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new corporate shirting

Have you ever been embarrassed about the size you are?

In a busy workplace environment, it’s essential to have garments that look great, fit well and are easy to care for. A Specialized Apparel, we’ve been delivering exactly that for over 30 years. CATALOGUE

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Possibly not but if you have been you aren’t alone. It can be very awkward and quite disconcerting.



Have you ever tried something on expecting it to fit and being very surprised when it doesn’t go anywhere near you? Yes! Then you aren’t alone either. It’s all about the size on the label.


As we get older many of us put on weight and despite the best of intentions we need to get a larger sized garment next time we buy! Nothing strange about that – its called life. However I think we all look for consistency and expect the size label to be realistic to the garment we’re buying.

FEMALE 6200S33: 6200Q33: Pocket: Size: Colours: Fabric:

FITTED - CUT AWAY COLLA Short Sleeve - V Cuff, Marvel R 3/4 Sleeve Button -V Loose Pocket Cuff, Marvel Button Supplied with 6 - 28 Garment White, Lilac, Black, Blue 55% Cotton, 45% Polyest er - Self Stripe


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Business Fit 3040L30 (Blue) -

Labels are just that. Don’t fret too much if the garment you are issued with doesn’t have the size pip you think it should have – but do worry if the next garment you get isn’t exactly the same fit. Go for a garment that fits well and you’ll feel much better on the job. Don’t try and squeeze into something that you aspire to be just “because you’ve always been a size X”. You’ll look odd, feel frustrated and what’s more your uniform will wear out faster. Go for comfort every time and if in doubt ask someone else or one of our friendly team for a second opinion.


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Semi Fit 6040Y30 (Blue) -

We use standard “blocks” that are developed around industry benchmarks and importantly we all try our garments on before we release them so we are happy buying the right size for us as individuals.



It’s hard to be consistent but that’s what is expected when you’re buying a uniform. Consistency of style, colour and fit are essential, so it goes without saying that they must be the same size time after time as well.

MALE 3040L30: Pocket: Size: Colours: Fabric:

BUSINESS FIT WITH Long Sleeve Pocket to L.H. Chest S - 4XL Blue 100% Cotton


FEMALE 6040Y30: Pocket: Size: Colours: Fabric:

SEMI FIT Back Cuff 7/8 Sleeve - Fold with Garment Loose Pocket Supplied 6 - 28 Blue 100% Cotton

3 8

3 7

If you are in the market for the latest styles and fabrics for your uniforms, then you simply must see this catalogue to help you decide what to wear to work.

MarkJohnson Managing Director

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It’s a scene familiar to many of us; the label says it’s your size, but it’s baggy around the waist, or too narrow across the shoulders. Yet, in a different label, a dress in the same size is the perfect fit. Standard sizes disappeared in the 1970s; nowadays every label has its own sizing guidelines, but that’s not all. The advent of ‘vanity sizing’ (or ‘size in ation’) has confused consumers even more; clothes that are nominally the same size have actually become larger over the years. It’s a problem in many countries (the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand); particularly widespread amongst cheaper clothing labels; and – no surprise – more prevalent in women’s apparel. Men’s clothing sizes are more standardised, because they’re based on the exacting requirements of military uniforms although even that’s changing: the inside leg measurement remains accurate, but the waist label is no longer quite as reliable. Vanity sizing, as its name suggests, is designed to make shoppers think they’re slimmer so they feel better about themselves. Of course, it’s a myth: manufacturers have modi ed their sizes so someone sized 12 about 30 years ago would now be a size 8 – no dieting required! Online shopping has made the problem worse, as women can’t try on the outfits – in the UK, there’s even a website to help women work out their size in different High Street labels ( Generally, labels targeting younger shoppers have smaller sizing; labels for older women are cut more generously.

Clothing sizing has become a nightmare, for the consumer and for the manufacturer. At Specialized Apparel, we don’t like to upset our customers but that’s not easy when it comes to the tricky issue of size. We make a point of being consistent in our sizing, although our honesty doesn’t always endear us to people used to vanity sizing. But we can help you with our unique SAMPLE SERVICE allowing you to request a selection of sizes sent to you to help get what’s best fitwise. Cut, fabric and styling are also important t-wise in any garment’s size. Waistbands are always rising and falling (now going up); men wear their shirts ‘tucked in’ for the corporate look, but untucked for casual clothing. Stretch fabrics are more forgiving, so they’re easier to wear. There’s only one solution. Always try on clothes before buying them, remembering that every label is different, and – most importantly – ignore the stated size – it’s meaningless. Don’t squeeze into your clothes; you won’t look your best, and nor will the clothing. Let the mirror give you the answer, not the labels. Specialized Apparel are always happy to let customers try clothes on to ensure you get the right fit every time.





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BALLPOINT INK soap. Rub with Wonder® BLOOD temperature Soak in cold or body water (not hot).

