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COVER: Participants in the annual Trek to the Sea paddle to Pine Island in Jay for a brief break before continuing their journey down the Androscoggin River. Photo by Cherilee Budrick

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Jay | Livermore | Livermore Falls Area Guide Jay | Livermore | Livermore Falls Area Guide


Franklin County, Maine?

We can’t imagine having our business anywhere else!

In 2006, Jeff Strunk, Chase McKendry and Olympic Gold Medalist Seth Wescott bought The Rack, a bar at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain in Franklin County. Looking for a lifestyle business that would allow them to live and work in Carrabassett Valley and support a mountain resort they love, the three entrepreneurs knew that Franklin County was the ideal place for them to locate their families and their business. “Whether it's skiing, rafting, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking or hanging out at The Rack, we can't imagine having our business anywhere else."

With housing prices at a low and lifestyles at a high, now's the time to make your move to Franklin County! For more information, contact Alison Hagerstrom.

Alison Hagerstrom, Executive Director

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Jay | Livermore | Livermore Falls Area Guide



Welcome to Our Hometowns! If you’re reading this guide, chances are you live, work, play or are visiting our beautiful area. Each year the Jay, Livermore, Livermore Falls Chamber of Commerce produces this guide to highlight the numerous services, resources, foods and activities our community has to offer. We hope you fi nd it useful! Our area is conveniently located right in the center of nearly all of Maine’s tourist activities that stretch from the Atlantic Coast to the Western Maine Mountains. We can offer many of the amenities of the big city, but with a country charm and lower price tag. From affordable dining like burgers, seafood, steaks, pasta, health food and organic foods to amazing recreational opportunities, it is all here for you to experience. We sit on the banks of the Androscoggin River where there is world class bass fi shing and a variety of entry points for canoes and kayaks as well as trails for hiking, biking, and snowmobiling. We have numerous lakes for fi shing and recreation year-round. And, with Spruce Mountain Ski Area in our community, skiers and riders don’t have to go far to hit the slopes. If you’re looking for Maine-made goods, our talented growers and artisans are plentiful. You can fi nd everything from Maine maple syrup and apples to handmade crafts and woodwork. There are quality services around every corner from car repair to computer repair, from hair care to health care. Check out the list on page 40 of just some of our area businesses. Our area has recently merged two excellent

school systems into one to serve the tri-town area. The new cooperative school blends administrators, teachers and support staff to create a superb educational program for our youth. We are proud of the economic revitalization that is taking place in our community too. A new multi-million dollar medical arts building recently opened, and a section of our main street, Route 4, received a major facelift. The infrastructure for water, sewer, power and telecommunications along this corridor was entirely rebuilt for future growth. Our Chamber of Commerce is a large supporter of our community. Because we are mostly made up of local members, we believe in the “buy local” philosophy and try to ensure that we provide opportunities that keep people locally. We help provide a fi reworks display for the tri-towns during the annual Independence Day celebration. We host and sponsor an annual golf tournament with all proceeds going into our scholarship fund for local high school seniors. We also put on the much anticipated Apple Pumpkin Festival every September, which provides all sorts of family fun. As you travel through our area, take note of the locations, products and services listed in this guide. We’re sure you will be pleased with what you experience. And please know we truly look forward to seeing you again! Sincerely,

EXECUTIVE BOARD Chairman : Bruce Adams Group Adams Propane Vice Chairman: Christine Fournier Crayon Country Developmental Preschool Treasurer: Paul Soucie Androscoggin Bank Secretary: Karen Whittemore Leavitt-Whittemore Realty Group Past Chairman: Dan Smiley Turner Publishing, Inc. Administrative Assistant: Bonnie Perkins

Member at Large: Lisa Bryant Town of Jay Member at Large: Kathryn McAninch Solely Therapeutic Massage



Bruce Adams, C hairperson Jay, Livermore, Livermore Falls Chamber of Commerce

CONTACTING THE CHAMBER: Jay, Livermore, Livermore Falls Chamber of Commerce P.O. Box 458 Livermore Falls, ME 04254 (2 07) 897-6755 info@jay-livermore-lf.org www.jay-livermore-lf.org

Jay | Livermore | Livermore Falls Area Guide


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Jay | Livermore | Livermore Falls Area Guide



A Place to Live, Work and Play The Jay, Livermore, Livermore Falls Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to explore and enjoy the heart of the Androscoggin River Valley. The JLLF area is located at the center point of four counties. Within 10 minutes in any direction, you can be in Androscoggin, Franklin, Kennebec or Oxford Counties. This means if your travels take you to many of the larger communities in our area, such as Augusta, Lewiston/Auburn and Farmington, you’re less than an hour away. We are also approximately an hour away from Maine’s magnifi cent coastline and the best skiing on the Eastern seaboard of the United States. Not to mention, we have many lakes, rivers, streams and many smaller mountains and nature trails right in our backyard. Jay, Livermore and Livermore Falls are nestled in the Androscoggin River Valley and are the gateway to the Western Lakes and Mountains region. Each town embodies the close-knit communities synonymous with the enduring qualities of many Maine towns. The people who call this place home treasure the good old fashioned values that are often lost in other areas of the globe. Their work ethic is second to none. Collectively, they are always willing to pull together to get the job done—helping a neighbor or a stranger off the street. We are the home of Maine’s fi nest paper mill and are surrounded by many smaller businesses where the owner is still in the shop.

bed of industry during the Industrial Revolution, with the river providing power for a multitude of mills and factories. While industry and conservation remain a strong part of the Jay area, the town retains a rural feel, with a population of approximately 5,000 across 48 square miles. Jay is home to Verso Paper Corp.’s Androscoggin Mill, which is the second largest producer of coated paper in the country. Located at the gateway to major ski areas, Jay has access to abundant recreational activities. French Falls is a ball fi eld in the summer that is fl ooded and maintained for ice-skating in the winter. Jay is the home of Spruce Mountain (sprucemountain.org), a small ski area owned by the three towns. The slope has eleven trails maintained by volunteers and is reasonably priced for families. Jay offers public tennis courts, and a 14-mile Rail Trail from Jay to Farmington that supports snowmobiles, ATVs, horseback riding, biking, and hiking. The Androscoggin River provides opportunities for excellent fi shing and wildlife viewing, and is a venue for many tournaments. Canoes and kayaks are now a common sight, as residents and visitors are using the river as never before.

A PLACE RICH WITH HISTORY AND OPPORTUNITY JAY The Town of Jay, incorporated on February 26, 1795, is in southern Franklin County, situated on the Androscoggin River. The area became a hot-



Jay | Livermore | Livermore Falls Area Guide


North Jay is known historically for its white granite quarries that led to the development of one of the fi rst industries in Jay. For decades, the North Jay White Granite Quarry provided the granite—highly prized for its fi ne grain, white color and strength—for numerous public buildings across the country, including Grant’s Tomb and City Hall in Portland. Today, you can visit North Jay’s White Granite Quarry Park and hike scenic trails meandering through one of our many area orchards to a now idle small quarry. For more information about the Town of Jay, visit www.jay-maine.org or call (207)897-6785. LIVERMORE The area was settled in the 1770s as Port Royal and was incorporated in 1795. It later derived its name from Deacon Elijah Livermore, one of its fi rst settlers. Livermore was also home to the Washburns, one of the prominent families of the 19th century. This remarkable family produced senators, congressmen, governors, entrepreneurs and naval leaders. Now their ancestral home is the Washburn Norlands Living History Center, a national historic treasure. Visitors learn about the family through the mid-1800s, and experience life in rural Maine in the 1900s, through watching reenactments, or participating in daily chores on the farm and in the mansion, and learning the ways of the one-room school house. The Museum is located at 290 Norlands Road. For more information, go to www.norlands.org or call (207) 897-4366. Situated on one of the heaviest traveled secondary highways in the state, Livermore offers tremendous exposure for anyone looking to attract business from those traveling to tourist destinations, or commuting to and from work. The people living in Livermore are proud of its rich and diverse history of agriculture and forestry,


Jay | Livermore | Livermore Falls Area Guide

and its small business enterprises. Small stores and a close community lend to the serenity of the rolling mountains surrounding it. The town has three boat launches that allow access to three different lakes and some of the best “hidden” fi shing in Western Maine. There are more than 2,000 people residing in Livermore over approximately 40 square miles. For more information on the Town of Livermore, call (207) 897-3207. LIVERMORE FALLS Originally, Livermore Falls was part of Port Royal, which was settled in the 1770s. It was incorporated as part of Livermore in 1795. At this time, Livermore had a county line running through the middle, divided by the Androscoggin River. West of the river was part of Oxford County and east of the river was part of Kennebec County. East Livermore, formed and incorporated in 1845, was set off from Kennebec County on March 31, 1854 to create Androscoggin County. East Livermore is now known as Livermore Falls Early in the 19th century, the area was still mostly farmland, with orchards and dairies supplying the markets of Portland and Boston. As the century progressed, logging and papermaking came to the forefront as the Industrial Revolution peaked. In the late 1800s, Livermore Falls was a bustle of various mills, large and small, and could be called the epicenter of the Industrial Revolution here in western Maine. Multiple mills were built in the latter part of the 19th century, taking advantage of the Androscoggin’s tremendous waterpower. Hugh Chisholm, lifelong friend and collaborator of Thomas Alva Edison, purchased his fi rst paper mill in Livermore Falls, then built or purchased a number of other mills that eventually became the multi-national paper maker of today, International Paper Company. Most of the mills - from paper to grist - are gone from the



area, but the population that was drawn here by the need for workers for the various mills and railroads has remained. Generations of these multiethnic families are still residents of the area and have a strong pride in their historic role developing industries at the heart of the Androscoggin River area. Maine’s Paper and Heritage Museum (www.papermuseumofmaine.org) is located at 32 Church Street in Livermore Falls and commemorates the history of Maine’s Paper Industry. The lore of railroads, logging, lumbering and papermaking can be researched at the Paper Museum. Livermore Falls is now a quiet village with an historic downtown. It has the convenience of in town living, while retaining the tranquility of past rural life. Today, there are approximately 3,500 people living in the 20 square miles that make up Livermore Falls. For more area information on Livermore Falls, visit www.lfme.org or call the Livermore Falls Town Offi ce at (207)897-3321. A PLACE RICH WITH NATURAL RESOURCES AND RECREATION Residents and visitors develop an appreciation for the area’s great natural beauty, with our allseason trails, scenic vistas and wide array of recreational activities. The Central Androscoggin River Valley offers ample hunting, fi shing, boating, bicycling and snowmobiling opportunities. It’s a great area for skiing, snowshoeing and hiking, as well as fun seasonal activities like blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and apple picking. Our area is rich with the four seasons. We can boast some of the most beautiful summers with the warm weather often starting in April and going through October. Of course the snow could hit the ground any time from October-April, which makes our area ideal for winter enthusiasts as well. When the days become warm and sunny,



