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Make your child's shots less stressful By NewsUSA

before the shots.

Vaccines help protect babies and young children against 14 serious diseases. Even though you are keeping her safe from diseases, it's hard to see your child cry when she gets her shots. But you can take some steps before, during and after a vaccine v isit to ease the pain and stress of getting shots.

Distract your child with a toy, a story, a song or something interesting in the room. Make eye contact with your child and smile, talk softly or sing. Hold your child tightly on your lap if you can. Take deep breaths with an older child to help "blow out" the pain.

Read about the shots your child w ill get in advance. Bring your child's vaccine record to show the doctor. Pack a favorite toy, book, bla n ket or ot her com for t item. For older children, be honest -- shots can pinch or sting, but not for long. Remind them that shots help keep them healthy. Ask your child's doctor any questions you have about vaccines. You may even want to ask about cooling or numbing t he a rea of you r ch i ld's a r m or leg

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After the shot, hug, cuddle a nd pra ise you r ch i ld. For babies, s w add l i ng , breastfeeding or a bottle may offer quick relief. Comfort and reassure older children if they cry. "Read the Vacci ne In for mat ion Sheet s f rom your doctor so you know what to expect after the shots," said Dr. Melinda W harton, Deput y Director, National Center for Im mu n i zat ion a nd Respirator y Diseases at the Centers for Disease C ont rol a nd P re vent ion. "Some children have pain

Eating healthy at restaurants By Sam Erickson Feature Writer

or swelling where a shot was given, a rash or a fever. These reactions are usually mild a nd resolve on t heir ow n without needing treatment."

Eating out is on t he rise, and that can be a challenge to good nut r it ion. Ma ny see eating out as a festive opportunit y, while others are forced into it because of work or travel. At home, people have control over the i ng red ient s a nd cook i ng met hods, but t hat a l l changes when someone else is in the kitchen. It’s really important to have a plan as you approach dining out. Even if you eat out regularly, there are still ways to enjoy your food and not pack on the pounds.

If you not ice red ness, soreness or swelling from the shot, place a clean, cool washclot h on t he a rea. If your child runs a fever, try a cool sponge bath. You can also use a non-aspirin pain reliever if your doctor says it's OK. Some children eat less, sleep more or act fussy for a day after they get shots. Make sure your child gets plenty to drink. If you're worried about anything, call your doctor. "Shots can be stressful," said Dr. W harton. "But you can ease your child's discomfort. And keeping your child up to date on vaccines is the best way to protect against vaccinepreventable diseases." Learn more about childhood vaccines at w w

Childhood vaccines are stressful, but there are ways to help. v acc i nes/pa rent s or c a l l 800-CDC-IN FO ( 800-2324636).

Your first step is ordering. Look for foods t hat have been cooked with healthier methods. Avoid foods that are deep-fried or sautéed in butter in favor of ones t hat have been ba ked or broiled. You can also ask for sauces and salad dressings on the side, allow ing you to decide how much goes

onto your food. If you’re really looking to cut back, don’t drink your calories. Alcohol and soda can add a ton of calories without any nutritional value. Reducing or eliminating them can keep your meal healthy. Don’t be a f ra id to ma ke substitutions when order ing. Some hig h-end restaurants may not allow it, but most will be happy to accom modate t hei r customers. There is a world of d i f ference bet ween the amount of calories in pecorino a nd mozza rel la cheese, and most restaurants will be happy to bake your fish instead of frying it. These m i nor subst it ut ions ca n eliminate a lot of calories, so know before you go. The foods that benefit your diet at home-sa lads, stea med vegetables, lean meats-also benefit you when you are out.

Eating Healthy

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What’s in your medicine cabinet?

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64% of teens abusing painkillers get the drugs from friends and family, often by stealing them.* Keep medicines in one safe and secure place.

