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it was only the beginning. Since 2010, Music and Memory has implemented personalized iPod music programs in hundreds of long-term care facilities across the nation and the world. Wisconsin was one of the first states to launch a Music and Memory Initiative, which enabled 100 nursing homes throughout the state to become Music and Memory-Certified Care Organizations. Many states have

followed which broadened the program significantly. Through ongoing research, results of the program consistently show that participants are happier and more social; they have better relationships with the nursing home staff, everyone enjoys a calmer and more supportive environment, and the staff spends less time on behavior management.

The program implementation has been met with widepsread enthusiasm and success. It’s incredible to think how something as simple and inexpensive as an iPod can bring so much joy and connection to the hearts and minds of the elderly population. Then again, it’s the music within that changes their lives one note at a time. �

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Upfront Healthcare Issue 3  

Upfront Healthcare Issue 3