seems to be just basic techniques that would be fairly easy to learn. Using light, washable materials like canvas or upholstery fabric make them easy to clean and light to carry. The bag features inside pockets big enough for cosmetics and/or a phone, which I think is really convenient to have. This project is a great way to create your own accessory and is a versatile bag that can be used for anything from a beach bag to a shopping bag.

• Fluorescent neon spray paint/floral spray • Nude patent leather flats or pumps • Packing tape This project is a great way to take your favorite neutral colored heels or flats and infuse them with a popular trend this season: neon colors. The steps to this project are incredibly simple: You tape the shoe off by the toe, spray paint the toe with your favorite neon color, let it dry and pull the tape off to reveal the cute neon toe. This is a great way to bring in color to any outfit. The color possibilities are endless and the amount of time it takes is minimal, so if you are in need of a bolder shoe option, definitely try this out.


Getting their praise on Gospel Choir to perform end of semester show By Josh Becker FREELANCER

If you’re looking for energetic, soulful and uplifting music to get you through finals week, mark your calendar for the upcoming UWEC Gospel Choir performance. The show, titled “Get Yo’ Praise On,” will feature contemporary gospel music and a full band performance. Junior Darian Parker, president of Gospel Choir, said the show is not your typical “sit in a pew and sing hymns” church service, and people who have never attended a gospel choir show are in

for a surprise. “This is, like, the old lady in the front row’s blue hair’s going to be flying back; we’re really loud,” he said. “It’s very contemporary, upbeat gospel music.” Parker said he is excited for two specific pieces of music during the show, although one of them doesn’t have many lyrics. He said it’s more about the Parker meaning and

feeling audience members get when listening to the song. “This semester we’re doing one spiritual song called ‘There’s a Balm in Gilead,’ and it’s the first of its kind that we’ve done since I’ve joined,” Parker said. “(‘Going to Another Level’) is so bumpin’ … with the full band there, it’s just the definition of ‘Get Yo’ Praise On.’” Dale Taylor, the choir’s faculty adviser, said the contemporary and energetic take on spiritual music makes this show a mustsee event. Music by gospel artists such as Kirk Franklin, Kurt Carr, and Israel Houghton will be heard throughout the concert.

“(Attendees) will hear music they won’t hear anywhere else in Eau Claire, I can promise you that,” he said. A common theme throughout the Gospel Choir organization is the members’ dedication to the music, and the heart and soul they put in to performing it, Parker said. Parker said members don’t audition; they just have to express interest in joining the choir. Its mission is “to show God’s love through worship, community service and through accepting everyone, creating a family-like environment where people feel welcome no mat-

ter where they are in their faith walk,” according to the choir’s website. This year’s show will be senior Emily Klink’s last performance as director of Gospel Choir. A member of the choir since her freshman year, Klink said she wants people to come to the concert full of energy and ready to participate. “I want people to just have fun and let loose because that’s when we have our best moments in Gospel Choir.” she said, “when people just feel free to dance and clap and just really put their heart in what we’re singing.”

“Get Yo’ Praise On” 7 p.m. May 12

Lake Street United Methodist Church

The Spectator, Volume 90, Issue 29  

Date of publicaiton: May 10, 2012