Monitor the number of pills in each container. Safely dispose of expired and unwanted drugs. For more safe medicine storage and disposal tips: Protect the environmen t

Prevent youth drug abuse

Protect the elderly from drug thefts

* Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey, 2011



Advertising Supplement to the Sun Journal, Lewiston, Maine, Friday, January 11, 2013

Resolve to quit smoking in the new year By StatePoint It’s at the top of many New Year’s resolution lists -- quitting smoking. In fact, 15 million people try to quit smoking cigarettes yearly. Only 5 percent succeed when they use no support or go cold turkey. Moreover, the average smoker will attempt to quit up to nine times before successfully quitting. Luckily there are new tips and tools that can help smokers kick the habit this year. In an effort to empower the more than 45 million current U.S. smokers to call it quits, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare has launched, a free, total quit-smoking online resource with tools to help smokers quit their cigarette addictions and stay smoke-free. Every smoker is different; therefore every smoker’s approach to quitting may need to be different. houses personalized tools in a central location to help smokers navigate quitting smoking, no matter where they may be in their quit journey. Here are some tips from the experts at Quit. com to help smokers quit their nicotine addiction in the New Year: • Preparing to quit: First pick your quit date. By having a day you’re working toward, you’ll be able to prepare mentally and physically to quit. Do your research on how to be prepared before getting started. • Ready to quit: Support your quit by reducing your body’s physical cravings so they don’t get in the way of your willpower. Consider using a nicotine replacement product that fits your lifestyle, such as a gum, lozenge or patch. • Currently quitting: Celebrate every little win and stay focused on the positive benefits of quitting and why you decided to quit in the first place. If you get a strong craving, change things up to throw your urge to smoke. • Post-quit: Surround yourself with inspiration to stay smoke-free -- your family, your pet, your health and your finances -- and remember you

Eating Healthy from page 2

Onc e you’ve ordere d, controlling how much you consu me ca n be a g reat cha l lenge, as restaura nts have continued to increase por t ion si z e i n order to increase perceived value. For many people raised on the idea of the “happy plate club,” it’s tempting to feel obligated to finish your whole plate. However, you can order a to-

Every smoker is different; therefore every smoker’s approach to quitting may need to be different. have everything to gain by quitting. More tips on quitting smoking can be found at The new website is built in four levels with specific tools depending on where smokers are in the quitting process -- preparing to quit, ready to quit, currently quitting or post-quit and looking for resources to remain a nonsmoker. “Quitting smoking is tough and requires focus and effort, but that’s only half the equation. Part of the addiction is behavioral -a learned habit over time -- but the other part is neurobiology, a chemical dependency to nicotine,” explained Saul Shiffman, Ph.D., an addiction and dependence expert, researcher i n behav ior cha nge a nd relapse at t he University of Pittsburgh, and paid-consultant to GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare. “Using a combination of behavioral resources, education and quit smoking medicines can improve chances of success!” a lso offers tools to help battle mental aspects of quitting smoking, such as identifying and tracking triggers and making a list of reasons you want to quit, along with resources to help fight the physical addiction, such as a quit guide to find the right nicotine replacement to provide relief from cravings. The key to successfully kicking the habit is to empower and encourage smokers to try quitting and give them tools to help them succeed.

go box with your meal and put away half of it before you get started. Many people say that eating with chopsticks w i l l slow you dow n a nd make you eat less. One of the simplest things you can do is to put down your fork occasionally. This will force you to slow dow n, a nd it will give your body time to recognize that you have eaten and are full, reducing the desire to eat. Finally, don’t nibble. An endless bowl of

chips or bread or those few bites at the end of the meal can really add up quickly. Eating out doesn’t have to be a minefield of calories and bad nutrition. Following the fundamentals of good eating, including choosing healthy options, customizing them and controlling your portions and calorie intake, are the ways to eat healthy, whether you are at home or on the road.

Advertising Supplement to the Sun Journal, Lewiston, Maine, Friday, January 11, 2013

Gluten-free eating: Is it right for you? By T. S. Chamberland Feature Writer/Photographer Un less you absta i n f rom social media and the news, you’re hea r ing t he words g lut en f r e e a lot l at el y. Many folks are increasingly associating those words with a healthier diet, or weight loss, but what exactly does gluten free mean? And more importantly, is it right for you? The Mayo Clinic’s Web site defines a gluten-free diet as “a diet that excludes gluten protein.” But just what foods contain gluten protein? And what reasons would a person have for making the change from a regular diet to a glutenfree diet? The reasons are varied, but some of the most common symptoms associated with bot h Celiac disease -- a n autoimmune disorder of the small intestines -- and gluten i ntolera nce a re bloat i ng, ga s, c r a mpi ng , i r reg u la r bowel movement s, a nd general fatigue. Just because you might be experiencing some of these ailments, you might want to hold off on taking gluten out of your diet without first consulting with a medical practitioner. M i a C ou r t e m a n c h e , R D (registered dietician), for St.