but nights still hold the shards of winter, we have the short season of making maple syrup, made all the sweeter by the promise of spring. The crisp fall air brings the peak of fall foliage color, usually during the beginning of October and lasts about three weeks. Our valley is lined with quiet country roads, orchard-dotted hills, low, spruce-fi r clad mountains, glacial ponds and countless cool brooks. Home to the Androscoggin River, we have an amazing resource right out our front doors. The swift fl owing, large-volume river not only provides an excellent source of power, but also recreation. During the Industrial Revolution the area became a hotbed of industry, due in large part to this wonderful resource. Like many other communities in America, industry has waned, and though that has created stress to local economies, it has opened up many recreational possibilities. Once named one of the ten most polluted rivers in the country, the Androscoggin River has made an incredible comeback and is now so beautiful, clean and serene- you’d swear you were miles away from civilization when you are on it. Today, the river has countless boat put-ins along its entire length. Once on the endangered species list, bald eagles are now a very common sight in the area. A canoe or kayak ride on most any stretch of the river reveals a world of beauty and tranquility. You may see an eagle harassing an osprey for its catch, or a kingfi sher, fi shing for its brood, sitting on an exposed branch and later, skimming along the water in fl ight, fi ring off its “rat-tat-tat” call. You might see a green heron under an overhanging bank, crouched motionless on a branch, watching warily as you fl oat by. On pond-like stretches, great blue herons sit statuestill, stalking fi sh fry in the shallows. But there is plenty of fi sh to go around! The Androscoggin boasts some of the best bass fi shing in the northeast! For the fl y fi sherman who

Jay | Livermore | Livermore Falls Area Guide


wants a real challenge, wily brown trout lurk in the riffles. You may see a group of children fishing with worms below Riley Dam, and on the other end of the spectrum you might see a fly-fishing class being conducted by LL Bean near Pine Island. Our Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Androscoggin Land Trust and local businesses to develop maps of our region that highlight trails, open space, and access points to the Androscoggin River and our numerous ponds. See page 22 for some of the area’s recreation locations. For more information or to acquire a map on where to find recreation areas along the Androscoggin River, call the Androscoggin Land Trust at (207)782-2302 or visit www.androscogginlandtrust.org. The natural wonder that is the Androscoggin River is an untapped treasure waiting to be discovered. A PLACE RICH WITH AGRICULTURE AND ARTISANS For generations, this valley was known as apple and dairy country and there is still ample

evidence of the area’s agricultural roots. As you explore the valley, you will pass pastures with livestock, hay and corn fields, orchards, and farms specializing in crops such as potatoes, pumpkins, apples and strawberries. During the spring, you can see many maple trees tapped for the season, with buckets ready to capture the sweetness that becomes Maine maple syrup. Roadside stands offer fresh produce, eggs, dairy products, honey, mple syrup, flowers, herbs, craft items and much more. Check out the list of businesses that offer locally grown and pick-your-own berries, fruits and other Maine- made products on page 31. Check out our calendar of events on page 9 as well to see what specific opportunities may be available for you to experience with our locally grown and crafted goods. While we have all that we need right here in our communities, if you desire larger big box style stores or outlet malls, they are only a short drive away: Farmington to the north, Augusta to the east, and Lewiston-Auburn, Freeport and Portland to the south. Major cultural and sporting events are also within easy reach from our area.

15 Strawberry Avenue Lewiston, Maine 777-7740 www.ahch.org


Jewelry & Gifts Appliances Auto Repair & Sales Restaurants Fitness Insurance & Tax Preparation Banking & Investments Health, Dental, Foot & Eye Care Heating Sales & Service Hardware, Lumber, Paint, Wallpaper Legal Services and more....

Keep Downtown Strong—Buy Local LFDBG, PO Box 225, Livermore Falls, ME 04254 www.lfme.org/betterment 8

Jay | Livermore | Livermore Falls Area Guide

Mission Statement Caring for the health, independence, and quality of life of Maine residents and their famlies in the comfort of their home and community.

“Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice provides a continuum of care that is delivered through our three main programs – Home Care – acute care, Hospice- end of life care and Supportive Care – assistance with activities of daily living.

Julie Shackley President/CEO

For 47 years, our family has been taking care of your family! As we move into the future, I believe our mission, values, policies and practices demonstrate that we will continue to provide the highest quality of care to you and your family for years to come.”

Skilled Home Care • Hospice Care • Hospice House • Supportive Care



Calendar of Events JUNE June 2 Annual Plant and Used Book Sale Community Building and Public Library, 22 Church Street, Livermore 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. FMI: (207) 897-7173 June 2 18th Annual National Trails Day The public and trail enthusiasts locally can join others nationwide to discover, learn about, and celebrate America’s trail system. FMI on the events and locations check, Androscoggin Land Trust at www. androscogginlandtrust.org and chisholmtrailsmaine.org or call (207) 782-2302 June 15-17 2012 Trek Across Maine Cycling Event A 3-day, 180-mile bicycle tour across Maine from Sunday River in Newry to Belfast. The Trek Across Maine is a ride, not a race. It is the largest fundraiser of the year for the American Lung Association nationwide. FMI: trekacrossmaine@lungne.org 1-800-499-LUNG x0313 June 16 5th Annual Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament Maple Lane Golf Course, 295 Maple Lane, Livermore The Jay-Livermore-Livermore Falls Chamber of Commerce hosts this 18 hole golf scramble tournament to raise funds for scholarships awarded to RSU 73 students who pursue a course of study in business or technical education, at a university, community college or an accredited trade school. FMI: www.jay-livermore-lf.org (207) 897-6755 June 22-24 17th Annual Tractor Festival Farmington Fairgrounds, High Street, Farmington 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. This annual festival is touted as the largest display of antique tractors and equipment in all of New England. Festival goers can enjoy tractor pulls, a fl ea market, crafters, demonstrations and more! FMI: www.maineantiquetractorclub.com or (207) 938-3258

JULY July 3 Tri-Town Independence Day Fireworks The Chamber of Commerce coordinates the annual Independence Day fi reworks display for the three towns it serves. The fi reworks are set up at the Spruce Mountain Ski Slope in Jay and are shot over the Androscoggin River. They can be heard and seen from one of several viewing areas all around the region. FMI: www.jay-livermore-lf.org or (207) 897-6755 July 3 VFW Chicken Barbeque VFW Hall, Jewell Street, Jay FMI: (207) 897-5112 July 3 - August 30 (Tuesdays and Thursdays) Norlands Living History Tours Washburn-Norlands Living History Center, 290 Norlands Road, Livermore 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Experience what life was like at the Norlands in 1870. $10/adults, $6 children under 12, $25/family FMI: www.norlands.org or (207) 897-4366



Jay | Livermore | Livermore Falls Area Guide


June 16 5th Annual Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament Maple Lane Golf Course, 295 Maple Lane, Livermore The Jay-Livermore-Livermore Falls Chamber of Commerce hosts this 18 hole golf scramble tournament to raise funds for scholarships awarded to RSU 73 students who pursue a course of study in business or technical education, at a university, community college or an accredited trade school. FMI: www.jay-livermore-lf.org (207) 897-6755

10 Jay | Livermore | Livermore Falls Area Guide



July 4 Festival on the Green Turner 9 a.m.-12:00p.m. Activities for all ages including a parade, games and an open house at the Turner Museum & Historical Society and the Natural History Club House. FMI: (207) 225-3414 July 12 - August 23 Weekly Story Hours at Underwood Memorial Library 2006 Main Street, Fayette Thursday Mornings at 10 a.m. Stories, crafts, door prizes and refreshments. FMI: www.fayettemaine.com/Library.html or (207) 685-3778 FMI: www.fayettemaine.com/Library.html July 21-26 Annual Source to the Sea Canoe Trek A different leg of the Trek begins every day at different inlets along the Androscoggin River. Join the Androscoggin Land Trust and the Androscoggin River Watershed Council and paddle through the communities of Jay, Livermore Falls and Livermore. FMI: www.androscogginwatershed.org or (207)754-8158 July 22 Maine Open Farm Day 100+ farms throughout Maine open to the public. See what farm life is all about with activities and demonstrations such as milking, felting, petting and feeding animals, picking berries and hay rides. There will be farm-raised products for sale, displays and samples to taste. FMI: judy.blaisdell@maine. gov or (207) 287-3702

AUGUST Early August Open House at the Fayette Historical Society Route 17, Fayette • ExpErt Auto Visit rooms devoted to the Starling Grange, the Body rEpAirs writings of Fayette resident Oscar Young and a li• All MAjor & Minor MEchAnicAl rEpAirs brary for researching old books and records. View • AlignMEnts displays of old tools, shoemaking tools, clothing • BrAkE sErvicE • tunE-ups and more. FMI: Sarah Reed (207)685-3655 or Adrien Polky (207) 685-9347 August 3-4

30th Annual Wilton Blueberry Festival With close to ten thousand people attending each year, the Wilton Blueberry Festival includes crafters, music, entertainment, food and more. Vendors of Maine-made blueberry products will have their

25 Hour Towing & recovery Rt. 2 Wilton



Advanced Quality Homes State-of-the-Art Modular Homes Licensed in Maine by the Manufactured Housing Board

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products for sale. Don’t miss the open blacksmith’s forge, children’s games, fire truck rides, bingo, and lots of blueberries, too. Up-to-date information on wiltonbbf.com or call Shannon at (207)778-4726. August 4 1st Annual Charity Rally & Teddy Bear Run Kare for Kids Ride In Twitchell’s Airport, Turner Rain or Shine Kora Shrine Parade at 2 p.m. & Fireworks at 9 p.m. Live music, food and vendors throughout the day. All net proceeds to benefit Shriners Hospitals for Children. Free admission. Gates open at Noon. FMI: contact BJ Gates (207) 212-0974 August 11 Jay Historical Society’s Annual Open House Route 4 (top of Jay Hill), Jay 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tour this Federal style home built in the 1820s and view displays of old tools, granite related items, a country store, and furnishings from Jay’s beginnings. FMI: (207) 897-4876 August 17-19 Great Falls Balloon Festival Banks of the Androscoggin River, Lewiston-Auburn area 40+ balloons from across the Northeast visit annually. Launches are scheduled for 6 a.m.and 6 p.m.daily, Friday through Sunday, weather permitting. Festival features include food, crafts, parade, carnival rides and games, and a variety of demonstrations, shows and concerts. FMI: www.greatfallsballoonfestival.org August 19 Car & Bike Show Farmington Fairgrounds, High Street, Farmington FMI: info@franklincountymaine.org or (207) 778-4215 August 22-25 9th Annual Frantasia Festival of Out Music & Arts Emery Community Arts Center (behind Nordica Hall), UMF, Farmington – 7 to 10 p.m., Wednesday, 8/22. TBA in Livermore Falls, 7 p.m. to midnight, Thursday, Friday, Saturday “Vibrant, amazing and open-ended” – Killick of Athens, GA. Three nights of captivating creativity—with over 50 artists bringing dance,

