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A Letter From Me To You Weddings and brides have always had a way of making me smile and I still can’t seem to get enough of either. Call it a passion or an obsession, but I call it happiness. Since I was a young girl, I have been dreaming about the day I walk down the aisle. From the dress shopping, to the last dance at the reception, a wedding should never be something to take lightly. Every woman or man should get the enjoyment of planning a wedding and having the experience to witness something so rare, love. I have taken on Simply “I Do” Magazine as my carreer. I love coming to work everyday and writing stories about wedding tips, stories and simple things people often forget. The stories and images you will see in this magazine represent love in every image and story given. I am excited to announce that Simply “I Do” Magazine is now available in all stores as of December 10, 2012. I hope you find Simply “I Do” Magazine to be the ultimate wedding planner to help you find the best cakes, dresses, money saving tips and everything else you will need

to make your dream wedding coming true. We welcome your ideas and look forward to your feedback so we can deliver to your needs. This magazine is written out of my enjoyment and meant to spark ideas you can use in your wedding. Remember, this experience will only happen once and this may be the only day that all eyes are on you, make it memorable! Think back to when you were a child and remember wanting to be a princess or prince; you were imagining your wedding day! Enjoy your wedding planning, enjoy those last moments of being engaged, enjoy being a bride (or groom) and keep your eyes focused on the things that make you unique.


Chelsea Spear

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Designing Your Perfect Cake pages 4-7

On Love: Carrie Tinken & Bryan Cahill pages 8-13

Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress: In 6 Simple Steps pages 14-15

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One of the most important guests at your wedding is covered in sugar. You guessed it, the cake! The cake not only is a the ultimate way to stun your guests but it allows the bride and groom to create something unique that explains their love for one another. A reception is not complete without layers of delicately baked goodness.

Symbolizing happiness, no matter life nor death, the cutting of the wedding cake has become today one of the highlights of the wedding.

Getting Started

Begin researching caterers early during your engagement-it allows time to make changes and to get the perfect wedding cake of your dreams. As most of the caterers have catered weddings, don’t be afraid to ask questions-this will only assist you in your decisions. Most worry about the flavor of the cake, but with the hundreds of flavors that bakeries produce this is actually the easy part. Research different styles of wedding cake, never settle for a design that doesn’t represent you. Look through magazines and pictures on the web, you will be sure to find several cakes that you can combine into one that shows your uniqueness. Cake is a blank canvas and wedding cake designers have no limits of what they can design! Ever think about another option besides serving cake? Today’s modern bride knows nothing is off limits. While cake has always been seen to be the center of attention at the reception, within the last few years guests have been indulging in cupcakes rather than cake slices. Brides and grooms that may have a difficult time choosing their favorite flavor can easily choose multiple flavors to make their cupcakes. By not limiting the flavor or design they can surprise their guests with an array of beautiful cupcakes that will meet their flavor needs. This mini version of a wedding cake brings awe the guests. With different options it is sure to be a hit at your wedding!


When planning for your big day, how much is enough when it comes to the cake budget? Well, the national average cost of wedding cakes and desserts is $466 in 2013. But there’s no sugar coating it; the cost of a wedding cake can have no set price. The cost of the wedding cake will depend on the number of guests you will be serving.

Top-Tier Tips:

1. Cakes Are Priced By Slice: not every guest is going to partake in the wedding cake. Estimate this by taking 25 fewer slices for a 150-guest head count. 2. Go Smaller: most coture cakes are small. Choose a smaller two or three tiered cake and keep a sheet cake in the kitchen for your guests. This will give you cake for about half the cost! 3. Constructed Cake: Ask your bakery to show you the size of a standard-size wedding cake. 4. Square Cakes: Curved cakes generally cost more money(labor fees). By choosing a square cake it will save your budget and feed more guests.

The Taste Test

To get the exact flavor that you have in mind, call a few bakeries and ask what they offer for weddings-most will schedule a time to sample the yummy bites. You will be amazed with how many options you’ll have to choose from! In addition to taste, consider the presentation. Does the color match your wedding colors? Does it complement the other decorations? You want the food you are serving to set a mood for your guests.

Painting the Blank Canvas

Once you’ve gathered your perfect cake design bring in swatches of your bridesmaids dresses and colors of your wedding reception. This will allow your baker to create a style that you have already chosen. This is your wedding; make sure your cake is perfect for you! Don’t forget the topper! Remember that famous saying “it’s the topping on the cake”-this fits perfectly when discussing what should be placed on the top of your cake. Cake toppers add that perfect signature to any wedding cake. By personalizing your wedding cake it allows you to bring out your elegant or even corky side. Don’t just rely on what your baker has, but research different toppers that may delight you, there are thousands of options. This is something that can be taken and kept for years to come-you will want something that brings a smile to your face when looking back at your wedding.

Tricia & Brett

The Wedding Party Decorates

Your wedding party has already been given the special opportunity in being part of your special day; give them the opportunity to give back to you! Ever think about letting your best friends decorate an original cupcake or personalized cake to describe your relationship with them? This may be a new hit in the cake world! Give your wedding party a blank sweet of your choice, allow them to decorate it anyway they want, but it must show something meaningful to the bride or groom. This is a great way for the party to show their secret quirky information about the two of you and get the rest of the reception involved. It is all about having a great time with many memories.