Mary’s Weight Management a n d We l l n e s s P r o g r a m , caut ions a nyone who suspects that they may have a digestive issue related to gluten to seek medical advice before removing gluten from their diet. “A lot of times people will self diagnose then see a doctor, and the doctor will tell them to start eating gluten again so they can do the test,” said Courtemanche. Lea rning which foods conta i n g luten protei n i s a bit m or e i n v ol v e d . Gluten is found in wheat, r ye, ba rley, ka mut, spelt, tef f, a nd couscous : t h in k breads, pastas, processed food s, a nd ba ked good s. Ma ny g luten-f ree for ums, as well as medical web sites a lso suggest avoiding soy products as they have been thought to sometimes trigger inflammation of the digestive system i n t hose who a re allergic or intolerant of gluten. “Gluten is in anything made from wheat, rye, and barley. Oat is usually included in this list because they are usually made in the same processing plant and a lot of times they a re c ros s-c ont a m i n ate d ; unless they specifically say they are gluten free,” said Courtemanche.


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Lau ren Breau, a n L . Ac (licensed acupuncturist) in Portland, cautions that while these symptoms may not seem overly serious, if the reason behind a person’s digestive issues is Celiac or even gluten i ntoler a nc e, profe s siona l advice and diagnosis should be sought. The "danger" of consuming gluten if you are gluten-intolerant or allergic is that the finger-like projections in the small intestines called villi become inflamed and can erode over prolonged periods of exposure to the irritant. “The villi in the small intestine are essential in (the body) getting nutrition from foods,” said Breau, who also provides her patients with nutritional counseling from a Chinese perspective. After diagnosis, Courtemanche says gluten intolerance and Celiac are treated with diet. To make t h is t ra nsit ion successf u l she recom mends seeing a dietician to develop a diet or strategies for a personalized gluten-free approach to eating. “A lot of our society is based in fast food, processed foods, or prepackaged foods a nd a g luten-f ree d iet is a lot healthier in that you have to eat more natural,” explained Courtemanche. “If you’re not used to cooking things from scratch, it’s a huge change. You can no longer just pop something in the microwave and be good to go. You’ve really got to explore if you’re going to eat anything prepackaged.” After years of suffering with

Gluten-Free Bacon-Wrapped Pork Medallions digestive issues ranging from discomfort to pain, Andrea Breau, of Winthrop, said she was first given a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and encouraged to add fiber to her diet. When that failed to decrease symptoms, and it was clear she was also not lactose intolerant, she finally sought a physician who was also a naturopathic doctor. A f ter blood test s for C el iac d i se a se c a me back negat ive, t he doctor sug gested she st i l l t r y a gluten-free diet for a month. “It’s hard to describe how consta nt d igest ive issues i nter fere w it h ever y pa r t of your life. Whether it was spor ts i n h ig h school, or sitting in class after lunch in college and my stomach was so loud – embarrassingly loud -- that the teacher would stop and ask if I was speaking,” explained Andrea, Lauren’s sister. “I was sort of at my wit’s end and willing to try anything.” With her d o c t or ’s encou ragement, A nd rea bega n eliminat ing glutenladen products from her diet. This is a task that can vary in difficulty based on how each person ate previously. So much

Holistic Help for

FIBROMYALGIA Stephen Garbarini, D.C 369-9005

Look for gluten-free products at your local grocery or natural food store. Locally, gluten-free products can be purchased at Shaw's, Hannafords, and Axis Natural Food stores.

Gluten-free Brownie Bites w i t h S t r a w b e r r i e s a n d Gluten-free Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Whoopie Pies with Salted Whipped Cream of what we consume contains some for m of g luten, a nd finding alternatives requires research. There are, however, far more options now than a decade ago, said Lauren. “You can’t do it overnight, you have to be patient and you have to be creative,” advised Lauren. “It’s quite a transition since most people have some sort of baked goods like bread as part of their diet. You have to learn how to read labels.”

