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From acad emics to s ports to the com munity en vironmen St. Dom’s t, students, t e a chers and parents sh are their t houghts.

Catholic S ch January 2 9

ools Week

- February

5, 2012

Message from the principal To begin with, St. Dominic Academy is the culmination of over 130 years of Catholic school education in the L ew iston-Aubu r n a rea . A l l of ou r original Catholic schools founded by individual parishes taught that belief in God is the essential component from which all else flows. These early schools promoted faith in such a way that no matter what the economic situation, hope and love would always prevail.

Donald Fournier Principal St. Dominic Academy


here is power i n t h ree. Ou r Church, built on the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, has stood the test of time by holding on and embracing each of these facets of our one true God. Our Catholic schools have always tapped into this power of three and this year’s Catholic Schools Week message of “Faith, Academics, Service” further exemplifies where we place our time and effort, for these are the three hallmarks of a great education.

The faith that our earliest founders taught and practiced lives on to this day and is an integral reason why our school continues to thrive. Recently we have focused on three additional values – integrity, community, and excellence – to remind us of how we wish to live out the faith that has been handed down from our parents and grandparents. If there was ever a time to belong to a school that emphasizes faith in God and love of neighbor, it is now. It is now left to our generation to care and nurture our faith lives so that we can make sense of everything that is going on around us and at St. Dom’s we do this on a daily basis. As for the power of academics, St. Dom’s students have continuously scored at or above the state and national norms when taking the SATs. Now that our

Academy includes students in grades K-8, we have beg u n to ad m i n ister the NWEA standardized test and are finding the same results. Our teaching staff commits itself each and ever y day to provide our students with what they need to succeed. Students at every level a re cha llenged by our facult y a nd of ten a re accepted at some of the most prestigious colleges in the countr y including MIT, Brow n a nd Notre Dame. When students struggle, our staff is there to help them find ways to experience success. And all of this is accomplished because at the core, Catholic education stands for the respect and dignity of each individual.

When our seniors graduate from high school each May, they have taken part in over 13 service projects and know very well that helping others is essential to our existence. Since 1881, Catholic schools have been instrumental in educating the young people of Central Maine. Come and see for yourself what the power of three can do for your family. A St. Dom’s education is within your reach. Contact us to schedule a time to visit our campuses and to enroll your child(ren). Registration for next year begins this week.

The third power that guides our students’ development is a strong belief that service to others develops the whole person and leads to a fulfilling life. Our students are continually taking part in service projects to help out our neighbors from Lewiston-Auburn all the way to Mississippi where our senior class spends a week during April vacation serving others and learning about a different culture. This immersion into service ensures that they are fulfilling one of the greatest tenets of the Catholic religion – love for others.

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Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Jim Boulet, Director of Admissions

“What are some of the St. Dom’s advantages?” •C  atholic schools – from Pre-K through Grade 12 – provide each child with time-tested instructional methods coupled with a values-based environment. While not all of our students share in our religious heritage, all share experiences of faith and integrity. • Each year, more than 95 percent of our seniors go on to the college or university of their choice. •L  ow student-to-teacher ratio. Our teachers are readily available to speak with parents about the progress of their child. And beyond traditional report cards, parents are updated on a regular basis throughout the year on their child’s successes and challenges with periodic progress reports.

“How can you help our family afford a private, Catholic school education?” We work very closely with families to ensure that a Catholic, Pre-K through Grade 12 education is available to everyone desiring one for their child(ren). Tuition assistance, in some cases amounting to thousands of dollars, is available to every family who qualifies. These are not loans that need to be repaid, but rather a reduction in tuition based on your family’s financial need. We strive to ensure that a Catholic education is available – and affordable – to every family.

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Classwork is challenging, provides foundation to instill values of honesty and trust STUDENT’S PERSPECTIVE:

onto the team and has been a true inspiration for me in my pursuit of a greater golf game. Yet, he didn’t just make me a better player. He made me a better person. He showed me the values of honesty and trust and how to weave a little fun in there as well. What made that season so special were the other athletes and how they embraced me as not just a teammate but a true friend. As an added bonus, we also won the state championship that year.

