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Citrol Biodegradable citrus-based degreaser concentrate. Non-toxic, water soluble. Aerosol meets VOC regulations under California Air Resources Board (CARB). Citrol II Same as 266 Citrol in a non-water soluble form that evaporates quickly and leaves no residue.

In Waste Water Treatment Plants: Citrol II floats on top of the waste water so it cleans and deodorizes the lift stations, wet wells and walls as the water level moves up and down.

(Caution: #739 Citrol II is not USDA approved. When cleaning electric motors or circuits with Citrol II, all electrical power should be disconnected and the motor or circuits should be properly locked and tagged out before use.)

• Safe, biodegradable degreaser with

The following are just some of the ways Citrol can be used: • As a parts degreaser • Use in pressure washers (but not steam cleaners) • Dissolves paraffin waxes • Removes ink for rollers and packaging machines • As a safety solvent • As a paint and lacquer thinner • For degreasing and cleaning plastics* • Removes tar and bituminous deposits from asphalt plants and paving equipment • Removes road tar from cars and trucks* • #266 is USDA approved for use in nonedible food processing areas.

For Paint Preparation: Citrol II cleans surfaces and leaves no residue. It eliminates “fish eye” and other paint irregularities.

As Electrical Cleaner: Citrol II cleans electric motors and circuits. It possesses a high dielectric strength of 32 kv which means any residual amount will not carry a charge.

Multiple Applications:

Put Citrol To Work As A Household Cleaner When it comes to using Citrol as your first choice in degreasers, don’t stop at work. Citrol works great at home as well. Keep a can in your workshop, garage and laundry room for hundreds of other applications including: • Blood • Candle Wax • Car Grease • Crayon Marks • Gum • Lipstick • Magic Markers • Make-up • Scuff Marks • Shoe Polish • Soap Scum • Tree Sap • And much, much more! Note: Spot test in small area prior to over all use.

* Plastics, aluminum and painted surfaces: Spot test for discoloration and surface deterioration before using. Rinse immediately with water after use.

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102 Barton Street St. Louis, MO 63104 (314) 865-4100


PB-1072 (8/08)

astonishing cleaning power • Outperforms solvent, solvent emulsion and alkaline cleaners for


Citrol is a superior replacement for: • Hazardous solvents • Chlorinated solvents • Fluorocarbons • Aliphatic solvents

Super General Purpose Degreaser


Citrol’s advantages over other solvents include: • Biodegradable • Safe for most surfaces • Non-toxic • High solvency • Fast penetrating action • No petroleum distillates • High flash point

Also Available in Non-emulsifiable Form: #739 Citrol II

M U LT I - P U R P O S E D E G R E A S E R


removal of heavy

greases, carbonized oils, gear lubes,

grease buildups, oily deposits, tar and

bituminous deposits • Equally effective in

soak tanks, pressure spray, foam on and manual cleaning

methods, or in high pressure cleaning applications outdoors • One of the few solvents tough

enough to remove

stubborn printer’s ink

Cuts The Heaviest Grease Safe To Use Citrol is a powerful citrus-based degreaser that is formulated from naturally-occurring citrus solvents. This citrus base formula is safer to use than conventional petroleum-based products.

Gentle On Hands Harsh solvents can dry out your skin and crack your cuticles. Citrol is made from orange and lemon extract making it a friendly degreaser – safe for people, and gentle on the hands. In fact, at Schaeffer, Citrol is used every day as a hand cleaner.* *Not a waterless hand cleaner. Rinse with water.

Nothing is heavier than open gear lube. It’s thick, it’s tacky and it sticks to anything it touches, Greasy sink was put to the test. even worse than tar. We compared Citrol and one of our leading competitors. We coated a stainless steel sink with our hardest-to-remove grease – Schaeffer’s Silver Streak® Open Gear Lubricant. We poured two ounces of #266 Citrol on the right and a leading competitor on the left. Fifteen seconds later, without rubbing, Citrol’s powerful ingredients began to dissolve and lift the grease. Within one minute, the In just 15 seconds, Schaeffer’s #266 Citrol, lubricant on the right, was visibly working. and grease began flowing down the (disconnected) drain. The competitor’s did nothing, even when rubbed with a shop towel.

Typical Uses: 4

INDUSTRIAL PLANT DEGREASER to degrease mill stands, plant machinery, forklifts, conveyors, oil cellars, tar pumps, valves and mobile equipment.

99% Reusable Practically Eliminates Disposal Cost


IN THE SHOP to degrease engines, transmissions, motors, housings, parts, floors, walls and remove road tar and grime from trucks, dozers and tractors.


IN WASTE TREATMENT PLANTS to degrease, clean and deodorize lift stations, wet wells and walls, catwalks, bar screens, sump pumps, scum pits and troughs, transfer pipes and equipment.


Heavy greases and oils float to the top for easy top skimming. From left to right: #266 Citrol biodegradable degreaser, solvent emulsion degreaser, kerosene (straight petroleum solvent). Citrol will reduce clean up time on even the hardest to clean equipment.

ON THE MINE SITE to degrease dipper sticks, remove open gear lube, clean shovels, draglines and underground equipment, flush gear cases, clean house rails and rollers, remove dust and grime from mobile equipment.


Most safety cleaners have to be disposed of after use, but not Citrol. It’s 99% reusable. Heavy greases and oils float to the surface of Citrol. This makes it easy to top skim and properly discard the hazardous waste. 99% is reusable with all of its industrial strength still intact.

Cuts Solvent Costs In Half Citrol also saves you money because you use half as much. In fact, for most jobs, it dilutes 5:1 with water. Best of all, Citrol is 99% reusable. After settling and top skimming, Citrol retains its powerful cleaning ability. This cuts disposal fees because you discard only the oily contaminants, not the cleaning product. For lighter jobs, dilute Citrol with water, up to 15:1. On very light jobs like cleaning floors or stripping wax, dilute up to 30:1 and more.

Citrol is ideal for cleaning the dirtiest equipment, such as solvent tanks.


Caution: Always wash hands after use.

266 Citrol Degreaser  

bituminous deposits manual cleaning biodegradable cleaning power Keep a can in your workshop, garage outdoors strength of 32 kv which means...