Caramel Filling

Andrea said that one of the factors that made her switch to gluten free easier was the fact that her partner’s family is from India and much of their diet consists of ricebased dishes. “I started in June of 2008 or 2009 -- I swear that in two


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Gluten-free from page 4

weeks to a month almost all of my digestive issues had cleared up,” Andrea said. A ndrea a lso says t he elimination of gluten-laden foods has allowed her to focus on just enjoying life. “I’m not constantly worried; I can go anywhere, I can play sports – it may seem silly, but there’s more freedom,” Andrea said of being gluten-free. C ont i nu i n g t o c on s u me gluten products can

Healthier Heart from page 7

7. Exercise regularly. The Online Activity Tracker f rom t he A mer ica n Hea r t Health Association lets you create a personalized walking plan, log time or distance traveled, plot and save walking

potentially cause long-term damage, but Courtemanche said a benefit, of sorts, typical to indiv iduals w ith gluten intolerance or Celiac is they w ill feel sick immediately and that is usually enough incentive to avoid those foods in the future. “Every once in awhile I find myself in a situation where I don’t have a whole lot of choice a nd I have to eat gluten. Any time that I do, t he sy mptoms come back almost immediately. I’m back to feeling pretty awful and it takes another two to three

routes, and more. Check it out at w w a r t w a l k i ng now. org. You can also use the AHA Walking Paths app for Android and iPhone. 8. Eat right. Tr a c k i n g t h e f o o d s y ou consume helps you better understand your caloric and nutritional intake. The Lose It!

Sauna Experience from page 8 your heat bathing. Is it okay to pour water on the rocks of traditional heaters? Pouring water on the rocks of Finnleo traditional sauna heaters is perfectly fine and is an essential aspect of the overall experience. For infrared saunas, however, the humidity will be ambient. Are there any health problems that I should be concerned about? Be sure to consult your personal physicia n i f you have a ny h istor y of hea r t problems,

high blood pressure, or any other health problems before enjoying any kind of sauna. W hat are some of the most notable benef its of using a sauna? Relaxation is by far the most cited benefit from regular sauna bathers, followed closely by the positive effects seen from detoxification. For more information about the health benefits of using a sauna, visit or Mainely Tubs, 408 Payne Rd., Scarborough or http://w w w.



lauren heberT, dPT, ocs aaron v. PerreaulT, aTc, laT annie dyer, dPT 94 Weld sT., dixfield rouTe 4, Turner 207-562-8048 207-225-5355

days for the symptoms to clear up again,” Andrea explained.

· Try new things. You might be surprised what you like.

Courtemanche cautions that while it can be a healthier way of eating, it is not necessary for everyone and only those indiv iduals w ith Celiac or gluten intolera nce should remove all gluten.

· Alter old favorite recipes with gluten-free ingredients.

If you’re newly diagnosed or have discussed a gluten-free diet with your physician or d iet ic ia n, Cou r tema nche offered these tips to help for a smoother transition: · Embrace it. Stay positive.

· Seek gluten-free forums and other support systems. · L e t f a m i l y a nd f r ie nd s know you’re eating gluten Gluten-free Gourmet free to prevent accidental Mushroom Risotto consumption of gluten foods. · Seek professional advice. Resources: · Avoid pre-packaged, costly g luten-f r e e a lter n at i v e s http://w w possible. benefits-of-a-gluten-free-diet/ · Learn how to read labels.

app for the iPhone allows you to enter and track your meals and snacks, and keep track of your weight loss progress and goals via the app, as well as access your account online. V i sit w w w.loseit .com for more information. Offering many of the same capabilities, Android phone users can use the Diet Assistant app at www.