GUM nt, gently Freeze the garme pick off.

LIPSTICK with CANDLE WAX fabric against fabric s of paper towel Rub Leave for a while Place a few sheet liquid detergent. press with over the wax and sary. ing the wax to be if neces warm iron, allow . ION paper PERSPIRAT absorbed into the vinegar and Soak with white CHOCOLATE water. nt, gently Refrigerate garme RED WINE scrape off. . water Dab with soda COFFEE y with water or SHOE POLISH Rinse immediatel liquid detergent. Dab with white spirit. soak in water & WHITE WINE DEODORANT liquid detergent. Soak in water & Dab with white spirit. MARKER & CURRY WHITEBOARD GRASS STAINS ent. (WATERBASED) Dab with liquid deterg stains grass with water. Dab any stubborn Clean spirits. with methylated


logos. • DO NOT iron inside out. • Wash garments ctions on the • Follow the instru care label. s cane instruction • Provided the ionally in a allow, wash occas to remove warm or hot cycle body odour. ed washing • Only use brand powders. ents with • Don’t soak garm ns in butto or metal zips r. Napisan® or simila – don’t leave ing • UV ruins cloth t sunshine anything in brigh too long. discolours white • Excessive UV inside to dry garments – hang if possible.

industries. e and Healthcare staurant, Frontlin Corporate, Cafe/Re of uniforms in the provide a wide range call us on 1300 113 115 www.s Specialized Apparel work For uniforms that

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New knit top range

2 Styles, 7 Colours, 2 Sleeve Lengths! Our range of knit tops not only come in two styles - each with an option of two sleeve lengths (cap and 3/4 quarter) but we’ve now introduced 3 new bright and cheerful colours in time for Autumn! You can’t go wrong! Black

10267-654 3/4 Sleeve Ruffle Neck Top Available in all 7 colours



10266-654 Cap Sleeve Ruffle Neck Top Available in all 7 colours




10123-654 3/4 Sleeve Gathered Front Top Available in Black and Navy only


10122-654 Cap Sleeve Gathered Front Top Available in Black and Navy only

Softshell Sometimes the weather conditions are such that you have to wear a jacket to keep warm or stay dry. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as with the latest jacket from Specialized Apparel you can SOFTSHELL is an advanced fabric of also look cool as well as feel comfortable. 3 integrated layers bonded together. I’m talking about the new “BREATHABLE” soft shell jackets which are available in both Men’s and Women’s styles. “BREATHABLE” you say? How come? How can a jacket breathe? The latest technological fabrics do just that (well almost) and –because they are so comfortable to wear – it’s the jacket everyone aspires to have or be seen in. Years ago the true and only waterproof jacket was the PVC Coat typically seen on farmers, road workers and Emergency staff out on the roads in the pouring rain. They did the job but were sticky to wear and hard to clean with the poor worker inside sweating so profusely that it felt like the rain was getting in somewhere. These garments didn’t breathe at all but were the only option in the old days. However over the last few years there have been some sophisticated technological fabrics developed that are very comfortable to wear and fully waterproof — so much so that it’s actually a pleasure to get outside. The merits of this textile have been applauded by the burgeoning yachting fraternity (think Americas Cup) and there’s been an enormous shift in leisure and outdoor garments demanding this fabric formulation. These fabrics are also available in the uniform industry and it’s now possible to get a range of functional SOFTSHELL jackets that are very affordable.

At last, we can offer a uniform that combines the essential qualities of a breathable, flexible garment with 4-way stretch – plus the added benefit of being waterproof. SOFTSHELL – means when you sit down for example the fabric will not only stretch North – South but also East – West at the same time – this provides comfort to the wearer, and added flexibility while you’re on the job. SOFTSHELL fabric is waterproof to 5000mm (Some softshell fabrics are nowhere near this good). Basically that means that the audited waterproof rating of the fabric is equivalent to resisting that weight of water (or the weight of 5000mm/5 metres) before it penetrates the membrane. That’s really waterproof! The higher the number, the more waterproof the fabric. The outer part of the fabric is a 100% Polyester water resistant and the inside section is 100% polyester Micro fleece bonded together with a windblock membrane. This is to allow the creation of water resistant garments that are both wind blocking and yet breathable. The fabric is flexible – ne enough to allow the creation of very stylish, functional garments much less bulky and more user friendly than the traditional anoraks of old.

269 MSS men’s softshell jacket Mens zip front jacket with panel detail. Two side pockets with concealed pocket zips and right front chest pocket with audio port.

269 WSV WOMEN’S SOFTSHELL VEST Ladies tailored vest with two way front zip. Two side pockets with concealed pocket zips and right front chest pocket with audio port.

169 WSS women’s softshell jacket Ladies tailored jacket with two way front zip. Two side pockets with concealed pocket zips and right front chest pocket with audio port.