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12 Park St., Livermore Falls • 897-3965

12 Jay | Livermore | Livermore Falls Area Guide



poetry, video, and an impressive array of music and sound. The largest out music festival in Maine! An eclectic exploration in Sound, Music, Movement and Visual Arts. Incredible lineup including both new and returning artists, including Teresa Fellion and six of her dancers from the ‘Body Stories’ group of NYC; Jason Smeltzer playing the theremin; Killick from Athens, GA on instruments made specifi cally for him; Stanley Schumacher of Philadelphia, PA; and Joshua DeSherer on the bass, a faculty member of UMA. FMI: www.FrantasiaFestival. com or (207) 897-6158 August 25-26 2012 Bowman Field Fly-in East Livermore The public is invited to participate in fl y-ins and a variety of activities. FMI: email@bowmanfi eldfl yingclub.com


Wine & Beerfest Sponsored by Maine’s Paper and Heritage Museum

September 9 Maine Apple Sunday Visit local apple orchards. Pick your own fruit, sample cider, experience demonstrations, hay rides, corn mazes and more. Activities vary by orchard. FMI: http://maineapples.org

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Wilson Lake Inn 183 Lake Road Wilton, ME 04294




Jay | Livermore | Livermore Falls Area Guide 13

September 29 Apple Pumpkin Festival RECREATION FIELDS, LIVERMORE FALLS 10 A.M. TO 3 P.M. Celebrate Fall in the Central Androscoggin River Valley. A variety of vendors and craft artisans, agricultural products, historical and educational displays, demonstrations, exhibits, contests, music, seasonal decorations, antique tractors, raffl es and plenty of food all day long! There’s something for the whole family. FMI: www.jay-livermore-lf.org/apfest.html (207) 897-8755. Other activities include: • Book Giveaway at Treat Memorial Library - 56 Main Street, Livermore Falls 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. FMI: www.treat.lib.me.us (207) 897-3631 • Maine’s Paper and Heritage Museum Tours - 22 Church Street, Livermore Falls Follow the papermaking industry through two centuries. FMI: www.papermuseumofmaine.org Sherry (207) 592-1807

14 Jay | Livermore | Livermore Falls Area Guide



September 15 Fourth Annual Autumn Pie and Arts Washburn-Norlands Living History Center, 290 Norlands Road, Livermore 1 to 4 p.m. Taste or buy all sorts of homemade pies while musicians perform on the lawn. FMI: www.norlands.org or (207) 897-4366. September 16-22 Farmington Fair & Harness Racing Farmington Fairgrounds, High Street, Farmington Event includes a large midway, exhibit halls, livestock exhibits, animal pulling events and harness racing. FMI: www.farmingtonfairmaine.com or (207) 778-6083 September 21

10th Annual Franklin County Chamber/Seth Wescott Scholarship Golf Tournament Sugarloaf Mountain, Carrabassett Valley Proceeds benefi t the Franklin County Chamber Of Commerce Scholarship Program and CVA Seth Wescott Scholarship Program. FMI: info@franklincountymaine.org September 29 Apple Pumpkin Festival Recreation Fields, Livermore Falls 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. See previous page for more information.



Jay | Livermore | Livermore Falls Area Guide 15

OCTOBER Dates TBA Haunted History Rides Washburn-Norlands Living History Center, 290 Norlands Road, Livermore. FMI: www.norlands.org (207) 897-4366. October 12-13 9th Annual Maurer Meals LaFleur’s Restaurant, Jay An alternative special menu (prices vary) of locally-grown foods are offered with part of the proceeds donated to the Justin A. Maurer Memorial Scholarship at the University of Maine at Farmington. This event and scholarship are aimed at raising awareness of activities necessary to improve local community health, nutritionally, economically, environmentally and spiritually. The scholarship is awarded to a junior or senior majoring in the Community Health Program. FMI: www.maurermeals.org or (207)524-2060

NOVEMBER Mid November Craft Fair Fayette Central School, 2023 Main Street, Fayette. Fair is a fundraiser for the Fayette Historical Society. FMI: Diane Polky (207) 685-9347 Mid November United Way of the Tri-Valley’s The Great Charity Auction Proceeds help area charities. FMI: www.uwtva.org or (207)778-5048

Franklin Chrysler inC. 484 WilTOn rD • FarMinGTOn 207-778-9500 800-640-2543 franklinchrysler.com



Pick Your Own Apples & Pumpkins

Pick your own HONEY CRISP apples, Macs and Cortlands • Famous Sweet Corn 366 Boothby Road, Route 108 Livermore, ME 04253 207-754-3500 www.mainehoneycrisp.com 16 Jay | Livermore | Livermore Falls Area Guide



November 10 Veterans Day Dinner & Remembrance Day Washburn-Norlands Living History Center, 290 Norlands Road, Livermore. 5:30p.m. Limited seating in historic setting. Reservation only. FMI: www.norlands.org (207) 897-4366

DECEMBER December 1 Chester Greenwood Day Downtown Farmington Celebrate one of the town’s early inventors. At age 15 Chester Greenwood invented the ear muff. With that theme in mind there will be a parade, food, music, and more! FMI: www.franklincountymaine.org or (207) 778-4215

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Sales Installation Service Pool & Spa Chemicals

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December 1 Spirit of the Season Light Parade Jay and Livermore Falls Parade line-up at 5 p.m. at MEMCO parking lot in Jay. FMI: (207) 897-6755 December 2 Christmas at Norlands Washburn-Norlands Living History Center, 290 Norlands Road, Livermore 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Open house and daytime holiday program. Christmas Supper by reservation. (5:30 p.m.) FMI: www.norlands.org (207) 897-4366 December 25 Spruce Mountain Ski Slope Opening Day Livermore FMI: www.sprucemountain.org or (207) 897-4090

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Monday - Friday 8 am to 6 pm Steve Maki, Pharmacist 3 Tweedie St., Jay • 897-9080 www.sprucemtrx.com




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FEBRUARY Date TBA 13th Annual One-Lunger 100 Vintage Snowmobile Race Intersection of Route 117, North Parish Road and Upper Street, Turner FMI: www.turnerridgeriders.com or call Ed at (207) 754-2725

MARCH March 24 Maple Sugaring in the 19th Century Washburn-Norlands Living History Center, 290 Norlands Road, Livermore 9:30a.m.-3 p.m. Collect sap and then watch an historic sap boiling demonstration. Enjoy a pancake breakfast in the farmer’s cottage. FMI: www.norlands.org or (207) 897-4366 March 24 Maine Maple Sunday Enjoy the fi rst sweet taste of spring in Maine! Join maple syrup producers across the state as they open their sugarhouses and offer free maple syrup samples and other maple delights as well as demonstrations on making pure Maine maple syrup. Many offer games, activities, treats, sugarbush tours, music and more. Some sugarhouses offer events both Saturday and Sunday. FMI: www.mainemapleproducers.com

MAY Date TBA 18th Annual Home and Leisure Show Farmington Fairgrounds, High Street, Farmington 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Event includes food, music, giveaways and activities for all ages. FMI: franklincountymaine.org or (207) 778-4215 Date TBA Annual Touch-A-Truck and More Fundraiser Fayette Central School, Fayette The event features trucks and other equipment children can explore, farm animals and an assortment of children’s activities. It is sponsored by the Fayette School and Home Association and the Parent Teacher Association to raise money for enrichment programs at the school. FMI: (207) 685-4770 May 24 History Night Downtown Livermore Falls 4 to 8 p.m. This annual event, sponsored by the Livermore Falls Downtown Betterment Group, is a tribute to the rich heritage of Livermore Falls. In addition to historic exhibits, there will be music and other entertainment, activities for children, food, and friendly visiting on the street! Wagon rides will operate between the downtown and the Maine Paper & Heritage Museum, which will open for the evening. Antique automobiles for Cruise Night will line Depot Street and lower Main Street. FMI: www.historynight.org May 24 Annual “Paper Chase” 5K Road Race Sponsored by Maine’s Paper and Heritage Museum FMI: www.papermuseumofmaine.org Sherry (207) 592-1807 (Please call after 4:30p.m.) May 27 Memorial Day Parade Main Street, Jay to Union Street, Livermore Falls Parade line-up at 8 a.m. at MEMCO, Main Street Jay. Parade starts at 9 a.m. FMI: (207) 897-6755



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Recreation THE ANDROSCOGGIN RIVER (Section descriptions are provided by the Androscoggin Watershed Council, Androscoggin Land Trust, and Chisholm Trails.) The Androscoggin River fl ows 177 miles from Umbagog Lake at the Maine-New Hampshire border to Merrymeeting Bay where it joins the Kennebec River. Dropping over 1,200 feet in elevation from its headwaters, the Androscoggin has an average descent of eight feet per mile. For thousands of years, Native Americans made a sustainable existence along the Androscoggin and its watershed. The Anasagunticooks would migrate from the headwaters to the sea, raising crops and catching the abundant fi sh that populated the river, and developing village areas as key points. In fact, the Canton Point was once the largest Native American village in of New England. Starting in the 19th century, the Androscoggin provided power for a multitude of mills and factories that were located on its banks. Consequently, the river also bore the brunt of industrialization. By the middle of the 20th century, the Androscoggin was named one of the ten most polluted rivers in the United States. With the leadership of Androscoggin River native Senator Edmund Muskie, and his authoring of the Clean Water Act, the Androscoggin has made an incredible comeback. Public and private efforts have improved the water quality of the river and have led to countless boating access points along its length. Recreational opportunities feature wildlife watching and some of the best bass fi shing in the northeast. A paddle along almost any stretch of the river reveals a world of beauty, wildlife and tranquility dotted with historic villages. Paddling the Androscoggin River There are multiple access points for boaters on the river, including both trailer boat launches and handcarry put-ins for canoeists and kayakers. Those traveling downstream through the region shown on this map must portage or transport their boats around four dams. The only rapids (Class 2+) are found in the lowermost stretch of the river midway between the Foundry Road access and the take out at Twin Bridges (Route 219), although there is some quick water in the stretch between Pine Island and the Otis Mill take-out. Dixfield River Access (Dixfield) This hand-carry site in Dixfi eld allows paddlers to experience the full stretch of river in Canton and makes an ideal starting point for a day trip downstream to Riley Dam. If you choose you can portage around the dam. The put-in can be accessed from Canton Point Road roughly 2 miles west of the Canton–Dixfi eld town line. The total paddle distance from Dixfi eld to Riley is about 12 miles. This is a littlepaddled section of the river, moving through corn and potato fi elds, hardwood-lined banks and back. State of Maine—Trailered Access (Canton) This is the only boat launch in the region that provides access for boat trailers to the river. Follow Route 140 approximately 3.5 miles from Canton Village and turn right onto Dorey Road to reach the boat launch and parking area. Riley Dam Access (Canton/Jay) Short portage trails on the river’s left bank provide access upstream and downstream from Riley Dam. A parking area at the end of a gravel drive is located on the south side of School Street (Route 140) just over three miles from the junction of Routes 140 and 4/17 in Jay. The total paddle distance from Riley to Otis Mill is a little over 5 miles.

