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Run by people with learning disabilities and autism, our advocacy service is dedicated to improving and valuing lives. We work at promoting Inclusion, Choice, Rights and Independence, employing people with a learning disability whenever this is possible and when funding is available to give sustainability to employment.

Speakup achieve these goals in 4 big ways providing services by: 1. Powerful group, peer, self-advocacy, forums and focus groups supporting people to give their ideas and opinions to promote better services. 2. Producing friendly, accessible information to give people real opportunities to understand issues and make informed choices. We do this through the production of broadcast standard DVD, easy read presentations, games and reports on important issues affecting the lives of people with learning disabilities.


3. Developing social enterprises that promote employment and education for people with learning disabilities. Speakup does this by training ‘experts’ (people with learning disabilities) to be trainers; to go out and then train both people with learning disabilities and health and social care workers about: • • • • • • • •

How to communicate and listen to people with learning disabilities The Mental Capacity Act Person Centred Planning Parents with learning disabilities Carers with learning disabilities Advocacy My Personal Plan/Personalisation Health Action Planning

4. Educating people with learning disabilities and in turn enabling the education of the general public, health and social care workers about people with learning disabilities.


Commission services from Speakup and be part of an incredible adventure. Make a difference to a person with learning disability and autism today by engaging with us.

We can: produce all your accessible information including person centred films / photo stories and easy read documentation. give people with learning disabilities and autism valuable work.

provide experience and employment on our various projects. organise and run your forums and events. make your person centred reviews and health action plans accessible train your staff to be the very best.


Our track record is proven, for more than 20 years our self-advocates have worked with numerous organisations at a local, regional and national level to deliver and influence policy change that improves the lives of people with a learning disability. This includes work with the Learning Disabilities Taskforce, the Department of Health, the Department for Work and Pensions, the Department for Education, the Ministry of Justice, the Crown Prosecution Service, Care Quality Commission, BT, Diabetes UK, Mencap and many others. We can tailor services, training and accessible information to meet the needs of your organisation or the individual requirements of the people who use your services.

Come along, what can Speakup do for you?


Lets get it right Project Summaries

An introduction to Personalisation and the choices people can make to enable people with a learning disability to take control of their lives. This accessible film and supporting documents demonstrate the benefits and lifestyle choices available to people through the use of Personal Budgets.


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Additional Resources

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This film will help people to think about safe sex. The film shows a couple who have recently contracep There are lots of resources which can tion met talking about sex and help you, like they Unit Calculators and special how are going glasses to show you what a unit is. to keep safe. The film shows them visiting a Ring 01226 289 058 for advice and support prengnac talk to your GUMed clinic where youOrcan godoctor. to tahe tests y for STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). Safe sex Visit for more help traception pregnan is important for everyone and this film will help cy Need more ofto these booklets or the DVD? people with learning disabilities talk about it Contact The Friendly Resource Company 01709 710199 and make good choices. c


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sexRight to Choose


This film project brought together information, advice and links to parent support services in a friendly, informative and accessible format for parents with learning disabilities and is also an invaluable resource for non readers and other disadvantaged communities. It addresses the inequalities some parents with learning disabilities face accessing services by showing why they are important.

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Decisions Decisions Improves the understanding of the second stage test for Capacity as outlined in the Code of Practice Mental Capacity Act. Informing people with learning disabilities of the ‘important to ask questions’ raised in the Code of Practice through the production of a broadcast standard informative and accessible DVD and Decision Board Game. Also a valuable resource for other disabled non-readers.


Resource Catalogue

People with learning disabilities enjoy a social life just like anyone else. Sometimes this means people are going out and drinking alcohol. If people drink too much alcohol then sometimes bad things can happen and it is not very good for your health. It is important for people to understand what alcohol is, what it does to you and what the consequences are if you drink too much. This DVD gives people the The Friendly Resource information they need to make an Company Catalogue Contact us for a copy of your informed choice. catalogue at:


Type Diabete

Information and advice for people in Barnsley The Friendly Resource Company Limited

Living a healthie

01709 710199

Together, We Can Prevent It


Type Diabetes

Who can you talk to? This project brought together fragmented best To get more help and advice about diabetes you can talk lots of different Talk to someone you about practiceto models forpeople. the prevention oftrust Type 2it. Diabetes Uk is a charity that can help you. They might have diabetesain a friendly, informative andpeople accessible group near you where you can meet other with diabetes and get support. format for people with disabilities, non-readers, For more information about Diabetes Uk ethnic minorities and disadvantaged low income Diabetes UK 02074241000 groups. It addresseswww. thediabetes issues around obesity, Unauthorised photocopying, duplicating, printing, distributing or editing nutrition and physical activity, a healthy this publication is strictly prohibited withoutpromoting prior consent of the publisher. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval transmitted, in any form or by anyType means, electronic, mechanical, lifestyle forsystem the prevention of 2 diabetes. photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of Speakup Self Advocacy Ltd. Produced in collaboration with Diabetes UK the DVD C 2008 Speakup Self Advocacy Ltd was distributed to over 7,000 health professionals. Speakup Self Advocacy Ltd Durlston House, 5 Moorgate Road Rotherham, S60 2EN 0303 123 7013 Speakup Self Advocacy

ISBN 978-1907898297

Eat right!

Get active!

6! Live your life

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