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Standardized tests measure not just the knowledge and intelligence of a student but the quality of his teacher. It is time for the state of Rhode Island to recognize this. come more competitive among the states by reforming the status quo of teacher evaluation? It seems like the only thing being slowed down by those in opposition to any means of quantifiable measures is progress. The Pearson study shows that when it comes to improving education, there are in fact no “magic bullets.” However, it does elaborate on comprehensive steps that can be taken in order to remedy issues within the system. One of the primary recommendations from the study is encouraging high-quality teachers and placing an emphasis on professional development and best practices, stating that “teachers need to be treated as the valuable professionals they are.” As a part of this process, it is necessary that states such as Rhode Island implement rigorous evaluation systems to ensure that the best teachers are distinguished opinion

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and serve as instructional role models for others. Teacher evaluations should not be looked at as a means of demeaning the teaching profession, but rather strengthening it by offering a way for teachers to improve the instruction that they offer students. Rhode Island’s infant evaluation system is not perfect, and even its main proponent, Commissioner Deborah Gist, has opened the door to gradual improvements. However, the notion of Rhode Island’s teachers’ unions that “high-stakes” quantitative measures of progress have no place in teacher evaluations actually discredits the teaching profession more than it enriches it. We should be encouraging best practices that are supported by data to ensure that teachers are performing to the best of their ability and that students are receiving the education that they deserve.

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The Brown Spectator Volume X Issue II  
The Brown Spectator Volume X Issue II  

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