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Pine Island/Verso Paper Corp. Access (Jay) Pine Island provides upstream and downstream hand-carry access with portage trails around Jay Dam. From Route 4/17 in Jay, follow signs for the Verso Paper Corp. Mill, cross the Androscoggin on POW Remembrance Bridge (Riley Road), and take the first right down a short gravel access road. After the Pine Island River access, there is no public access to the river upstream of the Livermore Falls Dam. Paddlers wishing to continue downstream must transport their boats downstream of the Livermore Falls Dam. Otis Mill Access (Jay) Informal access on the river’s left bank at the historic Otis Mill provides a take-out point for downstream paddlers needing to portage around Otis Dam. Located off of Mill Street in Jay. Twin Bridges (Livermore Falls) Silver maples and other hardwoods line the river here. No bridges or nearby roads make this piece of the Androscoggin one of the most peaceful. Two sets of rapids are midway down, not hazardous, but take some boat control to maneuver through successfully. Warning: On the river right downstream of the Twin Bridges there is a substantial ledge drop rapid. Take out on the island and portage around rapids. Foundry Road Access (Livermore Falls) This hand-carry site provides paddlers access to a peaceful, unbroken stretch of the river. After crossing the Androscoggin on Route 4 North, turn right at the first traffic light onto Main Street in Livermore Falls. Continue straight at the 90 degree turn and follow Foundry Road and travel approximately 0.3 miles to the signed put-in. An alternative hand-carry site is located on the opposite bank on River Road in Livermore.



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North Jay


Pine Island Park

Crash Road

A n droscogg in



North Jay Granite Park


French Falls River Walk 8 11 Jay Recreation Area

Spruce Mtn. Ski Area

Livermore Falls


Foundry Rd. Bike/Walk Path

North Livermore


Round Pond

Long Pond


Brettuns Pond

10 Bartlett Pond Livermore

River Access Points 140

Riley Dam

4 17


Pine Island 4 17 133 Livermore Falls Livermore Falls Dam 4

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Foundry Road 17


LAKES AND PONDS Those looking for other bodies of water to paddle, fi sh, swim or picnic alongside have several great options in the region. When winter sets in, ice fi shing shacks can be seen on many of the area’s lakes and ponds. 10 BARTLETT POND, LIVERMORE 26 acres, max depth 26 ft Brook trout, rainbow smelt. Heavy annual brook trout stocking; reclaimed pond. No formal boat put in or parking. 3 BRETTUNS POND, LIVERMORE 154 acres, max depth 52 feet Small-mouth bass, brown trout, white perch. Annual stocking with brook and brown trout. Boat put in and picnic area in a pine grove, along the side of Route 4. 2 LONG POND, LIVERMORE 203 acres, max depth 18 ft Annually stocked with brook and brown trout. Parking is close to the road, so be extra careful as you load and unload. MOOSE HILL POND, LIVERMORE FALLS 96 acres, max depth 42 feet Small-mouth bass, chain pickerel, yellow perch, sunfi sh. Water source for Livermore Falls, no motorized boats or swimming. Please cooperate with the Livermore Falls Water District. 1 ROUND POND, LIVERMORE 166 acres, max depth 32 ft Brown trout, small-mouth bass, pickerel, white perch. Annually stocked with brook and brown trout. Ample off the road parking in a beautiful wooded parcel called “The Pines”.

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WALKING TRAILS, PARKS & FIELDS A network of short trails linked to multi-use trail corridors provide numerous hiking opportunities and connect the region’s communities to one another and the Androscoggin. Community-driven efforts led by groups like Chisholm Trails are helping to create new trails that further connect schools and downtown villages to open spaces along the river. 9 FOUNDRY TRAIL, LIVERMORE FALLS This easy, paved, multi-use trail begins at Bridge Street off Rt. 4 Northbound, immediately after the bridge (Gazebo Park) and ends at Shuy Corner, near the junction of Rts.133 and 17. This newer trail will follow the Androscoggin River along Foundry Road through the historic birthplace of the industrial revolution in the Androscoggin Valley. Though all the buildings are gone, this is where Alvin Record built the fi rst pulp and paper mill in Maine.

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8 FRENCH FALLS RIVER WALK , JAY The Jay High School Science Club created this trail, in 1996. Two short loops totaling 1.25 miles wind behind French Falls Park and provide good views of the Androscoggin. The recreation fields and trails are located at the end of French Falls Drive, which is located on Route 4/17 across from the Spruce Mountain High School North Campus. Portions of the park are flooded in the winter for public skating. Directions: The entrance to French Falls is on French Falls Drive, right beside the Knights of Columbus Hall on Main Street, and across from the Spruce Mountain High School North Campus. 11 JAY RECREATION AREA TRAIL SYSTEM , JAY This network of ten trails offers several easy to moderate hikes. It is a great place to picnic, hike, bike or snowshoe and features the foundation and orchards of the old Osgood Farm, a student-maintained tree farm, and an extensive geocaching network. The trails can be accessed from the Spruce Mountain High School North Campus parking area. 4 NORTH JAY WHITE GRANITE PARK, NORTH JAY Enjoy nature and relax! Bring your family and enjoy a picnic, walk the one-mile trail through the orchard. Great views at the top of the orchard allow you to look out over the valley. There is a small outlet trail that brings you to the quarry. Large pieces of granite and paving stones are scattered throughout the site. Care must be taken if you venture off the trail, as there are deep quarry pits throughout. Directions: From North- Follow Rt. #4 to North Jay. Turn left onto Old Jay Hill Road. (Across from junction of Rt. 17). Drive about one mile and turn left onto Woodman Hill Road. It’s right at the top of the hill! HOURS: Dawn to dusk North Jay White Granite Park 14 Woodman Hill Road (207)645-2894 mhow@megalink.net http://jay-maine.org/granite-park.html

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4 NORTH JAY WHITE GRANITE PARK, JAY An easy one mile trail that winds through an apple orchard, with three picnic spots offering great views to the south, and a small outlet trail that leads to a granite quarry. Granite from this quarry was in high demand through the United States for its color and strength. 5 PINE ISLAND PARK, JAY Pine Island Park is situated in the middle of the Androscoggin River, with a picnic area, ample parking and short side trails leading to picturesque outlooks on the river. There is a public boat put-in. The park is owned and maintained by Verso Paper Corp. and is available for public use. Directions: Southbound on Rt. 4, take fi rst right, after Rt. 140. Park is the fi rst right, after POW Remembrance Bridge off of Riley Road.. Hours: Dawn to dusk 7 WHISTLE STOP TRAIL, JAY This four-season, multi-use trail is owned by the State of Maine and follows a converted railroad bed for 14 miles between Jay and Farmington. The trail is great for walking, running, biking and horseback riding as well as ATVing and snowmobiling. The southern end of the trail can be accessed in Jay off Route 4/17 and across from Yianni’s Pizza and from French Falls. Plans are currently underway to extend the trail south to Otis Falls Mill.


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TOWN RECREATION AREAS/FIELDS Livermore Recreation Fields Livermore Town Office (207)897-3207 Located on Rt. 4 near the junction of Rt. 108. Baseball and softball fields, walking trail, and coming soon, basketball courts. Livermore Falls Recreation Fields Livermore Falls Recreation Department, (207)897-2016 Multi-use facility located in Livermore Falls behind the Town Office, on the banks of the Androscoggin River. There are soccer, football, softball and baseball fields, tennis and basketball courts and a skate park for in-line skating and skateboarding. Jay Parks and Recreation Contact the Town Office at (207)897-6785. If you see a field open, go for a walk or play toss with your children. For longer events, family outings or a weekend pickup game, please check with the Towns scheduling the fields or Area Youth Sports. They are there for all to enjoy, but checking first will prevent scheduling issues. For extended use of school property fields or gyms, please contact the school to fill out a facility use form. 11 THE JAY RECREATION AREA, JAY This area, owned by the Town of Jay, is managed to provide outdoor recreational opportunities to the public at no charge. The property also serves as an outdoor classroom facility for the RSU 73 Schools. Enjoy a picnic, the scenic views, or a hike or snowshoe on the trail network. Access: There is parking by the cell phone tower off Water Tower Lane. From Rt. 4, turn onto Jewell St, then left on Belleview Dr. At the end of Belleview Dr., turn right on Water Tower Lane, which becomes

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a dirt access road to the parking lot. Parking is also available at Spruce Mountain High School North Campus and the trails may be accessed behind the center field fence of Roland Ouellette Baseball Field or in the back corner of the Field Hockey field.

country ski trails that traverse the mountainside to the north. Directions: Ski Slope Road, Jay (enter from the Livermore end of the Rt. 4 bridge) Hours: Visit www.sprucemountain.org or call (207)897-4090.