Blueberry French Toast made with Glutino GlutenFree White Bread

9. Make sleep a priority. Not getting enough sleep can ra ise your blood pressure a nd ma ke it more l i kely you’ll have a stroke or heart attack. Lea r n more about your sleep patterns with a sleep monitor. You can try a headband monitor, such as the Zeo, (, or an armband monitor such

as the SleepTracker, (w w w. s l e e p t r a c k e r.c om ) . E a c h keeps track of your sleep cycle and helps you wake up at the optimal time. 10. Know your family history. K n o w i n g y o u r f a m i l y ’s medical history can help you

identify patterns that might be relevant to your own heart health. There are a number of online tools such as My Fa mi ly Hea lt h Por t ra it at https://FamilyHistor y.hhs. gov to help you gather and store that information.

Resolutions from page 8 Tip #3: Give yourself a break. To ma ke you r goa l more fail-proof, don't set it up to be too difficult to achieve. Be realistic. If your goal is to eat healthier, don't make ever y food you enjoy of f limits. Everything is better in moderation. Tip #4: Have a support system. Fa i lu re is more l i kely to happen if the people around you are pressuring you and tempting you to fail. Make sure your friends and family

a re on boa rd w it h you r resolutions to ensure they won't try to steer you down the wrong path. New goals are a great way to gain lifelong health (http:// w w w.l i felong hea lt health-screening-services/ de f a u lt . a s p x ) a nd lo w e r your risk of disease. Healthy choices ca n be made a ny day of the year, so if you find yourself failing, start again or make new ones. It doesn't have to be January to be the start of a healthier you.

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Cardio and weights: The magic combination By Sam Erickson Feature Writer There are two things that every healthy workout regimen needs: cardiovascular exercise and resistance training. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer some flexible recommendations. At the very least, adults should engage in moderate aerobic activity for 150 minutes each week or vigorous physical activity for 75 minutes each week. They also recommend activities which strengthen muscles at least two days per week. It doesn’t matter if you do this in a couple of days or over a week. If you are looking to start a useful workout regimen, include these two things for optimal results. Cardiovascular work gets your heart rate going and starts your breathing factor. Those two things are the defining element of cardiovascular work, so things like shopping for groceries or walking from the car to

the store won’t count (unless you are doing them very quickly). Things like pushing a lawnmower or riding a bike to the store can count as moderate activity. Participating in organized team sports, running, playing tennis or swimming laps are the kinds of activities that compose vigorous activities. If you are starting an exercise regime and are looking for maximum effect, start with moderate activities and then lead to more vigorous ones, counting each minute of vigorous activity as equal to approximately two minutes of moderate action. Muscle-strengthening activities should work all of your major muscle groupslegs, arms, back, chest, abdomen and shoulders. For maximum benefit, they should be done until it is difficult to do any more work with that muscle group. Weightlifting is the classic method of muscle-strengthening, but if you’re not in-

Help is On The Vine for your Heart! fAct: “Afloat in every glass of red wine are potent cholesterol fighters” according to researchers at the University of california.

Remember... for All Your Beverage Needs! (No Liquor) 794 Sabattus St. 545 Minot Ave. 1420 Lisbon St. 303-311 Main St. Auburn Lewiston Auburn Lewiston 783-9098 333-3095 783-2047 783-6353

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By NewsUSA

Just cardio work or strengthening muscles won’t have the combined benefits of doing the two of them in concert. Whatever you decide to do, keep these basic principles in mind. Try to get your cardiovascular system up and running for at least 30 minutes, five times per week and work to strengthen muscles at least twice per week. Just cardio work or strengthening muscles won’t have the combined benefits of doing the two of them in concert.

Auburn Plaza Family Dentistry Congratulations to Dr. Neil Ward On His Retirement! We Welcome Dr. Yen-Chang Chen To Join Our Practice And Serve Our Patients

fAct: “Reseratrol, a compound found in the skins of red grapes, blocks a key protein that cancer cells need to survive. Without it they starve to death” according to researchers at the University of Virginia. the main reason that a red wine selection for heart health is recommended may be due to the anti inflammatory effects of resveratol. Researchers have linked chronic inflammation to both heart disease and cancer.