269 MSV MEN’S SOFTSHELL VEST Mens zip front vest with panel detail. Two side pockets with concealed pocket zips and right front chest pocket with audio port.

Black (S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3Xl, 5XL, 7XL)

Black (8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18)

Black (8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18)

Black (S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3Xl, 5XL, 7XL)

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(Australian Tax Office)

Rules on Uniforms

What are the benefits of having a registered uniform? Registered uniforms attract the following benefits. • Employers are exempt from Fringe Benefit Tax on any contributions they make toward the uniform. • Employees are eligible for tax deductions for expenses incurred in the rental, purchase or maintenance of approved noncompulsory occupational clothing. The level of tax deductions is determined by the Australian Taxation Office. What are the requirements? • To be approved, the uniform design must meet the requirements of the Approved Occupational Clothing Guidelines (Guidelines). Here are some hints to help you do that. The uniform must be a complete outfit, e.g. dress, shirt and trousers, shorts, and/or skirt. • A company identifier (discrete logo/name/initials) must be on all items in the uniform, including accessories. • For garments, the identifier must be at least 80 per cent of a four cm square, or for accessories, such as a tie or scarf, a one cm square.

Vortex knitwear & blouses A brand new range of European garments never before seen in Australia. These are not only the latest cuts and colours, they are made from an advanced blend of textiles that help them keep their shape after washing and won’t bobble, shrink or fade. Ask for your sample today or request the latest Vortex Catalogue by calling 1300 113 115 or email

• Identifiers must be in a contrasting colour or shade to the garments they are attached to in order to be visible from two metres away. • Identifier must be permanently attached to each garment (e.g. embroidered, iron on, heat seal). • A maximum of eight colours (which includes different shades of a colour and excludes those found in the identifier) for the entire garment range is allowed. • The number of colour/pattern/print combinations permitted is limited by the number of employees in a class (see paragraphs 31-32 of the Guidelines). • Where a variation on a uniform is worn by different groups in an organisation, there must be a common theme between these groups or classes of employees, and the male and female uniform. • The uniform must be appropriate for the duties of the employee.

For your free copy of the Application Form, email us at or simply call 1300 113 115


139AMELIE AMELIE LADIES BLOUSE Ladies short sleeve blouse with inverted pleat and cuff detail on the sleeves. Button to neck style and side splits. 100% Polyester soft touch crepe, ribbons design. Berry, Blue (6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26)




189TALIA TALIA DIAMOND VEST Ladies V neck vest with diamond jacquard motif on the front and back. Viscose/Polyamide/Elastane blend. Navy, Black, Charcoal, Berry, Cornflower (6, 8-10, 12-14, 16-18, 20-22, 24-26)


189KRISTIN KRISTIN CARDIGAN Ladies V neck cardigan with rib detail and tted body shape. Viscose/Polyamide/Elastane blend. Layer up with these lovely colours. Navy, Black, Charcoal, Red, Berry, Cornflower (6, 8-10, 12-14, 16-18, 20-22, 24-26)

customising your garments Customising your garments by adding your company logo or branding is a cost effective way of ensuring that your uniform is unique to your organisation. In addition, branding your uniform ensures recognition and helps instil pride in your company and enables staff to feel part of the team.

Happy staff = a more productive team. There are a number of excellent ways to apply branding. Specialized Apparel’s team of in house branding experts can help you decide on the best solution for branding your uniform. Embroidery is the most popular way of applying a company’s logo or brand to a uniform. Fantastic clarity of registration with hundreds of colour options, embroidery is able to reflect accurately your company colours and project a quality image. The cost of embroidery is determined on the stitch count or size of the application rather than the amount of colours. Specialized Apparel use durable polyester thread to prevent fading and ensure our embroidered logos are the longest lasting. With a one off set up fee when the logo is first created, embroidery is ideal for smaller orders and frequent re orders of garments.

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Client Profile: SPECSAVERS



Specsavers entered the Australian market in 2008 with a very clear business plan. The store roll-out was one of the fastest ever in retailing history, with 100 stores rolled-out in 100 days and 150 stores operating by the end of 2008. By the start of 2013 the number of stores had climbed to 274 in Australia (** 330 AU / NZ). It was time for a uniform refresh!

With a stylish new look crafted by British fashion icon, Jeff Banks, Specsavers chose to partner with Specialized Apparel to facilitate the new uniform rollout to almost 3000 staff right across the nation. Specialized’s IT and reporting systems, state of the art warehouse and customer-friendly team were critical factors in achieving a successful launch. A brand new Pick-Line was installed for the project, enabling efficient order picking and despatch.

I’m impressed! Specialized Apparel were helpful right from the start, and seemed to understand the enormous task they were taking on. Getting this new uniform range out to 258 stores from Cairns to Hobart, Melbourne to Kalgoorlie was no mean feat, but they did it – quickly, efficiently, and with a minimum of fuss. And the staff love the new look! Sarah Bryan - Stores Support, Specsavers

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