6 SPRUCE MOUNTAIN SKI SLOPE Spruce Mountain Ski Slope in Jay is located right on the banks of the Androscoggin River, and is a community focal point for winter recreation. The affordable 11-trail ski area originally began in the 1950s as a ski club for interested winter enthusiasts. It opened as a public mountain in 1960 and is still largely maintained by volunteers from the communities of Jay, Livermore, and Livermore Falls. It’s a blast from the past, as you rise 300 vertical feet to the summit of the mountain via three rope tow lifts. Back in the day, the volunteer ski club worked with the local paper company across the river, the Otis Falls Mill, to wire some of its hydroelectricity to the mountain to power the lights and rope tows. Later snow making was added to the list of modern changes. The mountain offers ski classes for all ages. Enjoy a night of skiing under the lights, or take a jaunt around the cross-

SNOWMOBILE AND ATV TRAILS Miles of interconnecting trails in the central Androscoggin River Valley allow riders to traverse and explore the entire region, and travel far beyond its borders in both summer and winter. Local snowmobile and ATV clubs contribute hundreds of volunteer hours to maintain these trails, most of which are on private land. Contact one of the clubs below for information about trails, maps, trail conditions, membership and volunteer opportunities. SNOWMOBILE CLUBS Andy Valley Riders PO Box 307 Jay ME 04239 (207) 897-6613

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Jug Hill Riders PO Box 462 Livermore Falls ME 04254 (207) 897-3566 Livermore Trail Blazers 10 Crash Rd Livermore ME 04253 (207) 897-3504

ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLE CLUBS Brettuns Wheelers PO Box 673 Livermore, ME 04253 (207) 897-5501 Canton Trail Riders PO Box 604 Canton, ME 04221 (207) 597-2700 Western Maine ATV Club PO Box 132 Wilton, ME 04294




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Spruce Mountain Ski Slope in Jay is located right on the banks of the Androscoggin River, and is a community focal point for winter recreation. The affordable 11-trail ski area originally began in 1950 as a ski club for interested winter enthusiasts. It opened as a public mountain in 1960 and is still largely maintained by volunteers from the communities of Jay, Livermore, and Livermore Falls. It’s a blast from the past, as you rise 300 vertical feet to the summit of the mountain via three rope tow lifts. Back in the day, the volunteer ski club worked with the local paper company across the river, the Otis Falls Mill, to wire some of its hydroelectricity to the mountain to power the lights and rope tows. Later snow making was added to the list of modern changes. The mountain offers ski classes for all ages. Enjoy a night of skiing under the lights, or take a jaunt around the cross-country ski trails that traverse the mountainside to the north. Directions: Ski Slope Road, Jay (enter from the Livermore end of the Rt. 4 bridge) Hours: Visit www.sprucemountain.org or call (207)897-4090.

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APPLES Boothby’s Orchard: Located in Livermore on Rt. 108 on the left, heading south less than a mile past the intersection of Rt.108 and the Norlands Road. Take the family for a wagon ride through the orchards and find your favorite apple tree. The espalier style orchard (trees trained onto wire trellis) makes for easy picking. Visit www.mainehoneycrisp.com or Call (207) 754-3500. Terry’s Apple Orchard: Located on 11 Trask Lane in Jay is owned and operated by Terry and Iris Trask. Buy Maine grown-apples at their roadside stand (do not have pick-your- own apples). For more information call (207) 491-3116. Shackley Hill Orchard: Located in Livermore on Rt.108 west just before the Canton/Livermore line. There is a road on the right marked with a sign, which winds up the hill to the old stone house. If you’re up for it, take a walk to the top of the orchard and enjoy the beautiful views. Call (207) 897-5945. For a complete list of Maine orchards or those participating in Maine Apple Sunday visit http:// maineapples.org/ BLUEBERRIES Wilton Blueberry Farm: Located at 83 McLaughlin Road in Wilton. This farm offers pick-your-own blueberries, or you can purchase berries already picked. For more information visit http://www. wiltonblueberryfarm.com/ or call (207) 645-2128.

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For a complete list of area blueberry growers, visit http://www.meliving.com/wildblueberries/ midcoast.shtml. CHRISTMAS TREES Moose Hill Farm: Located on Moose Hill Road in Fayette. After crossing the bridge in Livermore Falls, going north on Rt. 4, take a right onto Main St. and follow through Livermore Falls proper around to Depot Street. Follow Depot Street straight across Rt.133 and up to Moose Hill Rd. Go 2.5 miles and continue on Moose Hill Rd., as it bears left. From that left, go 1.25 miles and the farm



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Norlands Living History Center: On Maine Maple Sunday (usually the last Sunday in March) the Norlands invites you to take a wagon ride back in time. Come to the old time maple syrup sap house in the woods across from the Norlands, where volunteers boil the syrup using authentic methods. The folks at the Norlands can always use a hand splitting fi rewood or hauling sap; join in the fun! Call (207) 897-4366 or visit www.norlands.org. www.norlands.org is on the left. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, Moose Hill Farm operates a cutyour-own Christmas tree farm. In addition to fresh Maine Christmas trees, it offers handmade wreaths in a variety of sizes and a gift shop stocked with lots of items made right on the farm. Call (207) 897-3093 or visit www.moosehillherbs. com. For more information on other Christmas tree growers, visit http://www.mainechristmastree. com. MAPLE SYRUP Boothby’s Orchard: Located on 366 Boothby Road in Livermore, this orchard not only offers pumpkins and apples, but also taps maple trees to offer a selection of old fashioned Maine maple syrup. For more information contact Rob Boothby at rboothby003@roadrunner.com. Maple Valley Farms: Located on 41 Masterman Road (Route 133) in Jay, this small farm is owned by Anthony J. Couture. For more information contact (207) 645-2328 or pti@megalink.net.

For a complete list of those who participate in Maine Maple Sunday, visit www.mainemapleproducers.com PUMPKINS Boothby’s Orchard: The orchard is located in Livermore on Rt. 108 on the left, heading south less than a mile past the intersection of Rt. 108 and the Norlands Road. Call (207) 754-3500 or visit www. mainehoneycrisp.com. For more information on other Maine pumpkin growers, visit http://www.mainepumpkins.com. STRAWBERRIES Stevenson’s Strawberries: Located on 69 Berry Road in Wayne. This farm offers pick-your-own berries or you can buy berries already picked. For more information, visit http://www.stevensons strawberries.com or call (207) 685-3532. For a list of area growers visit http://www.me living.com/strawberries/picking.shtml.

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Cultural Attractions The area is rich with history, art, crafts and music. Many attractions are just around the corner. Here are just some of the many interesting places to visit: ANTIQUE & VINTAGE SNOWMOBILE GALLERY 2247 Auburn Rd., Turner The Museum houses more than 250 vintage snowmobiles of all styles and sizes. The museum is open from December through March on Saturdays 10 a.m.–3 p.m. The collection can be viewed by appointment, by calling (207) 224-8444. BIGG ANIMAL MUSEUM Turner Center Road, Turner Visit the “Bigg” game trophy room filled with more than 100 full-sized stuffed wildlife. The owner has spent a lifetime hunting wild animals from all around the world. You need to see the collection to believe it. Open by appointment only. Call Dot or Meredith Bigg at (207) 225-3223 for an appointment.

FAYETTE HISTORICAL SOCIETY Starling Grange Hall, Route 17, Fayette The first floor houses a research library of Fayette’s history, as well as a number of displays of tools, clothing, and more. A museum and a room devoted to research materials on the Grange are located on the second floor. There is also a room devoted to the life, career, and writings of Fayette resident, Oscar Young. FMI: (207) 685-3655 or (207) 685-9347. HOLMES-CRAFTS HOMESTEAD 14 Old Jay Hill Road, Jay The Federal style home built in the 1820s has displays of old tools, granite-related items, a country store, and furnishings related to the town of Jay. The Jay Historical Society oversees the property and conducts tours by appointment. On the second Saturday of August, the Homestead’s annual open house is held providing an opportunity for the public to view displays on the property. Call (207) 897-4876 for tour arrangements.

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Greenhouse Perennial Nursery Display Gardens Cutting Gardens Tea House

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504 Boothby Road—Rt. 108 E (2 miles off of Rt. 4) Livermore Bonnie Brown  207-491-9797 Shakybarn@yahoo.com Like Us on Facebook!



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MAINE’S PAPER & HERITAGE MUSEUM 22 Church Street, Livermore Falls JAY FIRE MUSEUM Across from Holmes-Crafts Homestead off Rt. 4, Jay The museum houses historical fi re trucks and equipment including a restored 1936 truck made by McCann Fire Equipment of Portland that is mounted on a Diamond T chassis, a horse-drawn hand pumper wagon, and a hand-pulled twowheeled hose cart. The Jay Fire Association oversees the museum. Call (207) 897-3953 for viewing arrangements.


Founded in 2002 and dedicated to preserving the history of the paper industry in Maine, the museum captures the cultural heritage of the papermaking towns and mills along the Androscoggin River. Journey back to the 1800s and follow the papermaking industry through two centuries. Learn who created America’s fi rst postcards, where the largest manufacturer of wallpaper was located, and the signifi cance of the railroad. Open 10:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m. on Saturdays, from May 25– September 1. Appointments are also available through October. FMI: (207) 592-1807 or www. papermuseumofmaine.org. “Pellets from our Warehouse to Your Front Door!




