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Water-Based Concrete Curing Compound

E-Cure is a leading edge technology, clear concrete curing compound developed to cure concrete as well as

E-Cure: Changing the way you CURE dustproofer. E-Cure densifies, cures, hardens and dustproofs concrete by penetrating and forming a temporary Concrete

resolve compatibility issues related to flooring adhesives. E-Cure is a spray applied concrete cure, hardener and membrane, allowing for proper strength development. E-Cure meets the moisture retention of ASTM C-309 on hard-

E-CURE, formerly known as Eco Cure, is acredits. clear concrete curing compound uniquely designed troweled concrete surfaces. Contributes to LEED using hybrid technology to cure concrete and resolve compatibility issues related to flooring adhesives, secondary sealers and toppings.

One cure for all concrete E-Cure meets the moisture retention of E-Cure is suitable for the following applications: ASTM C-309 on hard-troweled concrete Commercial Concrete Floors surfaces. Parking Garages Benefits Non-yellowing, does NOT alter color of natural concrete High Rise does Concrete Pours • Non-yellowing, not alter natural color of V. O. C. Compliant, non flammable, odorless Residential Concrete concrete Will NOT inhibit adhesion of secondary toppings Retail Concrete Space Contributes towards LEEDS credits • Non-flammable/odorless/VOC Compliant Multi Family Concrete Floors Independent Moisture Retention Data • Will not inhibit adhesion of secondary coatings, Potable Water Structures USDA Accepted topping, or adhesives designed for concrete Certifies cure for potable water •

Resists acids, oils, greases, salts and tire marks

USDA accepted

Certified for use to cure potable water structures

Penetrates the concrete slab while providing • Contains 0 VOC’s a temporary membrane on and within the top matrix of the concrete surface.

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E-Cure - one cure for all concrete.

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