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Sat 30th May Sat 7th July 2pm

Dojo Grading

Gym Show. Seishin Dojo

Sun 15th July. BJJ Gi Craigie LeiState Titles sure Centre 8am Wed 1st Aug 6.30

Bruce “The Preacher” Macfie. @ Spear Dojo

Exclusive Lovell/Tippet limited design 2012 CLUB HOODIES Adult Hoodies $69. Kids $45. Purchase at reception.

Congratulations to all the dragons who graded on Saturday 23rd. They all did really well. They were all well behaved and their technique was perfect. Everyone has made great progress and this really showed at their grading. Keep up the good work! M.Hay

LUKE JONES AND DAN JONES @ FIGHT NIGHT Exciting MMA bouts by Luke and Daniel. First up was Luke who began the first round well rounded with both stand up and take down defence. Half way through the first round while trading punches with his opponent Luke was caught with a hook and went to the ground but quickly snatched a single to recover to his feet. The remainder of the round was even with strikes traded and takedowns attempted from both corners. Luke began his second round with no hesitation he landed a barrage of strikes on his opponent. This took its toll on his opponent and he desperately attempted a take down on Luke. Luke countered the take down and executed a deep Guillotine choke, rolled back into Guard and submitted his opponent in seconds to win the match.

Second up was Daniel. The first round began with strikes being traded from both corners with Daniels opponent having a slight reach advantage. Daniel quickly landed a few good shots and his opponent switch his game with some take down attempts which were instantly sprawled upon and followed up with heavy ground and pound from Daniel taking him to end of the first round. In the second round both fighters started with stand up again until Daniel shot for a double leg take down slamming his opponent into the ground. His opponent had a good defence on the ground but it was not enough to save him from the heavy ground and pound and this coupled with an excellent take down won Daniel the match. J Gouges

GRADING AT CRAIGIE LESUIRE CENTRE Good Work by all Students who graded at Craigie Leisure Centre on the 10th of June. From Spear Dojo - Jake Barber, Timothy Quintal, Lianne Clark, Amber Clarke, Harley Clements, Matthew McMurtie, Tim Hamilton and Juniors Mitch Sandercott, Jordan Fyfe and Taiju Geste. Great training got you there!


Thurs 5th and 12th July. FREE. Gi needed

Judo Seminar with Dominic Wood. 33yrs Judo experience!

Sat 27th and Sun 28th Oct

Alex Kostic seminar/ workshop


BJJ Classes.

Saturday 26th Spear Dojo held the 2nd WKA gym show for the year. Gym shows are events for students who are thinking of competing in the ring and want to get a taste for what is in store. The Viper fight team from Spear Dojo did extremely well, with six wins and one draw.

The first female fighter from Viper was Dai Sempai Emily Saville, who came out guns blazing from the first round. She fought extremely well as she was also quite lighter than her opponent. She topped off her fight with a dominant performance in the third round.

Dai Sempai Shannon Quintal was first up. He had a back and forth first and second round, but came back strong in the third to secure victory, wobbling his opponent on multiple occasions.

Dai Sempai Adam Sochacki had a brief day, focusing on punches and knees in the first. In the second round two head kicks set up the finishing punches in the corner of the ring and a technical knockout (TKO).

Mr Daniel England was next up and engaged in an extremely fast battle of limbs. Both Mr England and his opponent had incredible cardio and maintained their intensity throughout the fight, although in the end the win went in favour of Spear Dojo. Abi Harding performed great in both her kickboxing bout and her two submission grappling matches. She showed development above her level and displayed excellent technique throughout her fight. Her high level of fitness was evident in the third round as she dominated her opponent.

Friday Aguto put on quite a show, using his jab to fully utilise his reach advantage. He picked apart his opponent throughout all three rounds and entertained the crowd with some showboating. Another win for Viper. Amber Clarke was the final kick boxer of the day and she used superior technique and perfect timing to attack her opponent. It was a very entertaining fight that shows Ambers vast improvement during the last few months. A. Sochacki

ALICIA PESTANA’S SEMINIAR 22ND JUNE The Pink Elephant says “Those who trim their toes won't slice people with foot blows. Please keep your toe nails short and neatly trimmed for training. Nail polish is optional.”

Thanks to Alicia who held a Muay Thai Technique and fighting Seminar at Spear Dojo. She showed us some awesome fighting tips on a cold Friday night the 22nd. She took us through some interesting drills she does with her students at Kalamunda kickboxing along with some neck bending grappling.

Hopefully I will remember what we learnt! Have a great holiday and overseas experience Alicia and we look forward to when you are back in Perth with lots of travel stories and to do another Seminar at Spear Dojo. M. Shute

BJJ SEMINAR AND COURSE AT SPEAR DOJO Mr Hugo Nunes conducted a seminar at the Dojo last Saturday. The crew moved around with new MMA techniques . We covered guard escapes, some interesting collar chokes and Gi and no Gi situations. He was impressed with the level of skill of the guys participating and the dojo’s facilities Thanks also to Mr William Diaz who has been taking the 4 week BJJ Course here. Last class this Thursday. Don’t forget to put your name for any future courses and seminars ASAP before they fill up!

Bruce THE PREACHER Macfie Seminar Australia’s most experienced Muay Thai fighter - Bruce ‘The Preacher’ Macfie is coming to Spear Dojo!

Say hello to Kyoshi Wayne, Sandy and Regan’s newest family addition Sam Spear.

$100 gets you 2 hours with The Preacher on Wednesday 1st August 6:30-8:30pm. Don’t miss your chance to train with the three-times WMC Intercontinental champion, six-times Australian champion and current WMC interim world title holder! Limited places so get in quick. To book your place please contact Spear Dojo Reception 9409 4172 Be quick, places will go fast!

RENOVATIONS We will be undergoing minor renovations to ensure we have the best facilities in WA. Work will be starting in July 2012 for approximately 12 weeks, this will not disrupt our class timetable.

June 2012 Spear Dojo Newsletter  

Things you won’t want to miss:Australia’s most experienced Muay Thai fighter - Bruce ‘The Preacher’ Macfie is coming to Spear Dojo! $100 get...

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