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MUSIC AT THE GAZEBO Water St., Downtown Livermore Falls On summer evenings performers provide music from the quaint covered Gazebo overlooking the Androscoggin River. A variety of musical groups stage free performances from 6 p.m. until dusk. Bring your lawn chair or sit in your vehicle and listen. NATURAL HISTORY CLUB HOUSE 442 Turner Center Road, Turner By appointment only. FMI: (207)225-3384 NORDICA HOMESTEAD MUSEUM 116 Nordica Lane, Farmington Birthplace of Lillian Nordica (1857-1914). Lillian

CHUC K WAGON Livermore Falls 897-4031

was America’s first international opera diva and the Homestead contains memorabilia of her life and career, including costumes from her performances. FMI or to arrange a tour, call (207) 7782042. NORLANDS LIVING HISTORY CENTER 290 Norlands Road, Livermore The Washburn Norlands Living History Center helps rural 19th century come to life. The center has six buildings embodying a crossroads com munity of the era. There is a one-room schoolhouse, a stone library, a church, a grand mansion (built in 1867), and outbuildings all situated on 445 acres. The Norlands hosts festivals and events with a “turn of the century” flavor throughout

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1101 US Route 2 West, East Dixfield, ME 04227 • 207-645-4934 www.rsosgood.com


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the year. Step back into history and learn about the influential Washburn family. Many artifacts are displayed as if the family had left their home for the day. Toys, clothing, furniture and personal items tell the story of everyday life in the Washburn mansion. Living history tours are offered from June 29 to September 2, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 a.m.–4 p.m. ($10/adults, $6 under 12 years old, $25/family). FMI on scheduled events, or to schedule a tour, call (207) 897-4366 or visit www.norlands.org RED SCHOOL HOUSE MUSEUM Farmington Fairgrounds, High St., Farmington Built in 1852, the school house was where Farmington’s kindergarten through eighth-grade students received their education until it closed in 1957. The school house was moved by the Franklin County Agricultural Society in 2006 from its former location in Farmington, at the corner of Red Schoolhouse Road and Wilton Road, to the fairgrounds.The museum is now displayed as the original schoolhouse with some of its earliest desks, books, and memorabilia. FMI or to arrange a visit, call (207) 778-2835. SKI MUSEUM OF MAINE Main Street (Route 27), Kingfield

Established in 1995, the museum celebrates Maine’s ski history and heritage. Exhibit’s change about every four months. Open Wednesday through Saturday, from 1–4 p.m. FMI: (207) 265-2023 or www.skimuseumofmaine. org. STANLEY MUSEUM School Street, Kingfield The museum was established in 1981 to preserve the heritage of the Stanley family. This museum shows the life accomplishments of the twin brothers who invented and manufactured the Stanley Steamer and their sister who is noted for her photographs depicting rural turn-of-the-century American life. The Georgian-style Stanley School was built in 1903. Open June to October, Tuesday-Sunday, 1–4 p.m.; November to May, Tuesday-Friday, 1–4 p.m. FMI: www.stanleymuseum.org or (207) 265-2729 THE WILHELM REICH MUSEUM Dodge Pond Road, Rangeley The museum is located on 175 acres that include the Orgone Energy Observatory, a conference building and office, a bookstore, two rental cottages and a system of woodland nature trails. Visitors are introduced to Reich’s life, inven-

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hours are Tuesday through Sunday noon-4pm and by appointment during the academic year. Except for special exhibitions, the gallery is closed during the summer and academic holidays. FMI: Or to make special arrangements, call (207) 778-7002.

tions, library and personal memorabilia. FMI: (207) 864-3443, www.wilhelmreichmuseum.org or wreich@rangeley.org TITCOMB HOUSE 118 Academy Street, Farmington Furnished in the 1840s period with Titcomb family memorabilia, including an antique doll collection, this house is open July and August on Wednesday and Saturday from 1–4 p.m. FMI or to arrange a tour, call (207) 778-2835.

WILTON FARM & HOME MUSEUM Old Bass Building, Canal Street, Wilton Village Operated by the Wilton Historical Society, the museum houses a sizable collection of items from the early period of the G. H. Bass Shoe Manufacturing Company, along with memorabilia from its founder and other famous wearers of Bass shoes and boots. The basement level features farm and shoemaking tools, and includes the working Canal Street Forge, where blacksmith Ray Tilton (207-645-2261) gives lessons on the art of blacksmithing. The main floor houses the general meeting, display room, kitchen and restored parlor. The second floor is devoted to homemaking, military uniforms, ladies’ clothing, bedrooms, and an extensive bottle and Wilton Academy collections. The third level includes a scouting exhibit, and an adult and child’s bedroom. The museum is open by appointment. Call 645-2360, or 645-3436.

TURNER MUSEUM AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY 4th floor, Old Leavitt Institute Building, Turner Center Road, Turner This museum specializes in Turner artifacts, photos and genealogy. Open year-round, Tuesday and Thursday, noon to 5 p.m.; Saturday 9 a.m. to noon. FMI: (207)225-2624 UNIVERSITY OF MAINE AT FARMINGTON ART GALLERY 246 Main St., Farmington The Gallery features works by artists from Maine and other regions of the country. Shows demonstrating a variety of styles, and media contemporary art are displayed at the Gallery. Gallery


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Churches, Libraries and Schools Churches Libraries Sundays bring the community together. Churches of many denominations are located in the area. Please contact individual churches about speakers, services, and special events. Fayette Fayette Baptist Church 39 Baldwin Hill Road (207) 685-9492 Jay Bartlett Memorial United Methodist Church East Dixfi eld Road (207) 645-4885 Bean’s Corner Baptist Church 17 Chesterville Road (207) 645-2925 Faith Way Baptist Church 66 Hyde Road (207) 897-9333 Jay Baptist Church 27 Smith Avenue (207) 897-6110 Cornerstone Baptist Church North Jay Road (207) 897-3081 St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church 1 Church Street (207) 897-2173 Seventh Day Adventist Church Oak Street (207) 897-7140 Son Shine Ministries Word of Faith 99 Main Street (207) 897-5700 Livermore Gibbs Mill Road Baptist Church 97 Gibbs Mill Road (207) 491-9415 North Livermore Baptist Church 619 Federal Road (207) 897-5377 Victory Christian Church 1680 Federal Road (207) 897-2111 Wayside Bible Baptist Church 1724 Federal Road (207) 897-2598 Livermore Falls Eaton Memorial United Methodist Church 28 Church Street (207) 897-3063 Emmanuel Assembly of God Church Junction of Routes 133/17 (207) 897-5400 First Baptist Church 25 Church Street (207)897-2656 Livermore Falls Church of the Nazarene 6 Wheeler Street (207)897-2301 Moose Hill Free Will Baptist Church 30 Record Road (207)897-2656 United Pentecostal Church 10 Union Street (207)897-4995

38 Jay | Livermore | Livermore Falls Area Guide

Jay-Niles Memorial Library Director Tamara Hoke (207) 645 4062 983 Main Street in North Jay www.jaynileslibrary.com Monday through Wednesday 3 to 8 p.m. Thursday and Friday noon to 5 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Closed on Saturdays in July and August) Livermore Public Library Librarian Penny Brown (207) 897-7173 22 Church Street in Livermore www.livermore.lib.me.us Tuesday 1 to 7 p.m. Thursday 1 to 5:30 p.m. Treat Memorial Library Librarian Elaine Smith (207) 897-3631 56 Main Street in Livermore Falls www.treat.lib.me.us Tuesday and Thursday 1 to 7 p.m. Wednesday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday 1 to 5 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Underwood Memorial Library Librarian Elaine Wilcox (207) 685-3778 2006 Main Street, Fayette http://www.fayettemaine.com/Library.html Tuesday 9 a.m. to noon Wednesdays: 5 to 8 p.m. Thursdays: 1 to 4 p.m.


RSU 73 (Jay, Livermore, Livermore Falls) (207) 897-6722 The tri-town area has one consolidated school system that is striving for innovation and to provide an education for the 21st Century to area students. The RSU 73 has a progressive adult learning program and higher learning options. As a result of this new consolidated educational system, the schools provide comprehensive learning options for students and the community. The new system has fi ve schools and a central offi ce complex. RSU 73 is actively working on current alignment of national standards for core academic courses.



Our New Consolidated High School: Spruce Mountain High School - North Campus in Jay (207) 897-4336; South Campus in Livermore Falls (207) 897-3428 Starting in 2012, the tri-towns combined resources under a new cooperative high school.They renamed Spruce Mountain High School, which became a Class B School. The colors and mascot of Spruce Mountain High School were chosen by students of Livermore Falls and Jay High Schools. The mascot, the Phoenix, symbolizes “rising from the ashes” of the two former schools. The name Spruce Mountain comes from Spruce Mountain located in Jay, Maine. For generations, students from both high schools have skied at the mountain making it a very appropriate name for the school. Jay/Livermore/Livermore Falls Middle School (207) 897-4319 Jay Elementary School (207) 897-5719 Livermore Elementary School (207) 897-3355 ADULT LEARNING CENTER (207) 897-6384 Located in Jay, this center helps non-traditional students get the assistance and resources they need to be successful students. REGIONAL TECHNOLOGY CENTER (207) 778-3562 Foster Regional Applied Technical Center- Mt. Blue Regional School District in Farmington offers a variety of specialized programs for students in several regional school systems, including the juniors and seniors of RSU 73.

AOS #97 Fayette has merged with the Winthrop School System forming AOS #97. Fayette Central School is an elementary school for Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5 students. FAYETTE CENTRAL SCHOOL (207)685-4770

Higher Education Among the many higher educational opportunities in our area are numerous colleges, universities and technical schools. The University of Maine at Farmington, Bates College in Lewiston, Central Maine Community College in Auburn, University of Southern Maine in Lewiston, SNHU in Auburn, Kaplan University in Lewiston and the University of Maine at Augusta are all within a 50-mile drive or less. Franklin County Community College Network offers college classes (in partnership with Central Maine Community College) and other training programs throughout our area. FMI: (207) 491-2752 www.franklinnetwork.org

Howie’s Welding Structural Steel Fabrication Industrial Sales

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Investing in Our Future HEALTH CARE A new state-of-the-art medical facility now exists in downtown Livermore Falls. The Androscoggin Valley Medical Arts Center at 21 Main Street opened for business on January 23, 2012. The $4 million center is owned and operated by Franklin Memorial Hospital, based in Farmington. This wonderful new resource brings together the same personnel we know and trust and the services we’ve come to depend on in a building that can grow with us into the future. Health care services provided at this 13,500 square-foot center include: primary care by the medical staff of Franklin Health Livermore Falls Family Practice; urgent care for area visitors; and outpatient specialty care including sports medicine, women’s care, pregnancy care, ear nose and throat, pulmonary care, mental health counseling, physical therapy, and vasectomy. Lab, x-ray, and ultrasound services are also available, as well as digital mammography and breast care support services. Medical care previously provided at Franklin Health Livermore Falls Family Practice on Union Street and at Franklin Memorial Hospital Outpatient Services on Main Street is now available at this new center. Recognizing the value of the project and new

40 Jay | Livermore | Livermore Falls Area Guide

facility to the Livermore Falls downtown area, Franklin Memorial Hospital sought community input in all aspects of planning and decision making, including its name. MILL REDEVELOPMENT The Wausau Paper mill closed their doors in May of 2009, leaving behind an empty building ready for demolition. An historical building with plenty of potential, local owners Mary Howes and Tim DeMillo purchased the space (under the name Otis Ventures, LLC.) and are transforming it into a multi-use complex that houses light manufacturing, retail and service businesses. They have also opened a restaurant, Mill St. Café, in the building. Mary and Tim have breathed new life into one of our area’s most recognizable assets. ROADS AND INFRASTRUCTURE Th e towns of Jay and Livermore Falls with state and federal support performed major road, sewer and water system upgrades during 2011-12 along Route 4. This $6.5-million cooperative project rebuilt all of the above and below ground infrastructure for telephone, cable and internet as well as sidewalks, culverts and catch basins. New retaining walls, sidewalks and curbing make for a very attractive corridor through our towns. Finishing touches on the 1.2 mile stretch will take place in early summer 2012.





