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They are committed to serving the residents’ best interests and do so by staffing local, licensed beauticians who work well with a mature clientele and who are experienced with seniors’ needs and preferences. Their tagline is “It would be an honor to help enhance what is already a wonderful senior living experience!” On -site salons are definitely a selling point for families and seniors seeking to join resident communities.

Seventy is the new fifty and, yes, seniors do care about how they look and present themselves. When asked if beauty matters at any age, 94-year-old Judith Mittelman, a Holocaust survivor and great grandmother of many, responds, “I feel dignified and important when I wear makeup and have my hair done. At this age, it’s not the only thing I care about, but it certainly matters. When I’m well groomed, I notice that people treat me differently. They show more respect.

I try very hard to look presentable so that when my grandchildren come with their children to visit, they see that grandma is beautiful and dignified. This is very important to me.” Many may still search for the fountain of youth but until it is found, let’s embrace the aging process and the delicate beauty and grace that it brings, and let’s help our seniors look their best at any age. ●

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Upfront Healthcare Issue 3  

Upfront Healthcare Issue 3