694 Main St. Lewiston 782-1482

terested in heading to the gym and pumping iron, there are a lot of other ways that you can get some resistance training. Today, many people choose to use exercise bands at home, which is cheaper and more convenient than a gym membership. You can also do exercises that use your own body weight as the resistance. Sit-ups and pushups fit into this category, as do other exercises like knee bends and lunges. You can also count things like heavy gardening as your weekly activity. Many activities like yoga, hiking and swimming actually combine the two of these, making them the perfect exercise. It’s important to accurately assess your level of effort when engaging in these activities. A Yin Yoga class shouldn’t count the same as a Bikram class, and a leisurely stroll along the boardwalk isn’vt the same as a 12-mile hike up hills.

Exercise and preventing Type 2 diabetes

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A new study by the Harvard School of P ubl ic Hea lt h m a k e s c l e a r t h a t y ou r genes "take a back seat" to behav iora l a nd l i fest yle factors when it comes to developing Type 2 diabetes, and that – where men are concerned – lifting weights for just 30 minutes a day, five times a week, can cut your risk by as much as 34 percent. Make that as much as 59 percent when weights are combined with aerobic exercise. Women, too, ca n benef it from a healthier lifestyle. Separate data suggest that

90 percent of Type 2 diabetes in females can be attributed to things like excess weight, smoking and alcohol use. "Clearly, this is a preventable disease, and sadly about 6 million of the more than 24 million American diabetics don't even know they have it," says t he Fou ndat ion for Chiropractic Progress' G e r a r d W. C l u m , D C . A side f rom t reat i ng a ny aches and pains from all t hat exerc i si ng , today's ch i ropractors cou nsel patients on ways to improve their health. L e a r n m o r e a t w w w.

Too much time indoors is bad for kids' health By StatePoint Not all American children get regular doses of fresh air. A 2012 report published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine found that only about half of U.S. preschoolers a re ta ken outside to walk or play daily. And older kids aren’t faring much better, say experts. To o m u c h t i m e i n s i d e c o n t r i b u t e s t o o b e s i t y, attention problems, hy peract iv it y a nd lack of


appreciation for the earth’s resources. By ta k ing k ids outside regularly to explore nature, you can help them get physical activity and connect to the world. From building bird feeders to camping, discover together what ma kes t he outdoors great. Project Learning Tree, a nonprofit environmental education program, has great tips for family activities on its website to get you started. Visit w w for ideas.

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Top 10 tech tips for healthier heart By Family Features The message that a healthy lifestyle helps protect your heart isn’t new. If you’d like to do more to take care of your heart, here are 10 ways technolog y can make that easier. 1. Stop smoking. Apps such as Smoke Reducer for Android, and iQuit for iPhone can help you wean off tobacco. You can also use the Firefox add-on Quitomzilla, which shows you how much mone y y ou s av e b y not smok i ng , t he nu mber of cigarettes not smoked, and the overall time since your last smoke. 2 . Stay w it hin a hea lt hy weight range. Make it easier to monitor your weight-loss prog ress w it h the iHealth Wireless Scale. You can track your weight over time, and see results in relation to daily activity, time of day, diet, exercise, and more. The scale lets you set a milestone and share your results with doctors, fitness buddies and family. The free compa nion iHea lt h Sca le app works with iPod touch,

iPhone and iPad. Learn more at 3. Limit alcohol and caffeine. Keep t rack of how much you’re d r i n k i ng w it h t he Dr i n k Cont rol or A lcohol Monitor apps for iPhone, or the SoberApp for Android. They estimate your blood alcohol content and let you k now whet her or not you shou ld d r ive. To mon itor your caffeine intake, try the Caffeine Zone 2 for iPhone a nd iPad, or t he Ca f feine Monitor app for Android. 4. Take care of your teeth. Resea rch suggests t hat there may be a link between per iodont a l d i sea se a nd heart disease. Go online and check the American Dental A s s o c i a t i o n’s d a t a b a s e at w w w. A DA .or g to f i nd ora l hea lt h care products that have the ADA sea l of approval. At the ADA website,

you can also watch videos on a variety of oral health care topics. 5. Keep tabs on your blood pressure. The Mayo Clinic recommends you monitor y ou r b l o o d pr e s s u r e a t home and visit your doctor regularly. With the iHealth Blood Pressure Dock, (www. i hea lt h99.c om), you c a n acc u rately mea su re you r blood pressure, track your read i ngs over t i me, a nd share that information with healthcare providers, friends and family members. The Dock comes w it h a blood pressu re a r m cu f f a nd doubles as a charging station for your iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. The companion iHealth app is available for free. 6. Reduce stress.