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12 Park St., Livermore Falls 267 Rte. 202, Greene 484 Wilton Rd., Farmington 508 Main St., Jay 17 Reynolds Ave., Livermore Falls 86 Main St., Ste. 201, Auburn 165 Front St., Farmington PO Box 458, Livermore Falls PO Box 33, Livermore Falls PO Box 225, Livermore Falls 8 Sunrise Ave., Wilton 232 Broadway, Farmington 165 Front St., Farmington Rt. 2 West, Wilton 46 Parkview Ave., Livermore Falls 46 Cargill St., Livermore Falls 11 Otis St., Livermore Falls 10 Hutchinson Rd., Jay 340 Fayette Rd., Livermore Falls 962 Main St., North Jay 1250 Turner St., Auburn 455 East Jay Rd., Jay

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS American Legion George Bunten Post 10 Androscoggin Land Trust Greater Franklin Development Corporation Jay, Livermore, Livermore Falls Chamber of Commerce Jay, Livermore Falls Lions Club Livermore Falls Downtown Betterment Group The Wilton Group United Way of the Tri-Valley Area Western Mountains Alliance Wilton Fish & Game Association

CONSTRUCTION/CONTRACTORS Advanced Quality Homes LLC Crapott’s Corp. General Contractor F.A.T. Electric Hutchinson Builders, Inc. Jean Castonguay Logging and Excavation Inc. Ranor, Inc.

EDUCATION Central Maine Community College Crayon Country Developmental Preschool

14 Great Falls Plaza, Auburn 366 Boothby Road, Livermore 183 Lake Rd., Wilton


ACCOMMODATIONS Hilton Garden Inn Auburn Riverwatch The Bradford Boothby House Wilson Lake Inn AUTOMOBILE SALES & SERVICE Bailey Brothers Inc. Donovan’s Auto Sales Franklin Chrysler, Inc Hilltop Collision Center

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(207) 784-4433 (207) 754-3500 (207) 645-3721




sites.google.com/site/legionpost10/ androscogginlandtrust.org greaterfranklin.com jay-livermore-lf.org lionsclubs.org lfme.org\betterment wiltongroup.org uwtva.org westernmountainsalliance.org

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2 Skyline Dr., Jay 6 Androscoggin Lane, Jay 9 Main St., Jay 184 Webster St., Ste. 102, Lewiston 170 Main St., Jay

21 Allen St., Wilton 504 Boothby Rd., Livermore 160 Main St., Jay

113 River Rd., Livermore 127 Intervale Rd., Jay 32 Park St., Livermore Falls 140 Shackley Hill Rd., Livermore 912US Rte. 2E, Wilton 67 East Dixfield Rd., North Jay

707 Main St., Monmouth 15 Church St., Livermore Falls

295 Maple Ln., Livermore

FLORISTS/GREENHOUSES Bass Hill Gardens & Gifts Shaky Barn Farm Gardens The Flower Barn

FUEL/ENERGY Don’s Stove Shop. Inc. George Merrill & Son Logging LLC Group Adams Propane Services Johnny Castonguay Logging & Trucking. Mt. Blue Oil S.I.B. Enterprise, Inc.

FUNERAL HOMES Bragdon-Finley Funeral Home Finley Funeral Home

GOLF COURSE Maple Lane Golf Course

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Franklinnetwork.org rsu73.org mainebeekeepers.org/western-maine-beekeepers/


41 Knapp St., Livermore Falls (207) 897-6158 25 Pleasant View Heights, Wilton (207) 778-4726

(800) 517-2859 (207) 897-6722 (207) 897-6128


FESTIVAL Frantasia Festival of Out Music & Art Wilton Blueberry Festival FINANCIAL SERVICES/BANKING Ameriprise Financial Androscoggin Bank Franklin Savings Bank Modern Woodmen - Kim Pelkey Otis Federal Credit Union

Franklin County Community College Network PO Box 2, Farmington Regional School Unit 73 9 Cedar St., Livermore Falls Western Maine Beekeepers Association 57 Cozy Cove Rd., Livermore

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1148 Main St., Jay 231 Park St., Livermore Falls 9 Conant Rd., Turner 300 Riley Rd., Jay

MANUFACTURING Howie’s Welding & Fabrication, Inc. PalletOne of Maine, Inc. The Nezinscot Guild/River Resources, Inc. VERSO Paper Corp.

(207) 645-2581 (207) 897-5711 (207) 225-2444 (207) 897-1667

(207) 645-4062 (207) 897-7173 (207) 897-3117 (207) 897-3631 (207) 897-4366

983 Main St., North Jay 22Church St., Livermore 22 Church St., Livermore Falls 56 Main St., Livermore Falls 290 Norlands Rd., Livermore

LIBRARIES/MUSEUMS Jay-Niles Memorial Library Livermore Public Library Maine’s Paper and Heritage Museum Treat Memorial Library Washburn-Norlands Living History Center

(207) 777-7740 (207) 897-9955 (207) 897-5978 (207) 779-2555 (207) 779-2925 (207) 897-2332 (207) 897-5558 (207) 897-2296 (207) 897-3102 (207) 320-1683 (207) 897-9271 (207) 897-9080 (207) 897-4345


1 Depot St., Livermore Falls (207) 897-5760 184 Webster St., Ste. 102, Lewiston (207) 786-2573

15 Strawberry Ave., Lewiston 96 Main St., Livermore Falls 17 Depot St., Livermore Falls 111 Franklin Health Cmns., Farmington 105 Mt. Blue Circle, Ste. 1, Farmington 259 Main St., Jay 175 Park St., Livermore Falls 96 Main St., Livermore Falls 152 Main St., Jay 17 Depot St., Livermore Falls 17 Lavoie St. #204, Jay 3 Tweedie St., Jay 80 Main St., Livermore Falls


INSURANCE Kyes Insurance ModernWoodmen of America - Kim Pelkey

HEALTHCARE & FITNESS Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice Beauty for the Soul Day Spa Fitness Stylz Franklin Community Health Network Healthy Community Coalition Keiran Chiropractic, PA Pine Tree Orthopedic Lab, Inc. Selah Therapeutic/Clinical Massage Smart Works Physical Therapy Solely Therapeutic Massage Spirit’s Essence Spruce Mountain Pharmacy Western Maine Family Health Center

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ahch.org 8 beautyforthesoul.net FitnessStylz.com fchn.org Back Cover Page fchn.org/hcc KeiranChiro.com pinetreeorthopedic.com 4 beverlyrichards.massagetherapy.com 25 kmmassage.com 27 sprucemtrx.com 18 healthreachchc.org


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The Maine Real Estate Network 34 Center St., Auburn 54 Main St., Livermore Falls 27 Depot St., Livermore Falls 1 Mill St., Jay 19 Dawns Way, Leeds

2 Depot St., Livermore Falls 27 Jay Plaza, Jay 224 Main St., Jay 1 Mill St., Jay 295 Maple Ln., Livermore 166 Franklin Rd., Jay

REAL ESTATE Kathleen Szostek, e-Pro Leavitt-Whittemore Realty Group LLC Livermore Terrace/Avesta Housing Otis Ventures, LLC Pine Ridge Mobile Home Park

RESTAURANTS/CATERING Chuck Wagon Restaurant Jay Subway LaFleur’s Mill Street Cafe The Tavern at Maple Lane Two Sisters Catering

366 Boothby Rd., Livermore Shackley Hill Rd., Livermore

ORCHARDS/AGRICULTURE Boothby’s Orchard Shackley Hill Orchard

(207) 897-4031 (207) 320-2101 (207) 897-2117 (207) 897-7111 (207) 320-3284 (207) 897-2122

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(207) 685-4373 (207) 897-6785 (207) 897-3207 (207) 897-3321

2589 Main St., Fayette 340 Main St., Jay 10 Crash Rd., Livermore 2 Main St., Livermore Falls


MUNICIPALITIES Town of Fayette Town of Jay Town of Livermore Town of Livermore Falls


10 Exchange St., Ste. 208, Portland (207) 874-7720 553 Wilton Rd., Farmington (207) 778-4801 59 Main St., Livermore Falls (207) 897-4321 211 Marginal Way, Portland (207) 221-5396 5 Fern St., Turner (207) 225-2076 272 Pikes Hill, Norway (207) 743-8616 141 Broadway, Farmington (207) 778-3400

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MEDIA/PRINTING Discover Maine Magazine Franklin Printing Livermore Falls Advertiser Memories of Maine Magazine Turner Publishing, Inc. West Coast Maine Magazine WKTJ-FM

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7 Hillsdale Rd., Jay (207) 897-4305 22 School House Hill Road,Turner (207) 225-5044 252 Gibbs Mill Rd., Livermore (207) 897-4989 527 Federal Rd., Livermore (207) 320-2277 46 Cargill St., Livermore Falls (207) 897-4264 Leslie@DJdiscobull.com (207) 491-3232 113 River Rd., Livermore (207) 897-4200

(207) 645-3311 (207) 897-9955 (207) 897-4200 (207) 897-2143 (207) 645-2581 (207) 897-4681 (207) 897-3093 (207) 778-4054 (207) 778-5501 (207) 897-3834 (207) 897-5558 (207) 576-2003 (207) 491-9797 (207) 897-2220 (207) 645-3064 (207) 897-5445 (207) 897-9080 (207) 645-7516 (207) 897-5226 (207) 225-2444 (207) 897-2700 (207) 897-3861 (207) 897-5349


SERVICES A. Maurais & Son, Inc. Boothby Law, LLC Castonguay Meats Clear Drains of Maine LLC Crapott’s Corp Disco Bull DJ Service Don’s Stove Shop, Inc.