Dan Nadeau My name is Dan Nadeau and I am a proud member of the class of 2012. I am the youngest of four children, each one of us having attended St. Dom’s. My parents are also graduates of this school. My experience while attending St. Dom’s has been nothing short of incredible. I have been able to do so many different things and meet many great people, each of whom have impacted my life in some way for the better. Athletics has been a significant part of my high-school experience over these past four years, but it wasn’t that which molded me into who I am. Rather, I will always be grateful to my teachers and what they taught me which has truly made me the person I am today. In each of my four years, I have chosen to challenge myself with honors and AP courses. Every one of these classes has pushed me to do better and to work harder than what I realized I could do. This is because the teachers took a personal interest in my success and have always been there for extra help when it was needed and they were always willing to make time for me when I asked. And because I was willing to work hard, I have been able to maintain honor roll status through out my high school career. It has really been a blessing to have been able to attend classes here.

Dan Nadeau pursue a career in medical biology and have already looked at several different, yet prominent, colleges and universities. Throughout my years at St. Dom’s I have of ten hea rd t he words “Integrit y, Communit y and Excellence” as words I should live by. They a re words t hat g uide everything the school does. In my time here, I have not met anyone who does not fit that criterion, in school and in athletics. A s I ment ioned ea rlier, spor ts have been a significant part of my experience at St. Dom’s. I have been a four-year varsity athlete in all three of the sports I have played. The first sport I tried out for was golf. To be honest, as a n int h grader I was extremely nervous. I knew some of the people who were trying out, as well as the coach, but there were still nerves to be dealt with. Being who he is, Coach Cullen immediately welcomed me

The courses at St. Dom’s and the challenges that lie within them are what make this school so unique. They give you the experience of a lifetime while a lso prov iding you w ith the knowledge that is necessary to excel. I am hoping to

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The next two years were also great. Sadly, my sophomore year we lost by three shots in the state match and in my junior year, we lost by just one shot, but not because we were incapable of w inning. The reason we fell behind by one stroke was because one of our players called a two-shot penalty on himself that no one had seen. That shows how much integrity the students in this school have. This yea r being my last, I was determined, as a captain, along with my teammates, to win the State one more time and that is just what we did. We won States by more than 20 shots and also continued an ama zing w inning streak for the team. We are currently at 58 straight wins. Then ca me hockey. The spor t, since St. Dom’s inception, has been sy nony mous w it h t he school’s na me. T here ha s a lways been something special about wearing the black and white shield on a jersey. It gives a sense of being a part of something far greater than yourself. You don’t just represent the school and teammates when you wear the jersey. You represent

the generations of a lumni who have come before you and hope that you can fill their shoes with the same passion and pride that they once had. Our hockey team has not won a state championship since 2000, but since my freshmen year on the team, we have been to the state championship once and the conference final twice. I, as well as my teammates, have one more chance to “strive for 25” but regardless of what happens, it has been an amazing journey and one that I will never forget. Each spring over t he past four years, I have traded in my hockey stick for a ball and glove. It has been such an honor to work with my baseball coaches, Mr. Blackman and Mr. Turgeon. These two men have allowed me to really blossom as a baseball player. The teams I have been on have been great. The people, the atmosphere and t he ga me as a whole has been awesome. In my first three years we have had the honor of winning two state championships and going to three straight western Maine finals. This coming spring, we will have the opportunity to win a third baseball state championship. Everybody who comes to St. Dom’s gets something different out of it, something unique. Something that will prepare us for whatever we want to do in life. For me, St. Dom’s is the greatest thing that has happened to me. I put a lot into my time here and it has given me even more back. I could not have been happier and I have many people to thank: my teachers, my acquaintances

and most of all, my parents. I thank God everyday for having them as parents and I thank them for having given me the same opportunity they had to experience what it means to be a Saint Dom’s Saint.


