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son that public spending on the elderly is more than double resented groups of society. The opportunities do exist, but spending on the youth. For a country that is striving for so- we need to encourage the youth to take advantage of them. cial mobility, this is a disturbing fact. Taxing the rich may Attacking the wealthy is not the way to do this. Rather, it is important for us as a society to emappear a noble goal, but if this money is not allocated effectively, the entire point is moot. Investing in education is not brace hard work and to highlight these opportunities that a numbers game. Nonetheless, we need to have a national do exist. As Charles Murray highlighted in his recent bestdiscussion about how best to provide opportunities to the seller Coming Apart, those who are born into poorer famiyouth, rather than turn a blind eye to their growing poverty. lies are more likely to make harmful decisions, such as having children out of wedlock and There is much more we should be doing as a society to To improve the social mobility of America’s disregarding or even dropping out of school. Perpetuating reimprove the situation facing masses, redistribution and the political sentment of the wealthy and the youth. We must provide wrath that accompanies it is not the painting the system as one in not only opportunities but also solution. Rather, it is important for us as which you absolutely must be the avenue to take advantage of a society to embrace hard work and to born wealthy to gain wealth is them by investing in the youth highlight these opportunities that do exist. not only untrue — take a look mentally. We must teach the around here at Brown — but it youth good values and gear them towards the opportunities that do exist for upward also encourages those who are young to make these wrong mobility. While Brown is far from perfectly egalitarian, I choices. These two halves cannot exist independently. am pleased to see among my friends a wide diversities of backgrounds and upbringings. My friends are not stereo- Rather, we as a society need to make a conscious effort typical Ivy League WASPs — in fact, many of my closest to truly improve the opportunities for social mobility by friends came from extremely difficult backgrounds yet investing in the youth, especially those born into poorer worked their way through life. Being at Brown will give areas, both mentally and financially. Only with these two them the opportunities that we so desperately want the investments coexisting and self-reinforcing can we really poor to have. Beyond higher education, many companies make the strides toward producing an ideal society that now have diversity programs that seek to target underrep- truly stands for the American dream.

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The Brown Spectator Volume X Issue II  

The Brown Spectator looks into coal divestment, voting trends of ivy-league students, reviews local restaurants, and more.