21 Allen St., Wilton 96 Main St., Livermore Falls 113 River Rd., Livermore 37 Main St., Livermore Falls 1148 Main St., Jay 198 Park St., Livermore Falls 159 Moose Hill Farm, Fayette 912US Rte. 2E, Wilton 413 Wilton Rd., Farmington 50 Depot St., Livermore Falls 175 Park St., Livermore Falls 1381 Main St., Jay 504 Boothby Rd., Livermore 190 Main St., Jay 67 East Dixfield Rd., North Jay 12 Riley Rd., Jay 3 Tweedie St., Jay 1381 Main St., Jay 160 Main St., Jay 9 Conant Rd., Turner 72 Main St., Livermore Falls 33 Depot St., Livermore Falls 18 Millett St., Livermore Falls

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RETAIL STORES Bass Hill Gardens & Gifts Beauty for the Soul Don’s Stove Shop, Inc. Foss Jewelry Store Howie’s Welding & Fabrication, Inc. Gagnon’s Boats & Motors Inc. Moose Hill Farm Mt. Blue Agway Northland Custom Flooring, LLC Pat’s Wallpaper Pine Tree Orthopedic Lab, Inc. Scentsy Wickless Candles Shaky Barn Farm Gardens Shippers Express S.I.B. Enterprise, Inc. Ski Depot Spruce Mountain Pharmacy Sunshine Pools The Flower Barn The Nezinscot Guild/River Resources, Inc. US Cellular Ware-Butler, Inc. Wilde Accents

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Environmental Services Inc. (E.S.I.) F.A.T. Electric Gagnon Boats & Motors Inc. George Merrill & Son Logging LLC Ghost Dancer Forestry Group Adams Propane Services Johnny Castonguay Logging & Trucking. Kachnovich Land Surveying, Inc. Main-Land Development Consultants Inc. McAllister Accounting & Tax Service Memories by Melissa Photography Moose Hill Properties, Inc. Northland Custom Flooring, LLC Pine Tree Orthopedic Lab, Inc. Protein Graphics PuroClean Ranor, Inc. RCCM Cleaning Services, Inc. Ronald G. Aseltine, Esq. P.A. Shippers Express Ski Depot Spruce Mountain Buying Club & Co-operative Spruce Mountain Pharmacy Sunshine Pools Ted Berry Co., Inc. The Nezinscot Guild/River Resources, Inc. US Cellular WMCA Career Center Services

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1843 Federal Rd., Livermore 11 Otis St., Livermore Falls 198 Park St., Livermore Falls 127 Intervale Rd., Jay 150 Knox Hill Road, Fayette 32 Park St., Livermore Falls 140 Shackley Hill Rd., Livermore 328 Main St., Jay 42 Church St., Livermore Falls 404 Main St., Jay 13 Union St., Wilton 42 Church St., Livermore Falls 413 Wilton Rd., Farmington 175 Park St., Livermore Falls 18 Millet St., Livermore Falls 1843 Federal Rd., Livermore 962 Main St., North Jay 138A Tessier Rd., Jay 42 Main St., Livermore Falls 190 Main St., Jay 12 Riley Rd., Jay 64 Record Rd., Livermore Falls 3 Tweedie St., Jay 1381 Main St., Jay 521 Federal Rd., Livermore 9 Conant Rd., Turner 72 Main St., Livermore Falls 865 US Route 2E, Wilton

Address (888) 466-5222 (207) 931-8831 (207) 897-4681 (207) 897-2487 (207) 557-5828 (207) 897-5367 (207) 897-5945 (207) 897-2748 (207) 897-6752 (207) 897-5667 (207) 645-9812 (207) 592-3154 (207) 778-5501 (207) 897-5558 (207) 897-5349 (207) 897-3737 (207) 645-5109 (207) 897-2083 (207) 897-5597 (207) 897-2220 (207) 897-5445 (207) 233-0779 (207) 897-9080 (207) 645-7516 (207) 897-3348 (207) 225-2444 (207) 897-2700 (207) 645-5800



esimaine.com gagnonboats.com 17 36 18 39 mainesurveying.com main-landdevelopment.com 25 mbmphotostudio.com/contact.php northlandcustomflooring.com 11 pinetreeorthopedic.com 4 philpoirier.com/web purocleanofmaine.com ranormech.com/ aseltinelaw.com 17 31 ski-depot.com 30 facebook.com/pages/Spruce-Mountain-Buying-Cluband-Cooperative/358803570803598 sprucemtrx.com 18 sunshinepoolsmaine.com 17 tedberrycompany.com thenezinscotguild.com 31 mainecareercenter.com


Governor Paul LePage, R Offi ce of the Governor, #1 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0001 (207) 287-3531 maine.gov/governor/lepage/index.shtml U. S. Senator Susan Collins, R 55 Lisbon Street, Lewiston, ME 04240 (207) 784-6969 collins.senate.gov U. S. Senator Olympia Snowe, R Two Great Falls Plaza, Suite 7B, Auburn, ME 04210 (207) 786-2451 snowe.senate.gov U.S. Representative Michael Michaud, D 179 Lisbon Street, Lewiston, ME 04240 (207) 782-3704 house.gov/michaud State Representative Dennis Keschl R-District 18 (Serving this town in our Chamber area: Fayette) 1024 Wings Mills Rd., Belgrade, ME 04917 (207) 495-2973 keschl@yahoo.com State Representative Tom Saviello R-District 18 (Serving this town in our Chamber area: Fayette) 60 Applegate Lane, Wilton, ME 04294 (207) 645-3420 drtom16@hotmail.com State Representative L. Gary Knight R-District 81 (Serving these towns in our Chamber area: Livermore, Livermore Falls) 453 Moose Hill Rd., Livermore Falls, ME 04254 (207) 897-2489 LGary.Knight@usa.net

State Representative Paul Gilbert D-District 87 (Serving this town in our Chamber area: Jay) PO Box 186, Jay, ME 04239 (207) 897-5143 RepPaul.Gilbert@legislature.maine.gov State Senator John Patrick R-District 14 (Serving this town in our Chamber area: Jay) 3 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333 (207) 364-7666 mainesenate.org/contact-us State Senator Garrett Mason R-District 17 (Serving these towns in our Chamber area: Livermore, Livermore Falls) 312 Ridge Road, Lisbon Falls, ME 04252 (207) 577-1521 garrettpaulmason@gmail.com Fayette Town Manager Mark Robinson 2589 Main Street, Fayette, ME 04349 ( 207) 685-4373 fayettemaine.com Jay Town Manager Ruth Cushman 340 Main Street, Jay, ME 04239 (207) 897-6785 jay-maine.org Livermore Town Manager Kurt Schaub 10 Crash Road, Livermore, ME 04253 (207) 897-3207 maine.gov/local/town.php?t=Livermore Livermore Falls Town Manager Kristal Flagg 2 Main Street, Livermore Falls, ME 04254 (207) 897-3321 lfme.org



Jay | Livermore | Livermore Falls Area Guide 47


The Jay, Livermore, Livermore Falls Chamber of Commerce designed this guide especially for you. The Chamber Area Guide Committee would like to thank the Franklin Group, especially Mike Blanchet and Diana Gray, for their dedication to this project, and for making this year’s guide a valuable resource for visitors coming to our area and for our residents. The Jay, Livermore, Livermore Falls Chamber of Commerce would also like to express great appreciation to our local photographers for their contribution to this guide. Specifi cally, Lisa Bryant, Cherilee Budrick, Horatio Castle, Larry Castle, James Daigle, Peter Gammons, Jill Gray, Kenny Jacques, Sheri Judd, Barry Matulaitis, Phil Poirier and Kathleen & Fran Szostek. Copyright 2012-2013 Jay, Livermore, Livermore Falls Chamber of Commerce and The Franklin Group.

TOWN OF JAY 340 Main Street, Jay, ME 04239 897-6785 TOWN OFFICE HOURS: M, T, W & F 8 am to 4 pm Thurs 8 a - 5 pm


Police 911, Fire 911, Ambulance 911


Selectmen: 2nd & 4th Mondays,

PLANNING BOARD: Meets second Tuesday

Town of Livermore Falls

Town Office: Mon - Fri 8:30 to 4 pm 897-3321 For Information Selectmen: 1st & 3rd Mondays, 6:30 pm Library: 897-3631 Recycling & Transfer Station: Tues., Thurs., & Sat. 8 am to 4 pm Emergency Numbers: 911 SMALL TOWN, QUIET LIVING, SAFE STREETS www.livermorefallsmaine.org

TOWN OF LIVERMORE 10 Crash Rd., Livermore 897-3207 • Fax: 897-9581


M, T, W, 3 pm to 8 pm, Th, F 12 pm to 5 pm, S 10 am to 3 pm


Mon-Fri 9 am to 3 pm, Sat 8 am to 4 pm

TOWN MANAGER: Ruth Cushman 48 Jay | Livermore | Livermore Falls Area Guide

TOWN OFFICE HOURS: Mon. 8 am to 4 pm, Tues. - Fri. 9 am to 4 pm Emergency Number: 911 Library: 897-7173 Library Hours: Tues. 1 pm to 7 pm, Thurs. 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm Transfer Station: 897-2215 Transfer Station Hours: Tues., Thurs. and Sat. 8 am to 4 pm



The Jay Team

When it comes to knowing your customers,

it’s pretty hard to beat Jay Branch Manager Lorna Niedner and Lender Diane Jackson. These Hometown Bankers are involved in nearly every local project in the Jay, Livermore and Livermore Falls communities, from the community ski area and car wash fund-raisers to local economic development efforts. Knowing the towns and people you serve may not mean much to some bankers, but, to Franklin Savings Bank’s Jay Team, it means everything.

Why would anyone bank anywhere else?

9 Main Street, Jay, 897-3982

Androscoggin Valley Medical Arts Center Primary Care

Are you frustrated waiting weeks or more for medical appointments? The family practice health care providers in the Androscoggin Valley Medical Arts Center often have same day appointments available. We offer a full range of family medicine services, from routine physicals to managing complex chronic medical conditions. We are conveniently located in the new Androscoggin Valley Medical Arts Center where you can access a wide array of other health care services.

Urgent Care Services

Outpatient Specialty Care

Urgent Care for Area Visitors If you are a visitor to the area and have a health condition that requires prompt medical attention, but is not life threatening, please call for an appointment. We will fit you into our schedule! Other Services Available • Imaging services including x-rays, ultrasound, and digital mammography • Physical therapy • Women’s gynecological and pregnancy care • Ear, nose & throat • Sports medicine • Mental health counseling • Lab services • Vasectomy

Androscoggin VAlley MedicAl Arts center 21 Main Street, Livermore Falls 207-897-6601 www.fchn.org/fmh/services/avmac

A program of Franklin Memorial Hospital

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Jay-Livermore-Livermore Falls Area Guide  

Put together by the Chamber, this guide provides all the information you need to know about the community in one handy guide.

Jay-Livermore-Livermore Falls Area Guide  

Put together by the Chamber, this guide provides all the information you need to know about the community in one handy guide.