device, like the StressEraser, to help you rela x by synchronizing your breat hing a nd your hea rt rate. If having too much on your plate a nd too ma ny i nter r upt ions causes you stress, tr y Quiet Hours. It let s you shut dow n you r computer’s communication Make it easier to monitor your apps, like instant messaging, weight-loss progress with the for a specified period of time.

iHealth Wireless Scale. You can track your weight over time, and see Healthier Heart results in relation to daily activity, page 5 ‰ time of day, diet, exercise, and more.

Knowing your family's medical history can help you identify patterns that might be relevant to your own heart health.

Managing diabetes, arthritis or allergies can be overwhelming. Safe disposal of the sharps used to treat them doesn’t have to be.

Try a portable biofeedback

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Working together for a healthy River Valley! 364-7408 94 River St., Rumford email:

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If you or a loved one use sharps at home, Maine law allows for their disposal in your household trash if these steps to safety are followed. Place sharps in a puncture-proof container like a detergent bottle, red sharps bucket from your pharmacy or needle clipper. When full, secure with tape, label “Do Not Recycle” and throw away. Please never toss loose sharps in the trash or toilet which puts your family at risk for accidental sticks.

More on safe disposal or a free needle clipper: (207) 287-7854 |

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The sauna experience: Questions & Answers By Press release from Finnleo What is the best temperature for a sauna? The appropriate temperature for a sauna depends on your preferenc e. Most pe ople prefer to enjoy their sauna at temperatures between 150175 degrees Fahrenheit for traditional saunas and 120130 degrees Fahrenheit for infrared saunas. How long should I stay inside a sauna?

W h i l e t h i s , t o o, v a r i e s bet ween i nd iv idua ls -you can usually stay in the sauna until you begin to feel uncomfortable. Ty pica lly, remain in the sauna for about 10-15 minutes and then take a break to cool off for several minutes. Then you can feel free to return to the sauna for another "inning." A Finnleo sau na ex per ience ca n be truly relaxing and rewarding, but don't stay in the sauna for e x tende d per iod s of time. Set the temperature

and humidity level (if you a r e u s i n g a t r a d it ion a l sauna) to your ideal level. If you begin to feel dizzy or uncomfortable, simply leave the sauna and cool off. What should I do after sauna heat bathing? A fter your sauna, cleanse you r sk i n v ia shower or bath to remove any and all residues or salts left behind. A qu ick r i n se w i l l close your pores once again and

is t he perfect way to end y ou r s a u n a e x p e r ie n c e . It i s re c om mende d t h at you moisturize your sk i n w it h a h ig h qua l it y moisturizing lotion. It's also ideal to shampoo your hair after ward. Don't forget to drink an adequate amount of water, mineral water, fruit or vegetable juice to replace f luids that were lost during

Ron Berg

Sauna Experience

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New year, new resolutions: Your success begins today By NewsUSA "I'm going to get in shape this year by exercising more and eating healthier." Have t hese words ever lef t you r l ips du r i ng t he b e g i n n i n g m on t h s o f a new year? The Huffington

Post says about 100 million Americans make resolutions every year, but only 45 percent follow through with them. Making healthy goals is a great way to promote your own well-being by lowering y ou r r i s k of c ond it ion s like heart disease, stroke,

diabetes, obesity and more. Here are some tips to help make your objectives doable: Tip #1: Make smaller, monthly goals rather than one lofty goal. One year is a long time to work on a goal, but it's also a

long time to fall behind on a goal. Instead of setting a New Year's resolution for an entire year, break it up into smaller segments, like monthly goals. Tip #2: Buddy up.

to stick to them. If you're both relying on each other, you'll be less likely to back out or quit altogether. Partner up with a friend or family member with the same goals

as you, then work together to make them happen.


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Ma k i ng dua l resolut ion s with a friend makes it easier

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Sun Journal newspaper supplement with information to keeping you healthy.

Healthy Living 011113  

Sun Journal newspaper supplement with information to keeping you healthy.