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BUDDY WEEK Our Instructors had a great time meeting your friends during our Buddy week. Some of your buddies have decided to become members as well. It will be great to see you training with your friends in class.

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If you did have a buddy that joined in July 2011 you will be receiving a $25 gift voucher or two or, if 3 friends joined you could be receiving your very own Karate Party, see Reception for details.

MOVIE AFTERNOON Thank you to everyone that joined us for the Kung Fu Panda 2 movie afternoon. There were 100 tickets sold, the movie was lots of fun to watch and surprisingly the Adults seemed to be enjoying it as much, if not more than the children.

July 2nd

WKA Gym Show

July 9th

Grading Ceremony

July 16th

Grading Ceremony

July 23rd

Chuck Liddel Seminar

August BJC 5th-8th Winter Camp

The winners of our Kung Fu Panda 2 coloring competition were Drawn. Congratulations to Ruby and Nakieta who won a ticket to our movie afternoon. Congratulations to everyone who entered, they all look fantastic. If you would like to take your entry home please see Reception.

EQUIPMENT FOR CLASSES It is always a good idea to use your own equipment during classes. Not only for hygiene purposes but to ensure you have the correct fit. Whilst we provide share gloves and focus mitts to use during classes, if you are training regularly you should be thinking about purchasing your

own Gloves and Focus Mitts for use in class as well as a mouth guard etc. .

EMBROIDERY Our embroidery lady has returned from her holidays. You can now bring in your uniform to have it personalized. Only $40


TRAINING IN EUROPE Hi Everyone I have just been to Eastern Europe for a training camp. The camp is 2000m above sea level so the air is thin but the environment enlivens you.

ing MMA champions from Germany and Serbia as well as a Sambo Champion from Greece.

I start the day with Tai Chi, then 4 hrs of intense training focusing on Mushin and asymmetrical fighting. This is basically being aware of any threat at any time in different circumstances. Training includes Street fig hting c onc epts , Mixed martial arts, street weapon attacks , Grappling , Clinch fighting and Mass attacks. The sparring can be full contact with no gloves or protective gear and the rounds go less than 1 min. Injuries can be high but being sore and bruised is the most common complaint. We stress test what we learn which is basically putting yourself in a dangerous position , ie elevated heart rate , many stimuli and survival fighting. Strength training for 1 hr finishes off the day. Participants are from all parts of Europe, includ-

At this point, you rely not on what you think should be the next move, but what is felt intuitively. It is great training and I hope to bring back some of the concepts I learn to improve all of us in the dojo. I also trained at MMA Spirit in Germany where they have UFC and European cage fighters there.


The instructors are European MMA Coaches, Canadian SWAT team teacher and Serbian Integrated martial arts masters. The camp is run by Alex Kostic and Kevin Secours who are world leaders in this type of training. The Mushin training is where I am at at the moment. Mushin is achieved when a fighter feels no anger, fear or ego during combat. There is an absence of discursive thought, and so you are totally free to act and react towards an opponent without hesitation.

MMA Spirit

The training is pretty much what we do at Spear Dojo which is good but I have some killer drills to torture everyone with. Take care and I will see everyone soon, Kyoshi Wayne

Kevin and Wayne

Spear Dojo newsletter June 28 2011  

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