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The past year has marked a shift in The Spectator’s coverage from mostly national issues to Brown-related content. Former Editor-in-Chief Ryan Fleming deserves credit for beginning the change in content during his tenure at the helm of the magazine, especially with his popular piece “A University’s Shame” (May 2012), which covered Brown’s handling of the William McCormick III rape case. It is our hope that you, as a frequent or occasional Spectator reader, find the magazine to be more relevant to your day-to-day life. This issue features a response to a Brown Daily Herald column, commentary on the Brown Divest Coal movement, and a contextualization of how leftleaning Brown students’ views on abortion are, among other Brown-related articles. We imagine that seeing another side of campus debates — or another side of campus issues not often publicly debated — will inform the position you take, even if it is not the one our authors advocate. And because the magazine focuses on subjects you frequently hear about, you will be more engaged with the articles. While our objective in increasing our coverage of Brown is not to criticize every move the administration makes, we do think it is dangerous to be comfortable with the authority that governs us and the policies that shape our everyday lives. We believe a balance between a willingness to criticize a bad policy and a willingness to commend a well-thought out policy is a healthy attitude. We urge you to keep a questioning mind when you consider the position you take in campus debates. Hopefully, The Spectator will serve as a guide for your thinking — and we encourage you to criticize our positions as well. Enjoy this month’s issue!

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Oliver Hudson Olivia Conetta Editors-in-Chief

2/18/13 10:13 PM

The Brown Spectator Volume X Issue II  
The Brown Spectator Volume X Issue II  

The Brown Spectator looks into coal divestment, voting trends of ivy-league students, reviews local restaurants, and more.