Sarah Small Even though it was four years ago, I feel like my time at St. Dom’s has flown by. As a resident of the city of Raymond, my town did not have a public high school for me to attend. After 8th grade, I could have gone to Windham High School or to a private school. I looked at a lot of ot her schools : Chever us, N YA, Windham and Wayneflete, but I just felt a lot of warmth at St. Dom’s. Even though most of the students had already known each other before my freshman year, I had no trouble fitting in at all. I was just as nervous and awkward as any freshman starting that year. I had no idea what I wanted to do in high school or even what to do at a Catholic Mass. But St. Dom’s made my transition so easy. You don’t have to come here with any special background to know you’ll be welcomed with open arms. The no-cut sports teams and dozens of clubs have allowed me to get involved in my community and now become something of a leader as a senior. As a college preparator y school, St. Dom’s prides itself on helping students become people of integrity,


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young men and women who are ready to make a difference in the community, students who pursue excellence in ever y facet of life. These core values of “integrit y, community, and excellence,” are what we strive for at St. Dom’s and I believe they have done a wonderful job exuding these qualities. Coming to St. Dom’s has given me a lot of academic and spiritual guidance I haven’t seen elsewhere or in my peers at other institutions. The teachers are challenging, but t hey a lso genuinely care about their students. I have never seen a faculty as self less and as noble as the teachers here. And the coaches, no matter what athletic team you’re interested in, are just the same. I’ve always held that an education is what you make of it. Working hard throughout my four years has paid off in the end. I chose St. Dom’s because it has provided me with everything I could have ever needed and more. Looking back on my four years here, I cannot imagine going anywhere else. The friendships I’ve made here are lasting and the classes I’ve taken have been inspirational. While I’m so excited for the next chapter of my

him would bring us closer and give us memories we cou ld cherish together forever. Not only did my experience at St. Dom’s fulfill this hope, but it did so much more.

Sarah Small life in college, I will always be grateful for what St. Dom’s has given me.

In my four years at St. Dom’s I was fortunate to play four years for the emerging St. Dom’s varsity soccer program under Coach Erickson and Coach Bressler, and four years under Coach Bob Blackman for the varsity baseball team, a team that has formulated an unprecedented dynasty in Maine Class C baseball over the past decade. I also got to wear the “black and white” for four seasons playing for the most decorated h ig h school hockey program Maine has to offer.

It is ever y high school athlete’s dream to w in a championship. I w a s pr iv i leged to w i n fou r. These include t wo soccer state championships, one my freshman yea r w it h my brot her, a nd t he Growing up I had no intention of other was in my junior year when going to St. Dom’s. I had always we made St. Dom’s soccer history at tended t he publ ic schools of w it h a n u ndefeated sea son. I Lewiston, and the majority of my was a lso pa r t of t wo baseba l l friends were going to Lewiston High st ate cha mpion sh ips, one my School. However, I chose to follow sophomore year where Casey and my brother Casey (a junior at the I comprised the middle infield, time) to St. Dom’s hoping that two a nd t he ot her my sen ior yea r. years in the same high school with The St. Dom’s hockey program


Alex Parker

has remained strong under the direction of Coach Ouellette and has played like t he traditiona l black and white. We reached the st ate cha mpion sh ip ga me my sophomore year when I got to play on the same line as my brother, a nd r e a c he d t he c on f e r e nc e cha mpion sh ip ga me bot h my junior and senior years. I got to play for great coaches in each sport, and I met so many great teammates who are now more like brothers to me. I faced successes and failures, but I was taught to battle adversity and now have countless memories, all thanks to my athletic career at St. Dom’s. St. Dom’s couldn’t have given me a better education which included t he added benef it of rel ig ion classes. Both the academics and religious instr uction helped to make me the person I am today. Ma ny st udents beg i n t hei r f resh men yea r of h ig h school w ith a strong desire to do well academ ica l ly, a nd so per for m strongly, but then gradually lose the will to work hard as they become upperclassmen. I was the opposite. My worst year academically at St. Dom’s was my freshman year, and then my grades steadily increased throughout my four years. I partly

Alex Parker credit this to the constant emphasis St. Dom’s places on the importance of continuing our education after high school. As the time to apply for college approached it became more and more real to me and so I knew I had to keep working to set myself up the best I could for the future. However, I mostly credit my increasing success in the classroom to the organizational and study skills I acquired at St. Dom’s. I a m now a f reshma n at Bates College, and can’t thank St. Dom’s enough for all it did to prepare me. I will forever be a proud Saint and wish the best for the new Academy.