The Cake Tells All By Chelsea Spear

Tricia Miller and Brett Thomas said their “I do’s” in August 2012. These highschool sweethearts have known eachother their whole lives and after being together for six years they decided it was time to tie the knot. “I knew he was the one I was going to marry, we are best friends,” said Tricia. When deciding on a wedding cake the two struggled

when trying to compromise on what flavor and style they wanted.The couple was having difficulty choosing between a traditional wedding cake or going with the current trend of cupcakes. “The cake shop we visited helped us a lot, they showed us several options we never even thought about.” Tricia and Brett are the perfect example of a couple that has been together through it all. “When choosing a cake became more of a problem than a fun expereince, I understood what my family was

saying about how difficult it is to choose the right one.” Even these two high-school sweethearts had a difficult time with choosing a cake. When asked what they would tell future couples to be careful of when searching for their perfect cake, the couple simply replied with, “be sure to go in with an open mind.” Tricia and Brett decided they would have cupcakes at their wedding. This allowed them to have both of their favorite flavors, chocolate truffle and strawberry.

On Love: Carrie Tinken & Bryan Cahill Carrie Tinken and Tom Tinken(father) share a moment neither will ever forget.

Carrie and Bryan share their vows at Corralville lake after meeting on JDate six years ago.

Carrie Tinken spends the last minutes prepping herself to walk down the aisle to her soon to be husband.

The Big Day: Carrie met Bryan through her girlfriend. While browsing through her friend’s JDate account, she happened to stumble upon Blake’s picture and immediately thought, “wow...he’s so cute!” In fact, Bryan had no idea that his friends have even created an account for him, so you can imagine his surprise when Carrie sent him a message

asking to set up a date. Once they met, the two immediately felt a connection and ever since, they have not spent a day apart from one another. Today is the day that Carrie has been dreaming of since she was a young girl. Today she will give away her father’s name for a man she will spend the rest of her life with.

Newly weds, Carrie and Bryan Cahill, share their first kiss as a married couple.

The wedding party shows off their good looks next to the bride and groom.

Tables decorated in purple, the couple shows their class with elegant flowers and decorations at their reception.

Carrie and Bryan pose for a quick picture with their wedding party as they get ready to begin their night at the reception.

Family and friends wait patiently for the bride and groom to arrive for the start of the reception.

The wedding cake shows the bride’s love for purple.

The cutting of the cake symybolizes the bride and the groom’s first official act as a couple. The original tradtion says that the bride and groom cut the cake together to symbolize their life together.

Two Souls

The wedding guests show their excitement for the newly weds.

Two Hearts but a single thought

The reception is the best part of the wedding.

that beat as one

Bryan entertains the guests as he partakes in a wedding traditon of taking the garter off.

Proud mother shares a dance with her son.

Today marks the day that Tom is no longer the only man in his daughter, Carrie’s, life. By accepting Bryan’s permission to marry his daughter, it is never easy giving away his baby girl. Carrie and her father share a special dance at the reception, joking and talking about what her future holds.

Bryan and Carrie take off for their honeymoon, they will be traveling to Venice, Italy.

Finding The Perfect Wedding INDress 6 SIMPLE STEPS Choosing a wedding dress can be extremly stressful. There’s so

many questions that we ask ourselves: “What do I personally like?” “Will my fiance like it?” “How much am I willing to spend on it?” “What type of dress will fit my body?” Unfortunately, choosing the perfect dress may be harder than it seems. Follow these steps to ease your mind:

1. expand your horizons:

It’s important to keep an open mind when dress shopping. You may think you know the designer, dress boutique and dress you want but when you walk into the store it may be beneficial to try on something that seems out of the ordinary.

2. ignore the label:

Take a deep breath and let go, wedding dresses are extremly expensive. Tell the salesperson that is working with you your maximum budget. This is key to not being let down!

e cost g a r e v a n the : The Fact ding dress i ed 2012 of a w tates as of S United 5. 6 is $1,0

3. know the details:

Having even a rough idea of your ideal style will help your interactions with the bridal consultant, which will leave you relaxed during your shopping experience. Tell them where the wedding will be held, your fiances attire and the reception place. These small details will give your consultant options that best match you!

honest about what 4. be you don’t know:

Don’t sweat it, wedding dress consultants are there to help you find the perfect dress. If you’re not sure what styles compliment your body, ask, they are there to help you find your perfect dress!

5. explore your options:

As most brides find their dress at a bridal salon, don’t forget to check out every option, from big-box to online, to discount stores. Every place will have an extensive range of styles and prices.

6. keep an open mind:

The perfect dress for you is out there, don’t focus on what you want (or don’t), or nitpicking your physical imperfection will complicate matters! A salesperson should be able to pick dresses that will flatter your silhouette, if a style isn’t working for you, let the salesperson know.

Simply "I Do" Magazine  

final semester project

Simply "I Do" Magazine  

final semester project