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Precision Grout: University of North Carolina

Court HouseGreensboro, - Cincinnati, Restoration, NC OH SpecFlow: Potter StewartQuad Contractor - Berglund Construction Company

Contractor: Honducom Concrete Inc., Raleigh, NC More than 1,500 Bags Used

Supplier: Becky Jones, White Cap Construction Supply, Raleigh, NC

Over 1,500 bags used!

SPECFLOW is a cement based, non-shrinking, self-leveling floor underlayment designed for interior use. This single After conferring with SpecChem on the parameters of their component product produces a smooth subfloor that will accept job, Honducom Concrete Inc, of Raleigh, NC selected floor coverings in as little as 12-18 hours after installation. SpecChem Precision Grout to fill voids in a form and pour Just mix SPECFLOW with water, pour or pump,application and it will on seek 6 college buildings at UNC-Greensboro’s its own level to produce a smooth, flat, hard surface. campus where downspouts interior to the structure were


removed. Honducom needed a material with excellent flowability and high early strength gain to fill voids that varied from 6” x 6” to 12” x 12” and were three stories Stewart Courthouse houses high.Potter After grouting completion, the repaired areathe willU.S. be sixth circuit court of appeals. bricked over to blend the repair into the rest of the building. Overall, the project required over 1500 bags.

Superior SpecChem service and product SC Precision Grout allowed is a non-shrink, non Construction metallic, multiperformance Berglund purpose cementtobased grout. Precisioncompletion Grout is Company maintain anSC ambitious designed for high flow precision grouting and high early timetable without sacrificing quality. SpecFlow’s compressive strength. self-leveling performance, ample work time and ability to be applied up to 2” kept Berglund on schedule and within budget.

SC Precision Grout Non-Shrink, Non-Metallic

Exceptional dynamics BEFORE

• High early compressive strength SpecFlow Performance: • Non-metallic/non-corrosive adhesion and ability to withstand building • Excellent freeze/thaw resistance

Superior durability in a tough construction environment Excellent flow ability and finish to reduce labor cost

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Share the Success - UNC Restoration  

Share the Success - UNC Restoration