“We challenge our students to think about the world … ” “When I think about St. Dom’s, I think of hope, doing well in life and being guided by people who care.” Francesca – Grade 8 “The classes are smaller so you have more one on one time with the teacher.” Caitlin – Grade 6 “Attending St. Dom’s was an easy decision because of the demanding college preparatory classes. I’m ready for college!” Jenna – Grade 12 “The environment here makes you want to do what is best for others and for yourself.” Camden – Grade 7 “I’m receiving a great education that will prepare me for what I want to do in life.” Avery – Grade 10 “My favorite part about St. Dom’s is walking in everyday and seeing everyone smile.” Madison – Grade 6



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In the photo above, students work on a project in the lab. “Students love hands-on activities and our biology and chemistry labs give them the chance to roll up their sleeves and delve into the mysteries of how and why. What they learn here is so much more than the ‘laws of nature.’ In each grade and across our curriculum, we challenge our students to think about the world, the universe, in new ways.”  – Mr. Keith Weatherbie



Our core values are fundamental to the St. Dom’s Catholic school experience. “As a St. Dom’s administrator, teacher and parent of two students here, I have seen the difference that a valuescentered environment has made in the lives of our students. From pre-K through 12th grade we invest ourselves in the personal growth and success of each child entrusted to our care.” Jim Boulet – High School Religion Teacher


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PARENTS’ PERSPECTIVE: “I see how a sound Catholic education impacts everyone involved ... students, parents, teachers, families and parishioners. Lewiston and Auburn is a richer community because of it.” Ernie Ashton – Grade School Gym Teacher

“The family environment and rich academic and athletic traditions are what makes St. Dom’s the place to be.” Andrew Girouard – High School Math & French Teacher

“St. Dom’s allows me the freedom to discuss life’s important truths with my students. I teach literature, and being in a Catholic environment allows me to explore the religious themes which are so prevalent in the great works.” Peggy DeBlois – High School English Teacher

“I enjoy teaching at St. Dom’s because of the family atmosphere and the fact that parents support our academics. I wouldn’t want to teach anywhere else.” Miss Poliquin – Grade 6

Jim and Michelle Emerson share their thoughts about St. Dom’s Without question, a St. Dom’s education is a valuable asset that will pay dividends throughout the lives of our children. More importantly, Saint Dominic Academy instills in their students a spirit of service above and beyond self, service to others in their community and the world around them.

letting me go to St. Dom’s and thank you for everything!!”

That’s when you know you’ve made the right decision with your child’s education and their future.

Our chi ldren, cur rent ly a sophomore a nd a 6t h g rader, a re receiv ing one of t he f inest educations possible. We learned firsthand with our oldest daughter who is a St. Dom’s graduate and now a sophomore in college, that St. Dom’s carries a great deal of respect in the college application process. Low students to teacher ratios, and the community atmosphere, have helped prepare our children for the road ahead. T he t u it ion ex pense is fa r outweighed by the educational, s o c i a l a nd s pi r it u a l b enef it s received. We cannot say enough positive things about the value of a St. Dom’s education. It hit home when our oldest daughter told us that she was more prepared for college than most of the students she has met, and most recently when our youngest daughter wrote a note on a napkin and put it in her daddy’s lunchbox say ing “dea r daddy, t ha n k you so much for

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“Our school. Our choice. St. Dom’s.”

Admissions Events For 2012-2013

Grades Pre-K - 6th Open House Tuesday, Jan. 31, 9-11 a.m. Lewiston Campus Grades 7-12 Information Nights Thursday, Feb. 2, 6:30 p.m. Auburn Campus Library A Catholic School Serving Grades Pre-K - 12

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Catholic Schools Week 01-28-12  
Catholic Schools Week 01-28-12  

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